I…am a deck of cards, It is a hard life. I stack on top of the six and below the four. Sometimes it's difficult cause I don't know who number six cause he always has his back to me. Maybe if I was stacked below the queen it would be good. But the stupid whore already took the jack! Sometimes I feel like I'm being controlled by the fours. Those little assholes don't understand what it's like being a 5! The black 5 is very mean to me, especially the club. He says he wants to bang me hard. I don't have eyes…but a do have a heart. It's big and red and I have 5 of them. The ace of spades came over to me and said ima kill you and he stabbed me with his spade…and I died!

Me and my stupid friend (who is remaining unnamed) wrote this together at her house. Give us want you want, flamers accepted. Throw what want at me, I can take it. :D