I sat there in the night watching her from above. She lay in her bed peacefully sleeping. She was so beautiful. I had always loved her. I can't believe I let Daniel take what was rightfully mine. As crazy as it sounds I won't kill Daniel when this all clears up. I would never do that to Luce, even as much as I want to kill him, I can't hurt her like that.

I looked down at her. She was so beautiful. Everything about her was her beautiful black hair that complemented her pale skin. I remember what it was like to run my fingers through her hair. I remember thinking, how soft, how silky, and how amazing.

I loved her piercing blue eyes. When she was with long ago they used to be filled with happiness. I loved how I could sit there and stare into her eyes and get lost. Now Daniel can and he's not even with her. I know he has to protect her. But I think has hiding, anything is possible ...maybe he's scared she'll...come back to me.

Oh her smile! Of all the things I loved about her that was definitely one of my favorites. When she smiles one instantly appears on my face, although lately she hasn't been smiling as much as she used too. I know she loves Daniel I'm not denying that but ...its possible to love to people at once ...I bet she thinks about what it would be like to be with me ...she cant remember what happened in her past lives but vie been in her dreams I know she thinks about me .

The beautiful lips that I so wish to claim as mine. Those soft lovely red lips that I would love to kiss ...I wouldn't hurt her I'm better for her then Daniel. But I can't deny that she loves him and I want her to be happy even if it's not with me. Even if it's with one of my enemies.

Her body. Don't even get me started. Her curves are in all the right places, the way she moves hypnotizes me, the way she uses her body language to show what she means. She's perfect in every way and she can't even see it that's what upsets me. She thinks she's ugly but she is most certainly not asking anyone.

Everything. Everything about her is perfect and I love it all, the way she bites her lip when she's nervous, the way she rambles on, and on when she can't explain something. I love her and that's never going to change I loved her since I first laid eyes on her.

But she's with Daniel. She'll never be mine. Ill never be the one to kiss her gorgeous lips, hold her hand, marry her, nothing. Ill just be the villain, when truly imp a saint in disguise. I might not know a lot but in know one thing for sure.

I love Lucinda price.