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My Interview With Amy

Me: Hello everyone! I am here, yet again with a friend of Serena's. You may all remember Serena from a few weeks ago when she conked me on the head with her chair. Anyway, I'm here with her best friend Amy. Amy, how are you?

Amy: Fine.

Me: Great! So let's get started! How old are you?

Amy: 14 and 1/3 years old.

Me: Um, okay. What's your favorite animal?

Amy: Any kind of cat.

Me: That's cool, so whose your best friend.

Amy: All of my friends.

Me: Please just choose one.

Amy: Serena I guess.

Me: Cool! Now from what I hear you're the smartest person in your school. Is that true?

Amy: Yes.

Me: Have any boyfriends?

Amy: Uh, er, um, eh',

*Suddenly Lita and Serena burst through the doors.*

Lita and Serena: Yes she does!

Amy: !

Me: Oh really?

Lita: Yup! His name is Greg!

Amy: (Blushing REALLY bad) oh no...

Serena: Yeah, she went on a date with him and everything!

Amy: You guys...

Me: Oh, so the school genius does have boy toy!

Amy: He and I are just friends, that's it, just FRIENDS!!!

Lita: Ever heard of that river in Egypt, De Nile?

Amy: Don't you even start that on me again!

Serena: Did you ever kiss him?

Me: Um, this is an interview with just Amy!

Lita: So?


*3 security officers come and haul Serena and Lita away.*

Me: Okay then, um... what's 2 plus 2?

Amy: 4

Me: 3 times 3?

Amy: 9

Me: 3,526 divided by 8?

Amy: 440.75

Me: 18 times negative 54?

Amy: Negative 972.

Me: Jeez, all this without a calculator? You ARE smart!

Amy: (Blushes) thanks.

Me: What's the capital of Peru?

Amy: Lima (pronounced lea-ma, not lima as in lima bean).

Me: What's the theory of Relativity?

Amy: As Einstein put it, "If you sit on a bench next to a pretty girl or a handsome boy for an hour, it passes like a minute. If you sit on a heated stove for one minute, it passes like an hour. That's the theory of Relativity."

Me: You are freaking me out!

Amy: I'm sorry.

Me: So, how's your mom and dad?

Amy: I only have a mom.

Me: Oh, why?

Amy: Divorce.

Me: Ouch, okay then! How old are you?

Amy: 14 and 1/3.

Me: Oh yeah! I forgot, so what's your favorite holiday?

Amy: Uh, Christmas (I don't know if she's Shinto or not, so let's just stick with Christian).

Me: Me too! Do you believe in Santa Clause?

Amy: No.

Me: Tooth Fairy?

Amy: No.

Me: Easter Bunny?

Amy: No.

Me: WHY?!?! They're all REAL, how could you not believe in them?

Amy: I'm sorry, I didn't know that you did.

Me: What, just because I'm the same age as you means that I can't believe in Santy Clause or the Toothy Fairy or the Easter Bunny?

Amy: I didn't mean it that way!

Me: Whatever. So, who's your favorite Sailor Scout?

Amy: Huh?

Me: Ya know, those Sailor people who run around in heels and REALLY tight suits. Hey, when you have a bunch of boys who are your friends, you get on the skinny on who they are and what they wear.

Amy: Uh, Sailor Mercury.

Me: Oh.

*Just then Serena bursts through the door again.*


Me: Oh no, not again!

*WHAM!!! Serena hits Me over the head again with a chair.*

Me: ...Amy: Um, I think I had better be going now.

Me: (Dazed) sure, no prob, thanks for the interview.

Amy: Welcome!

The End

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