Lavender Moon


Summary: I'd always grown up thinking that I was normal but I couldn't be far enough away from it. My cousin's a vampire, my bestfriend's a warrior-angel, I'm a legendary demon slayer and I'm falling in love with Naruto Uzumaki, who is a whole new category himself.






Chapter One:


I stared out the window drearily, watching green after green after green roll by my eyes continuously. Green, that was all Konoha was, green. I was feeling sick; didn't Konoha have anything thatwasn't green? I sighed as rain drops began to fall down, rolling down the window, the weather matching my mood perfectly.

It was unnerving to be surrounded by so much vegetation, so much green, as I was used to the gentle slopes and neutral coloured sand dunes in Suna. I sighed once again, pressing my forehead against the cool car window. It felt nice.

"Something wrong Hinata?" My father asked, looking quickly at me before turning his eyes back to the road. My younger sister, Hanabi, looked at me with understanding in her eyes before drowsily looking back out her window.

I had a lot to complain about, but I didn't, I couldn't. I didn't want to sound like a spoilt brat. My Father was always working hard, just so Hanabi and I could go to a good school and live in a good house. The death of my mother had taken a toll on him, and we were all the family he had left now. Hanabi and I used to have an Uncle and cousin brother but we had lost contact ever since my Father had been disowned for marrying my mother.

So I kept silent, and gave my father a smile, "Nothing father, I'm just tired that's all."

He gave a smile that could only be classified as 'fatherly', "We'll be there soon."


Being born and raised in Suna, I was biased against people that resided in Konoha, as people in Suna viewed them as a more weaker type of people. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't mean or haughty, or anything, just the irritation and anger of moving away from my home leaving me to be less than sympathetic.

Suna was my home, my true home, the place where many of my fond memories had taken place. It was the place where I had first learned to do a backflip, where I had learned to ride a bike, and the place where my mother had died. That was the hardest blow of all, leaving my mother's grave, the house that she had picked and raised a beautiful family.

My father didn't like leaving either but he said that we couldn't hang onto the past, and that a change of scenery would do me some good. Being the good daughter that I am I kept silent, knowing that, while he didn't show it, the move was hurting him too.

The reason we were moving was that my father had gotten a new job in Konoha, one that payed well and was less demanding, meaning that he could spend more time with us. I was happy for him, happier her that I could spend more time with him, I just didn't want to move cities, and leave my mother's grave behind. Still though, I said nothing and congratulated my father on his new job.

Hanabi hadn't taken it was well as I had, ignoring our father for several days in a stony silence. She was popular in her school, and had been about to enter Junior High, but now she was going to be the friendless, new kid, something she was not looking forward too.

I sighed once again, and returned back again to the window. My life had officially hit rock bottom, there was nothing that bad that could compare to this. New house, new school, new life, I was basically starting everything again. Leaving all of my friends and memories, it was like my life was a chalkboard that had just been erased. I felt like having a tantrum, it was so much easier than being the caring, obedient daughter.

"We're here," my Dad announced. We had parked into the driveway of a big white and peach house that was settled into a nice, quiet neighbourhood with other houses of similar sizes. There were two trees framing the, I mean my, house and I was guessing that they were frangipanis though I wasn't quite sure since it was fall.

The house looked nothing like the one we had in Suna, though it was bigger. The house was had in Suna was small, like a cute cottage, and had been baby blue and white. It had a white fence surrounding it and my mother had planted flowers everywhere. It was like walking through a meadow.

"We're here?" My sister Hanabi, mock screaming, before a bored expression took over her face, and she trudged into the house, making sure to slam the door.

My father sighed sadly at Hanabi, before turning slowly to me, "So, " he said, rubbing his hands together, "there are a lot of bags in the car and-"

"Bye father!" I gave him a smile and ran towards the house, giggling as I heard him mutter about "some daughters" he had.

I ignored everything in the house and ran up the winding staircase where I knew my bedroom was to bed, being told it was on the second floor, and at the end of the hallway. I ran down the hallway, opened the door, and flew in, leaning against the frame.

I took a few seconds to pant, and let my heart calm down, before I stood up and examined my new room.

My room was a light purple on the walls with a border running along the top that was a dark purple decorated with the silhouettes of flowers . There was a big walk-in-closet, a drawer with a big, rectangular mirror hanging over it, a desk with a purple, spin chair and my glorious bed. It was big and cushiony with light purple and dark purple on the sheets and pillows. If you couldn't tell already, I loved the colour purple.

The room was completely different from the one I had in Suna, beautiful, but completely different. The one I had there I had shared with Hanabi and been decorated in blue and silver. This would be the first time I had ever slept alone, Hanabi having her own room. That thought made me slightly uneasy; Hanabi and I looked forward to our nighttime together. We would talk about everything that had happened throughout the day, ranging from upcoming tests to boys. When she was a little kid I had used to read her stories, something I occasionally still did, whenever Hanabi was scared or upset.

It was our girl time together, and how we bonded. I would miss that.

I sighed, unpacking all my clothes, and putting them in their proper places, pulling out the photos of me and my friends (I was missing them already) and hung them on my walls, smiling at the shirt that they had all signed when they realized I was leaving, and I put my favourite picture, a family photo when my mom was still alive, on my desk.

I was trying to make my room feel more like my old one, but it wasn't working very well.

I looked at it for a moment before turning away and beginning to pack my school bag. Notebooks, binders, and my lavender pencil case were thrown in my, surprise surprise, multi-shade purple backpack, before I quickly changed into my pajamas, brushed my teeth and collapsed onto my bed. We had arrived pretty late into Konoha, and I was dead tired. I could hear my father downstairs moving stuff around more to his liking.

I lay there, not being able to asleep without the familiar sounds of Hanabi's deep breathing when I heard a knock on my door.

There was Hanabi, pajamas and teddy-bear (the one I had given her when she was five) in hand, standing in my doorway, "Hinata, can I sleep with you tonight, or maybe a few nights?" She mumbled, looking down. She never liked to show her weaknesses, only to me did she let her guard down.

I gave her a gentle smile, "What are you waiting for? Jump in." She did.

As she snuggled next to me, she spoke so quietly that I had to bend down to hear it. "Hinata...can you, um, tell me a story?" She sounded embarrassed. being thirteen and asking for a bedtime story.

I nodded silently, needing that comfort myself, "Sure, which one, Cinderella or Little Red Riding Hood?" I knew that those were her favourites.


I nodded, and launched into the tale, and only stopped when I heard her deep breathing. I smiled, rubbing her hair gently, before letting sleep overtake me as well.

Tomorrow is my first day of school…was the last thought that I had before I fell into a dreamless sleep.

"Hinata!, Hanabi!, wake-up!…" I hear my father called from downstairs, his sing song voice making both my sister and I groan. I groaned again, rolled out of my bed without falling for once and stretched.

Hanabi followed suit before getting up to leave my room so we could both get ready. Before she left, though, she turned around and gave me a grateful smile, "Thank's Hinata, thanks a lot."

I smiled back, "I needed that as much as you did." She nodded gratefully once again, before leaving, closing the door softly behind her.

"Today's my first day of school." I grumbled, looking around my room. It's not like I hated school, I actually loved school but it was a new school in a new city, not to mention state. I wasn't really looking forward to it that much, I missed my old friends and friends. Who knew what type of people lived in Konoha? I thought shuddering.

I sighed, "Too late to grumble now." and looked into my closet for something to wear. I finally settled on dark blue designer jeans (my father loves spoiling me and Hanabi, claiming that it was for our social confidence and he was preparing us to look our best for job interviews and such. Insert snort here) and a dark purple sweater shirt that hugged me nicely and was cozy. I let my wavy midnight-blue hair down today, my bangs falling on my forehead, just above my eyes.

My eyes...people always looked at me funny because of my eyes. They were pupil less light lavender coloured eyes and they instantly marked me as a Hyuga though I was the only Hyuga that had that lavender touch besides Hanabi, we had taken that from our mother.

My mother, the thought of her always made me sad. She had died when Hanabi was four, when I was eight, leaving us only a few fond memories but I remembered enough to know that she was the most beautiful and kindest person I have ever known and I always think of her for courage or help. She always encouraged me to stand up for myself and follow my dreams. People always said that I looked exactly like my mother, something that made me feel bittersweet.

Not a day passed that I wished she wasn't alive, especially today when I was feeling so nervous and scared about going to this new school.

I shook my head to clear my thoughts and went back to looking at myself in the mirror. On my feet I wore dark purple converse and I slipped on a white hoodie, leaving it unzipped. I wore no make-up because I didn't really like make-up and I didn't see the need for it. People in my opinion, were always most beautiful when they were natural.

"There." I said, satisfied with my outfit, "done." I walked out of my room with my backpack, and I was already feeling that nervous know twisting in my stomach as I walked down the stairs.

Hanabi was already sitting at the table, eating some toast while watching some T.V. My father looked up and smiled, joy in his eyes. I used to be sad because I knew he also saw my mother when he looked at me but I now knew it just made him happy, glad to see his two daughters growing up and becoming strong, independent women like their mother.

I swear, my father could be so sentimental sometimes...

An example would be when Hanabi graduated elementary last year, and we could hear him hysterically sobbing at night. Yeah, awkward.

"Good morning sunshine, ready for school?" He continued when I nodded, "Good, now have a good first day of school and remember that I'm dropping Hanabi off her own school so you'll have to walk OK? You know the way right?" I nodded wearily, my father had tested me on what was the way to school and what to do if I was ambushed. My father was slightly paranoid you see, it was because of him that I had to go through Judo lessons, even more so when he realized that I had a talent for it.

I nodded again, took a piece of toast, said good-bye to my father and Hanabi and set out for school, I didn't want to be late and I liked taking my time and was going to try to enjoy the view, note the word try. I munched on my toast as I walked on my way to school, strolling around casually. Even though it was fall Konoha was still green and I was already tired of looking at it. Luckily for me though my school wasn't far and I reached it pretty soon.

Konoha High School was written in big letters on a billboard in front of the school with a picture of a leaf beside it. I rolled my eyes at that picture and walked to the main entrance, that was so original. The school was pretty big, painted green and white and had a big arch at the entrance way;I had to admit, it was an extremely pretty school. When I was inside I walked to the front desk and was greeted by the receptionist who gave me a warm smile. She was very pretty with her hazel eyes and ebony hair but one thing that I noticed that was, well different was that she had a pig on her lap, a pig. Konoha people are...interesting, was the first thought that entered my head.

"Good morning, you must be our new student Hinata. It's nice to finally meet you. My name is Shizune and this is TonTon," she said pointing to the pig.

I smiled brightly at her. "It's nice to meet you two. TonTon is adorable." He was actually, so small and tiny. I wanted to hold him.

Shizune smiled at me dazzling when I said that and handed me her schedule. "Thank-you most people think I'm weird because I keep TonTon with me."

I thanked her and took my schedule. "I think it's really cool." With that I left the front desk and looked at my schedule.

"Hmmm…homeroom with Kakashi Hatake; I wonder where that is?"

After homeroom (our teacher was missing for the whole period but the rest of the class seemed used to it, just more proof that people in Konoha were weird) I made my way to my first class of the day, Physics with Anko Mitarashi. I noticed people kept staring at me, boys and girls, but I decided to just ignore it and I continued on my way to class. I was used to people staring at me because of my eyes.

I found a seat in class near the back next to a girl who had long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. A warm smile lit up her face as soon as she saw me.

"Hi," her voice was high and enthusiastic, "My name's Ino, what's yours?"

"Hinata," I said, smiling, the girl seemed nice and easy to talk to. The girl smiled again and we continued talking for the rest of class, since our teacher was sick and had failed to get a sub. Again, Konoha was making yet another wonderful impression.

Sarcasm...did you see it?

The next two classes were fun (though people kept staring at me) as Ino were in them and lunch came by extremely fast. We walked to down to the cafeteria and Ino dragged me to a table near a window and introduced me to some of her friends.

"This is Chouji," a big guy eating some chips waved to me with a friendly smile, "this is Shikamaru," a guy with a pineapple ponytail nodded at me, "this is Temari," a girl with four spiky blonde ponytails grinned at me, "and this is Sai." A pale guy with a black hair and a pencil smiled at me softly.

I smiled at them all friendly, "Hey, my name's Hinata, Hinata Hyuga."

"I was right!" Ino exclaimed.

"What?" I said confused, "Right about what?"

She grinned sheepishly, "I guessed that you were a Hyuga because of your eyes and I was right." She smiled smugly.

I was about to reply when Ino spotted something behind me and rolled her eyes.

"Just great, they make yet another slow, dramatic movie entrance."





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Edit- Hinata is only four years older than Hanabi because I wanted Hinata to be 17 :)