Ginny weaved through the air, her forest green Quidditch robes trailing behind her. Another Bludger sailed past her head, one of the narrower misses. Merrie Robins had already had her hand broken and shoulder blade cracked, and Effie's broom handle had been knocked clean in two. The game was dragging on, waging for nearly six hours now. She supposed it was lucky they started at nine in the morning. Their team was quickly tiring. The Falmouth Falcons were certainly relentless.

She dodged as yet another well aimed Bludger came her way. Apparently one of the Beaters had decided to focus exclusively on her, the other two Chasers being all but incapacitated. Ginny was glad she'd had the twins for such stellar practice avoiding the things. But she knew she could not keep it up much longer.

The score was 420 Holyhead to 570 Falmouth. Even if their Seeker were to catch the Snitch, they would only tie. It was resting on Ginny to get a solid lead. No pressure, right?

She heard the announcer say Effie had caught the Quaffle on a fumble, and darted to her teammate. As her broom had been totaled, Effie'd been given a regulation broom instead. It was much slower though, and as such it was obvious she hadn't a chance to score. Ginny raised her hand as she zoomed towards her friend. Another Chaser was bearing down on her, one she recognized from the Slytherin team at Hogwarts. Pucey or something. She pushed her broom to the limit.

Effie tossed the ball towards her, Ginny diving to catch it in the nick of time. Tucking it firmly under her arm, she shot off for the goals. She heard a roar from the surrounding stadium, but blocked it out. Now the Bludgers were really flying. She rolled as a particularly nasty one came right for her face. For several agonizing seconds she flew upside down, clinging to her broom for dear life. The crowd was going wild. She rolled back upright as she approached the menacing looking Keeper. But she was no longer fooled. Though he certainly had girth with which to block the hoops, she'd already gotten 27 goals past him. She was flying at him dead center towards the middle goal post. She reared back her arm. The great lug smirked, expecting her to aim directly at him. The git. Ginny threw the Quaffle with all her might to the right hoop. It sailed easily through with a satisfying swish.

She tore through the air as one of the Beaters started pursing her. Gamp, she thought his name was. He was right on her tail, not even bothering to seek out the Bludgers. It was obvious he was going to hit her with his club instead. She could outrun him, she knew, but what purpose would that serve? Her eyes found the other Beater aiming at the Harpies' Seeker. Her teammate was not faring any better than her. It was hard to find the Snitch while constantly dodging. An idea forming, Ginny swerved towards them. Gamp had evidently not been paying attention to where his counterpart was, and so was not alarmed by her change in course. She forced herself to slow gradually, letting the lug gain on her. The audience was in uproar, but she knew what she was doing. From her peripheral vision, she saw him raise his club. There was only feet between her and the other Beater, who hadn't noticed her approach. At the very last possible moment, Ginny twisted and sped away, leaving the Beaters on a collision course. As she had planned, her pursuer had hit his partner hard on the back of the head with his bat. He fell from his broom while the idiot who'd hit him merely stared at the bat in puzzlement.

The crowd cheered, the noise incredibly loud and chaotic but overwhelmingly ecstatic. Gwenog beamed at her, sending a Bludger straight into Gamp's back. Their Seeker suddenly streaked across the pitch, clearly seeing the elusive Snitch. Ginny took possession of the Quaffle, not aiming to score but to hold it so the Falcons couldn't retake the tie in the next precious moments. Sure enough, the Harpies' Seeker had the wriggling golden ball clutched in her fist. Cheers and groans erupted from all sides but they didn't matter. The Harpies flew towards each other in a midair group hug. It was a blur of color and sound and sweat until they parted. While the others descended, Ginny headed for the stands. She rushed to the one seat she'd been subconsciously aware of the entire match.

Harry stood to meet her, leaning over the side of the box. She dismounted and grabbed him in a hug.

"We did it! We did it!" She cried joyously. He pulled back to look her in the eye.

"You were fantastic!" He complimented earnestly. "You scored so often, and when the others were out you practically won the whole game! That thing with the Beaters, amazing!" She grinned and couldn't stop herself before she'd snogged him enthusiastically. Funny, she had the strongest sense of deja vu.

When they finally broke apart, Ginny caught sight of them on the projected screen. Their kiss had been made public. They had been made public.

"Oh Harry, I'm so sorry!" She exclaimed worriedly. "I didn't think! I know you like your privacy, and everyone will be talking about this now!"

"Ginny." He interrupted hoarsely, still looking a little dazed from their kiss. He leaned in. "Feel free to make me the most talked about bloke on the planet."

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