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Mush, Tony, Kate, and Amy all stayed at the Higgins-Bertoli household that night. Amy slept on the couch where she had sat all afternoon. Mush fell asleep sitting against the couch, his head on Amy's knees. Tony looked over from where he lay on the rug by the chaise-lounge. Amy's small, pale hand glowed in the moonlight, tangled in Mush's dark curls. Tony smiled to himself. They were sweet on each other, everyone could tell except Mush and Amy. Tony turned and gazed up at the chaise-lounge where Kate slept.

"Tony?" Kate looked over at Tony. "Can you sleep?"

"No." Tony said. Kate climbed off the lounge and laid down next to Tony, cuddling into him.

"When do we have to be at the Distribution office?" Kate asked.

Tony glanced at the large grandfather clock. It was 4:30 in the morning. "We have one hour. But I doubt I will be able to sleep."

"Me either." Kate replied. She cuddled closer to Tony who covered Kate with the thick blanket. "It will be time to show the World and all of New York that we do exist." Tony settled in and both Kate and Tony slowly fell into a light doze. The grandfather clock chimed at 5:15. Tony slowly opened his eyes and looked down at Kate. She slowly blinked and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

"Morning!" Tony murmured. Kate smiled. "Time to go." Kate got up and brushed down her dress. Tony straightened his shirt and pulled his suspenders over his shoulders. Mush looked up, bleary-eyed, and slowly got to his feet. He gently touched Amy's good shoulder. Amy stirred but didn't wake up. Mush leaned down and kissed Amy's forehead. Amy's eyes flew open.

"Good morning." Mush grinned. Amy shook her head and slowly got to her feet.

"You are full of yourself." Amy smiled, swatting Mush with her good arm.

"C'mon, you two." Tony grabbed Kate's hand and the four teenagers left Tony's house. They quickly made their way to Manhattan where all the newsies were gathered. Jack, David, Sarah, and Les all sat up on a cart. Tony and Mush helped Amy up onto the driver's seat next to Jack so her arm would not get knocked.

"So here's the deal." Jack said. "We've come a long way. They tried to stomp on us but they didn't realize how tough we really are! We got arrested, hope taken away, loved ones hurt, but this isn't about us anymore. This is about every working kid in New York, exploited for the bigger man."

"You tell 'em, Jack!" Blink yelled. Jack tossed a pack of paper at Tony.

"We pass out the Banner to all the kids. We bring 'em right to Pulitzer's doorstep!" Jack said. "We were loud before, but they won't be able to drown us out this time."

David stood up. "This is for kids shining shoes in the streets when they don't have shoes. This is for guys sweating blood in the shops with no notice from anyone. This is not just pie-in-the-sky game anymore! This is war!" The newsies cheered, taking piles of papers and spreading out. Kate grabbed a pile and ran alongside Tony.

"This is for those 5,000 kids working under the blind eyes of their supervisors." David cried out. "Let them be the 5,000 reason to try and win this strike!"

Tony and Kate walked quickly to a sweat shop next to a large textile factory. "Here, read this!" Kate said, passing the Banner to three boys, soaked with sweat. She smiled at them. They nodded and turned to read the paper. Tony walked up to the factory girls, who were standing by the break door. Shedding his cap, Tony smiled at the girls and passed out the Banner. When he turned to leave, Tony spotted a kid sitting next to a shoe shine box.

"Hey, kid, can you read?" the kid nodded. "Here, read this."

By noon all the papers were gone. Jack stood away from the Horace Greeley Statue, looking at the Distribution office. Blink came running up to the group. Mush looked up from where he was sitting with Amy.

"So when's the others coming, Kid?" Mush asked. David and Sarah stood leaning against the statue.

"They ain't coming." Jack said, tiredly. "Ain't gonna be nobody but us."

Kate stood up from where she sat with Tony's head on her shoulder. "You don't know that, Jack Kelly!"

"C'mon, Jack!" Snitch cried.

"Have hope!" Specs clapped Jack on the back. Jack turned and went to stand next to Sarah, who hugged him tightly.

"Don't give up yet, Tony!" Kate said. Les got up and walked towards the Distribution office gate. Kate looked at Tony and nodded towards Les. The Italian got up and followed Les.

"When the circulation bell starts ringing, will we hear it?" Les asked.

"Nah!" Tony playfully nudged the boy's hat over his eyes. "What if the Delanceys come out swinging, will we hear it?" Tony swings his arm at Les, who dodged.

"No!" Les piped up. Tony grinned and patted Les' back.

"Atta boy!" Tony said.

Suddenly like a silent wave, growing louder and louder came the voice of the working kids. Tony and Les looked at the square began to fill with newsies from all over and all the working kids.

"Jack, look!" Tony pointed. Spot came into the square at the front of a whole crowd of Brooklyn newsies.

"Brooklyn!" Spot yelled, throwing his fist in the air. Kate ran to her brother, flinging her arms around his neck, as they walked towards the Manhattan newsies. The newsies gather together, fists in the air, grasping the papers. The chant began.

"The World will feel the fire and finally know! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike!"

All the newsies were cheering and clapping each other on the back. Jack lifted Les on to his shoulders as the group of newsies made their way to the distribution office. Mush helped Amy, shielding her shoulder from the jostling crowd. As they neared the World building, Tony saw the doors open. Pulitzer's right hand man, Seitz, appeared with several police officers.

"Dear me. What have we here?" Tony pointed them out to David and Jack. The two strike leaders looked at one another. Jack let Les down and nodded to David.

"Let's end this, Davey." Jack said. They pushed their way through the crowd to stand in front of Seitz. The newsies watched as Jack and Seitz exchanged some words and then the three disappeared into the building. The square echoed with the shouts of the kids. Kate couldn't keep from smiling.

"This could be it, Tony!" Kate cried over the roar. Tony grabbed her around the waist and spun her around. Soon the crowd's yells died down as the minutes crept by. Tony and Mush were getting nervous at how long Jack and David had been in with Pulitzer.

The group of newsies grew steadily restless and hot as the minutes ticked by. Les was leaning against Sarah as Kate's head rested on Tony's shoulder and Amy rested against Mush.

Suddenly the gates opened on Seitz's words. Kate and Spot caught sight of David first and then Jack.

"Hey fellas!" Spot yelled.

"They're over here." Kate added.

The newsies pushed their way to David and Jack.

"What's going on, Jack?" Tony asked.

"Did we beat 'em?" Mush added. Other newsies chimed in with their own questions. Jack bent down and whispered something in Les' ear. All the newsies grew very quiet. Les broke into a huge grin and Jack lifted the young boy on his shoulders.

"We beat 'em!" Jack yelled.

The entire square exploded with cheers. Kate screamed in joy, throwing her fist in the air. Tony hugged Mush and turned to Kate. They looked at one another. Tony pulled her to him and kissed Kate full on the lips. The newsies around him cat-called and wolf-whistled.

"Hey, get off my sister!" Spot yelled. Tony and Kate broke apart grinning broadly.

"Jack! Jack!" Les suddenly cried out. "It's the bulls! It's the bulls! Let me down!"

The newsies began to panic. "Down, Jack!" "Get down!" "Hide Jack!" Denton came running up to the group. Kate's and Amy's eyes were wide with fear. Snyder was on a paddy wagon with two policemen.

"Jack, it's over!" Denton said. Jack tried to run. He was NOT going back to jail.

"No, no." Denton assured the boy. "You don't have to run. Not anymore, not from the likes of him. Come on. Come on!" Denton led the boys to where they could see clearly.

The policeman opened the paddy wagon door. One by one, boys from the Refuge climbed out. The very last boy out of the wagon was Crutchy! The other policeman led Snyder around to the paddy wagon door with Snyder's hands cuffed behind him. Crutchy stopped the former warden on his way into the wagon. All the newsies heard Crutchy talking to Snyder.

"Ah, remember what I told ya, Mr. Snyder. The first thing you do in jail, make friends with the rats." Crutchy grinned. "Share what you have in common." Kate and Amy looked at one another and giggled at the look on Snyder's face.

"Oh, officer, may I please?" Crutchy asked. The policeman nodded.

"Sure, kid." Crutchy grinned and handed his crutch to a nearby kid. The crippled boy slammed the paddy wagon door shut and slammed the lock in place. As the crowd cheered, Crutchy made his way to where the newsies were cheering.

"You won't be seeing much of him anymore," Denton informed the newsies. "Say good bye warden!"

Amy grinned at Mush as they both joined in the cheers. "Good-bye, Warden!"

Crutchy turned to Jack grinning, "Oh, Jack, you oughta seen it. He comes stormin' into the Refuge, waving his walking stick like a sword and he was leading in this army of lawyers and cops." Jack looked at Crutchy confused.

"Crutchy? Who comes stormin' in?" Jack asked.

Crutchy stared at Jack. "You know, your friend! Him!" Crutchy points across the crowd to a man in an open carriage. "Teddy Roosevelt!"

Denton put a hand on Jack's shoulder. The seventeen-year-old boy looked at the newspaperman. "The governor's very grateful that you brought this problem to his attention. I said you might need a lift somewhere. He'd be happy to oblige. Anywhere you want. And this time, you ride inside." Jack grinned and then a thoughtful expression crossed the young boy's face.

Tony and Mush looked at one another anxiously. He really was thinking of leaving New York City.

"So, can he drop me off at the train yards?" Jack asked. Tony's heart dropped. Their leader was leaving.

"Yeah, if that's what you want." Denton said, leading the way towards Roosevelt's carriage. The group of newsies that followed Jack cheered him on. The only ones to stay behind and watch sadly from a distance were the Jacob siblings, Kate, Tony, Amy, and Mush. Kate looked over at Les. The young boy had tears running down his face. Sarah was holding it together, but she was barely hanging on. They all watched as Jack shook Roosevelt's hand and climbed into the carriage. The carriage driver drove the carriage around the square and away from the Distribution office. The crowd slowly died down, leaving only the newsies left in the Distribution office square.

Then the circulation bell started to ring. Mush turned and looked at the office and then at Amy. "If you want to be a newsie, try Bottle Alley or the harbor."

"Nah, Central Park," Tony flung an arm around Kate, leading her to the gate. "It's guaranteed."

"Try any banker, bum or barber." Crutchy advised Sarah.

"They almost all knows how to read." Blink told the girls.

"Summer stinks!" Boot complained. Skitter y nudged the younger newsies.

"And winter's waiting!"

Three other newsies came up behind Kate, Amy and Sarah. "Welcome to New York."

"Boy, ain't nature fascinating? When you gotta walk?" Newsies shouted as David lead the newsies up to the office.

David looked at the man behind the counter and held up a fifty cent piece. He grins at Mush and slaps the coin down. "Hundred papes!"

The newsies cheered as the man gave David the stack of papers. Mush and Tony clapped David on the back and went to go get their own stacks of papers. Suddenly there were cheers from the gate. Mush, Tony, Kate and Amy turned and saw the carriage with Roosevelt and Jack driving back into the office.

"JACK!" the four teenagers yelled happily!

"Dave, he's back!" Mush cried out, grabbing David's shoulders. They watched Jack talking to the governor, and then Jack looked over at Sarah and smiled. The girl blushed and looked down at her shoes. Jack threw his bag over the side to Crutchy and climbed out of the carriage. David, Mush, Tony and the girls pushed through the crowd towards the boy. Jack took off his cowboy hat and placed in on Les' head. David and Jack looked at one another.

"So, how's the headline today?" Jack asked David.

David grinned and put on his cap. "Headlines don't sell papes. Newsies sell papes." Jack laughed.

"C'mere, Davey!" Jack held out his hand. David spat in his own hand and shook Jack's hand, pulling him into a hug. Kate nudged Amy in the ribs and pointed to Sarah pushing her way through the crowd towards Jack. Jack saw her coming and reached for her. He grabbed her around the waist and kissed her right there.

"Get it, Cowboy!" Tony yelled. Mush whistled through his fingers. Kate and Amy shook their heads as the rest of the boys congratulated Jack. Spot came up to Kate and hugged her. He pecked her cheek.

"Come visit me in Brooklyn," Spot said, looking down at Kate. "We'se got a lot to catch up on." He looked up at Tony. "And do not let him give you any trouble." Kate looked at Tony and grinned at him.

"I won't let him give me any trouble, Spot, I promise." Kate hugged her brother. Spot kissed her forehead and climbed up into the carriage.

"Yer Honor, can I ask a ride to Brooklyn?" Spot said. "I'm the King there." Roosevelt laughed and nodded.

"Perkins, Brooklyn, if you please." The carriage pulled away and the crowds of newsies carrying stacks of newspapers followed the carriage out.

"Bye, Spot!" Sarah called, as she walked holding hands with Jack.

"Go back to Brooklyn, ya hear!" Jack called after his friend. Spot waved at them as the carriage turned and disappeared out of sight.

As the crowd of newsies dissipated and the Jacobs and Jack disappeared up the street, Tony, Amy, Mush and Kate were left standing in front of the Distribution office, looking at the Horace Greeley statue and the dying sun.

"Let's go home." Tony said, grabbing Kate's hand and leading her away from the office gates. They began to make their way towards Brooklyn. They looked back at Amy and Mush, who were holding one another and kissing.

"Mush, get away from my sister!" Tony yelled. Amy and Mush jumped apart from one another.

"Tony!" Kate swatted him on the shoulder. "Let them be!"

Tony rolled his eyes and the four teenagers made their way through the deserted streets. He honestly couldn't believe what had happened in the past couple of days. They won the strike. He found the girl of his dreams and they were in love. He couldn't ask for more than that. This is what they call a fine life, carrying the banner until they die. Tony squeezed Kate's hand and leaned down to kiss her. What a fine life indeed!