I'm throwing around a few ideas for the X-Men/DP story idea. Feel free to vote too, OK?

This is slight AU, as the Press Scene went exactly as it was supposed to. In other words, he never said the coolest line in the movie. "I AM IRON MAN!"

That's all that's different, OK? Post IM1. Some Pepperony, not much though. T for Blood, some curse words, and fighting.

A lot of you like angst stuff, so I'll do my best!

Anthony Stark, or better known as Tony, was having a good day. Keeping Iron Man a secret from the public was going better than planned. He finally got around to upgrade Dummy with heat sensors, and he made a few adjustments to the suit. He had just finished cleaning his 1932 Ford Flathead Roadster, for the 4th time this week. Things were becoming, well, dull. With Obadiah not supplying the Ten Rings anymore, things were rather quiet. No one to try and murder him, no one trying to start a war, and Tony was wishing something would happen. Sure, most people would be glad that the world was peaceful, but Tony isn't just anyone.

"Jarvis, do a scan on the suit's right arm flight stabilizer again. I noticed something off last time." He said, as he spun around in his chair. He was currently in his "Toy Shop." It held the various versions of his suit, and his favorite cars. It was also his favorite hangout.

"Sir, you have attempted to fix that stabilizer 4 times now." The electronic brain of the house replied. Tony knew Jarvis was right. He hated it when Jarvis was right.

He continued to spin around, deep in thought.


"Yes Jarvis?"

"May I suggest something?"

"Yes…" Tony answered, unsure. Jarvis always had something to suggest about his health. He could do whatever he wanted. He didn't need his butler to tell him to…

"Take a drive."

Tony sighed.

Then, something different happened. His doorbell rang.

"Jarvis? Who's at the door?"

This was strange. Only a select few knew where the famous Tony Stark lived. Most he hadn't seen in ages. One was Pepper, who just walks in. As does Rhodey. Obadiah was dead, and that left very few. None of who were expected.

He stopped in his chair as the air in front of him filled with a blue tinted hologram. A young boy stood panting at his door. His thick black hair was raggedy, and his clothes hung a few sizes too big on his small body. He looked as if he was ready to fall over.

"Searching records now…" Tony waited a few seconds, doubts in his mind. Where did he see that face before?

A picture of the boy appeared next to the live image.

"Danny Fenton. 14. Son of Maddie and Jack Fenton. Currently Reported missing over 1 month ago."

There. He was most defiantly a Fenton. What was Danny doing here? Tony leaped from his chair, knocking it down. Jarvis opened the door, and Tony dashed upstairs. Tony opened the door, and the Danny looked up. He smiled, and collapsed into Tony's arms.

"Jarvis, health scan now!" Tony commanded.

Jarvis set to work, as Tony dragged Danny onto the nearest couch. A white couch. Oh well.

"Sir it appears he has internal bleeding, a large incision on his chest, and a few bruised ribs."

Tony took a deep breath, and ripped open Danny's shirt. His chest was completely wrapped in gauze, and it was stained deep red with blood.

"Oh god. What have you gotten yourself into?" The injured boy groaned in reply.

"Sir, I would suggest you take him to the ER. His injuries are much greater than what you usually deal with."

He paused. What should he do? Could Danny die if he isn't taken to a hospital?

Or what about…

"Call Pepper."

The familiar ringing tone followed him into the bathroom, as he fetched the First Aid kit put together by Pepper.


"Pepper! Thank god you picked up. What's the name of that doctor who treated me after that mission?"

"Dr James?"

"Can you call him and tell him I need him here ASAP?"

"Oh my god, Tony! Are you OK? Did you get hurt?"

"Pepper, there's no time. Call him! End Call."

"Tony!" He rushed back to the couch.

"Sir, I still believe the best course of action…"

"I'm just going to see how bad it is." Checking the boys' pulse, he sighed in relief still feeling it.

He slowly began to unwrap the bandages. Surely it wouldn't be as bad as Jarvis made it out to be?

He turned away, and the last part fell off. His breath caught in his throat as he realized how bad it really was. A large incision, in the shape of a Y, not unlike how he used to dissect frogs in high school, was on the poor boy's chest. Tony turned, and briefly barfed onto the rug. Jarvis wasn't kidding when he said it was bad. Defiantly the hospital.

"Tony! Don't you dare hang up on me like that again!" Pepper Potts, Tony's trusted assistant, entered the room.

"Sir, it appears Ms Potts has arrived…"

She took one look at Tony sitting on the ground next to a strange boy, and screamed.

"Pepper! Stop! You have to help me!" He grabbed her hands, and attempted to calm her.

"Tony! Who is this? And what happened to him?"

"I don't know! Well, I do know, but he needs our help!"

"He needs a hospital!"

"I know! I need your help."

She took one look at Tony, and nodded.

"Good. Go bring the R8 around." Pepper nodded, and dashed downstairs.

Tony then set to work. Being extra gentle, he proceeded to carefully wrap up the boy's scarred chest. Hearing the honk from the front, he lifted the boy and headed for the door.

"Good luck Sir." Tony didn't answer, as he pondered how light the boy was.

He placed the boy in the back seat, and was glad to see the blood slowing. Still feeling a pulse, he climbed into the driver's seat.

"Call the hospital, so they can prepare." Pepper nodded, still shaken up from the sight of the boys' chest being cut open. Breaking most speed limits, Tony drove towards the closest hospital.