Lavender Moon


Summary: I'd always grown up thinking that I was normal but I couldn't be far enough away from it. My cousin's a vampire, my bestfriend's a warrior-angel, I'm a legendary demon slayer and I'm falling in love with Naruto Uzumaki, who is a whole new category himself.






Chapter Four:


I really did not want Hinata Hyuga to be in my biology class, life would be much simpler (and safer) if she wasn't. I had rushed out as class had ended, and quickly driven home. Then I had microwaved a cup of instant ramen, taken it up to my humble Naruto cave, and sat down to think, or rather rant. In my thoughts of course, seeing as my entire family had heightened senses and would most definitely hear me.

Plus I've been told I have a loud voice...but that's beside the point. See the thing is Hinata smells good, like really good, like better than ramen, much better than ramen.

I grinned goofily, remembering her oh-so-enticing scent, before smacking myself. Bad Naruto, bad!

See the thing is being a vampire if someone smells good I want to bite them, and with Hinata...I wanted to devour her neck.

Uh...that sounds wrong...I shook my head, frowning as I remembered how hard it had been to control myself in class. I had been sitting as far away from her as possible, but I could feel my self-resistance ebbing away as class stretched on. Every time she moved, or shifted, or twirled her hair my nose would be hit by a sudden onslaught of her scent, and it took every ounce of power that I had not to...well you know...suck her blood.

That was the thing that bothered me the most. As long as I had been a vampire (which had been quite a long time) I had never felt the urge to suck someone's blood as I had with Hinata. Usually I could just ignore it, and calmly continue what I was doing, with only the tiniest bit of discomfort. But with Hinata...I won't get into that.

The thing that confused me was that I should have been able to smell her in the cafeteria...wait, nevermind, I had been stuffing my face with ramen...but shouldn't have any of the, we had all been surrounded by food, and since we didn't know her scent before hand we couldn't have singled her out.

I sighed, morosely eating my ramen. This was going to be a tough situation. I hadn't even talked to her in class (I knew she was trying to talk to me, but I ignored her, knowing it was rude, but afraid if I opened my mouth, I wouldn't be able to stop myself), so how was I going to handle assignments and things that we had to do together.

It wasn't long before I heard the door slam open, as Sasuke, Neji, TenTen, and Sakura entered. Sasuke went straight to his room (emo), while Neji, I could sense. went to the library. TenTen and Sakura just chatted about how they had forgotten to ask Hinata to join them for lunch today, and they would ask her tomorrow.

I tensed at that, no. She could not sit at the same table as me, noooooo. I sighed, realizing that I was going to have to do something about this situation. I contemplated asking Dan, but decided against the thought. I should talk to Neji first, I thought to myself, after all, Hinata is his cousin.

I was about to walk out the door when I stopped. Hinata...was...his...cousin. Neji was a freaky, overprotective guy, there was no way I could tell him that I wanted to suck his cousin's blood. He would murder me.

I whimpered, before puffing my chest out. As if he could take out the great Naruto Uzumaki! Pffft...

So, it was not out of cowardice, but great strategic thinking that I went to go ask Sasuke for help instead.


I slowly fluttered my eyes open, smiling tiredly as I woke up from my nap. I felt well-rested and awake, something I hadn't felt in a while. I smiled wider, and sat up, taking a glance at the clock.! I screeched, and jumped up, cursing as I untangled myself from the blankets. How had I fallen asleep for so long? What had happened to my five-minute nap?

"Life is unfair," I moaned, after successfully getting free from the blankets, and staring at my backpack. I had a lot of homework to do (I hate biology), and I had to set the table and cook dinner (Hanabi and father couldn't cook to save their lives) by 8:30, there was no way I could finish my homework in that time.

I hate Konoha. OK, now this may just seem to be me taking out my anger on Konoha (which partly it is), but in Suna we didn't get homework, awesome right? We did everything in school, and were expected to train afterwards (Suna is very big on self-defense and hobbies. They say learning is not defined by education).

Sighing, I hurried downstairs, quickly microwaved some pasta, put it on plates, rushed it to Hanabi and father and darted back to my room (with my own plate of course) with a quick apology. I usually loved cooking for my family, and did my best to make sure each meal was interesting and tasty, but today I just didn't have the time.

Back in my own room, I whipped out my binder and set to work furiously on my homework, taking a short break to gobble down a few bites of pasta. By 9:20 I was done, and (with great relief) put away my binders and notebooks back into my backpack.

I walked downstairs, took everyone's plates (another thing about Hanabi and father is that they're both incredibly lazy at times), and washed them in the sink, putting them in the dishwasher, and grumbling good-naturedly about 'some family I had'.

Hanabi and my father were both glued to the T.V., watching some weird action movie, and I took a moment to glance at them and smile. I truly did love my family, and was thankful that I had them in my life. I was also snickering at Hanabi, who distracted father every time he looked at the clock. Her bed-time was 10:00, but the movie would end some time after that, and I knew she wanted to watch it.

I walked upstairs, and lay on my bed. I put some music on (I adore Mindy Gledhill), and pulled out my cell-phone (surprisingly my cell phone was light blue, not a variation of purple). I texted some of my Suna friends, and asked them how things were there. I also reminded them to be more careful with spray paint next time (long story...). I knew they wouldn't reply it yet as they were still in training. I smiled, put my cell phone down, and lazily flipped through a book.

How old should one be to stop reading Geronimo Stilton? Better not be 17...

Soon though I heard father yelling at Hanabi as he found out that it was 10:30 (by that time I had gone through 3 books, all Geronimo Stilton of course). I heard various things such as "How could you lie to your sweet, honourable father! My heart! It's breaking!" and "Dad! Stop CRYING!". Soon enough Hanabi came storming into my room, muttering about how we got stuck with a "baby as a father".

She jumped on my bed with a huff, and was about to rant more, before I stopped her. "So, wanna' tell me about that boy you're crushing on?" I grinned down at her with a teasing smile.

In an instant all her anger disappeared, and her cheeks flooded. "I'm not crushing on him Hinata! I know...think he's attractive and appealing, and-stop laughing Hinata!"

"Sorry, sorry! Please continue," I tried to keep my face straight, but I did a horrible job as Hanabi stuck her tongue out at me.

"Hmph...well," she suddenly turned bashful,"His name is Konohamaru, and he has this spiky, brown hair, as well as the cutest eyes, and you have got to see..."

I tuned Hanabi out, smiling on the outside, but grimacing on the inside. I was happy for my little sister, but worried that she was too young, and she didn't know what she was getting into. Of course I knew all this was normal, but still, I'm her big sister, it's my job to look out for her.

When she was done she was smiling and her cheeks were still pink. I smiled gently at her and told her that he sounded like a wonderful guy, but told her to take it slow, be careful, and all sorts of things that Hanabi rolled her eyes at and claimed sounded too much like what father would say.

I shrugged good-naturedly (I knew that would be her reaction), and we both fell asleep, Hanabi, as usual, snoring (don't tell her that though. She will maim you). "

-Around the middle of the night-

"Lying to me! My own daughter!" Gigantic sob. "She doesn't appreciate me! I've lost all my honour! My heart! IT'S SHATTERED!" Hysterical wails.

"I hate you. This is all your fault."

"Shut up. I know."


"No really...I hate you."

"Gaara," Matsuri whined, "How long it is going to take them to get their signs?" She licked her lips, "I'm really hungry." Her red eyes gleamed, and she eyed a human couple with interest.

Said person sighed, tired of his teammates constant nagging. "As I've said before," voice laced with slight irritation, "We are to be patient, their signs will take a little while longer to be revealed. Until that time need to take out the vampire clan that's living close by, after that we have all the time in the world to take them." Matsuri pouted, but nodded reluctantly, glancing once again at the human couple.

Gaara rolled his eyes, seeing her glance as well. "Go," he said simply. Matsuri brightened, and vanished within a second, grinning with dark pleasure.

"Can I go too?" Kankuro asked hopefully.

"No, you are to go to the warrior angel's house and keep an eye on her." Kankuro frowned, and opened his mouth to protest (why did he have to go when Matsuri got to eat?), but seeing Gaara's expression quickly nodded and flitted away in an instant.

Gaara returned his eyes on the Hyuga house, and sighed. It was his bad luck to be teamed with a bunch of idiots, but soon, after he brought the Yamanaka and Hyuga to his master his patience would be rewarded. His mouth twisted up into a grin, and red teeth shined in the night.


I frowned, there was nothing in this library that could help me. None of it referred to the Hyuga's in any way or form, which was a problem. I had a sneaking suspicion, but without proof there was no way I could know if what I was thinking was true or not.

I sank down into a chair, lost in thought, when suddenly the answer came to me. There was one person who could help me, one person who knew the truth behind uncle's marriage and why he was disowned.

I frowned, the person wasn't someone I would want to talk to, but this could not be helped. I strode over and picked up the cell phone, dialing the number by heart.

It rang once. Twice. On the third ring the person finally picked up.

"Hello?" An old, gruff voice asked.

"Hello grandfather. It's me, Neji."





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