Here is a little update, since I cannot update my profile due to some bug. I've been really busy this summer, with gold, and swim team, and a full curriculum as well. (Homeschooled)

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Bleeding Hearts Can Be Healed: *Tentative Title*

Avengers story in Bleeding Hearts universe. Sequel to Bleeding Hearts. T for...everything.

Tentative Summary:

It's been two years since his nephew Danny Fenton vanished without a word. Tony is losing hope, and even his friends are unsure if he's even still alive. But the world continues to spin, and new villains continue to fight. Tony reveals his identity, almost dies, saves the day, and waits for a sign. A certain God steals a certain cube, and throws the Avengers together. But with the addition of one ghost, who's been busy himself, working for a certain Time Ghost. Can Tony and Danny overcome the hard feelings between them, and bring the team together in time to save the day? No Slash. Oneshot.

Status: In Progress.

Phantom Reaper:

Status: Writer's Block has brought this baby to a halt, but my plan is simple. I am working to finish all my animes by fall (Or catch up. I've already completed all my mangas), and I'm saving Bleach for last. Hopefully watching 200 or so episodes will bring my muse back! This story will continue, and it will be an update before the end of summer.

I discovered a little gem called Nurarihyon no Mago, and it's taken over my life. I currently have one story in the works regarding this, another crossover. (My name isn't for nothing, you know!) I highly suggest this anime for anyone interesting in sword fights, yokai, alternative identities, badass main characters, and everyone else. It is subbed only right now, but Viz is working to dub it. Please watch it on Hulu, as fans are trying to bring awareness about the anime, and show support for a 3rd season. The manga is also very well done, and for those who prefer manga over animewill find a good read. Many agree it's the best Shōnen of 2011. The anime is currently finished with 50 episodes, but there are rumors about a 3rd season. Jun Fukuyama does an excellent job of voicing the main character, and I'm going to cosplay as Day!Rikuo for Megacon 2013 this March. If you are looking for something action-y, but tired of the repetitive-ness of Bleach, try this out. I suggest everyone watch the first 4 episodes before you give it up, as it takes that long for you to realize how awesome it is.

The Book of Yokai: *Tentative Title*

Natsume Yuujinchou/Nuraruhon no Mago

Summary: Touko has noticed Nastume's recent depression, and has decided he needs a week vacation away from it all. And what a better place then her friend Wakana Nura's house with her son and normalcy for once? Things get crazy though, as Natsume realizes that the Nura clan is anything but a ordinary household. With Madara acting strange, yokai at every corner, tight-lipped members of the family, and the slippery leader of the Yokai with secrets of his own in the sakura tree, can Nastume discover the real truth of the Nura clan?

Not the typical cliché (oh we're related) story. Not sure if this will take place between the 1st and 2nd season, or after the 2nd. I'm also not sure if I'll even write this, but it's an idea.

Tsuritama is another of my suggested animes. Take 3 boys, an alien who wants everyone to be friends, a duck named Tapioca, summer vacation, and give them the task of saving the day.

It's a laid back, lighthearted fishing themed anime with enough aliens to keep me coming back. It's finished with 12 episodes, and worth a look, even with my crappy summary.