I hope you won't find the chapter too boring... There's a chance Severus is OOC here (I hope not) but that's only because I just saw the new movie in the cinema. Man, I cried on it. WE cried on it. Men and women, children and adults didn't matter there. It was painfully beautiful how a story could make this to so many so different people... I still can't believe it's over. I can't believe Harry Potter, the story of my childhood, is over. It hurts.

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This chapter is dedicated to Severus Snape, who I fell in love long ago, and who made me realize, what true love is. No man deserves a fate like Yours and yet, no matter how cruel life was with You, You did not break, never. You were braver than the bravest lion and I respect and love You for this. Your death means nothing to me as I am carrying You in my heart forever. Thank You, Severus Snape, for being the man, You are.
I love You.

Secrets of Midnight

- Chapter Five: Evening exposure -

"Oh fuck, yes! Do that again!" Harry cried as Severus thrust into him, hitting his prostate hard. His shoulders banged against the bookshelf, making the Book of South-Indian Healing Herbs fall to the floor. This wasn't the first time, several books were lying around them, some of them open, some of them closed because they couldn't bear the forceful tremble of the shelf as Severus drove into Harry, shoving the boy's body up and against them. Some others were pushed down, when Harry, some time ago, grabbed the edge of the shelf with both hands, using it as a helpful tool to be able to bounce on Severus' hard erection in his ass.

Harry finished his homework pretty quickly, considering that usually Potions was what took him the longest time to write. He watched Severus for a couple of minutes, but the man didn't seem to notice him. Harry then saw the huge pile of corrected tests next to his teacher. He smirked as he moved his left foot on Severus thigh. Before the man could realize what he was up to, Harry's leg reached the professor's cock, sliding firmly against it.

Since then, things happened just too fast for Harry to be able to remember everything. He could recall a dark, lustful gaze on his body and fierce lips on his mouth. There were strong arms around him and then over his ass, pulling him up. But then, the next moment he was thrown against the wall and he was completely naked. Maybe it was a spell, maybe he lost consciousness from the heated kisses, and he wouldn't be surprised by that either…

Oh and then came those wet, warm and smooth fingers. Two of them pushing, sliding into his ass. Then suddenly it was three fingers in that place and teeth on his ear. Teeth which left raw bite marks on his neck and lips, which sucked on his skin lustily.

And then came; the one moment he could recall precisely, each and every detail of the memory showing up in his mind. The fingers disappeared at the same moment, as the lips from his skin. Two incredibly dark eyes connected with his and he saw the teeth biting into the swollen lower lip. Then he felt the lightly poking erection at his entrance, sliding in slowly, easily.

Severus dictated a slow rate at first but this time it wasn't the excruciatingly slow pace, it wasn't a pleasing torture for either of them. They both felt the incredible sensation as the Professor's hard manhood slid in his student's tight ass then out, leaving Harry feeling empty. But of course neither of them was able to hold this speed for too much time.

And that is why Harry's back was, once again, pushed ferociously against the shelf now, with deep, raw thrusts, making Severus gasp ardently into Harry' ear and the boy moaning wildly into the neck he was nipping on.

"Interesting…" Severus murmured and Harry jerked, trembled as he felt how the lips formed the letters and the dark voice resonated in his ear.

"What?" He asked numbly.

"You. I made you come countless times in less than eighteen hours and yet you seem like you haven't had sex in ages." Severus whispered and let his lower lips slide along Harry's outer ear.

"Well…" Harry mumbled, his mouth creeping on Severus' neck until he reached the ear. "I didn't have any in the last fifteen years, did I?" He chuckled darkly and got a slight shiver as a reward.

"Oh, Merlin," Severus growled and stopped his movements to look into the boy's eyes. "Are you intentionally reminding me, that what I am now doing is, in fact, a crime?" He raised an eyebrow.

"You mean, seducing your student, jerking him out in an empty corridor of Hogwarts, then having fierce sex with him for hours until both of you literally collapse on the bed, just to wake up at noon and continue where you finished the night before…no sorry in the morning, and do him again, torturing him with pleasure until he's begging for you to fuck him. And then about an hour later sucking him off, adding a little coffee to the game increasing the experience from the level of indescribably amazing to even more remarkable, and some time later fucking him into oblivion yet again? Did I miss anything?" Harry asked innocently, both his eyebrows raised.

"Uhh…We did eat at some point during the process but other than that… I believe, you listed everything. So, help me count it, how many times exactly did I commit an unforgivable crime against a child, who is, to make it even worse, my student?" Severus asked slowly, frowning. He knew he shouldn't really think about this but…

"Now as I recall them," Harry went on, "I wouldn't call them 'crimes', would you? It felt more like a reward, actually." Harry whispered teasingly, lips skimming on soft skin over Severus' neck. "There is only one crime you committed in the past whoever knows how many hours. You… stopped… moving." With every word, Harry's hips bucked up and down, sliding around Severus' rigid shaft.

They both let out a harsh groan as Severus joined in, slowly increasing the force of his movements until he was thrusting into Harry with the same intense speed as before. Harry let go of the shelf and his hands went around Severus' shoulders as he was smashed against the books over and over again. He pressed his lips over the mouth only inches from him. He wanted to kiss the sweet lips long and deep but as Severus' cock drove into him, reaching a very sensitive point, the kiss became a short one with a lot of nipping, biting, and sucking as fervent groans and moans broke out from the depth of his throat.

"Harry…ah… Harry…" The boy heard his name and already knew Severus was close. He tightened his legs around the other man's waist and moved faster, wilder until he heard the harsh, husky cry and felt the warm semen fill him up. That was more than enough for him to reach his orgasm, joining Severus with eager gasps.

After a while, when Severus felt that his legs weren't shaking anymore, he dared speak, hoping his voice wasn't all cracked. Well it was, but then Harry jerked around him once again and he realized it was because of his voice.

"Is this just sex for you, Harry?" He asked the boy quietly, giving tiny kisses over the red sucking marks. He feared the answer however, he suspected, (hoped?), he had nothing to be afraid of.

Harry felt taken aback for a second. Then he gathered all his Gryffindor courage and answered looking into the black eyes.

"Of course not. Yes, I want your body around mine and yes, I very much like it when we have sex but I also want…"

"What?" Severus asked gently.

"You… all of you. I want to earn your friendship and respect. I want to know you. The real you. I love… just being with you, sitting next to you when you're correcting, or eating or… drinking coffee." He said with a little smile at the corner of his mouth. "Would you be satisfied with only sex?"

"Oh Harry… I… don't know. Half of me is determined, that I'd hex you out of here and be even more cruel with you than before, if you would only came to me for sex, but the other half… the other half whispers desperately that if you wanted only sex… I would gladly grant it to you, as long as I could keep you in my hands, even if it were for only those passionate minutes…

Harry felt himself melt at the words. He kissed Severus gently on the lips. "Why don't we go back to the couch? Not that I'm complaining or anything, it actually feels good to be…khm…filled with you." Harry whispered and felt himself blush. It was actually a surprise, taking into account what they had been doing in the past day. But Severus' deep growl surprised him even more.

"Fuck Harry. I do not believe that you are aware of the effects of your words on me." Severus moaned darkly.

"Effects?" Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Do you really think that you admitting to actually enjoying the sensation of my cock in your ass, while I am not actually having sex with you, simply… holding you, won't have any effect on me?" Severus kissed Harry's jaw then slowly started moving downwards on his throat. "It does Harry, it very much does." He whispered then and moved his hips lightly.

"Ahh… that's…ahh…that's a good thing to…ahh…hear." Harry gasped as slowly, really slowly he felt his professor's shaft sliding out of him. He wrapped his arms firmly around Severus' neck as he lowered his legs to the floor. He was completely naked, while the other man was wearing his pants and a ripped shirt. He watched Severus as he pulled up his zipper then let his gaze slide upwards.

"Uhh… sorry about that." Harry mumbled, adjusting the two sides of the shirt.

"It can be fixed easily." Severus smiled mischievously, shaking down the cloth from his shoulders.

"Uh, and for that too…" Harry murmured pointing at the belt he had ripped with a cutting spell.

Severus started backing off towards the couch as he slid the black leather belt out from his pants. "That can also be fixed…"

Harry watched the man getting further away from him, every piece of clothing he wore that Harry had ruined, falling slowly to the ground. He wanted to get rid of those pants to but they were unharmed. He tried to think of a good excuse for removing them but just one thing came to his mind. First, he considered it a bit too drastic but then… he just walked up the Severus.

"Oh and…" He grabbed the man's pants and pulled down the fastener. Then with a hard clutch, he tore it down from the man. His eyes were fixed on Severus as the man threw his head back, a light but fervent moan escaping him. "…sorry for this too."

"It is completely alright." Severus whispered, stepping out from the last of his clothing, lying down on his couch. He reached a hand towards Harry. When fingers joined in with his, he pulled Harry over him. He watched the boy as he settled over this body, a leg between his, groin against groin, stomach against stomach, chest against chest, heart against heart, beating the same rhythm. Harry's head was at his neck, he shivered from the sensation of light, wet kisses on his throat and then jaw. He pulled Harry in for a long but mild kiss before he let his hand slide over the bare back and the other caress Harry's mane.

"Why don't you sleep a bit? I will watch your dreams so they do not harm you." He suggested with a light tone.

"How do you know I have nightmares? Dumbledore?" Harry asked, raising his head, looking into the onyx eyes.

Severus smiled. "You did sleep next to me this dawn, did you not?"

Harry chuckled and gave a soft kiss to Severus. "You know me too well…" he murmured, shaking his head lightly but he was still smiling as he let his head rest on Severus' chest.

"Try to sleep as well," He whispered into the man's skin before he closed his eyes. "I want you rested and ready when I wake up."

"Ready for what exactly?" Severus raised an eyebrow. He was surprised to hear his voice go husky and dark.

"You will see, Severus. You will see…" Harry mumbled before he drifted fast asleep.

Severus closed his eyes and for a second wondered about the impossible craziness of the world. If someone had told him that today he would be lying naked on his couch, taking a nap on a Saturday afternoon, with an also naked Harry Potter on his chest, he would have sent that man to St. Mungo's. And still, here he was. Here they were. Harry Potter and Severus Snape, lovers.

The world had gone mad. But he loved it like this.


Harry was the first one to wake up this time. It was late afternoon, evening maybe, he thought as he looked out into the darkness on the other side of the windows. Soon he had to go back to the Gryffindor Tower. He was sure Ron and Hermione were already looking for him. Ron must have been shocked when he noticed that Harry was out of bed before him and then couldn't find him anywhere.

How would he tell this to his friends? How would he convince them that Severus was not who they thought he was. Would they believe him? Would they accept the man? He knew it wouldn't matter if they didn't, he would still be with Severus, and he was sure about that. But he would be happier, if he didn't need to hide this relationship from them. This relationship, which had only lasted a day and already caused him so much happiness and joy.

He looked up at the man, at his lover. He watched the soft hair, which framed the pale face and let a finger slide through it. Then he watched the strong jaw, the long, cracked nose, the wrinkles on the forehead and his finger followed his gaze. Then his look wandered onto the thin, pink lips, which he knew, tasted like the sweetest peach. He leaned down and took the lower lips between his lips, then the upper one. He smoothly nipped on them with his teeth until he felt a hand slither back into his hair and the man under him fidget. Severus' mouth opened, and his tongue darted out, right in between Harry's lips and the soft kiss suddenly turned alight.

Severus moaned eagerly as he felt Harry's hand sneak between their entangled bodies and around his half erected cock. Gasping, their lips parted.

"What a nice way to wake a man, Mister Potter." He panted; his head fell back as the fingers worked on him firmly to make him hard and ready for what Harry wanted.

"Oh Professor Snape, I know an even better one, but I'll save that for later…" Harry smirked as he slid down from Snape and kneeled in front of the couch. "Sit up Severus…"

Before his mind could resist the order, Severus obeyed. He sat up on the couch and placed his legs on both sides of Harry, suspecting what the boy had in mind.

"Harry, however I appreciate the idea very much, you do not have to-" He started, already feeling a blush creeping up on his cheeks.

"Yes, I have to." Harry said smugly as he kissed his knees. "I have to, because soon, I have to go back to the tower, before Ron and Hermione go to McGonagall and tell her I'm missing." He whispered, kissing his way up to Severus' groin. "And when I'm there, unfortunately, you can't be with me. Therefore, I have to do this, because I want, need, your taste to linger in my mouth until I can be with you again." He said looking into the obsidian eyes, knowing that the lust and the desire was clearly visible in his gaze.

Harry couldn't help but notice how Severus' erection twitched from his words. He licked his lower lip as he watched the other man moan harshly and throw his head back when his hand went around the rigid cock, moving slowly.

"Ah… Harry…"

"Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything…naughty to you." He whispered with a smirk as he leant over the weeping erection.

Severus let out a chuckle as he recognized the sentence he said to Harry three days ago, but the sound quickly turned into a breathless groan, as he felt hot lips go around the tip of his cock.

"That is the exact opposite of 'not naughty', Harry. Surely you know that too…" He gasped heavily as the boy drove his cock deeper into his mouth, sucking it hard. "Oh Merlin, that's just fucking sinful…"

Harry couldn't help it, he moaned as the harsh voice reached his ears. He slipped the hard member out of his mouth and rubbed his fingers up and down on it as he looked at Severus with a wicked grin.

"What did you expect, Professor? I'm an impish brat, after all…" Harry smirked but it was cut off as soon as Severus leaned close to him, lips floating only inches away.

"Careful there, Mister Potter. Impish brats always get …" Severus flicked his tongue out, licking Harry's lips, which were shining with pre-cum. "…punished." A raw, wild growl came from deep in Harry's throat before he pressed his lips fervently on Severus'.

"Well then… I should not behave too wayward, should I?" Harry whispered darkly, pushing the professor back against the couch, his tongue already sliding on the hard erection in his hand, while his gaze never broke its connection with the obsidian eyes.

"Correct, Mister Potter." Severus moaned and that was his last coherent thought because then Harry's mouth went around his cock again and sucked him in deeply. His hand darted out to the soft dark brown mane and grabbed it firmly.

Not taking his eyes off of his lover, Harry's right hand slid over the naked chest, caressing, while his left was around the base of the weeping erection he sucked in his mouth. It was too big for him to take in all of it, but from the fervent gasps he suspected that Severus enjoyed it this way too.

And Severus did indeed enjoy it. He enjoyed the sensation of curious fingers sliding on his body, exploring every inch of him, wandering over sensitive places, which made him sigh harshly. He also enjoyed the sensation of Harry's hair between his fingers as the boy moved on his cock. And of course he enjoyed the raspy tongue moving wildly around and sliding firmly over his rock hard erection. He liked the wetness and warmness of that mouth and he adored the clever tongue and the fingers but he simply loved that emerald green pair of eyes that watched his every move, that stared at him with intense heat, which alone was able to make his heart drum excitedly under his sweaty chest. He loved how the beautiful eyes observed his reactions, how the heat they radiated melted the ice around his heart.

Harry groaned. The sight in front of him was beautiful. He didn't think if Severus could look more amazing but then, when he cupped his balls and started massaging them, both of Severus' hands flew to the back of the couch and his lower back arched away from the settee.

"Harry…!" Came a husky cry and Harry almost came from the combination of the image in front of him and the sound in his ears.

"Severus, move." He ordered; his own voice also harsh and deeper than usual. "Thrust into me Severus."

"Harry… oh Merlin, Harry!" Severus cried again but his hips bucked up and the rigid erection slid deeper into Harry's mouth, who was willing and keen to take as much in as possible.

"Harder please… Harry, please more…" Came the fervent gasps again and Harry couldn't do otherwise, he moved without any control, sucking eagerly, kissing, teasing the other into oblivion. He let his teeth slide over the hard cock very lightly, almost feather like, and when he saw Severus' head slap back with a zealous moan he did it again.

"Harry… I can't….Harry…" Severus grunted as his hips moved unrestrained up and down, his hands gripping into the leather fabric of the couch so wildly they might tear it apart, but he didn't mind. He forgot to think, he almost forgot to exhale as moaning passionately he drove into Harry's mouth.

Harry was close to coming as he was looking at Severus being so alight just because of him. He felt the slim body under him jerk vehemently and sucked the manhood between his lips even harder. Severus' waist rose to midair, only his shoulders were touching the couch, as he came, shooting his seed into Harry's mouth, still thrusting into him with unadjusted moves.

Harry watched Severus, trying to engrave every detail into his mind and as he felt the warm semen on his tongue, he came too, without being touched at all because what he saw and what he felt was way too much for him. A long, deep growl broke out from his throat as his body jerked too and he could feel it as Severus shuddered yet again.

Panting, he collapsed over Severus' waist. He didn't feel the gentle fingers in his hair until the bliss of his orgasm subsided. Then he looked up at Severus, who raised an eyebrow at him. Harry blushed a deeper shade of red.

Severus pulled Harry up into standing position again and saw the white semen streaming on the boy's leg. This time, he slid down from the couch to kneel in front of Harry. Watching the other wizard with the same intensity Severus was looking at him, he drove his tongue over Harry's semen.

"You came… just by watching me?" He asked teasingly, giving tiny kisses over the wet skin.

Harry gulped and nodded. "You were…so… fervent…and…you were…burning….so beautiful, Severus…" Harry gasped as he felt the silky tongue sliding on his skin, cleaning him.

When he was done, Severus stood up slowly and his hands gripped Harry's hips, pulling him closer and then, when Harry was close enough and their bodies were pressed against each other so tightly not even a feather could have had any room there, his hands moved up on the bare back, caressing lovingly.

"Thank you, Harry. But if you saw me beautiful, it was all due to your merit." He smiled at the boy and gave him a soft kiss. "You were amazing." He added and more kisses followed the sentence.

"No matter how hard it is for me to tell you this, but I am afraid you should go, Harry. It would not be wise to wait until Dumbledore comes here, grabbing me to help find you, while you are lying in my bed, naked… he would come to a wrong conclusion."

"Wrong conclusion?" Harry smiled, not going anywhere from the warm embrace. "How could he misunderstand that scene, really?"

"He might think I kidnapped you and forced my way on you while you resisted very hard." Severus said and was surprised at the angry gaze in the emerald eyes.

"He would seriously think you raped me, Severus? That's just…"

"Is it? So far, he assumes, however incorrectly, that I hate you and you hate me. Would that be such a mistaken assumption for him to think I took you without your permission?"

"You would never do such a thing." Harry stated without any hesitation. Severus smirked at that.

"So much trust you have in me… Let me inform you, young Potter, that on that evening I first drove my tongue over your skin, only one thing kept me from having sex with you right here on this couch. I wanted to play with you even more… That, and only that, saved you on that evening. Even I don't know what I would have done if you had said no. So I would not trust me that much, if I were you…" Severus whispered dangerously and Harry moaned.

"Just one word." Harry said determined then. "I just have to say one word and even if you are fervently driving into me with an aching, agonizingly hard erection, you would stop. And I am certain aboutthat, Severus."

"Good for you, Harry… Good for you."


Harry wandered the empty, dark corridors alone. Thanks to Dobby, he had more clothes on him now, than on the night he had run out from his dorm. After a refreshing shower, he kissed Severus goodbye and left the room where he had first slept with his professor less than a day ago. And although he had been about of the room for exactly seven minutes and thirty-two seconds he already wanted to return. But first, he had to find his friends.

He was near the tower when suddenly someone cried out behind him.

"Harry! Finally Harry!" Hermione ran up to him with Ron on her heels. "We searched through the whole castle for you! I was so worried! Where have you been?" Hermione asked, throwing herself around him.

"Yeah mate, we were worried. You weren't in your bed when I woke up and we haven't been able to find you since then. We thought that Umbridge had done something nasty to you. She seemed too cheerful this morning…" Ron shook his head.

Harry felt like someone had just hit him in the guts. He thought he would have some time to prepare for this conversation. He wanted to get ready and sort his thoughts before he had to confess.

"Uh… let's go in there…" He pointed into an empty classroom next to them. They walked in and the door closed behind them. Harry sat down on a desk and cleared his throat several times. It didn't help him that he still tasted Severus in his mouth.

"Oh god." Ron gasped. "What's that on your neck Harry?"

Hermione covered her eyes with a hand then slid it over her face, as if saying 'you stupid idiot'.

Harry immediately touched the not so small bite mark on his neck. Not good, so not good.

"Wow, Harry! You were with Cho, right?" Ron asked with a smirk.

To Harry's surprise it was Hermione who cried out before he could even recall the girl's face.

"Cho?! Even you can't be that blind, Ron! Harry's gay." Hermione shot Ron an apathetic look.

"Gay? No way, Hermione." Ron laughed.

Hermione raised an eyebrow at Ron then looked at Harry shyly, blushing. "I am sorry Harry. I saw you with him yesterday morning. I saw, how you flirted with him. What you did with that peach was way too obvious…"

"You were there?" Harry asked and for a minute, he forgot he should be worried.

Hermione smiled a bit as she said, "I sat right next to you, but you didn't even notice me. Then you suddenly jumped up and went out and he followed you. I thought he… well…"

"He wanted to kill me?" Harry asked, almost laughing now. Yeah, that'd be logical.

"Yeah." Hermione nodded with a bashful smile. "So I followed him and I saw him meet with you but then Umbridge came and-"

"What?! Umbridge was there?" Harry cried out with fear.

"It's okay," Hermione hurried to calm him. "She didn't see anything. I told her I saw Peeves on the third floor messing with the paintings so she rushed up there. But... I was so worried about you Harry, I didn't know what he was doing with you… so when I met with Sir Nicholas I asked him to help you. I told him that Dumbledore was searching for Snape and that I saw him go in that room and that I don't really want to meet with him. I said nothing about you and Sir Nicolas was nice and said, it was all right, he would fetch Snape, so I can go. And I went up to the common room and… and… Ron, what's wrong with you?!" Hermione huffed irritated as he looked at the laughing Ron next to her.

"Hermione… You can't be serious. From what you said…" Ron chuckled through gritted teeth, "it sounds like… Harry's been flirting with… with… Snape." Ron laughed out again.

He didn't notice that neither Hermione nor Harry laughed with him.

"Why didn't you say me something about it yesterday?" Harry asked.

"Well Harry, you can't really expect me to stand in front of you asking if you really did flirt with your male professor and what his reaction was." Hermione said shrugging her shoulders. But then she peeked at Harry with hint of a smile in the corner of her lips. "What was his reaction? You were with him right?" She asked with a hoping tone.

Harry blushed but before he could answer, Ron slapped him on the arm. "C'mon mate, tell her, she's crazy." He grinned.

"She's… not, Ron." He looked into the deep blue eyes of his friend. "She's right about everything. I am gay and I did flirt with Snape and I… and I was with him until now. Oh my god…" He said fast and with the last word Harry leant back on the desk.

Hermione let out a little surprised squeal and then covered her mouth with both her hands. Ron meanwhile stared at him with wide open eyes.

"What?! But I thought you and Cho… Harry…why didn't you… this is crazy." He mumbled, collapsing into a chair next to Harry.

"I know Ron and I'm sorry I've never said a word about my… preferen-" Harry started but Ron cut in his speech.

"Who cares about you being gay, mate. I'm talking about you and…and…Merlin, Harry, he's the Greasy Git of the Dungeons, remember?" Ron said, driving ten fingers through his flaming red hair.

Harry and Hermione both shot him a killer look, so he cleverly chose to shut up.

"What happened yesterday, Harry?" Hermione asked gently and Harry was grateful he could talk about this with someone.

"He ordered me into that room and asked me what I wanted. I told him, that all I wanted was him."

"Just like that? Harry, you're lucky to be still alive!" Hermione grinned painfully.

"Oh no, not exactly. The previous days… I was at detention with Umbridge, you know and after the detention we met and he… he took me to his room and… god he… he cured me but how he did it… it was…"

"I think I don't want to hear it…" Ron said while covering his ears. He started humming quietly, looking out the windows. He missed the murderous glance Hermione shot at him once again.

The girl sat down next to Harry's other side, knowing exactly how much Harry needed someone right now that he could talk to about Snape.

Harry looked at her and after he got a reassuring nod, he went on. "It was amazing Hermione. He kneeled in front of me and he drank this potion and then licked my hand. Licked it, you understand? I was out of my mind." Harry laughed bitterly. "I was immediately so…uhm…"

"I got it…" The girl said blushing lightly, however smiling.

"He just played with me, nothing really happened. Then he put that scarf on me…"

"S.S.! It was him! That was why he stopped behind you that morning, wasn't it?" Hermione slapped her forehead. None of them noticed that the humming stopped.

Harry nodded and closed his eyes. "After he was done with the scarf I wanted to go away, I wanted to run from him, but he didn't let me. The door was closed and I had to guess the password."

"Like some weird cat-mouse play…" Ron snorted.

"Exactly." Harry, raising an eyebrow, nodded again. "Geez, I literally begged for him to…to do something…"

"What did he do?" Hermione asked eagerly.

"He opened the door and I fell out into the corridor." Harry laughed out again. "He walked next me and acted like nothing happened. It was awful but in a sort of way…a sort of relief." Hermione nodded, she could understand that.

"That happened on Wednesday night, right? And then? What was on Thursday and Friday and today? Oh Harry…"

"Next day we met again. Almost the same, he walked me to his room and I sat down and he kneeled down in front of me, drank to potion and he licked my scar again. And… and I grabbed his hair."

Ron snorted again, but Hermione let out another surprised cry.

"And no Ron, before you ask, it wasn't greasy it was, man… it was soft. Don't laugh, back then I thought I signed my death wish with that one move." Harry huffed but couldn't help it, he smiled too.

"What did he do? You seem alive to me…" Ron asked then.

"He moaned." Harry whispered holding his breath. When both his friend's jaw dropped he went on. "And then he started kissing my arm and neck and he talked to me and I… oh fuck."

"I think we both understand that." Hermione laughed.

"Why am I telling you this?" Harry asked, covering his eyes with his arm.

"I don't know mate, but please hurry up before Hermione gets off on this…" Ron laughed and Hermione blushed deep red before she gave a slap to Ron's head.

"I won't; shut up Ron!" She exclaimed, and then turned back to Harry. "Nothing happened that night I assume, you were back in the common room sometime after midnight, right?"

"Yeah, but that night again, he walked me back to the tower. When I thanked him, he said I shouldn't be so grateful, he barely gave me something… Yeah sure. I told him that that was the last day of my detention and he just said, he knows me too well and surely that wasn't my last detention. And I don't know what was with me at that moment but when he turned around to go away, I shouted after him and when he stopped… I… I… grabbed him from behind…"

"Where exactly did you grab him?" Hermione asked holding back her breath.

"His chest and… his… his… he was hard." Harry spit it out almost inaudibly.

The effect was amazing. Hermione went into deep red, carmine red, like a rose, while Ron simply fell off his chair, opening and closing his mouth while not even a word came out of it. When he finally found his voice, and scrambled back onto his chair he sulked as he spoke to Harry.

"Warn me next time you say something like that, would you! I almost had a heart-attack!" Ron yelled and Hermione started laughing. "It's not funny! How would you feel if Ginny were to tell you about how much fun she had with McGonagall? Would you still laugh, eh Hermione?"

"Snape is not like McGonagall." Hermione stated before Harry could hit Ron. "He's much younger and…"

"What, nicer?" Ron asked with a raised eyebrow. Then they both looked at Harry, waiting for information.

"He's so much different than what you think…" Harry sighed but then a wicked grin appeared on his lips. "I gripped his cock and I'm still alive. He's so much nicer than McGonagall." Hermione, still red as a rose, burst into laughter, while Ron almost fell off his chair again.

"I'm so gonna kill you, mate!"

"Go on, Harry. So he let you walk away?"

"I think he was too shocked to do anything else. When he finally moved, I was already in the common room. Until that point, I thought, I was the only one having a hard time-"


"-with this whole situation," Harry went on with only a side glance at Ron's hint. "I wouldn't even dare dream that he would be…attracted to me…"

"Which he evidently was…"

Harry laughed. "Yeah… So next morning… I couldn't help it."

"You flirted with him." Hermione finished. "What happened in that classroom? After you told him you…khm…want him…"

"Nothing much just some…uhm… Ron, cover your ears. So, just some khm... touching here and there…" He said and he felt his cheeks go the same colour as Hermione's. "But then Nick appeared and we had to leave."

"Oh my god, Harry I'm so sorry, I didn't know… I never imagined he… well… that he didn't want to kill you for what you had done…" Hermione smiled sheepishly but Harry simply nodded, knowing that the girl was exactly right. What had happened was really unexpected.

"You were totally edgy during that whole day. You didn't speak and jumped every time someone mentioned Snape. You… you always looked like… you were searching for someone…" Ron murmured, remembering. "It was him, right? You searched for him…"

"Yes. But I couldn't find him. He was nowhere. I searched for him the whole day after lessons, but still didn't find him. Then at about midnight, I realized I should use the map and find him there. He was in his room and I ran there. No one opened the door and I was about to come back to the tower when… when he just appeared in front of me…"

Hermione gulped. "Then?"

"Ron, ears." Harry waited until his friend covered both ears and started humming, before he sat up and went on with speaking. "Are you sure you want to hear it?" He asked the girl with a raised eyebrow.

Hermione gulped again and nodded. "Only if you really want to tell me. But please not too many details."

"He literally smashed me against the wall and almost… god Hermione, we were totally out of control. I was way too loud and he was way too eager and… he…"

"You had sex with him in a corridor?" Hermione asked, gaping.

"No, not actual sex… just…" Harry looked at his hand than back at Hermione. She seemed to understand it as she went even redder.

"And…? That doesn't explain where you were the whole night and today…"

"And then, McGonagall showed up there."

"Oh my god!" Hermione yelled. "Did she see you with Snape?"

"Pff, poor woman…" Ron laughed.

"No, she didn't. Severus sent me inside his room before he spoke with McGonagall…"

"Severus?" Hermione asked nicely, beaming at Harry.

"Inside his room?" Ron asked mocking, grinning at Harry.

"I think I can guess what happened when you were inside his room…" Ron smirked then.

"Ron!" Hermione gave him another slap. "Don't be stupid, Harry just said he didn't sleep with Snape."

Ron laughed hard. "No Hermione. Harry said he didn't have sex with Snape in the corridor. What do you think they were doing the whole night? Playing chess?"

"Harry didn't… Did you Harry?" Hermione looked at her mischievously smiling friend.

Harry's hand slithered on the bite mark on his neck and he thought about the others that covered his body. And then he simply let a broad, happy smile spread on his lips.

"No way! Harry you slept with Snape?!" Hermione cried.

"Shush, Hermione! Quiet!" Harry hissed, listening for any noise coming from outside.

"Sorry, sorry…" Hermione looked around, listening too.

"Mate…" Ron shook his head.

They remained in silence for a couple minutes, before Hermione spoke quietly again.

"What is he like? When it's just the two of you I mean…"

Harry thought for a second.

"He's nice. He wanted me to sleep with him. And I mean sleep. After we… after we had sex I wanted to come back to… you know…give him space or whatnot… but he told me to stay. He showed me a side of him, I've never seen before. He's so worried about Voldemort, that if he finds out about this, us, he will hurt me. He's not worried about himself, just about me. He was scared, literally pale white, when Dobby brought us breakfast today and he saw us together. So he's so caring. And he's also wild. Oh yeah, so wild and passionate. And funny I never imagined he had a sense of humour actually, but he does have one." Harry smiled. "It's nice just being with him even if we're not talking. This afternoon, he was correcting tests and I did my homework, for instance. And it was somewhat good, you know…Oh shit, I left my homework in his room."

Ron looked at him disbelievingly but didn't make any comment on the adjectives Harry used. He stared at his friend for a while before he slapped him on the arm lightly. "That's all that matters, mate…"

"What?!" Harry and Hermione looked at him almost shocked.

"What do you mean 'what'?" He asked frowning.

"Well…I… expected you… you not to speak to me ever again after you realize I'm gay and sleeping with our Potions Professor, that you hate."

"Never talk to you again because you're gay? C'mon Harry, this is the Wizarding World. Being gay is as normal as magic." Ron laughed. "You being with Snape… well… It's not really my business, is it? I mean, if you want to be with him and he wants to be with you… why would I be against it? Until you start talking to me about what he's doing in bed, I'm totally okay with it." Ron smiled at Harry and blushed instantly when he noticed that Hermione was beaming at him proudly.

"I do hope he would not attempt at talking about such topics unless he wants a gag in his mouth." Rumbled a deep, smooth voice behind them. Harry, jumping down from the desk, turned towards the door. "But Harry, if you still feel you are comfortable with sharing the details of our sex life, I think I should do something even more original to make you not feel so comfortable speaking about it…"

Leaning against the doorframe was his lover, holding his homework, with his arms folded.

"Severus! What…?"

"You left this in my room, you dimwit." He said with a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.

"What can I say," Harry smirked. "I had something else on my mind."

"I don't even want to ask what that could be…" Severus gave him a teasing smile then looked at the other two in the room.

"Miss Granger, Mr. Weasley." He nodded towards them.

"Sir." Ron nodded back lightly, trying hard not to grin.

"Professor Snape." Hermione welcomed him too, with a little more success in holding back her smile.

Severus turned back to Harry as he walked in the classroom, closing the door behind him. "How could I have even had hope that you would keep something this important a secret…" he shook his head.

"You never really believed I wouldn't tell Ron and Hermione, did you?" Harry raised an eyebrow.

Severus sighed before he answered. "You're right."

"So… you heard everything?" Harry asked, blushing deep red again.

"From the moment Miss Granger was accused she enjoyed the conversion just a bit too much, yes, almost everything."

"Why didn't you say something?" Harry asked, ignoring the flushed Hermione.

"To deny the pleasure from Mr. Weasley? He won't have another chance in his life to laugh at my… hard situation, if you know what I mean."

Harry snorted but Ron remained calm. "Sir if it makes you feel any better, I wasn't laughing. I almost fainted." He murmured calmly, staring at his shoes.

"I can imagine, Mr. Weasley." Severus said with a hint of laughter in his voice. Then he turned towards Harry and the smile disappeared from his face. "Harry, here is your homework. Next time, please make sure that the door behind you is closed and no one can hear you in the corridors if you are detailing our emotional and sexual relationship."

"I'm sorry Severus." Harry mumbled with eyes on the ground. Suddenly, two fingers were on his jaw, raising up his chin.

"As you said, I am indeed worried and scared, I do admit that." Severus said gently, looking into the emerald eyes. Then, completely forgotten about their company, he leant down and kissed Harry with the same tenderness and Harry felt himself melt again.

Suddenly Severus heard someone clearing his throat. It was Ron.

"Sir…" The boy said hesitantly.

"Yes Mr. Weasley?" Severus raised an eyebrow. He and Harry walked closer to the other two so they could speak more quietly.

"Can I speak freely, Sir?"

"You have five minutes, so be quick." He nodded.

"With respect Sir, if I hear that you harm Harry in any way, I will kick your ass so badly you won't be able to sit ever again. Then I tell everything to my brothers and Ginny and they will also kick your ass pretty badly. Just for your information…" Ron said in a rush, but always looking into the onyx eyes.

What Severus said, surprised everyone.

"By any means I do not have any intention of harming your friend at all, except of course if he specifically asks for it. But I'm grateful for your warning and to show you how honestly I mean this; I now, with Miss Granger and Harry as my witnesses, give you and your siblings the permission to do so, if by any chance I cause harm to Harry."

"Are you sure, Sir? I can kick strongly. And I'm sure George and Fred wouldn't go easy on you either." Ron asked with a small smile in the corner of his mouth.

Severus reached a hand towards Ron.

"I am, indeed, absolutely sure, Mister Weasley." He said then, with a resolute nod.

Ron eyed the hand for a second, and then accepted it, also determined. Severus gripped him by the hand and pulled Ron closer.

"But, Mister Weasley, mark my words. If you or Miss Granger ever mention this relationship to a soul, I will make your life terrible. You will both regret every day of living and will wish for Death to take you. But it will not. And you will suffer through your entire lifetime. Because that one, accidentally slipped word, can cause Harry's death. And that, would make me really angry. And believe me when I say that you don't want to see me really angry." The last was words only harsh whispers.

"Yes, Sir." Ron nodded and there wasn't really fear in his eyes, only determination. Severus looked at Hermione who nodded too, unable to open her mouth in terror. Only then did Severus let go Ron's hand.

"You are so sweet, both of you." Harry grinned at the scene.

Ron looked at Severus intentionally for a moment, his gaze observing the man from top to toe, then back.

"Yes, Mister Weasley?" Of course, Severus didn't miss it.

Shaking his head lightly, Ron mumbled, "You must be freaking good at sex…"

Hermione gasped and grabbed Ron's arm. "What, my five minutes is not over yet." Ron said grinning.

Severus smirked on the comment. "You see Mister Weasley, as far as I know… I am indeed… How did you put it Harry? A sex god?"

Harry nodded, trying to hide his grin. He turned to Ron. "He's awesome. It's freaking madness what he does in bed."

"Or against the wall…" Severus added, stepping next to Harry.

"Yes, or against the wall."

"Mate. Shut up before I vomit." Ron laughed with Hermione still grabbing onto his arm, however not shaking anymore that she knew hes friend wouldn't be killed because of his big mouth.

"Miss Granger, I give you, too, permission to speak freely, if that is, what keeps you from talking. It feels too out of ordinary that in a conversation I do not hear your voice."

Harry caught Ron's grin and Hermione's blushing.

"I told you, he has humour." Harry grinned.

But Hermione didn't seem offended when she spoke up.

"I take the chance, Sir."

"Be my guest." Severus waved his hand and Hermione spoke immediately.

"I probably know more spells, charms, and potions than any other student in this school and maybe I'm not as good at using them as you, I can still make your life miserable, if you harm him." Hermione said, pointing at Harry. At that moment, she looked like the smaller version of McGonagall.

"I understand." Severus nodded and Harry started liking the man even more, seeing how seriously he considered his friends. It looked like even Ron and Hermione were surprised that Severus didn't laugh at them or mock them.

"Great." Hermione said cheerfully then, with a broad smile on his face.

"Don't be so happy, Hermione…" Ron poked her in the ribs.

"Why not? This is like a book I read. It was about a teacher who fell in love with his student. In the book the student was girl but…"

Harry couldn't hear the girl's rambling about the muggle book she'd once read. A word was stuck in his mind. He looked up at Severus and found his gaze locked with a mesmerizing pair of obsidian eyes, intentionally staring at him.



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