Hope you enjoy! And, of course it's Dramione!

"DRACO ABRAXOUS LUCIUS MALFOY!" The Head Girl Hermione Granger screamed. She stormed into the great hall, her robes billowing out behind her, in a Professor Snape like fashion. Draco and his entire group of cronies looked up, along with half of the Gryffindor table.

"To what do I owe this great displeasure, Granger?" he asked smirking. How dare he! The little ferret… I'll wipe that grin off his slimy face.

"I told you I needed to talk to you. And when I woke up you'd already left. Care to explain why?" His smirk vanished for a minute, and then returned with another snaky comment.

"I really didn't see the point of getting my ear talked off by an annoying bookworm right after I had just woken up. But I'm sure you'd be very happy as to tell me now." Oh! I'm going to kill him. I swear to Merlin I'm going to kill him. And what better way then to kill him through humiliation.

"Wow Drake, what did you do, I've never seen the Muddie this mad." said Blaise Zabini. Oh this is gonna be good…

"Are you sure you want me to tell you in front of ALL your little pureblood fiends, sorry I mean friends." I was smirking at my little slip up. Nothing could be worse than his face when I tell him the news.

"Oh get on with it Mudblood. Drakie here doesn't want to breathe the same air as you longer than necessary, so would you just tell him and go shove off?" the Pug-Face Pansy Parkinson said. Oh her and "Drakie" were gonna hate me after this.

"Oh for crying out loud Granger, just get on with it. You could tell me this whatever it is in front of the whole school, I still wouldn't care." You're gonna pay for that one….

She conjured up a stool, and smirked at Malfoy. His smirk was completely wiped off his stupid face now. She stood up and shouted a spell to quite down the room.

"Attention Hogwarts, attention all houses. I, Hermione Jean Granger am a month and a half pregnant by the one and only, Draco Abraxous Lucius Malfoy!" The entire room gasped, and then the teachers looked at me like I'd grown an extra head.

"You lie Mudblood! Draco would never, not in a million years, ever, ever, sleep with YOU!" Pug-Face screamed. All the other Slytherins nodded in agreement, all coming to the aid of their precious prince's honor.

"Oh, you'd be surprised Parkinson. Draco and I have been in an incredibly happy relationship since Christmas. Sense it's now a week before school ends I'd say you can do the math. Just ask Draco if you think I'm lying." I looked down at my boyfriend and saw him glaring at me.

"Then why is it I was with him last Saturday at midnight in the Slytherin common room, instead of him being with you?" I grinned. She fell into her own games.

"Impossible Pug-Face. Him and I were up late chatting with his parents at the manor. Sorry to disapoint you, but that was your own dream." She looked up at me with shocked eyes, knowing I was right.

"So you finally come out and tell everyone huh Granger a week before school ends. What happened to your Gryfindor courage?" I looked down at Blaise, who was smirking close to one of Draco's but not nearly as hot.

"Really Zabini? You're really gonna play that card with me? I could be asking you the same question. But I won't." He and I shared a smile and then I turned toward…

"'Mione, it's not true is it?" This was Ronald's comment.

"No Ronald, it's true. And don't you start that 'but you and me are meant to be together crap' you and I both know your in a relationship with…" He's gonna kill me… "Seamus Finnigin. And while I'm revealing secrets, Luna! Didn't you and Harry just have your first night alone in the room of requirement?" She looked at me with twinkling eyes and a knowing smile. Harry looked like he was gonna die from embarrassment. I looked back to Ron.

"Don't be embarrassed Harry, Luna owns up to it, and you make such a sweet couple. And Ginny, you and Blaise are planning a wedding, isn't that true?" Ginny laughed and nodded at us. "See, I'm not the only one with a secret Ronald, all of us have them. Now, if you don't mind I have some unfinished business." I looked back to Draco.

"Are you trying to kill me Mia? You just admitted to the school that we've been going out. And my parents aprove. Don't see what's much worse…"

"You know you love it. And don't you have something to be excited about?" Had he missed the entire start of this conversation?

"Mia, you can't be pregnant. You haven't been showing any symptoms." I looked at him and smirked.

"Madam Pomfery has a way with spells Dray, as most witches are. She preformed the charm herself, and she knows an excellent potion that cuts out any morning sickness. Lovely, don't you think?" He stared in disbelief.

"You are?" Yes you nitwit I've said that twice.

"Yes Draco, you are going to be a father. And your mother is thrilled. Why do you think I insisted we visit?" And with the thought of his parents, he fainted on the floor. Well what else do you expect from a man who decided to leave a girl right after proposing? I leaned down and whispered,

"Yes I will." And with that, I left the now incredibly shocked great hall to go pack.