I don't know what's wrong with me, I just can't stop writing new things. I'm not worried about this story though, I've been writing it for some time now on the side when I couldn't come up with material for my other stories, so half of this story is already typed out and ready to be updated when ready and stuff. This is what happens when you listen to 'Mellow Brick Road' by Pogo (which is pretty awesome and you need to Youtube it if you don't know who that is) while simultaneously watching Big Time Rush. And I know someone else has a Big Time Rush Oz crossover thingy, so might be similarities, might not. Don't really know. Well, I hope you enjoy the story! Should come along fine.

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Kendall has had it. He's had it with Gustavo, he's had it with Griffin and he's had it with James. He was definitely done with James. The blond stood in the recording studio, eyes flickering over to the man in the listening booth and watching them with a scowl that didn't let up throughout the entire song. It was never good enough for Gustavo, no matter what they did, it was never good enough. And instead of standing up to the producer like Kendall always did, his friends backed down and took Gustavo's gritty arguments with a roll of the eyes and a 'we'll do better next time'. He was sick of it and he wasn't going to take it anymore.

So once the music stopped playing and Kendall took off the headphones to hear the critique, an expression of annoyance was already on the boy's face.

"Dogs, that was awful! Can't you get this song right? We've been going at it for 2 hours and nothing changed!"

"Well maybe if you told us what was wrong, we can fix it!" Kendall shouted back and James shot the blond a look.

"Kendall, will you stop it?" the tall boy said with eyebrows furrowed and Kendall frowned back.

"Stop what? I'm sick of him treating us like this."

"It's how he is, Kendall. Just ignore it."

"Ignore it? I think you're just giving him permission to do more of this abuse," Kendall said and James rolled his eyes. That was another thing that Kendall was sick of, James' attitude when he was trying to do something good for the band. He was concerned for their well-being, he was only trying to help out. Logan always got frazzled around Gustavo and Carlos was terrified of the fat man whenever Gustavo was ready to blow. Kendall didn't like seeing his friends getting upset and stressed over something that should be fun and enjoyable, he wanted them to be happy. He wanted James to be able to live out the dream too. But as James was staring at him with an annoyed expression, Kendall wanted to run out and let him fend for himself.

"Kendall! If you have a problem with how I work, then maybe you should go!" Gustavo shouted out and Kendall frowned, knocking over a microphone stand as he was turning to leave. He felt Carlos grab onto his arm, a look of sadness in his eyes.

"Kendall, don't go," the Latino said softly and Kendall shook out of Carlos' grasp.

"Let him go, he's holding us back every time he opens his mouth," James muttered and Kendall bit his lip, trying to hold back the scream he wanted to lash out at the brunette. Instead, he continued to walk out the studio and not make eye contact with anyone that was inside the room. And once he was out of the building and the only sounds that were flowing through his ears were the sounds of honking cars and people loudly talking on their cellphones, he started to run. He wasn't sure where he was running or why he even was running in the first place, but he just wanted to get away from there. He shouldn't have ever left Minnesota, left his dreams behind in his hometown all for James. And how does he repay him? By saying that Kendall was holding them all back. Just the thought of it made Kendall run faster and he scrunched his eyes, trying not to let frustrated tears leak out.

He found himself in the Palm Woods park, teens tossing a Frisbee forward and back while laughing to themselves. Kendall sighed, finding a tree to sit against and leaned the back of his head against the trunk to watch the people play and laugh in the park. And despite all of the happy faces, Kendall felt the whole world around him was a dulling gray. Everything was dull and bleak, the colors losing their luster and brightness in Kendall's eyes and everything turning into a panorama in sepia. That was how Kendall felt at the moment, dull and bleak.

Kendall closed his eyes and took a deep breath, thinking about how he could have stayed back in Minnesota. By now, he would have gotten a hockey scholarship and be on the ice 24/7 instead of the hardwood floor of the Rocque Records dance studio belting his lungs out for people that could care less. But then again, if he didn't came to LA, he wouldn't have figured out a lot of things. He wouldn't have known how good a slushie was in the heat of California when it just sent chills up his spine at Minnesota. He wouldn't know good the sand felt in between his toes whenever he walked along the beach and smelled the ocean air.

He wouldn't have known that he had a small crush on James Diamond.

Sure, Kendall was starting to feel something when he was at home, but just dismissed them as something else like some sickness or gas. The way James sung sent his heart flopping, the way James smiled at him made his head dizzy, the way when James would rush up behind him and give him a hug to congratulate him on another win made Kendall's breath catch in his throat. He guessed he gave up his dreams for James, but now he was slowly regretting it. It wasn't the little butterflies of love that he was feeling and still clouded his mind when he decided to go to LA, it must have been the flu.

A horrible lovebug.

Kendall felt something breathing on him and he smiled a bit, thinking that one of his friends decided to go and look for him. And the little flutter in his chest made him hope that it was James. He opened his eyes and found that it wasn't James. Or Carlos or Logan. It wasn't even human. Lightning the TV Wonder Dog, proceeded to lick the blond's face and Kendall groaned, pushing the dog off of him and frowning. Great, he was covered in dog slobber and his friends didn't even bother to check on him. But then he sighed, why should they check on him? He was acting immature. . .maybe he was holding them back.

Kendall got up from his feet and stuck his hands into his pockets, sighing and beginning to walk back to Rocque Records. He didn't know whether he should even go back or not, would they even want him back there? Maybe Carlos and Logan, but James and Gustavo were probably happy that he left. He heard the jingle of a tag and saw Lightning was walking along beside him, sunglasses looking up at him.

"Go away, shoo," Kendall said, moving his hand and waving it. Lightning only barked and continued to walk alongside him and Kendall rolled his eyes. Looks like Lightning was going to escort him to the studios whether he wanted to or not. As they approached another stoplight, Kendall was really having second thoughts about going. Maybe he should just wait back at 2J, at least that would give him enough time to come up with an apology or something. He heard Lightning bark and saw the dog run off and into a store and he rolled his eyes. "Lightning!"

The blond rushed off after the dog, following him into the store filled with various objects and mystical possessions. The store was dark and the scent of sweet smoke filled Kendall's lungs. He glanced around in the dimly lit room, trying to find the dog and hoping he doesn't break anything that Kendall had to pay for. He heard a squawk and turned, seeing a parrot perched on a pole and continuing to squawk at Kendall. The curtains that Kendall was standing in front of moved and out stepped a woman dressed in flowing dark fabrics and a bandana tied around her head.

"May I help you?" she asked and Kendall smiled nervously.

"Um, yeah. I'm looking for a dog that ran in here, he isn't mine or anything but-"

"Yes, he's inside here. Won't you join us?"

The woman didn't wait for an answer, she already turned and went inside the room behind the dark curtain. Kendall raised an eyebrow before walking inside and following the woman inside the room. Lightning was sitting on one of the velvet chairs, a crystal ball in the middle of the room on a table draped with a star covered blanket. The woman sat in one of the chairs and pointed to the empty seat and Kendall gulped.

"Um, I really can't stay-"


Kendall sat. The woman smiled and leaned in towards the boy. "Why are you out so late?"

". . .I just wanted to clear my mind I guess. Got a little upset."

"You're angry at your friends?"

". . .Yeah, I guess. Especially one of them."

"Oh, but you shouldn't. He's very hurt."

Kendall's eyes widened. Hurt? James hurt? How does she know? How could he be hurt? He can't be hurt. He couldn't be hurt.

But that didn't stop Kendall from running out of the room and out the store and into a blowing wind. He heard Lightning barking after him, the dog running up beside him and barking loud.

"Not now, Lightning!" Kendall shouted, raising his arm to protect himself from the blowing hard wind. The once clustered and congested streets were now empty and without life. The colors of the city was faded and dull, almost looking like Kendall was running through a photograph of the city from 1930. The wind was beginning to blow harder and harder, the sky over head growing cloudy and Kendall gritted his teeth. He wasn't getting anywhere in this wind. He wouldn't get to Rocque Records like this. He just had to wait this storm out.

There was a small little house that was abandoned and in the process of being boarded up and pushed open the door, happy that it was still unlocked. He stepped inside, Lightning rushing up behind him and closed the door. Lightning barked and Kendall rolled his eyes.

"Why are you following me around? I'm not Carlos, you know," Kendall said with a frown. Then he held his head, why was he even bothering to talk to a dog? He really needed to get his mind straightened out before he went crazy. The wind continued to blow wild and loud, Kendall wasn't even sure when the storm would stop. He just hoped it was soon, he didn't want to be wandering the streets alone in the dark. He felt Lightning snuggle up underneath his arm and sighed, running a hand through the curly spotted fur and listened to the sound of the ghostly wind.

But then a different sound entered his ears, the sound of cracking wood.

Kendall's eyes widened as he felt the little house shake and crack, holding onto Lightning for dear life as a window crashed and shattered glass splayed out onto the floor. Kendall buried his face in the dog's fur, trying to hope that this was just a dream that he wanted to wake up from. He hoped that this was just another daydream he had when he was at the studio, but another crash of a broken window made him realize this was some horrible nightmare that he wished would stop.

And as soon as he thought that, it did.

Kendall still held tight to Lightning, knocking the dog's sunglasses off as he moved to get a better hold. The dog barked and wriggled underneath his grasp, moving away and licking Kendall's face before going to slip the sunglasses back on his muzzle. Kendall peaked through the broken windows, not really seeing anything since trees were obscuring his view and frowned. Trees? When were there beautiful, large trees on the streets of LA? Kendall saw Lightning pawing at the door and yelping and Kendall rolled his eyes. Probably had to use the bathroom or something. Kendall walked over to the door and opened it, bottle green eyes widening when he saw just where he was.

The bleak and colorless city that Kendall was running through was replaced with small and vibrant houses that could only come out from a child's imagination. A little miniature fountain was in the middle of the square and spiraling around it was a yellow brick path that led off to some other place that Kendall wasn't sure where to. Lightning ran out and Kendall slowly followed out, hearing birds chirping and smelling the flowers blooming on the branches of the trees. It looked like. . .it looked like. . .

It looked like Munchkinland.

Kendall shook his head. No it can't be Munchkinland, Munchkinland was some made up little town from a childhood story. They must be doing a remake of 'The Wizard of Oz' or something and Kendall must have accidentally wandered on the set. Yeah, that had to be it. He wasn't going crazy, no siree. Just had to remain calm, find the dog and get out of here before someone catches him.

Then he heard a groan come out and he turned, eyes widening when he found that the old and wrecked house he came out of was crushing someone underneath and this someone was wearing crimson red sneakers. Kendall gulped, turning his head and biting his lip. This was a very convincing set, he was for sure that he killed someone. . .oh god, he hoped that person wasn't dead.

He hoped that this was a dream. Cause he really wanted to wake up.

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