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Secrets of Midnight

- Where the Secrets End... For Now -

The early Fall afternoon found Harry Potter in a cottage somewhere in the northern part of Scotland, right next to the sea. He was sitting in his study upstairs, his holly wand pressed to his temple. As he pulled it away from his black hair, a silvery string came with it. Thin as a hairbreadth, the fresh memory he had acquired just that morning hung on the tip of the wand, waving serenely though there was no air movement in the room.

Harry pulled out a crystal phial from the drawer, pulled the cork out with his teeth then carefully trapped the memory inside. Quickly, he corked the small vial, sealing it tightly, then, for a moment, he only watched it whirl around softly, not quiet fluid, but not even gas. He grinned as he grasped the small item in his hands, then he stood up and walked out of the room. He strutted downstairs, looking for one person in particular.

Severus was in the living room, sitting comfortably in his favourite armchair with his legs pulled under him as he read a thick, old volume. When he heard his husband approach he looked up, taking off his glasses. He frowned slightly as he took in the broad grin, knowing Harry well by now.

However before he could ask or Harry could explain why he was in such a good mood in this Saturday, the front door burst open, revealing a little girl. She was young; she would be celebrating her seventh birthday next Spring. Her green eyes shone brightly as she looked over her fathers. As she walked inside, leaving the door open, she straightened the little flower crown in her long raven black hair.

"Daddy, I found a bird," she said to Harry with a little smile in the corner of her lips.

Harry knew his daughter well enough by now to know what this was about. He and Severus shared a glance over the girl's head, then he asked, "And?"

"Can I keep it? Please, daddy, please!" The little witch begged looking from one father to the other.

"No. Absolutely not. Honey, you have plenty of pets already. Owls and ravens and mice and-"

"Snakes," Severus said, "Don't forget the snakes."

"Yes, those too," Harry agreed, his tone suggesting that he could not forget about those even if he wanted to.

"Please, please, please! This one is so small and she's so pretty!" The little one begged.

"How small?" Harry asked as the green eyes stared up at him begging.

"Tiny," squealed the child, knowing she was winning the fight already. She held up her hand with her thumb and pointing finger pressed tightly together. "This tiny," she giggled.

Harry rolled his eyes, but then looked at the other wizard with an arched eyebrow. Severus, barely able to repress a grin, nodded slightly and Harry took a deep breath. "Alright, but she's staying outside with the others. No cage, if she wants to go, she can." He said not that his daughter was paying any attention to it.

She stepped closer wearing a serious expression on her pretty face. "Pinkie-promise?" She asked reaching her little finger towards his father.

Harry laughed but took the sacred vow.

She was squealing loudly and happily as she run to the door.

"Come in, you can stay!" She said probably to the bird. Harry wasn't surprised to hear the little witch talk to the animal. Ever since she was young she had a special relationship with them. Animals often followed her home which was the reason for the small zoo in their backyard.

Harry expected wings flapping hence the knocking sound of approaching footsteps on the wooden porch were rather surprising. A quick glance towards Severus told him his husband was just as intrigued by the unusual sound. He perked up in his chair and put down his book.

An eagle head showed up in the doorway, peering inside nervously and Harry's eyes widened.

"Lily Eileen Potter, this better not be the bird you want to keep," he cried as the young hippogriff ambled into the house. Her front claws scratched the wood slightly, as she stretched her small, yet still impressive wings looking rather anxious. By the size of it, she must have been only couple of month old.

"Look at her, daddy, she's so pretty!" The girl breathed, admiring the animal.

Harry gaped then shook his head. "Lily!"

"Daddy, you promised!" She warned his father holding up his pinkie.

Speechless, Harry looked at the other father, hoping for support but all he saw was Severus barely able to repress his laughter.

"Severus, don't just sit there and smirk, help me out here."

"Well, that is all your mess, love. You pinkie-promised." Severus answered meaningfully.

"But..." Harry stuttered. "She said a bird. This isn't a bird." He said as his hand flailed aimlessly towards the hippogriff who was caressing his daughter with her feathery head. Sharp yellow eyes watched him intimidated.

"Well, technically she was half right," Severus chuckled standing up. He walked to the hippogriff who took a hesitant step backwards.

"Don't technically me, Severus. That's a damn hippogriff and it shall not stay with us," Harry insisted already knowing he was losing the argument.

Severus knelt down in front of the hippogriff foal and bowed his head lightly. The bird tilted her head uncertain only for a second, then nodded giddily. Severus scratched her under her beak and she tweeted softly. He looked back at his husbands. "Look at her. She is pretty."

As if understanding him the hippogriff pecked his hand lovingly. Severus pulled Lily in his lap, while the animal lay down in front of them too. Three pairs of eyes, black, green and yellow stared up at Harry, silently begging.

"You're the worst parent ever," Harry laughed as he knelt down next to his family too.

"I know." Severus smiled back, and then shrugged. "But that's not the worst label I have received." He kissed Lily's head and the girl smiled back at them.

"Thanks!" she cried happily before she pulled off her crown and put it on the animal. "You're the best dads ever," she giggled then promptly hugged both her fathers before running out of the cottage with her newest friend trotting after her.

They watched the little witch happily running round and round chased by the animal, who time after time tried to hop into the air, but her wings weren't strong enough yet to carry her into the air.

Harry grabbed into Severus' shirt and pulled the man closer to him. "I love you, you bastard," he whispered before he kissed his husband softly.

Severus murmured affectionately into the kiss then lay back, drawing Harry over him. As they stretched out on top of each other, kissing leisurely, he kicked into the door, which shut softly behind them, closing out Lily's happy chuckles.

Harry felt a hand sneaking under his shirt, caressing him with a firm touch. He groaned, bucking his hips then grabbed into long black hair. Thrusting his tongue into Severus' hot, wet mouth, he deepened the kiss. Severus arched under him, his other hand wandering onto his husband's arse, grasping the firm muscle, while pressing it down onto himself.

"Wait," Harry moaned, breathless. "I have something for you."

Grinning, Severus stopped and looked at the face he had been waking up to every morning.

"Sirius and Remus got a letter from Teddy while I was there this morning. He's been sorted into Slytherin." Harry grinned.

Severus's lips curved slowly into an evil grin as Harry fished out the vial from his pocket. He held it up but when Severus tried to snatch it from him, he drew back his hand quickly.

"What do you want for it?" Severus asked in a deep, husky voice.

Harry grinned as he placed a teasing kiss on Severus' mouth. He worried the thin, lower lip between his teeth softly, and then drew his tongue over the pink flesh, caressing.

"How about a son?" Harry asked when he finally looked into the black eyes.

Severus's gaze widened slightly, then, all of a sudden, he turned them over with a swift move. The vial fell out of Harry's hand as his shirt was lifted off him and it rolled under a chair, but no one paid any attention to it. Grabbing into Harry's leg and pulling it around his waist, Severus kissed his husband hungrily. "Deal."