Mourning of Marital Pleasure

Yoshio financed Fuyumi and Tamaki's wedding. He paid a little more than people usually do for a Walt Disney theme wedding because of short notice. A few of Tamaki and Fuyumi's friends were invited.

The Wedding Court

Bride- Ootori Fuyumi

Groom- Suoh Tamaki

Father of the Bride- Ootori Yoshio

Father of the Groom- Suoh Yuzuru

Maid-of-Honor - Ootori Haruhi

Best Man - Ootori Kyoya

BridesmaidHoushakuji Renge

BridesmaidYushito Tylisa

BridesmaidMusuki Namine

BridesmaidTomi Tamika

GroomsmanHitachiin Hikaru

Groomsman- Morinozuka Takashi

Groomsman- Haninozuka Mitsukuni

Groomsman- Hitachiin Kaoru

Tamaki wanted all of his host club family included in the wedding ceremony. Tamaki's grandmother doesn't like to travel so she stayed in Japan. Around 100 people witnessed Tamaki and Fuyumi say their vows. This is considered a very small wedding. Because the ceremony is out of side of Japan. The ceremony is private and secret. People attending the ceremony. Had to swear in writing not to say anything to anyone about the wedding. They had a short reception. Which was video taped. Their reception ended early. Around midnight. Many wanted to catch the early flight back to Japan.

On the way to the Honeymoon Suite

Fuyumi: Tamaki, I only ever been with one man.

Tamaki: I know Fuyumi. Are you nervous about loving me?

Fuyumi: Yes. Sort of. Are you experienced when it comes to sex? I was to ashamed to ask you before.

Tamaki: You meant to ask me if I'm a virgin.

Fuyumi: Yes.

Tamaki: Isn't it a bit to late to ask me that?

Fuyumi: No.

Tamaki: I'm sorry to disappoint you my buttercup. But I have had other lovers. I'm not a novice.

Fuyumi:Out curiosity, have you had male lovers?

Tamaki: No. I'm too attracted to females to have male lovers. Beside I don't appreciate anything going up my ass.

Fuyumi: I just hope that the love I give you is up to your expectations.

Tamaki: Don't worry. You can communicate with me can't you?

Fuyumi: Yes.

Tamaki: I can communicate with you?

Fuyumi: Right.

Tamaki:We can tell each other what we like and don't like. Right?

Fuyumi: Your right Tamaki.

Tamaki: All that counts is that we love each other. Don't be overly concerned about the quality of sex. Right now we're learning each other. (He kisses her passionately.) When I kissed you, did you feel aroused? Did I make you tingle?

Fuyumi: Yes.

Tamaki: If I made you arouse by one kiss. You should expect the love I give you to be pretty awesome. Because I intend to do more to your body than kiss you. (Fondling her nipples through her clothing and kissing the side of her neck. Fuyumi let out a moan.) You like that don't you? (Fuyumi nods) Wait until I get you to the suite. (Tamaki escorts her out of the limousine.)

The Honeymoon Suite

They arrive at the door of the suite. His eyes narrow at her. As if to say, to late to run. I'm ravishing every inch of your body. This mourning. He slips the card in the lock. And lifts Fuyumi in his arms and carries her through the doorway. And puts her down once inside. He puts the do not disturb outside the door. Then shut and lock the door.

Fuyumi: I'm hot and sticky after tonight. Do you think we can do something about that? (Tamaki nods.)

Tamaki: Follow me darling.

He lifts her hand and kisses it. Then leads her into the bathroom. He walks to the shower. He turns on the shower and sets it to the right temperature.

Tamaki: (As he kissing behind her ear. In a whisper.) Are you protected?

Fuyumi: No.

Tamaki: You want to start our family now? (Still kissing her while unzipping her dress.)

Fuyumi: I don't mind.

Tamaki: Okay.

She unbuttons his shirt and slides it off his shoulder, as his shirt drops to the floor. Her evening dress falls to the ground. He embraces her as he unhook her bra and her bra falls to the floor. While she unzips his pants. Rubbing his genitals. He let out a soft moan. He moves back to view her swollen breast. Tamaki quickly removed his pants and underwear. Then removed her panties. And they both move into the shower. They kissed passionately in the shower for a little while. He put her arms around his shoulders. As he kissed his way down. From the back of her ear to her breast. Intimately caress her erect nipples. Suckling, licking and teasing her raspberry like nipples. After he's had his fill of enjoying her breast. She seductively stares at him as she runs her finger from his chest to where his sandy blonde pubic hair begins. She slowly lowered herself to put his rock hard member in her mouth. Soothing the sensitive areas of his dick. Making him moan her name.

Tamaki: Ahhhh Fuyumi that feels good. But stop I don't want to come like that. I want to satisfy you. So please. (she nods.)

He lifts her up and begins his foreplay on her. As the warm shower droplets fall on their fresh. While kissing and sucking her nipples. He slips two fingers into the split of her femininity, catching her clitoris in between his fingers. As he massaged her. Making her beg him to enter her.

Fuyumi: Tamaki please enter me.

Tamaki: As you wish my Queen.

He backs her into the tiled surface. Lifting her so that her legs wrap around him as he enters her. Her arms round his shoulders. Both his hands are on her hips. As he gratifies her with the length and fullness of his manly anatomy. Every pulsing thrust makes her shudder, as hits her hard with speed moving in and out of her, guaranteeing loud sounds of pleasure come from Fuyumi. Tamaki grew tired of that position. He put her down and turned her around so that her back is facing him. He swiftly enter her from that position. Kissing her on the back of her neck. Both of her arms came up and wrapped around his neck. She entangled her fingers in the golden locks of hair on his head. As his ministrations on her body became intense. He pumped her with his manly goodness. He increased the speed of his caresses to her clitoris. At the same time. Teasing one of her perky nipples. Her body had no choice but to have a body shuddering orgasm. Which took her breath. On hearing Fuyumi yell his name. He moaned her name as he pumped her rapidly to his satisfaction. After their romantic moment. They cleansed one another. And got ready for bed.

Fuyumi woke up after six hours of sleep. (around 7a.m.) She wanted more of what Tamaki gave her earlier. (around 1a.m ) This time Fuyumi initiated their intimate moment. He was sleeping peacefully. Fuyumi lifted the bed sheet that Tamaki is laying under. And flipped the sheet off of his lower body. Slid his member out of his underwear. She place her tongue on the sensitive part of the tip of his dick. Licking for a good while. Then sucking it. Tamaki opened his eyes.

Fuyumi: Good Mourning Tamaki.

Tamaki: Good Mourning. What do you think your doing?

Fuyumi: Waking you up.

Tamaki: Well you can wake me up like this every mourning if you want. Obviously you want something from me?

Fuyumi: I want to pleasure you. As your pleasuring me the same way I'm pleasuring you.

Tamaki: Take off your panties.

Fuyumi take off her panties. They take on the 69 position. Her tongue massages all of the tip of his penis. As she takes in most of his member. Moving in and out of her mouth. She shifts her hips back and forth. Enjoying the feel of Tamaki's tongue massaging her clitrois, as he rapidly teases it with the tip of his tongue. Tamaki is moaning. Fuyumi leg shook when Tamaki hit a certain nerve. She yell in ecstasy.

Fuyumi: Tamaki. Lay on your back.

Tamaki: What? (Breathing hard.)

Fuyumi: I want to ride your erection.

Fuyumi rode Tamaki like she was riding a mechanical bull. Tamaki knew she was staving for sex. But he didn't think she would go all out like that. As she was riding him like a mad women. He massaged the tips of both her nipples to highen her pleasure. She finally screamed "Tamaki" as she received a big wave of satisfaction. Tamaki's poor body could take no more of Fuyumi. She worked that ass like a machine. He had no choice but to come. He yelled out his pleasure abruptly. He had never had a lover love him like that. He felt like a fortunate man to have a wife with outstanding sex skills. He wondered if she going to unleash on him everytime. He's totally satisfied with Fuyumi.

Tamaki and Fuyumi enjoyed the rest of their honeymoon. Fuyumi conceive sometime during the course of their honeymoon. Tamaki graduated from Ouran High School Academy. He went to Japan University for four years and graduated with a bachelor's degree. Tamaki became superintendent at Ouran Academy. Tamaki and Fuyumi never made it to divorce court as Yoshio-sama predicted. After ten years,their happily married and they have four kids. 2 daughters and 2 sons.