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It hurt so much, like she'd just ripped your heart right out of your chest but I couldn't show her that, I couldn't even tell Beck how I really felt. I had to keep this reputation it was the only way people didn't find out about...well... That's a completely different story.

I tried my hardest, I tried so hard but the pain was overwhelming so I did what I had to and ran before I burst into tears with everyone right there.

Of course I ran into the janitor's closet, no one would walk in unless they knew I was here but they didn't so it was okay. The tears were still streaming down my face and I could just imagine the black streaks that they left.

I was sat in the corner for about thirty seconds before I heard the door slide along the floor as it opened, I attempted to wipe my face.

'Jade...' Crap! It was her, the person who had done this to me, made me loss my act, feel pure emotion, hurt me like hell and who could destroy me right now and I couldn't do anything about it.

'I...umm...what?' It wasn't much over a whisper but I could hear it as she moved closer and locked the door.

'Nothing, Vega. Now leave.' It didn't come out as I hoped and was more of a whine than the shout I intended.

'Why won't you let anyone in, Jade? I won't hurt you Jade, ever.'

'...b...but you already did, what the hell else do you think I would cry over?' My voice was still weak and I hated that.

'...wh-I- what did I do? I'm sorry.' She looked really concerned now.

'You...I...' Oh what the hell? Might as well tell her now I guess.' You made me fall in love with you.' Shock instantly tuck over her face.


' I love you, Tori.'

'Jade, I ...I'm sorry.' She pulled me in to a hug and this time I don't complain and lean my head into her shoulder, crying again.

'Hey, it's okay; it'll be okay, Jade.'


Ten minutes later she is still holding me, whispering comforting words into my ear and my tears have pretty much run out.

I move my head slightly back, seeing that her eyes instantly connect with mine. I'm shocked by the kindness radiating off her again and my knees start to feel weak even though we're both sat on the floor.

'We really need to go back to lunch, everyone will be wondering what happened.' 'And I really need to speak to Dylan.'

I snap out of it. 'Oh, yeah...right.' I pull away and she responses quickly.

'No, Jade , the kiss didn't mean shocked me and I didn't feel anything' I can see the water growing in her eyes and I wonder why it was that she started crying ' and I'll tell you a secret but its kind of embarrassing so don't tell.' Wow, so I'm gonna find out.

'It was my first kiss, he tuck it, I didn't want him to have it.'

'...but you've been going out for two weeks...' I didn't feel as bad now and my voice regained strength knowing Tori was trying to stop me from feeling vulnerable. I hated feeling vulnerable.

'I know and he's a nice guy, I just don't like him that way...'

'But? What, have you never had a boyfriend before?'

'Well, yeah but they only lasted a couple days or maybe a week or so, I was always awkward and it never felt right, you know?'

'Yeah.' She was still stood up so you grabbed her hand from her side. 'Just stay with me for awhile?'

She looked torn. 'We have class.'

' we've missed 10 minutes anyway and it's only Skitawitz I'd be surprised if he was actually teaching.' She still looked unsure but held onto my hand and her eyes were fixed on mine.' Please? For me?'

'When you put it like that,' she sighed and sat back down beside me, still holding my hand. I smirked a little and she smiled when she turned her face to mine.

She was beautiful I couldn't help but grin back.


We sat there in silence for awhile, it wasn't awkward. Just sitting with each other's presence was nice and the closeness was nice even if I didn't know where Tori stood with the whole thing.


'Yeah' she grinned, probably at the name, the 'i' at the end of her name annoyed me when saying it, it always ended up high pitched.

'Can I tell you something I've never told anyone? You can't tell anyone and don't feel bad or anything; I just want you to know and I need to tell someone.'

'Of course, sweetie.' Her serious face was back on and she was adorable.

' mum... She was abusive; she would get really drunk and slap me because she said that she never wanted a kid and that I ruined her dreams.' A small tear ran down my face. ' I was only thirteen when she died and yes I hated her but I was a kid I believed everything she said so I felt bad and I wished I wasn't born, then maybe she wouldn't have killed herself.'

'I'm sorry, sweetie. It wasn't your fault; you know that now, right? And I couldn't even think if you weren't here, Jade don't ever think that again.'

'Yeah... I know and thanks?'

' Don't ever leave.' She whispered.

'Who said anything about leaving, I was thinking that we could stay in here forever , well we might run out of food I only have one sandwich in my bag.' I laughed and she did too.

'I meant don't leave me, you goof' she moved closer into me, rested her head on my shoulder. I let my head rest on the top of hers.

' Only if you promise too.'

'I wouldn't dream of leaving you.'


We sat there until last class when she finally convinced me that 'we had to learn' or something like that. We talked about things but really just sat there and I'm pretty sure she fell asleep before the bell woke her up, she was so adorable.


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