Lost Love One

All of the Ootori siblings are all happily married. The oldest is Ootori Kazuhito (30) and his wife Yukari (28). They are both doctors. They have three kids; Ootori Akito (28) and his wife Nami (26). Akito is a doctor and Nami is an instructor at Ouran Academy. They have one child; Shido Eiko (28) married Ootori Fuyumi(22). Shido Eiko owns a pharmaceutical empire. They have no kids yet; Ootori Kyoya (17) just married Fujioka Haruhi (16). Everyone partied way pass midnight for Kyoya and Haruhi's big wedding celebration. All was happy until around 2 a.m. Everyone left around that time. Eiko and Fuyumi had a little to much to drink during the celebration. Eiko lost control of his vehicle and hit a tree dead on. Smashing their sports car on the drivers side. Eiko died instantly. Fuyumi suffered a concussion and minor cuts and bruises. Fuyumi was unconscious at the scene. It was a good thing she was. She would have lose her mind if she saw the condition of her dead husband. His body was totally smashed. The scene was gruesome. The funeral was closed casket. Everyone Eiko knew show up at the funeral. Even all the members of the Ouran Host Club. After the funeral everyone got together at the Ootori Mansion to Mourn the loss of Shido-sama. All the Ootori men didn't know how to comfort Fuyumi. They really didn't know what to say to her. She grown to be deeply in love with Eiko. She is devastated. He was her world. The only person she could talk to at this point is her sister-in-law, Haruhi who she had got very close to over the past few months. Haruhi has stay by her side since the whole ordeal.

Haruhi Consoling Fuyumi

Fuyumi just couldn't stop crying. Her crying made it hard for her brothers to keep from crying. They hated to see her hurting. Yoshio left her presents. At least out of his sight. He would never let anyone see him cry. To him crying is a sign of weakness. He was raise to believe that. So he focus on talking with the guest. Haruhi and Fuyumi went some place private.

Haruhi: Come on Fuyumi. Talk to me. I never lost a husband before. I can only imagine what your going through. I do know what it's like to lose someone you love. When I lost my mom. It seem like I cried for months.

Fuyumi: I can't stop crying. It hurts so bad. I feel like I'm dying inside Haruhi. I loved him so much. When I first was made to marry him, I hated him. I wish I still hated him. My grieving would be so much easier.

Haruhi: You mind telling me how you fell in love with Shido-sama?

Fuyumi: I don't mind at all. My father arranged my marriage to Eiko. I didn't want to get married. I didn't know if I was marrying a rapist or a serial kill. I was angry with my father for along time. My father married me off at sixteen. All to get great discounts in medicine and medical supplies. I didn't love him at first.

Haruhi: I would never sleep with anyone I didn't love. Did you sleep with him? You have intercourse with him?

Fuyumi: I didn't sleep with him at first. I sleep in his guest room. I didn't know him that well. He wanted our marriage to work. He owns a large pharmaceutical company. He hire trusted people to run his company for a year. Of course he kept tabs on his company every now and then. He spent the whole year working on our relationship. At first we went on dates to find out what our likes and dislike are. We found that we had much in common. As the days when by, I found out what his personality was like.

Haruhi: I didn't get the chance to really know Shido-sama. What is he like?

Fuyumi: In many ways he really opposite from my father. He doesn't easily lose his temper. He slow to pass judgment when something goes wrong. Although he felt guilty parties or person shouldn't go without consequences. He patient and gentle. Several months went by before we finally consummated our marriage. I was a virgin when we made love for the first time. He was so gentle, I only felt minor discomfort. He is a good listener. He listen to what a person say thoroughly before build his opinion or even acting on what he heard. He was a neat freak. He would tell me how beautiful I am everyday. He told me later in our marriage that he loved me at first sight. He ask my father if he could have me as his bride. I had so much fun with him during our marriage. We go on trips and vacations. Seeing different countries and people. People that spoke different languages. Did I tell you he could speak ten different languages?

Haruhi: No. What languages could he speak?

Fuyumi: German, French, Spanish, English, Japanese, Chinese, Hmong, Arabic, Hebrew and Vietnamese.

Haruhi: Wow! That's amazing. How does a person remember all those languages?

Fuyumi: I don't know? I often wondered the same thing. When we had to order food in different countries. He order our food. He knew what I like to eat. He love me so much he made it his mission in life to pamper me. I didn't want for anything. Not even sex. The sex is off the chart amazingly outstanding.

Haruhi: I'm sure sex is amazing and outstanding as everybody that has experienced that says.

Fuyumi: What! You and Kyoya have not consummated you vows yet? You never had sex?

Haruhi: Not yet. I'm a virgin.

Fuyumi: Why not? You and Kyoya are in love aren't you?

Haruhi: After our wedding, Kyoya and I were about to make love, when the phone rang. That's when we found out about the car accident. We haven't had time for that.

Fuyumi: I'm sorry Haruhi. I didn't know.

Haruhi: You have nothing to be sorry for. You couldn't control what happened to you and your husband. As for Kyoya and I we have time for that later. We probably don't have that much time. But we have enough time.

Fuyumi: What do you mean you and Kyoya don't have much time.

Haruhi: Haven't you heard?

Fuyumi: What?

Haruhi: In three months from now, Kyoya is leaving me to go to the United States to go to college.

Fuyumi: I didn't know that. Aren't you going with him?

Haruhi: I'm staying here in Japan and finish my education. I'll see Kyoya in between my school breaks and his school breaks.

Fuyumi: I know your going to miss him. I'm going to miss him. Out of all my brothers I'm the closest to Kyoya. He's my baby brother and I love him. He would probably cringe if he heard me say that. Now that you told me Kyoya will be gone for some time, I feel that my loss is amplified. Will you continue to stay close to me?

Haruhi: Yes I will. Your like a big sister to me.

Family Meeting

Yoshio rounded up Fuyumi, Kyoya and Haruhi. The member that currently live in the Ootori Mansion.

Yoshio: Fuyumi you can stay with us. If you like. I can even look for you a new husband in time.

Fuyumi: No Father that's not necessary. Please don't. I'm still grieving.

Yoshio: As you wish. Kyoya, Haruhi I would like you both to live here while your not going to school right now. Haruhi you should move back to your father house, if Fuyumi decides to move in her mansion and Kyoya is away.

Haruhi: Why?

Yoshio: Your questioning me?

Haruhi: That how I all learn how to do many things. I ask questions.

Yoshio: Not many people have the balls to question me. I admire that in you. To onlookers and neighbors, it would look like we have something intimate going on. People gossip. I can't afford negative press and I do have my personal reason for not wanting you living here without your spouse.

Kyoya: And what reason is that?

Yoshio: You did hear me when I said my reason is personal? Didn't you hear that son?

Kyoya: Yes.

Yoshio: Fuyumi what is your decision? Are you staying in your mansion or here at the Ootori mansion?

Fuyumi: At this time I want to be around people. I don't want to be alone. There's to many memories at my place. I would be sad all the time.

Yoshio: You can stay as long as you like. But you should really face your problems and go to your place. When your mother died I had nowhere to go I had to move on and raise all four of you kids by myself.

Fuyumi: Father tell the truth. When mother died. You had someplace to go. You were at work all the time. On business trips. You paid nannies to raise us..

Yoshio: Fuyumi that's enough!

Fuyumi: I was more of a parent to Kyoya. Until you didn't want the responsibility of raising me any more. So you married me off. While you slept with many women...

Yoshio: Shut your fucking mouth!

Fuyumi: While I was married, Kyoya told me about it. At that point, when you were home you mainly stayed in your home off...(He slaps her.)

Yoshio: I SAID SHUT THE FUCK UP! I will not allow you to disrespect me in my house. Maybe I wasn't the best father. But I worked hard to see that you kids didn't want for anything. I was grieving over your mother. I grieve to this very day. I loved her. Since I'm bearing my soul. Kyoya I know you were too young to remember your mother. Haruhi reminds me of your mother. (He looks at Kyoya. Haruhi is in shock.) I love all of you kids. I try in the best way I knew how. Fuyumi you can stay but I will not tolerate any more disrespect. We are all grieving your not the only one.

Fuyumi: (Fuyumi is crying profusely.) I'm sorry father I'm moving here. I won't disrespect you any more.

Fuyumi spent two weeks in her old room grieving. Which was the whole duration of Kyoya and Haruhi's Honeymoon. When they returned from Australia Kyoya and Haruhi devised a plan to lift her out of her depression.