Chapter 20: Hospital Trip

Naveen POV

Flash -Back

"Mia come on now, mi princessa I know you can do it, its just a little jump and I promise you if you look like your gonna fall then I will catch you."

"But Daddy, I'm so scared and I'm swinging really really fast and high."

"I promise you nothing will go wrong."

End of Flash-Back

"Naveen! Naveen! what happened to my baby girl?" My wife said running towards me with our two oldest kids right behind her, them all in a panic.

"Tiana calm down for a moment everything is fine, I hope" Tiana gave me a questioning looks.

Before I got to answer the door swung open and a nurse walked in holding a clip board.

"Mia? Family of a Mia." Before she had the time to call out the name again me and Tiana were directly in front of her waiting for the news.

"We are her parents, is everything alright?" Tiana asked immediately.

"Well, is fine and isn't fine."

"What does that mean? Where is my baby?" Tiana asked again getting impatient.

"She is going to need a cast for her arm. It seems to be broken in two places causing a lot of pain for your little girl. She refuses to let us do anything without the two of you there."

"Alright then lets go back there so she can get fixed up." I said walking over to the kids and handing them a few dollars so they could go get something from the snack bar while they wait.

"Naveen are you ever gonna tell me what happened, all I know is that you and Mia went to the park and then I got the call that she was hurt, what happened to our baby?" Tiana questioned me again as we walked to the back room where Mia was waiting on us to meet her.

"Well, Mia and I decided to go to the park today since school was canceled for her, as you already know." I said to my wife walking down the hall and not looking at her. "so, to make a long story short, we were on the swings and I told her she should try to jump, and after convincing her of it she did, and the first time she made it perfectly. The problem was the second time I told her to jump and she landed on her arm and screamed in pain."

"NAVEEEN, you didn't?" Tiana said horrified.

"I didn't know, the first time Ray did it he was fine. Tiana now I feel that Mia won't trust me because I told her that I wouldn't let anything happen to her ever, and look now she is hurt."

"Well Naveen I doubt that, you are her most favorite person ever, she could never be mad at you."

"Hmmm I would still be mad at me." I said before we walked into the room.

"Daddy!" Mia screamed as we walked in the room. She had tears running down her face.

"You must be her parents. Nice to meet you both my name is Dr. Robbins. Now I know the nurse told you we had to place some bones back into place and get your little girl a cast. She said she would like a green one because that her and her daddies favorite color. Is that okay with the two of you?" Dr. Robbins asked us for approval.

Me and Tiana exchanged a look to each other and both nodded our heads, 'yes'.

"Great so now, we will go get everything we need make yourself comfortable now, that you are both her this shouldn't take very long. Be back in a jiffy."

"Daddy? What is that doctor gonna do to me? My arm hurts so much." Mia said from Tiana's lap looking directly at me.

"Well baby he is gonna make all that pain stop. You're a big girl, so you are gonna let him do whatever to make you feel better okay." I said kissing her cheek as she nodded and tried to wipe her tears.

"And Mia, I'm sorry that you got hurt today I didn't mean to break my promise with you." I said letting out some of my quilt.

"Its okay daddy, we are not perfect, that what mama tells me when I mess up sometimes and doesn't mean to." Tiana looked up from Mia and nodded in my direction to prove a point to me.

"Well thank you baby, your mama has always been the smart one. I'm just the one with good looks." Both girl rolled their eyes at me and shook their heads. Mother and Daughter bonds.

"Daddy can you hold me when the doctor gets back so that he won't hurt me?" Mia said pleaded her eyes with mine.

"Yes baby girl, I cant promise it wont hurt a little, but I can promise to stay here with you the whole time. Love you Mia." I said kissing her face with butterfly kisses.

Mia giggled "Love you more Daddy."

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