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"Daddy! Have you seen my purple bow?" Yelled our oldest daughter from the bathroom.

"Evangeline, sweetie dads not back yet!" I exclaimed struggling with m youngest.

"Mom, where is my ball?" Our son yelled from the living room.

"The yard, Ray. You have to actually look for things that you want to find, dear!" I responded back.

"Mama? Where is daddy, I wanna play." Our youngest asked me while I tried to fix her hair.

This house is a jungle. Where is my husband?

"Sweetcakes, daddy is getting the cake right now, you don't want to miss Nana Eudora's birthday party do you?" I said to my youngest trying to strap her white and pink sandals.

"No, but I just wanna play with him, mama" she said looking pitiful.

"I know Hun, I promise that you two will have so much time to play at Nana's party, and-"

"I'm back! Tiana what do you need help with?" Asked my husband rushing thru the front door.

"Well, your daughter was looking for her bo-" I was beginning to say.

"Never mind, mama I found it, Mia had it. I found it on one of her bears. I asked you not to play with my things Mia". Lina had said to her sister.

"I know but its pretty." She said smiling at the bow in Linas hair.

"I don't care, don't touch anything else that's mine." She said walking out of the room.

Me and Naveen both at each other and Mia at the same time. She always loves to be like Evangeline but sometimes Lina just wants her space.

"Its okay Miomy (AN: pronounced Me oh my) we will get you one just like Lina's and it will be alright" Naveen said picking her up and tickling her. "Now is there anything you need me to do princess?"

"Not really, just round up your children, so that we can get going." I said slipping on my shoes and getting the cake and presents for the party.

With one last look around the house, making sure no one forgot anything I headed outside where my family was waiting for me so that we could leave.
"Let's go everyone"

"Happy birthday, mama." I said kissing her after she blew out the candles.

The party had been going great, I had come over earlier that day to cook, since she insisted that the party be at her house and not the restaurant. Naveen was taking care of music, and the kids were running around playing. All of the neighbors came over just to have a good time and that's what it was. A fun good time.

"Thank you baby. I really appreciate this all. I love it when we can all be together. Where is Lottie?" Mama asked about my oldest friend.

"At home, Travis won't let her out since she just had the twins. I think that's a good idea as well." I said thinking about how adorable lottie's new babies were. "I so happy she gave that boy a chance. He has proved to be a wonderful husband." I continued saying.

"He isn't the only one" mama said gesturing towards Naveen heading towards me with a sleeping toddler in his arms.

"Hey baby, it seems like all her energy just ran right out huh?" I said zipping up Mia's jacket since it was getting cold outside.

"Yeah, she was playing with the other kids a while ago and came up to me to say that she was tired. Next thing I know she's asleep. Anyways, mama Eudora, how are u enjoying your party?" Naveen said smiling at my mother.

"Oh dear, its lovely. I'm having such a wonderful time. Hand me my grand baby and you and Tiana go have a little fun, and stop worrying about me and the kids are fine. Now go on!"

Naveen handed the sleeping Mia to mama and she walked off into the house to sit with her friends with Mia on her lap sound asleep.

"So, what do you want to do, my love? This is the first time we have been alone all day." Naveen said taking my hand and leading me towards the back porch steps.

"How about we just relax a bit and talk, I'm to tired to move" I said leaning my head on his shoulder.

"That's, fine. Have you seen Evangeline?" He asked after a moment.

"Yea, she's been with Steven." I said before i had a chance to stop myself. Darn It.

"WHAT!" Naveen said jumping up.

"Calm down honey, they've just been hanging out." I said standing up and wrapping my arms around him.

"No, no Tiana I know what young boys do when the "hang out". Where is she? I will kill him." Naveen said walking around the house in huff.

"Naveen please" I said catching up to him. "They are young and only have crushes on eachother. If you run in that house screaming and acting crazy she will never bring a guy home to you again. Then you'll really be mad." I said to Naveen.

"Besides, if you go in there and rip them apart then won't be here to get the present I got for you" I said softly taking his hand.

"And what would that be princesa"

I leaned up and kissed his, cheek. "Some of this and..." I kissed his lips after "and that... For right now." I said as he pulled my body close to his.

"What about the rest?" He said his hands roaming down to my butt.

"When we get home, now behave yourself, for me please" I said releasing myself from his grip.

I heard him groan as I walked into the house, to gather our children so that we could leave. It was getting late.

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