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Secrets of Midnight

- Chapter Seventeen: Sunrise Secrets -

"Sit down, Severus, there are still a few topics we must discuss."

"You will take away my memories in a second, what does it matter now?" Severus fumed but sat anyway, mostly because his legs were shaking and could not hold him up any longer. The thought that Harry had forgotten about him, about their relationship was unbearable.

"That is exactly the topic we need to discuss." Albus held up his injured hand. "I will, most likely not be around to give you back your memories. Hence, we need a solution, a trigger that would help you remember."

"What do you mean?"

"Severus, my dear boy, you said yourself, you fell in love with Harry against all odds. What do you think would protect you to do it again in the next few years, before Harry encounters Voldemort? What if you fall for the boy again and all this, your pain, will be for nothing?"

"You want me to remember this?" Severus asked slowly, his voice ice cold. "You want me to look at him every day and remember that he used to love me and do nothing about it?"

"No my boy, I would never bestow such suffering on you. If I simply Obliviate you, a time may come when you start fighting it and if you are strong enough, you might even go mad trying. I want to put a barrier in your mind, if you will. You will forget him for now, but in case this barrier is broken, if you two fell in love again, you need to know what had happened and why."

"You take away my memories but want me to get them back one day?" Severus raised an eyebrow.

"Exactly. Were you to fall in love with the boy again, the barrier would break and you would remember. Then you can decide whether it is safe for you to continue the relationship or not. If it is, you can bring back Harry's memories, if it is not, I am afraid, you would have to forget about this past year forever."

Severus considered it for a second. He imagined how it would feel to fall in love with Harry again, deeply like now and then to realize again, that they had to lose each other once more. To go through this whole mess all over again. To tell Harry that he loved him more than anything, that life was bearable only with him and then tell him again, that they have to forget. It was one thing that now Albus was here and he took the memories from Severus. But could he even do this to himself, if that future occurred? He shuddered. "Not love. It would be too late, Albus. Right now, the need to bring him back is so strong I can barely live with it. It pains me. The only reason why I do not run away with him is that he asked so. If given another chance, I would do it, Albus." He thought for a second, avoiding the twinkling blue eyes that watched him from behind the half-moon shaped glasses. "Make it a kiss. If we kiss and I remember, I can still keep my distance, maybe. He probably won't love me yet, and he can, maybe forget about our encounter. If he were to fall in love with me again, I couldn't bear to reject him afterwards."

"A kiss it is then, Severus." Albus nodded, sadness shading the sky coloured eyes. "I do not want to do this, believe me. It has to happen, I know it... yet I wish I could not do it."

"I know, Albus."

"I wish you the best of luck in the future, Severus." Dumbledore sighed, standing up. "From the bottom of my heart I wish for you to find him again, when the time will be right. I will try to help, any way I can. Fawkes perhaps, if he is willing could guide you."

Fawkes chirped, then flew to Severus and dropped on his shoulder, brushing his warm head to the pale skin.

"It seems he's willing." Albus smiled at the bird.

Severus stroked the soft wings. "Thank you." He uttered quietly to both Albus and Fawkes.

The Headmaster placed a comforting hand on his other shoulder. "Whatever I can do to help..." He started but Severus raised his glance and that silenced Albus.

Tears shone in the endless black eyes.

"Just do it, please. I cannot bear this pain further."

Dumbledore pulled out his elder wand and pointed it at Severus.

Then the pain stopped.


Something tweeted next to Harry's head and he opened his eyes slowly. He yawned and looked around, not seeing much as it was still dark and he didn't have his glasses on either. He felt around for them on the nightstand but when he touched something feathery, he pulled back his hand right away. He frowned at the small table and saw a big black botch.

Severus stirred slightly next to him, so not wanting to wake the man up, he decided not to turn up any lights. He extended his arm again and searched for the furry thing. His fingertips soon poked into something soft and there was a quiet, disapproving sound coming from the featherball. Then something pecked Harry's finger.

"Ouch..." He murmured quietly and kept looking for his glasses. He felt relieved when he finally found them and placed them on his nose.

He looked around. Yellow eyes blinked back at him.

He stumbled out of the bed and held out a hand for the owl to climb on. With a leap, the bird sat on his wrist, its claws scratching his skin.

Harry walked out onto the balcony. The sun had just tipped over the horizon, colouring the bottom of the sky with a stripe of gleaming yellow. The sea seemed dark, almost black. The deep grey clouds promised a storm.

The owl, Duchess, Harry now recognized her, chirped again, drawing the young man's attention back to her. She held up a leg, to which a small roll of parchment was attached.

"Thank you, Duchess." Harry whispered smiling and the bird clattered her beak. "If you're hungry, I'm sure Fawkes wouldn't mind if you nicked some of his food."

Duchess hooted then leaped from Harry's arm and flew around the house to enter it from the living room window. Harry opened the letter.

Healer Ficksit owled. Last evening, Jugson and Robards both were sentenced to one hundred years in Azkaban. They will be transferred this morning, at seven. Don't go alone. Meet me at the Wolfden.

R. L.

Harry turned around the paper and summoned a pen. He wrote a quick note to Severus, which he then dropped silently onto his own pillow. Severus frowned in his sleep, then seemed to mumble something. Harry considered waking him up for a second, but then thought that sleep might help with that headache he had last night. Severus turned in his sleep and Harry allowed his glance to linger on the man just a few more minutes.

He hoped Severus would still be asleep when he came back, because he had a few nice ideas about how to wake the man.

He slipped out of the room noiselessly and went to gather some clothes. Passing through the living room, he noticed Duchess sleeping next to Fawkes and smiled at them. Fawkes peered through his eyelashes then chirped back and went back to sleep.

Harry, as soon as he could, apparated to the Wolfden.


The look on their faces was priceless. Harry made a mental note to show it to Severus later.

"You... that can't be!"

"It can." Harry smiled brightly at his former boss. "I came to say goodbye and escort you to your new home. You will love it. It has an amazing view of the ocean."

Jugson let out noise that sounded like a wounded animal dying in horrible pain. Healer Ficksit chuckled. "All this... all this for nothing?" The Death Eater screamed looking at Harry, while pointing at his shoulder.

"Oh no, all that was for hurting Ron and kidnapping me. All that was for threatening Severus Snape's life. All that is what you deserve." Harry shrugged then motioned to the two Aurors at the door to bind the prisoners.

A lanky, blond haired wizard named Eales grabbed Jugson, while a heart-faced witch, called Oldham, who had short red hair with blue stripes in it, shoved Robards out the door. She grinned back at Harry and Remus as she said, "See you at Azkaban." Then she apparated away with Robards.

Harry nodded, but before apparating himself, he waited for Jugson and his guard to leave as well. Remus turned on his heals the same moment as the Auror and they left, followed by a loud popping noise. Harry looked at Healer Ficksit.

"I'll come back for a quick check, I promise."

"No need, Mr. Potter." The Healer beamed. "I ran a quick scan on you just now. Your magic is restored to hundred percent once again, functioning perfectly. I don't know what Mr. Snape had done to you, but sure as hell, it worked."

"Yes, well..." Harry blushed, clearing his throat. "It was nothing special."

"I highly doubt that." Ficksit twinkled. "That bond of yours, as much as I can tell, is quite special on its own."

"So he told you?"

"Mr. Snape is a valued asset to this Hospital. We work with him in a relationship that is based on mutual respect and recognition. He knows he can confide in us with anything, regardless how personal the matter might be. And besides, it was your life and magic at stake. He'd done everything in his might to bring you back to us, Mr. Potter."

"And as always he'd done a great job. So did you." Harry extended a hand. "Thank you very much."

"It was, Mr. Potter, my absolute pleasure." Ficksit smiled accepting the hand and shaking it firmly. "You should go now, Mr. Potter. If I were you, I wouldn't like to miss the part when they are introduced to their new cellmates." The small man winked knowingly then smoothed down his lime green robes and went away.

Harry smirked and apparated to Azkaban.

As an Auror, he'd been here many times before, but undoubtedly, this place still gave him the chills. It didn't help that an arriving storm was currently lashing up the froth to the size of a hippogriff. Cold, north wind sneaked under his robes and caused goose bumps all along his body. Turning up his collar, he wished he could be under the blankets with Severus right now.

Remus was waiting for him at the entrance and when Harry came close enough, they walked inside the stone building together. The wind and the noise of the ocean ceased the second they stepped through the threshold. Harry still wasn't sure if that was a result of magic, the heavy stone, or maybe both.

For minutes, they walked up on ancient, steep marble stairs, towards the skies, but there was nothing heavenly in the place that graced his eyes. Endless rows of iron bars, stone walls and simmering magical barriers lined the empty hallways. The silence was eerie, broken occasionally by shallow moans, desperate sobbing or quiet whimpers.

They caught up to the other two Aurors, Robards and Jugson fairly quickly. Robards was pleading pathetically and shuddering every time they walked next to a new cell. Inmates shook their heads at the Head Auror. Some of these criminals had ended up here because of him. Someone snarled viciously on Robards' right and the man jumped, staggering to the left, apparently, too close to the iron bars. Slim hands clasped into his robes.

"Look at this, fellas. They brought us a new toy." A shallow faced woman with messy hair grinned and Harry noticed some of her teeth were missing, the rest was yellow as parchment or simply black. She licked her lips and pulled Robards against the iron bars, his head colliding forcefully to the door.

She laughed wickedly. "We could have fun someday." She suggested.

Robards' expression told Harry that the man didn't want to have any fun with this woman, or probably anyone else here. He tore himself from the woman's clutches and stumbled back to his captors.

"You better man up, Robards." Auror Oldham grinned. "Your ex-title means nothing here. If it had ever meant anything at all."

She pushed Robards forward and they walked quietly for a while. Then Eales spoke. "This is yours." He said and stopped. He waved with his wand, and then pointed it at someone inside. "Be a good boy and stay there. We don't want any trouble. Neither do you."

Robards stared at the cell with his mouth hanging open, literally trembling. When Harry finally saw, or more like smelled what had the man this stunned suddenly, he almost started pitying him. The troll growled and backed into a corner. Its smell was almost unbearable, even from the distance Harry stood, he couldn't imagine how it would be to live next to him for the next hundred years.

Robards was tossed ungracefully into the cell. The second the door closed a purple barrier shone up, then it turned invisible. The ex-Auror stared at the creature, which now that there weren't any wands pointed at it, came forward. Robards stepped back slightly, his back colliding with the iron. Then the troll grabbed him and smeared him on the wall, over his future bunk bed. Robards all but oozed down from the black marble, already unconscious.

"Don't hurt him... much, Alzim." Oldham chided, then the woman turned towards Harry. "Don't worry, he won't kill him. Alzim likes to play, because he's bored a lot, but he's mostly harmless."

Harry stared at her, while she was batting her eyelashes innocently. "Harmless?" Harry asked back as he turned towards Alzim, whose bushy, big head was grazing the top of his cell and had shoulders as wide as Harry was tall. He looked incredulously at Remus and mouthed, "Him?"

Remus just smiled. But Alzim didn't seem to notice the doubt regarding his deceptive look. He squatted next to the unconscious ex-Auror and poked him with a pointing finger that was as thick as a bat. He groaned pathetically and Harry realized Alzim probably thought he had already broken his new toy. The troll groaned again, louder now, and Robards started coming back. He opened his eyes slowly then when he realized what towered over him. He screamed, rather girlishly, Harry thought.

Alzim grinned at his new cellmate, happy that the man wasn't dead. So happy in fact that he scooped up the man and threw him to the wall again. Robards collapsed in the corner and surely decided that it was safer to pretend unconsciousness, as he didn't move again, though Alzim was very insistently poking him in the ribs.

Harry felt like laughing, Remus actually chuckled. Jugson looked horrified. The Aurors, both smirking, walked on, dragging the Death Eater with them.

"We have a special treat for you, Jugson." The woman said.

"Back in the old days, with You Know Who, you met some great friends, didn't you?" Eales sniggered, watching Jugson's reaction. "All sorts gathered around He Who Must Not Be Named, and we guessed, you must have befriended them at least a bit. I mean, you were running around with dangerous werewolves and everything." He gave Remus an apologetic look, but the man didn't mind it. Doubtless, werewolves were dangerous. "So we thought, after all you've done, you deserve a friend in there with you." Jugson was getting paler by every word.

"You know, someone who fought for your cause." Oldham looked at the Death Eater as she stopped in front of a cell.

Harry felt a sudden shiver that had nothing to do with the wind or the cold air of the prison. He drew his wand right away.

Eales smiled at Harry. "Yes, Auror Potter can already feel it."

Harry realized right away with whom, or rather with what would Jugson be sharing a cell in the upcoming years. Bony fingers clutched around the iron bars, the thin, grey flesh, that might have been just an illusion, stuck to them. Black fabric waved in the air, once perhaps a robe, since then more like solid shadows.

Something wheezed horribly in the darkness of the cell.

Harry knew the wards would keep it in there, yet he thought of Severus and said the spell clearly. "Expecto Patronum."

His beautifully shimmering stag burst out of the tip of his wand, shining brightly in the dim hallway. Its bluish light finally illuminated the creature in the cell.

The Dementor flew back to the darkest corner right away, when Harry's stag threatened it with his antlers. Padfoot appeared next to Prongs and started growling though noiselessly, yet looking intimidating as well. Eales and Oldham produced their own Patronuses as well, one a great Abraxan, almost too big to fit the corridor, while the other was a smaller cat like animal.

"A lynx." Oldham whispered to Harry when she saw he was looking at her Patronus.

Harry smiled back, then looked at Jugson. The door to the cell opened and the lynx swished in to press the Dementor to the corner. The Death Eater was tossed in, he was too stunned to resist, but when the iron bars closed with a loud clang, he turned around and started screaming.

"Let me out! Let me out of here!"

"Okay." Eales nodded. "Sure. In hundred years, you're free to go, mate." He turned to Harry. "It will be nice having you back among our ranks, Auror Potter." He said and extended his hand.

Harry shook it. "Thank you, Auror Eales. Can't wait to get back."

"I have to go. Oldham, you too." He ordered.

Oldham stepped to Harry and shook hands with him too after Lupin. "It was an honour." She smiled giddily then went after Oldham. Their Patronuses vanished as well.

Padfoot slipped through the bars and held the Dementor still while Harry stepped closer to Jugson. "I would give you a wand, but as I hear, it isn't much use to you nowadays."

Jugson snarled furiously and tried to catch Harry through the bars, but he dodged him easily. Suddenly, Harry's magic burst out, his thick gold cords waved furiously, streams shooting towards Jugson, who backed away quickly.

The Dementor made a weird sound and seemed to shrink in the bright light the bond's magic created. Harry directed Prongs out from the cell, and Remus called back Padfoot too, but the Dementor didn't move. "I guess I have a lot to thank you." Harry considered. "This for example. We couldn't have invoked it without you."

Jugson launched forward again. However yesterday, when Harry had tried touching the streaming magical cords his hand had rushed through it without any effect, this time, the strings shot through Jugson like bullets from a muggle weapon. The man screamed, seemingly unharmed yet clearly in pain. He staggered against the iron bars.

"I will get you! No matter what it takes, I will kill you and Snape, too!"

The threads lashed out again, Jugson yelped loudly. Harry stepped to the door and reached through the bars, grasping into Jugson's robe, pulling him even closer.

"You'll never get out of here, but if you by any chance do, mark my words: if you come after us again, I will give you something much worse than a broken shoulder." Harry snarled, his magic swirling around him crazed. "Know this, Jugson. If you come near us again, we will be waiting. And we will take you down, just as we did now, just as we did with Voldemort and with the rest of your pathetic maniac gang."

Harry turned around and walked away, leaving behind nothing just darkness.

"And Jugson..." He called, looking back at the beaten man. "Don't let it kiss you goodnight."

Jugson's eye widened and he swirled around. The Dementor wheezed somewhere in the shadows.

Jugson' screams followed Harry and Remus to the end of the corridor.

As the threads disappeared, Harry started shaking slightly. Remus put a hand on his shoulder.

"Are you okay, Harry?" He asked cautiously.

"Yeah..." Harry mumbled, then looked up at his friend. "Now, I'm feeling perfect. Let's get out of here."

"I'm sure, Ron would like to hear about these events. Especially Alzim."

Harry chuckled lightly. "Yeah, he's kinda great."


Severus jumped in the bed as he woke from his dreams. No, these weren't dreams.

These were memories. His memories, the ones he had lost so long ago.

He remembered the dark corridor when they had first met at midnight. He remembered what the boy had said to him, his bleeding hand, and the potion he had used that night. And he remembered everything that had happened since then.

His headache was gone, his mind fresh and sharp as if the dome, which had been there for years, had lifted now. The dull ache which had been there all the time, whenever he was near Harry, was nowhere, there was nothing, just serenity.

Severus looked around, but he was alone in on the bed. There was a slip of paper on the pillow. Severus took it in hand and read it.

Remus owled. They are transferring Jugson and Robards to Azkaban. I'd like to be there and, you know... say goodbye. Shouldn't take long.

Love you

He climbed out of bed and rushed to his wardrobe. He pulled out the first shirt, robes and pants that he saw and started changing fast. He ran down the stairs and hurried out from the house, then stopped and turned around. His legs carried him back into the living room. He snatched the two rings from the table and started running again. He didn't stop until he reached the edge of the wards. The second he was out, he apparated.


Icy wind fumed around him, while sharp water drops rained on his face. As he walked on the stone runway, he licked his lips, tasting salt. Thunder struck and a wave washed over the road behind him and he quickened his steps. It wouldn't be nice to fall into the icy ocean.

The grey stone walls of Azkaban Wizarding Prison towered threateningly over Severus. It was still a frightening place, even without the Dementors. A piece was still missing, where Lestrange and the others had broken out, but no one cared to fix it. The whole building was guarded by wizards and witches now, several wards kept in those who were sentenced for the worse and the fiercely storming, cold ocean prevented anyone from even attempting escape. No one had managed to break out of Azkaban since the Dementors were replaced.

A lanky man started running towards him, his hands shaded his eyes from the vapour that blasted over the runway after every wave. "Sir, you need to get inside or away! The storm-!" He tried shouting over the noisy ocean but his voice was blunted by another thunder. Severus still understood him.

They were within a couple of meters, when he shouted back. "Jugson and Robards?"

The guard grinned despite the surge of ice cold water that just dampened him to the bones. "Already tucked in." He yelled motioning towards the menacing building behind them, and for a moment, Severus felt immense gratefulness for Harry and his team for not letting him end up here.

"Potter?" Severus yelled again.

The guard shook his head. "Not here anymore." He said but Severus more like read his lips then heard him, as there was another cracking thunder over them.

Severus nodded towards the guard as a thank you, who nodded back and turned around to go back between the stone walls, which would protect him from the seething elements.

Severus turned on his heels as he apparated away.

Just where the hell was that man when he needed him?


Roaring wind tore its way through the thick line of tress, unwilling to stop for anything. It found even the smallest of holes between branches, whistling as it tried to find its way out of the woods. Severus ran with it towards the clearing, he knew well by now.

It was empty, and the wind was so strong there, it almost knocked him over. He strode towards the small house, hoping to find Harry in there. He knocked on the door and waited, shuffling in the coldness. As the door opened, rain started tapping on the windows.

Teddy smiled when he saw him. "Seeus!" He shrieked welcoming, then buried his small head into Severus' legs.

"Hello boy." Severus smiled back.

"Who is it, Teddy?" Black shouted from inside, his steps coming closer and closer, until his head showed up in the doorway, followed by his whole body.

"Oh. Sniv- Snape." He sneered.

Severus smiled at him, which surprised the man enough, to step aside from the door, letting him in.

They walked to the living room, Teddy still clutching into Severus' pants, guiding him.

"Sirius," Severus started. "As I see, Remus and Harry have not returned yet. Do you know where they are?"

"And since when are we on first name basis?" Sirius reacted frowning.

Severus shook his head, reminding himself, that this man wasn't exactly the one to whom he said goodbye to in the hospital wing.

"For a long time actually." He insinuated though.

Sirius raised his eyebrows, obviously not enjoying the mysterious conversation. "What's going on, Snape?"

"Look, Sirius, I need you to trust me."

"And why would I do that?"

Severus took a deep breath. "Because once you told me that we are a family and if I ever need anything, I can come to you."

"I'm pretty sure I'd never say anything like that to you ever." Black snorted, snatching up Teddy into his arms. The boy kneaded his shoulders as he lay his head down on it and watched the adults from there.

"Why would I claim that you did then?" Severus reasoned.

Black was quiet for a second. "Because you're a sick bastard, who likes messing with people?"

Severus laughed at that. "No, I'm the man who fell in love with Harry two times against all odds."

"Is this a joke?" Black gaped at him.

"Do I look like I'm joking?"

Sirius considered Snape. "You look like you're mad."

"I wish I was mad." Severus shook his head, his hands clenching into fists. "Then the pain wouldn't be this terrible. Please, Sirius, I need to see him, it has been seven years."

"You've seen him yesterday, he told me before they went away." Sirius remarked.

"And did he tell you that he kissed me?" Severus smirked.

"He did what? No, the little fucker left that part out." He covered Teddy's ears as he spoke. The boy giggled.

"It wasn't the first time. It happened before, many times, years ago." Severus pointed a finger at the other man. "And you knew about it, about us. And you gave your blessing."

"I would never-" Black snarled. "And even if that was true, which it is not, why don't I remember? Why doesn't he remember?"

"Because to protect Harry, we had to forget. We all had to forget. Him, me, you, Remus, Hermione, Ronald, everyone. I took your memories seven years ago, and I now want to give them back, because I need your help. Sirius, trust me, please."

"This is the craziest thing I have ever heard." Black growled.

Severus sighed, this wasn't working. He understood why Black acted like this, but it was the last thing he needed. He couldn't even imagine how crazy this must have sounded to Black. He shook his head in resignation, and was about to turn around and head out of the house when Black spoke again.

"You, I could never trust." His voice was uncertain as if even he wouldn't believe what he was about to say. "Not now at least. But... lucky for you, I think someone knew that would happen."

Severus spun around. "What? What are you talking about?"

Black put down the boy and went in one of the rooms. Severus heard shuffling, then the man came back with a package of letters in his hand. "These arrived last week. One day they were just here, on the table, no note, no sender, nothing. Just a phoenix feather."

"Albus." Severus nodded without uncertainty.

"Yes. My thoughts exactly. Read it." With that, Black handed him one of the letters.

It was from Harry to his godfather. The content made Severus' heart ache with love. After Sirius and Remus had first found out about them, Harry wrote several letters to convince his godfather, that their love had been genuine. Severus was now holding one of them. He was reading the letter, and missed Harry even more. The boy, back then only fifteen years old, showed more care and affection for Severus than anyone before.

"Oh Harry..." Severus said caressing the letter. He looked at Black, who then sat down on the settee.

"Do it. Do whatever you want with my head. I don't trust you yet Sn-... Severus. But I will always trust Albus Dumbledore." He said then closed his eyes, waiting.

Severus smiled, knowing how much effort this took Black. He waved with his wand and released the blocked memories.

Sirius gasped and moaned painfully. He rubbed his hands over his head several times.

"That hurt, Snivellus." He growled but when he looked up, he was smiling.

"Don't be a baby, Black." Snape smirked back.

Sirius stood and walked to Severus, and the next second they were hugging.

"It's good to see you again." Sirius barked. "I knew you two could make it."

"You were right. It was him. That idiot boy." Severus tapped the firm shoulders. "And it's good to see you too. I was getting bored with your continuous growling."

Sirius laughed as they pulled away. "I knew it. He softened that cold heart of yours again, didn't he. Bloody unbelievable." He poked Severus in the chest with his pointing finger. Severus brushed it away with a growl.

"He had some help though." He remarked, ruffling Teddy's hair.

"God job, pup." Sirius squatted next to his son, clapping their palms together. The boy laughed cheerfully.

"Go to him, Severus. He's with Hermione and Ron. They wanted to hear what happened in Azkaban."


"Come, I'll take you." Sirius said, stirring them towards the door. "Teddy stay here, I'll be back in a sec."

But the boy moved forward and clutched his arms around Severus' long leg. "Uncle Seeus loves Uncle Hally?" he asked, with tears in his beautiful eyes.

"Yes, Seeus loves Harry very much, indeed." Severus smiled at the boy, who started snivelling.

Sirius knelt next to his son. "Teddy, what's with the tears? I thought you liked Seeus."

The boy nodded. Then shook his head. "Seeus loves Hally. But Hally loves..." He clamped his small hands on his mouth.

Severus actually laughed. "Oh Teddy," He kneeled down too. "Hally loves the Half-Blood Prince, right?"

The boy nodded silently. Sirius frowned. "Wait you know about the Prince? Harry was obsessed with him in his six year. He never found out who he was."

"Oh he did. I told him." Severus smirked then looked at the child. "Teddy, it's okay. The Half-Blood Prince, Harry had told you about, he is me."

"You're the Half-Blood Prince?" Black gasped. Teddy stopped crying and a timid smile showed on his face.

"Yes, I am."

"He's been in love with you all this time, hasn't he?" Sirius sighed, sadness ringing in his voice. "Ever since then. He had repressed it, because he thought you worked for the Dark, but he loved you."

"I highly doubt we had ever stopped loving each other. We just didn't know it was there." Severus responded quietly, not looking at the other man.

"Let's give you back to him." Sirius said with a smile then and clasped Snape's shoulder. "Teddy, stay inside, okay?"

Teddy nodded giggling, then sat down to play with his wooden train that let out puffs of smoke occasionally. They went outside. Before Sirius could apparate them away, Severus stopped him.

"As Harry's godfather, do you give your blessing?"

"As if you need it." Sirius smirked. "Besides, he's an adult now, he doesn't need my blessing for anything."

"But I do."

Sirius considered him for a second. "We've been through a lot Severus and you proved yourself more times than anyone. You had to prove your loyalty, your love, your dedication. You forgot him so you can both live, you saved his life several times, and you sacrificed your life for him. I was an idiot when I was young and growing up... I can't deny it, I blamed you for a lot of things. But I was wrong. You're a great person Severus and you deserve happiness. And I'm glad Harry fell in love with a man like you. He couldn't have found any better."

"And neither could I."

"That's true." Sirius grinned. "Let's go."

Severus clasped Black's arm and they disappeared.


Someone knocked on the front door. Ron patted Hermione's leg and stood up. "I'll get it, you just stay."

Hermione frowned at his back then turned to Harry and Remus. "He does this all the time now. As if I'm not able to do anything."

"You are pregnant, Hermione. And you went through quite a stressful week. He just wants you to rest."

"If he keeps doing this..."

"Just tell him if it's that bothersome." Harry said. "You've been practically together since you were eleven. You know he will listen to you. I think he still gets scared when you're angry."

Hermione laughed, "Well, he better."

"Talk to him, Hermione." Remus suggested with a smile. "He knows you're strong, stronger than both of us put together probably."

Hermione hushed him with an "Oh, Remus..." and Harry grinned. Then he heard unmistakeable mumbling from the door and he stood up listening.

"Is that..." Hermione was listening too.

"Severus?" Harry finished, thinking the same. "What is he doing here this early?"

As he finished the sentence, a grinning Ronald Weasley burst into the room, massaging his red head, followed by a sever looking Snape, who crossed the room with two long steps and pulled Harry to his chest. His fingers grasped Harry's neck and the next second Harry found himself devoured in a raw, emotional kiss.

His senses were burning right away from the first contact and he pulled Severus even closer, not caring who was around them. His hand shifted into the raven hair, his tongue licked sharp teeth, hot skin, and wet muscle with enthusiasm. He let out a low growl when Severus finally pulled away.

"And good morning to you, too." He breathed against the thin lips, which curved right away. Harry noticed lights around them and knew that their bonded magic showed again.

Severus pressed their foreheads together and sighed, "Finally." Then, still holding onto Harry he drew his wand and pointed it at Hermione.

She didn't move but tensed slightly. No wizard or witch felt comfortable at Severus Snape's wandpoint, except maybe Harry.

"It's okay, Sweetheart." Ron assured her, sitting on the armrest of her chair.

She consented with a timid smile, and Severus shot a spell at her. Harry looked up into the black eyes, which turned towards Remus now. Hermione groaned slightly, then her eyes widened and she started grinning manically. Lupin watched the change on her and then raised his glance at Severus. He acquiesced anxiously.

Severus cast a non-verbal spell again and the same thing happened. Remus moaned painfully, held his head in his hands for a second, then still rubbing his temple he looked up again, smiling.

"Finally." He murmured, too.

Meanwhile, Harry's gaze was stuck on Severus' face. When the man finally looked back at him, they wandered from one endless tunnel to the other. Severus was silently waiting for him to speak.

"You figured it out." Harry noted quietly. "You remember."

A small smiled graced Severus' face and he nodded.

"How?" Harry breathed.

Severus smirked and kissed Harry again. They didn't mind the extra three pair of eyes that watched their affectionate conversation.

"It worked?" Harry asked after another warm kiss, smiling.

"It seems you are my true love after all."

"You had doubts?" Harry smirked playfully and pulled away, looking at his friends. "So you all..."

"Yes, we knew about it." Remus laughed. "Sirius, too."

"He already regained his memories. Harry is the last." Severus noted.

"Just like last time..." Remus sighed. "Go, Severus, Harry. You waited seven years for this. Go. We talk later."

Harry took Severus' hand in his and laced their fingers. "See you then, I guess. I have some memories to get back."

"Wait!" Hermione cried after them when they stepped towards the door. "You can't go out like this. We're in the middle of London. This is a muggle neighbourhood."

Harry looked at themselves, the bond was still pulsing vibrant and energetic.

Hermione pulled out her wand and made some complicated movements in the air. "I cancelled the wards. You can apparent from here."

"Thanks." Harry said before he felt the painful tug in his belly.


The storm had finally arrived to their home as well. Black clouds covered the sky and even though it was still early morning, it seemed as if it were closer to the evening. The rain poured from the sky like a waterfall, they were soaking wet the second they showed up on the cliff. Grasping into the other, they started running towards the cottage. Lightning struck over the sea, exposing the front garden with the many flowers, the old hammock on the porch, even the smoke that was snaking out of the chimney.

They let go of each other only when they were inside, water dripping from their clothes, hair and even skin.

Harry looked at Severus expectantly. "Do it."

"Upstairs." Severus answered, pulling him towards the stairs. "You should be horizontal."

Harry smirked and grabbed Severus' arm firmly, stopping him at the bottom of the staircase. He pushed the older man against the wall and kissed him. Sliding one hand on the slim hips and another on Severus' back, Harry slipped his tongue into the wet mouth.

"You will more likely faint," Severus mumbled pulling away, but then leaned in again, placing soft kisses on Harry's neck. "It will be painful. There is a lot to give you back."

"Just be there. Be there with me." Harry said, nipping Severus' lower lip.

"Always, Harry."

Severus led him upstairs and into the bedroom. They shed their wet clothes and Harry sat on the bed. Black eyes were on him, and for a second he saw pain reflecting in the ink black eyes.

"What?" He asked a bit panicky. "Is it- Was it that bad?"

"I took your memories here. Seven years ago, almost to the day. You sat right there. It feels like it happened just yesterday." Severus knelt down between Harry's legs and pulled the young man down for a short, desperate kiss. Then he pressed their foreheads together. "I was so empty without you, Harry. So empty..."

"Do it, Severus..." Harry said. "Let's make this right once and for all."

Severus laced their fingers and pressed his wand to Harry's temple. He sensed the slight pressure that the cool, blunt tip caused as it touched his skin.

"Close your eyes." Severus advised in low voice and Harry did so.

He couldn't hear any murmured spell, there wasn't any forceful push of wand against his head. Severus was as gentle as possible but when the thick wall had crumbled down around his well-guarded memories, he suffered through every piece of rock that touched the ground. He experienced every memory that slipped through the demolished dam again, the old, fake ones Severus had put in his mind on that last fateful day were fading away. The change was painful. His mind was screaming. His whole being was rewritten with the new information. He suddenly remembered not just them, but the lives their relationship had touched. Sirius, for example, lived because Harry trusted Severus on that day, not just because they were lucky in the Ministry of Magic. The new memories filled his head to the point that he thought his skull would burst into millions of pieces, before he could say hello to Severus again. They have been through so much and, so much changed, yet nothing seemed different now. They had arrived to the same point.

Harry felt his eyes almost pop. He fisted his hands in pain, unaware that he was all but crushing Severus' fingers as well. Long, forgotten feelings stroked his heart, revoked were the forged memories of hatred between them. The terrible Occlumency lessons changed into evenings spent with hard work. Gone were the vile comments made during Potions class, instead Harry heard secret messages. Revolting detentions melted into sweet lovemaking and shouting matches on dark corridors into passionate kisses.

When he opened his eyes, he felt disoriented. The scenery changed around him, he was horizontal on the bed, and Severus lay in front of him on his side. Black eyes watched him closely. Harry smiled then launched forward. He drove his arms around the man, laughing now, embracing him while lying on top of him. Severus smiled into the crook of his neck, and Harry pulled him even closer.

No dull headache, no sharp pain, just utter happiness was inside him as he held in his arms the man he had loved since he was fifteen.

"I'm home." He grinned, raising his head and looking into the blackness beneath. He pushed an ink black lock from Severus' face.

"I know." He answered, warm hand sliding on Harry's bare back, cupping his nape.

Harry tilted his head and licked the thin lips playfully, then caressed the upper one with his lower lip. Severus lifted his head to capture his mouth no doubt in a searing kiss, but Harry ducked away teasing grin playing on his face.

"Stop playing with me, boy." Severus murmured, his left hand sliding on Harry's waist then his hips, gripping firmly.

"Or?" Harry asked back daring, lips caressing the sharp cheeks.

Black eyes gleamed in the stormy darkness that oozed from outside. "Haven't you learned your lesson, yet, Mister Potter?"

"You know me, Professor Snape." Harry reacted with a smug expression. He drew his lips once again over Severus' mouth but didn't kiss him yet.

Severus growled and with a swift motion, turned them around. Harry moaned slightly, when the weight settled on him as it was more than welcome. He looked up at Severus, his hands sliding on the muscular arms. He moved a leg over Severus' long limb, pulling the man's body down on him.

Severus slid a hand over Harry's naked chest, fingertips dancing on his skin, raising goose bumps where they roamed his side. The older man leaned on his elbow, and Harry felt as his sharp hipbone pressed into his abdomen. The hand ran over his nipples, and his chest, then came down onto his throat, the thumb caressing his jaw as it moved to the side. Long fingers curled softly around the side of his neck, soft pad of the thumb caressed his lips as Severus looked deeply into Harry's eyes.

"Yes," He whispered leaning in. "Yes, I know you."

Lips came down on his lips and moved slowly like butterfly wings in a drift. Nipping small kisses fell down on his mouth, every touch burning his skin like sunshine on a heated summer day. Harry parted his lips to let out a moan, but Severus filled the gap as he kissed his lower lip gently, and then switched to the upper one. In response, Harry licked the soft flesh, wiggling his tongue against crooked teeth, begging for access. Severus' mouth opened and Harry's tongue darted inside the hot cavern, sliding on teeth and against wet muscle. Strong hand slid onto the back of his head and lifted it from the soft pillow, his own hands roamed the lean, almost fully naked body, sliding on smooth back and boxer covered arse. Severus rolled his hips, pushing down, seeking for more contact between their entangled bodies, while Harry moved his feet on the tensed calf, caressing.

They broke apart breathing fast and needy for more connection, but they didn't move far from the other. They drew in warm air that came partly from the other's lungs and mixed from the storm scented fresh currents, which found their ways inside through the open balcony door.

The room flashed around them when lightning struck then soon enough the thunder followed too, cracking above them, somewhere close, as the sound was almost painfully sharp. Severus nuzzled Harry's head, then reached for something on the nightstand.

When he found what he was looking for, he lay back half-way over Harry again, leaning still on his elbow, putting one leg between Harry's, pressing himself to the side of the younger body. Harry watched as the man rolled his gold ring between his long, elegant finger, his black eyes following the small movement of the band, seemingly deep in his thoughts. Then he smiled and leaned down to place a small kiss on Harry's mouth.

Harry felt his heartbeat quicken, when the dark, endless eyes opened and their gaze met.

"Marry me, Harry James Potter, for that I could never be parted from you again. Wear this ring to show the world that my love for you is not a secret anymore and shall never be one again."

Harry smiled brightly and lifted his head, kissing Severus sweetly as his left hand rose and he slid his palm against Severus'.

"Yes." He answered in a low voice. "Always yes to you."

He watched with a beaming smile as Severus slipped the small ring onto his ring finger. He wasn't surprised to find it fitted perfectly. He looked back at Severus, at his fiancé, just to realize he was intently watching his fingers. Harry turned his head to the nightstand. Severus' white gold ring was right there, on the corner of it. He took it in his hand and raised his gleaming emerald eyes to the love of his life.

"Marry me, Severus Tobias Snape. No more secrets. No more hiding. I found home with you. If you feel the same, wear this ring to show you belong with me. Stay with me in this life and the next, and as long as the universe will allow us to love each other."

"Yes, Harry, I will stay with you. Always."

The gold band slid around Severus' elegant finger as if it wasn't made seven years ago but right that moment. They laced their fingers and their magic came out again, however this time it solely focused on their joined left hands. It twirled madly, gold and silver streams of powerful magic twisted so fast they became one.

The kiss that followed felt like a sacred seal on the vows. For a second, Harry believed that the bond did have the power to let them meet even in their new lives, not just now, here. It was an intoxicating thought, yet at that moment, when Severus' lips joined his and their tongues pressed against the other's in a slow dance, he just felt grateful that in this life, they had found each other again. That against all the hardships they had to fight their ways through, they had stumbled on each other once again.

Severus moved over him slowly, one hand on Harry's neck, the other, the left, roaming his bare skin. Harry could sense the cold touch of the ring on his skin but it warmed up fast. Nipping kisses covered his jaw, then Severus shifted his soft lips to his neck and caressed him gently.

Harry sighed pressing closer to Severus, rolling his hips, rubbing his growing hardness against flesh, while Severus pushed his own erection to Harry's thigh.

Harry giggled when an idea came to the front of his mind and Severus looked up at him.

"What?" He asked, amused, too, as Harry's grin was catching.

"You know we have to invite her to the wedding, right?"

Severus frowned before he asked carefully, "Her?"

"Umbridge." Harry laughed. "After all, it's all because of her, that we're together."

Severus went rigid for a moment then he kneeled up, looking down seriously at Harry. He leaned on his hands as he said threateningly, "If that woman shows up on our wedding day, prepare to be divorced by the next morning, Mister Potter."

"Wait, I thought marriage meant in good and bad." Harry teased, his hand roaming Severus' bare chest. "Umbridge is the bad. This..." He drew his palm over Severus' side, onto his hip, and then cupped his hardening cock. "This is the good."

Severus breathed in slowly, watching Harry's hand as it moved on his hardness, and then he looked up into the green eyes. "Let's just concentrate on the good part for now, shall we?" He turned Harry onto his back swiftly and drew his palm firmly over the round buttocks, then slapped the right cheek. Harry gasped and looked back, wicked grin playing on his lips.

"As you wish." He answered pushing up his ass.

Severus grasped Harry' hips with both hands and jerked him up with a swift move. His boxer clad erection pressed to the cleft and Harry let out a sudden moan. He gave Severus a reproachful look, which turned teasing fast as he wiggled his arse and pressed back more firmly. Severus shoved him back on the bed and Harry actually bounced a couple of times before a lean body came down on his. Sharp teeth scratched the rim of his ear, then deep velvety voice hummed close to him.

"I love you, Harry." Severus whispered, drawing five fingers through Harry's messy hair. Harry's answer was swallowed by another roaring crack of thunder right above them, however he knew Severus heard his confession.

Eager kisses rained on his back, covering every bare inch. Fingers massaged his shoulders, rubbing his skin firmly. They trailed over every vertebra and brushed over his waist. Fingertips poked under the waistband of his boxers, just for a teasing moment, then the caressing hand return to wandering all over Harry's slim body, adoring small dimples and protruding shoulder blades. Severus' body slid slowly against him, rocking back and forth over him, while his mouth moved lower and lower. He sucked in the tensing muscles at Harry's shoulder, and then tongued the sensitive area under his scapula. His nose caressed the small ditch over Harry's spine and he used small licks to draw the long line with his tongue. Harry keened beneath him, the small touches causing wild shivers on his back and legs.

The bodyweight disappeared from his lower half but Severus lips were still moving on him sensually, while his hands grasped into Harry's arms and pressed them into the covers. As he reached the lower side of Harry's back his hands slid over Harry's underarms. His hold was almost painful but then the palms on him started moving again, caressing his sides. They only stopped on his waist again, when Severus' mouth found one of the small hollows above Harry's arse and his tongue darted out, licking into the dip. Harry half chuckled, half moaned in response, but Severus didn't stop there. Carefully, he started pulling off Harry's boxers, kissing every inch of newly freed area. Harry groaned wildly when the tight boxers brushed over his already weeping cock. Severus didn't pull them off fully yet, he left them rolled up right under Harry's arse.

Harry leaned on his elbows so he could look back and see Severus, yet his eyes closed from the pleasure the second, Severus drew his wet tongue over the crease, but just on the surface yet. As his lips dragged over the edge, he caressed Harry's buttocks with the side of his face. His small stubble made Harry shudder and push back slightly.

"Such a bloody tease." Harry murmured cockily but his head fell back onto the pillow when Severus suddenly pushed his thumbs between the cheeks, brushing them over Harry's entrance one after the other.

"You were saying?" Severus hummed against the round globe of his bottom, every word separated by a small lick.

"Nothing. I said nothing." Harry chuckled into his pillow.

"Good." Severus said before he bit down on the firm buttock, sucking in the flesh until he left behind red marks. Then he moved a bit further down and repeated the biting, the sucking and the small kisses, until Harry's arse was covered in small red marks. Harry keened loudly, his erection now hard and pressed to the covers under him. He tried shifting slightly, searching for some friction, but Severus steadied his hips. He wanted to stretch his legs wider apart but the boxers rolled up tightly under his groin made his moves slightly uncomfortable.

It seemed Severus didn't want him to part his legs either. He grasped Harry's thighs and pushed them back into a straight line. Then he licked over the cleft again, this time, however, his tongue pushed slightly deeper between the buttocks. Harry groaned as he felt the heated muscle drew a wet line on his skin, long nose pressing into his flesh inhaling his scent.

"Fuck, Severus..." He grunted controlling himself enough not to push back yet.

Smiling mouth moved on his bare bottom. Severus held Harry's legs together with his knees, his palms sliding on his hips, pressing him down so that he couldn't move, even if he wanted to. Severus turned his head sideways, wriggling his tongue between tight buttocks. He slipped it in then dragged it out slowly, every dash moving just an inch closer to Harry's entrance. The first touch when the wet muscle stroked the puckered skin sent a wild tremble through Harry's body, from head to toe, making his cock jolt with pleasure. Severus smirked and let his tongue brush over Harry's hole again, then he pulled back slightly. Thick saliva dribbled between Harry's arse cheeks then a thin finger swept over it, smearing it. Harry felt just a bit uncomfortable, as the wetness oozed slowly down, tickling him but then Severus' tongue descended again. This time, a firm pair of hands pulled his buttocks apart as the wriggling muscle swept over his entrance.

"Keep that up and I will come before your cock even comes near my arse, Severus."

For a second, he was sure Severus didn't hear him. He bit Harry's receptive skin sweetly and sucked on it again. But then he raised his head a bit. "And you have a problem with that why exactly? Have I not proved my dexterous talent in giving you pleasure more than once?"

Harry looked back, smug expression on his face. "I'd prefer sharing with you this first pleasure you're about to give me, if that's okay. After that, you have the whole night to give me more."

"Then you better control yourself as I do not intend on changing my course of action here." Severus dipped his mouth again and his tongue licked Harry's arse, silencing whatever the young man had to say about that.

Control, yeah... because that was so easy, Harry thought to himself between moans of intense pleasure. As if to test that control, Severus lowered himself and pressed his erection to Harry's legs, grinding, searching for the same friction Harry had while rutting against the bed.

The man's cock was still trapped in a pair of underwear.

"Let's level the playing field then." Harry grunted, looking back over his shoulders. "Strip." He ordered.

Severus rose up, looking into the green eyes then acted as directed. He pushed off the only piece of clothing that still covered him. Precome left dark blotches on his underpants, that were quickly discarded somewhere in the storm darkened room. His firm length pointed straight towards Harry, twitching slightly as the young man watched it, licking his swollen lips. Harry pressed his legs slightly apart, there was barely an inch gap between his calves now. But Severus understood him perfectly. He slowly lower his body and pressed his hard manhood between Harry's legs. Harry kept a steady pressure on the rigid erection while Severus moved slowly, gasping as the sensitive, wet head brushed over and over against the covers. Harry grinned and dropped his head back onto the pillow while Severus let his whole weight come down on him. His sinful lips returned to adoring Harry's bottom. The soft kisses and deep wet licks supplemented with hot grunts now. Severus' breathing became shallow and faster now that his own pleasure showed too and Harry, achieving his goal, smirked into his cushion before he gave himself to the lustful sensations.

It didn't take long for Severus to change his mind, it seemed. Within minutes, he sat up and grabbed Harry's knees, pushing them up and apart before he pounced hungrily back at Harry's now stretched out buttocks. Discarding his own search for satisfaction, his fingers kneaded the tout muscles, holding them apart so that his tongue could swipe over the wrinkled skin with ease. Harry moaned wildly, the sudden not so gentle attack surprised him, yet the delight overrode the shock fast. Leaning on his knees and elbows, he lifted his hips and pushed back. Severus mumbled something, or maybe it was just a groan Harry wasn't sure. His senses were close to overload, when squirming flesh pressed inside him first time in seven years. He fisted his pillow with both hands, gasping repeatedly the only man's name, who could do this to him. Severus in return pressed his tongue deeper inside, licking eagerly around the rim, devouring Harry. Severus gently rubbed his thumb over Harry's perineum then cupped his balls. Harry's small cry didn't make him stop. Two of his fingers moved to the base of Harry's erection, his fingertips brushing the sensitive manhood with firm strokes while he slowly licked over the slick entrance again.

Harry squirmed, his whole body clenched by Severus' arousing ministration. A sheen layer of sweat covered his naked skin as he fought against his orgasm that threatened to take over him. Yet instead of asking Severus to stop he just reached behind and grasped into the long raven black curls which tickled his arse as Severus moved his head, tongue buried in Harry's ass. Severus chuckled slightly, then instead of palming Harry's bullocks, he moved his hand over Harry's cock, grasping it at the base and caressing it with languid strokes. His thumb brushed over the tip every now and then to keep Harry on the edge, but he was careful not to push him over.

When Severus first drew his pointing finger over the entrance, pushing slightly harder but not guiding it in yet, Harry shuddered so vehemently, Severus had to grasp the base of his cock to prevent him from coming fiercely right there. Saliva dripped from his tongue right over the little hole and he used his finger to smear it all around the edge then he slowly started pressing in the digit. Harry however had a different idea and he pushed back firmly. Severus' finger slipped in right away to the base.

Harry cried loudly. The sweet burning feeling made him clench around that one finger yet he craved for more. He was grateful when Severus abandoned his cock and placed his free hand on his buttock as he wasn't sure he could hold on to his control or even sanity if those long fingers kept moving on him. But the hand didn't stay there much longer. Severus summoned a bottle of lube and poured an ample amount on Harry's arse. He spread it caressing Harry's bottom with his palm, then suddenly, he slipped in two fingers. Harry grunted, whining when Severus brushed his fingers over his prostate. All of sudden he felt like stars had burst in front of his eyes, although he was still hard. Severus slowly pushed his fingers in deeper and they moved in and out of him smoothly, making his toes curl and his fingers tighten both over the pillow and Severus' hair as well.

The slow moves had Harry begging for more within minutes. Opened mouthed and panting loudly he pleaded for more, though he was sure the words came out only as loud grunts and moans instead. His thighs ached as he tried to stretch them even more apart as if that could help convince Severus that it was high time to dive into him not with fingers but with that wet and hard manhood that sometimes poked Harry's leg.

When finally Severus pulled away, Harry thought they would join completely at last. But Severus just replaced his right hand with his left and pressed in three fingers instead of two. He moved them, stretching taut muscles and a part of Harry's lust clouded brain registered, that he could actually feel the ring, their soon to be wedding ring, brush over the rim of his arsehole as Severus fingered him. Ardently moaning, he looked behind him, watching through misty eyes, as Severus poured some oily lube on his erection, and then grab it. Nailing his gaze to Harry's exposed arse he languidly caressed himself a few times to smear the slickness. Then he leaned over Harry, his cock sliding between Harry's buttocks with lazy thrust. One of his hands was on the bed next to Harry, stabilizing himself, while the other slid on Harry's stomach, oily fingers pinched his nipples, caressed his belly, then slipped over his erection to pull on it a couple of times, wetting it, mixing lube with precome. Harry thrashed his body between the caressing hand on his cock, the rigid shaft poking and sliding over his entrance and the softly, lovingly caressing lips, which roamed on his back again. The pleasure was so much, his muscles felt like they had been tensing tightly for the last hour. Harry knew he would be aching the next day, but he couldn't care less. He pushed back, arched his back, then thrust forward into slick fingers. He could hear Severus' rough breathing hitch, when he grasped onto his cock and directed it to the wet hole. He teased it for long moments, slowly playing with Harry's satisfaction, pressing the soft tip just a bit inside, until it started stretching the muscles then pulling back. Harry all but screamed in frustration but he didn't ask for faster or more. He loved how Severus' cock stretched this hole once more as if taking his virginity all over again. He loved the slight burning, the almost painful yearning for that hard, long cock to slide into him, filling him up fully. He loved this moment the best; when his senses were already on the edge of fierce desire, when his vision was already blurred, when his breathing already turned halting, when his body keened for the next step. And then Severus grasped his hips and pushed just a bit more and the blunt tip moved through that first ring of muscles. Harry had to grip his own cock so that he wouldn't come yet as the man over him eased in slowly, inch by inch, pulling back slightly then thrusting forward relentlessly until Harry could feel his heavy bullocks slap against his groin.

Severus stopped then, trying to reduce his panting with long, deep inhales. He nuzzled Harry's head, who turned in response and searched hungrily for swollen lips. This kiss was raw, teeth and biting and tongues and more teeth. Ravenous and greedy; both of them taking until Severus pulled back again just a bit. Then it slowed, just like their thrusts and became languid and loving. Their tongues played and lips caressed.

"I missed every moment with you, Harry. I missed your laugh, your trust, your passion." Severus breathed still close to him, wincing slightly every time he moved his groin and his erection stroked Harry deeper.

"Merlin, I missed you, too." Harry answered breathlessly. "I missed everything, good and bad. God I even missed arguing with you."

Severus chuckled darkly and his next push was just bit faster and went in just a bit deeper, but Harry grasped Severus' left hand to steady himself.

"You didn't miss the arguments, you missed the make-up sex." Severus growled in his ear, his tongue brushed its curve, and then he worried the soft earlobe between his teeth then gently suckled on it.

Harry grinned, his expression turning into moaning fast. "Maybe both..."

"I assure you, if you live the rest of your life with me, you will have plenty of both."

Harry stilled his movements and turned his head to the side. "Promise?"

Severus kissed him again, his touch gentle, soft and loving like a vow in a physical form. "Promise." He murmured. Affectionate smile curved his lips before he kissed Harry again. He thrust his tongue into the wet mouth the same time as he rolled his hips, drawing out a long hissing sound from Harry. Slithering an arm around Harry's chest, he knelt up, pulling the lean body with him as well. One arm around Harry's chest the other one around his navel, he hugged the young man closer to himself, his hips continuing their languid thrust. He slid through rigidly clenching muscles, right into seething heat. Feather-like kisses made Harry's skin tingle over his pulse point, then down all the way across his shoulder. Harry dropped his head on Severus' shoulder, and reached behind to bury his fingers in the black curls again. His fingertips gently rubbed the man's skull, pulling him closer, soothing his raw bites with tender touch, as if he were trying to tame a wild animal. The pressure in his insides almost drove him mad, even though Severus' movements remained calm and unhurried. Crude energy transpired between their tightly pressed bodies, sexual and magical as well. Drops of sweat trickled down from where their skin touched, tickling them sensually and shallow breaths were exchanged between sweet kisses. Their insides burned as Severus moved in and out slowly. They enjoyed these seconds, not the sexual act itself, but the connection, being one body and one soul, linked together while the thunder fumed outside turning the world upside down. Yet their world settled into peace and quiet while they held each other and their bodies came together in absolute pleasure. It was Life, Death and the In-Between all at once. All the lust making it surreal; the borders being crossed every time Severus pulled back, because Harry died a bit, the feeling of loss burning low in his stomach and when he pushed back in, stretching Harry's insides with his sleek, wet cock, Harry felt like he was reborn all over again. Then there was that momentarily pause when he filled Harry all the way in and their bodies were the closest , every inch touching, when Harry felt like he was floating somewhere else, lost in the darkness with Severus the only other entity with him. It was beautiful in every way but the power of it slightly terrified Harry. He had lost Severus once and now he promised he would never let go again.

As if Severus had felt the change, the new determination in Harry, he sped up slightly. Every new thrust just a bit faster, just a bit wilder until Harry found himself pushed back on the bed. He propped himself on his elbows, his arms surrounded by Severus'. The man's low, guttural moans filled his ears, as Severus plunged inside him deeply with abandon. Their sweet lovemaking suddenly turned into raw fucking, even more delicious as their restrained pleasure was finally allowed to take over so they could lose control in the other. Severus laced their fingers, his fast breathing lifted locks of Harry's black mane, while his own raven black, long curls came down, curtaining their visions. Not that Harry could even keep his eyes open; the waves of intense yearning forced them shut when they opened after the blunt head of Severus' cock forcefully sliding against his prostate. He keened, his whole back arched, pushing his arse up as much as he could pushing back, seeking pleasure. Unrestrained thrusts shook his body and the only reason why he wasn't pushed forward, was because he clang to Severus' hands like two anchors. Their shouts soon became louder than the storm outside, their cries swallowed the crack of the thunder, the sound of their vigorously smashing bodies made them deaf to the loudly drumming raindrops that knocked on the glass.

Their orgasm built up slowly, but it blazed intensely under their skins, tensing up every muscle in their bodies, clenching their abdomens into thigh knots. Cocks pulsing with need for release, moves erratic in the midst of out-of-control pushes and shoves, they shouted like animals, pleading for each other, stuttering about love and eternity until they finally tipped over. They dived together from impossible heights, letting go of everything else except each other, breathlessly falling into numbing darkness, where nothing else existed just satisfaction and serenity.

They stayed as they were for long minutes, drifting on waves of erupting pleasure, their heartbeats slowly quieting until it died down into background music. Harry sighed deeply, and felt the pleasant heaviness of Severus' weight on him. Severus stirred, lazily stretching his lean body like a cat, and then rolled off Harry with a last deep growl when he pulled out his softening cock. Harry, feeling the uncomfortable wetness under him, sat up and cast a few cleaning spells.

"Come here..." Severus mumbled, eyes closed, his arms and fingers extending towards Harry.

Harry smiled and leaned down next to the man. Severus slid a hand on his waist. "Closer," he said, tugging Harry who shifted slightly on the bed, his grin growing. Severus grumbled some more, deeming the distance between them still too far. He shifted too, pulling Harry until they were chest to chest. He wormed a leg between Harry's, then dropped his arm over the young man's waist, tugged him a tad bit closer so their groins touched softly too. His left shoulder was already under Harry's head. He lifted his hand and buried it into the messy black hair, his fingertips caressing Harry softly.

When Harry let out a quiet chuckle, Severus pressed their foreheads together too.

"I'll never let you go again." He said hazily, and tightened his embrace around Harry. Harry shifted slightly too, draping his thigh over Severus' and sliding one hand on the man's nicely cool back, while leaving the other to rest on the rhythmically rising chest, caressing it with the back of his fingers.

"Do I look like I want to go somewhere?" He asked, nuzzling affectionately into Severus' embrace.

Severus opened one eye and peered through his long eyelashes. He looked down on their entangled bodies and said smiling, "No. But I might need a few more days like this to believe I am not dreaming." He pressed a small kiss to Harry' lips, his eyes shut once again.

"You have a whole life time to believe it," came Harry' answer, "because I'm not going anywhere."


Yes, I'm still not done yet. I promised a lot of sex and a disgustingly happy end, and this so far is only a ordinarily happy end.

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