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The Flying Monkeys were not a very unified group. First off, there was the separation of gender with four men and three girls. Then they're was the separation of age with the men being men and the girls being. . .well, girls. And finally, there was the separation of superiority. Naturally, the leader of the Flying Monkeys was the one that saw the Wicked Wizard of the West the most and stressed on how to get everything under control and not make the Wizard's blood pressure run wild, just that she couldn't get her own gang to cooperate for five seconds. The four Monkeys that would always say how they didn't need to do anything for the Wicked Wizard, they just needed to band together and do a comeback retaliation. While the girls on the other hand wanted nothing to do with this, just wanting to get further ahead.

So in other words, the Wicked Wizard of the West's group was in total shambles. Who cares about some blond punk in crimson sneakers anyways?

"We need to just scoop in and take them!" one of the Monkeys told their leader, the other three nodding along with him.

"Your plan is stupid, we need to be able to take them discreetly. They'll know we're coming from a mile away!" one of the other Monkeys shouted, the two of the Monkeys standing behind her nodding with agreement.

"You wouldn't know how any of this works. You're new and the only members of this gang that are needed is right here," the larger one of the Monkeys replied, pointing to his three comrades and the three girls frowned.

"You four might have been the 'it' thing when you were all younger but let's face it. Your just another distant memory," one of the three girls replied and the leader groaned in annoyance.

"This isn't getting us anywhere. Look, we'll just go with their idea right now-"

"Like always," mumbled another of the Monkeys.

"-And if it doesn't work, then we'll go with your idea," the leader explained.

"Oh it will work, just wait," the trio said, "Get Poppyfield."

"How much longer to Emerald City?" the Lion groaned out and Logan shrugged.

"Beats me, maybe a couple of minutes. Hours," he said with a sigh and the four of them groaned. Dorothy got to the Oz a lot faster than they were and at the moment, Kendall was ready to call it quits and try to see if he could remember if they took a short cut of some sorts. The Lion glanced over at Logan, shy brown eyes looking up and down.

"Do you want me to give you a ride?"

"A ride?" Logan asked and the Lion nodded eagerly, stopping to let Logan wrap arms around his shoulders and hoist him up onto his back. The Lion's fur was soft and sweet smelling, Logan was smiling brightly as he let a couple of straw filled fingers stroke the mane a couple of times and the Lion was smiling brightly as well. Kendall started to grin, the duo had that effect on them. Whenever the two of them smiled back home, everyone was smiling in a matter of seconds for no apparent reason. Kendall watched as the Lion carried Logan off down the dark path that was beginning to grow it's golden yellow brick color and he heard a small cough from behind him. He turned, seeing the Tin James looking down at the ground and averting his eyes.

". . .Would you like me to carry you? You know, because I'm strong and stuff. Not because I like you or anything. I mean, I do like you but. . .uh. . ."

"N-No, it's alright. I'm fine," Kendall said with a small blush creeping across his cheeks and he had to blink to notice the way that a little stream of steam was coming out of Tin James' ears. Kendall coughed and then held his hand out. "Come on, let's go and catch up to them."

"Sure," Tin James mumbled, the silvery hand slipping into Kendall's soft one and the two continued on their walk. Kendall's eyes were scanning the forest, looking for the field of poppies that they would inevitably pass through. He continued to tug on the Tin James' arm, trying to see if he could see the Lion and Logan up ahead but the two of them not coming into his sight. But there was something that he could hear, soft guitars and bongos. He raised an eyebrow, now that was something different. But then again, this Oz was different than the Oz he seen and read about. Maybe there wasn't even a field of poppies, maybe the Wicked Wizard of the West didn't even think about it.

So Kendall tugged Tin James into the direction of the music.

"Is this the path to Oz?" Tin James questioned, music sounding in his metal ears and Kendall shrugged, moving faster and beginning to smell a sweet smoke.

"I don't know, but it's not going to hurt us to see what's up," Kendall breathed, eyes beginning to flutter as he saw a light up ahead. The two approached the orange glow, now seeing that there was some sort of a camp up ahead. A camp with a large fire burning in the middle of it and the sounds of music and laughter flowing into Kendall's ears and making his heart thump with excitement. His feet slowed and his breath was beginning to grow shallow as one of the people that were sitting around the fire looked up and smiled at them, Kendall not able to see his eyes behind the dark pink tea-shade glasses.

The man got up, still playing the guitar and walked slowly over, people around the fire beginning to sway to the music emitting from the instrument and Kendall felt himself be hypnotized by the way the long finger danced across the strings and up and down the fretboard.

"Welcome dudes," the man breathed and Kendall gave a weak smile. Tin James was not impressed by the man, eying the clothes and long brown hair with suspicion that turned to slight anger when the man slung an arm around Kendall. "You all must be tired after your long break, why don't you chillax right here, have something to eat."

A curly haired girl approached the blond, handing a cookie in the shape of a gorgeous flower and decorated with sweet icing and Kendall took it. He nibbled a bit on the edge, hummed in appreciation of the flavor and then placed the entire thing in his mouth. The girl then handed Tin James a cookie, to which the boy declined.

"I don't eat. Besides, cookies? Not good for your body," Tin James replied and the girl frowned, turning away to go and tend to Kendall. Everyone began to swarm Kendall, the blond having cookies held out to him and the calming lullaby of the guitar beginning to start up once again. Tin James would bite his lip if it would actually do something, he would also feel his heart ready to pop out of his chest if he had a heart. He approached the crowd, hand sticking in to gently grab at Kendall's and once he did, four sets of eyes were looking at him darkly. "Um, we need to find our friends and be going now so-"

"Whoa dude, chill. It's up to Green Eyes to decide whether if he should stay or if he should go," the guitar man replied, resting a hand on Kendall's shoulder that Tin James wanted to hit away, "Go ahead Green Eyes, do you want to go or do you just want to relax?"

". . .I like relaxing," Kendall mumbled and Tin James' eyes widened.

"Kendall, we need to go to Oz, remember? Getting Logan a brain, the Lion courage, me a heart? You want me to get a heart right?"

"Doesn't matter if you do get one, you won't love me with it," Kendall mumbled, the smell of the smoke from the bonfire and the guitar's music beginning to lull his mind into slumber and Tin James gave his body a little shake.

"Kendall? Kendall, wake up. Kendall! Ken-"

"Sorry Tin Dude, Green Eyes has spoken," the guitar man replied and the music stopped. The people that surrounded Kendall got up, grabbing at his arms and legs to carry him off to a tent while two of them began to push Tin James back. The Tin Boy began to struggle and squirm, screaming for them to put Kendall down and for Kendall to wake up already but the slumbering blond did nothing, he didn't do anything. Tin James struggled as best as he could, seeing one of them take a whistle out of Kendall's pocket and threw it at James as they pushed him further and further away from the camp and away from where Kendall was.

The two people that pushed Tin James to the outskirts of the camp smirked and then disappeared into a thin sweet smoke. James gritted his teeth, ready to run but then heard a sound in the bushes and he jumped. Logan's heads emerged and he looked just as afraid and worried as James was.

"What are you doing here? Me and Kendall were looking for you and the Lion. . .where's Lion?"

"He's in there with Poppyfield!" Logan hissed and Tin James' eyes widened, turning and ready to run and save Kendall when he heard another little squeak. "We can't go back in there. That smoke will burn you if you even try to go back. Once you're kicked out, you can't ever return," Logan said sadly.

"Well how are we supposed to save Kendall?"

"And the Lion."

"Yeah, yeah. We need to save them both! And the only thing we have is this stupid whistle," Tin James said in a huff, holding the silver whistle thrown at him and tossing it over to Logan. The Scarecrow fumbled in the catch and held the whistle out in front of his face, curiosity getting the best of him as he raised it to his dry lips and let a small stream of air go through it to emit a shrill noise.

And five Munchkins appeared in a flash.

"You rang?" one of them asked and Logan jumped the same moment Tin James jumped.

"Who are you? Where'd you come from?"

"Our leader told us to keep an eye on the one with the crimson sneakers. Didn't trust him to stay out of trouble. . .from the sounds of it, Poppyfield's in the forest, huh?"

"Yeah and he has Kendall!" Tin James exclaimed.

"And the Lion," Logan added once more and Tin James scowled while one of the Munchkins sighed.

"Don't worry, we got this," he said, turning to his comrades. "Alright, you know the procedure when dealing with Poppyfield. No music, no treats, no smoke!"

The four Munchkins nodded in agreement, donning earplugs and face masks as the leader of the small group turned to face Tin James and Logan, "Wait right here and we'll get them both out safe and sound."

Tin James nodded and the five Munchkins did a rally cry of sorts before charging in towards the camp. The two that stayed behind began to pace nervously, what if the Munchkins just ended up getting caught and there being no way to rescue Kendall. . .and Lion. Not that Tin James cared any less for the Lion and cared more about Kendall, heck, Tin James couldn't care at all. He didn't have a heart. . .but he still cared about Kendall a whole lot. And for sure if he got a heart, he would care the world about Kendall.

He will for sure love Kendall when he got his heart and was capable of love.

The bushes began to move and Logan shook in his own bush, Tin James' hands balling into metal fists to swing a punch should it be anyone other than the Munchkins. But he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the familiar black mane of the Lion and the scruffy blond hair of Kendall reemergence from the shrubbery. Kendall's face was red and his eyes were fluttering wild, the teen trying to regain consciousness from the lack of treats, music and smoke. The Lion's eyes were blinking quickly, little paws trying to rub at his eyes but Logan rushed over to stroke the mane. Tin James rushed over to Kendall, helping the boy gain a steady balance and Kendall fell into the sturdy and hard cylinder chest.

"I should have seen that coming," Kendall mumbled into Tin James' chest and the silver boy hesitated before letting the tin fingers go and gently run through Kendall's hair.

"I'll carry you the rest of the way," he whispered, arm hooking around Kendall's legs to carry the teen bridal style and Kendall didn't object, still feeling a bit tired.

"We'll escort you to the gates of Emerald City so that way there won't be anymore distractions," one of the Munchkins replied and the three that were still awake gave a small nod and began to follow the pack of Munchkins down the road that started to grow brighter and brighter. The darkness of the forest disappeared behind them, now only the beautiful green trees surrounding them and the bright blue sky above instead of the dark and cloudy skies in the forest. And up ahead, was a large city that sparkled the most beauteous shade of green in the sun. Tin James had to note that the city was the color of Kendall's eyes that were currently fluttering open from the sun, emerald.

Emerald City was only a couple steps away.