Draco was looking exceedingly annoyed this morning. It was probably from spending so much time in close quarters with the Mudblood. Every professor made them work together on assignments because "they are more advanced than the rest of you" poppy-cock. That muddie is syphoning magic from those of us with higher stature. It makes me sick to think about it.

Anyway, I'm sitting next to Drakie hugging his side. He might not look like it, but he does enjoy a physical connection, but since he started having to do things with GRANGER almost all of those with purer blood had limited themselves to this contact. I don't care. I would be contaminated just to spend time with Drakie.

I leaned a little bit closer and looked at my fellow Slytherins. Two of the fifth years looked like they'd been hit with a stinger or two. I'd find out about that later. Then Millie and Daph were fighting over a piece of "food" if you can call the lump of meat that. I sent Millie a kick to the shin to get them to stop. She sent a glare my way and continued her battle. I sighed and snuggled back into Drake's side.

So I've started planning out Draco's and mine's future! I'm so excited; my father's promised me the most exclusive contract that can be offered! The Malfoy hand! I can just picture it! Walking down the aisle in solid white dress robes, with enchanted cupids flying all around, or course they'd be transfigured house elves. Why waste my shopping money on tedious things that can be made up by the help? So I'll walk down the aisle and the minister will say…

"DRACO ABRAXOUS LUCIOUS MALFOY!" Well that's exactly what he'd say! But that's a bit of a feminine voice to be the minister… And also screech like. So who's calling my Drakie by his full name?

"To what do I owe this great displeasure, Granger?" Oh it's that stupid Mudblood! Ugh! How dare she ruin me planning my wedding to Drakie!

"I told you I needed to talk to you. And when I woke up you'd already left. Care to explain why?" Well of course. Who in their right mind would listen to a good for nothing little Mudblood?

"I really didn't see the point of getting my ear talked off by an annoying bookworm right after I had just woken up. But I'm sure you'd be very happy as to tell me now." Why do you care my precious Drakie? I'm trying to decide whether we should name our son Grimmauld Scorpius Abraxous Philisimus Gerald Herman Malfoy or Scorpius Lucius Draconis Philisimus Grimmauld Herman Gerald Malfoy…

"Wow Drake, what did you do, I've never seen the Muddie this mad." Blaise said. Thank you Blaise, finally someone else who wants the Mudblood gone. Muddie. I've never heard that term before. Good thinking to you Blaise.

"Are you sure you want me to tell you in front of ALL your little pureblood fiends, sorry I mean friends?" She was smirking. THAT'S DRAKIE'S SMIRK! Oh! She's siphoning Drakie's personality now too! The travesty! There must be a stop put to this!

"Oh get on with it Mudblood. Drakie here doesn't want to breathe the same air as you longer than necessary, so would you just tell him and go shove off?" Mudblood looked furious. Good. Maybe that will get her to GO AWAY!

"Oh for crying out loud Granger, just get on with it. You could tell me this whatever it is in front of the whole school, I still wouldn't care." Thank you Minister Malfoy, the all loving god of my life! For having the sense to get her to say whatever it is about patrols and then go away so I can have my quiet time with you.

I watched Granger conjure up a stool and silence everyone. I gave a snort and glared at her. Drakie's magic in the impure, unworthy veins. My heart breaks at just the thought of it!

"Attention Hogwarts, attention all houses. I, Hermione Jean Granger am a month and a half pregnant by the one and only, Draco Abraxous Lucius Malfoy!" I couldn't help the gasp of horror that escaped my mouth. Had Malfoy actually taken advantage of the Mudblood? Knocked her up? I couldn't believe it, it's completely ridiculous! He'd never stoop so low!

"You lie Mudblood! Draco would never, not in a million years, ever, ever, be with YOU!" I screamed. I couldn't believe my Drakie! At least use a spell or something if you're going to lower yourself! Malfoys do NOT ruin the line with fruit of the impure! That's the first thing we're taught by our nannies and he had to go and ruin everything! No… She did!

"Oh, you'd be surprised Parkinson. Draco and I have been in an incredibly happy relationship since Christmas. Since it's now a week before school ends I'd say you can do the math. Just ask Draco if you think I'm lying." Draco was glaring at her. Good. Whatever spell she'd put him under to make the Malfoy eligibility clause kick in must be malfunctioning! The use of Drakie's magic against its owner! It doesn't work like that, and neither does her story!

"Then why is it I was with him last Saturday at midnight in the Slytherin common room, instead of him being with you?" There. That may have happened while I was sleeping, but how was she supposed to know? They slept in different rooms for goodness sake!

"Impossible Pug-Face. He and I were up late chatting with his parents at the manor. Sorry to disappoint you, but that was your own dream." I was shocked. How the heck did she do that? Legilimens? That was illegal to use without consent of the receiver! The golden girl wouldn't tarnish her image like that…

"So you finally come out and tell everyone huh Granger? A week before school ends. What happened to your Gryffindor courage?" Blaise, why are you baiting a lion? You NEVER bait a lion…

"Really Zabini? You're really gonna play that card with me? I could be asking you the same question. But I won't." Blaise smiled and I knew there was something fishy going on. Italians don't just smile. Especially not Slytherin ones. They've got too good a poker face from years of practice.

"'Mione, it's not true is it?" Weasel commented. Well of course it's not! How could it be? It's Drakie and Mudblood! And we all know that Drakie is MINE!

"No Ronald, it's true. And don't you start that 'but you and me are meant to be together crap' you and I both know you're in a relationship with Seamus Finnegan. And while I'm revealing secrets, Luna! Didn't you and Harry just have your first night alone in the room of requirement?" Looney looked up and laughed. She laughs at everything. The nut job.

"Don't be embarrassed Harry, Luna owns up to it, and you make such a sweet couple. And Ginny, you and Blaise are planning a wedding, isn't that true?" I watched the weaselette smile and nod. I shot a look over to Blaise and he had a grin on his face. Blood traitor! Dirty rotten blood traitor! Unlike my Drakie!

"Are you trying to kill me Mia? You just admitted to the school that we've been going out. And my parents approve. Don't see what's much worse…" ADMITTED! And his PARENTS APPROVE?! But he's MINE! Daddy promised I could have him!

"You know you love it. And don't you have something to be excited about?" No, he doesn't, he has child finances to look over because what self-respecting nanny will lower herself to a bastard half-blood child?

"Mia, you can't be pregnant. You haven't been doing anything different." She smirked at him again. Oh this was making me sick. I listened to their fluttery banter before she walked out and my Drakie fainted. Then Ginny approached Blaise, Bumblebore left and everything in the great hall acted like nothing had happened.

"What is WRONG with all of you?" I shouted at the hall. Everyone turned around and starred at me. "A STUDENT is now PREGNANT and our staff isn't kicking her out? It's preposterous! And a GAY relationship! That's absolutely vile, disgusting and against nature! You are some of the SICKEST people I've ever met! And you Blaise! With a BLOOD TRAITOR! I would have never seen the day! And our scar-head 'hero' is with a freaking NUT JOB! Are you all insane! Have all of your brains turned to MUSH? Let's get one thing clear right now, DRACO MALFOY IS MINE! Not the Mudblood's. He's MINE. Anyone and I mean ANYONE who…" I kept talking but I couldn't hear any words. I looked around and saw the teacher's table.

"Pomfery, I believe Miss Parkinson has had quite the taxing morning, if you would please levitate her to the mental health room for observation that would be lovely." Professor Cat Head said. I felt my frozen body be lifted into the air and I was carried out. I'm not insane! I'M NOT INSANE! Then everything went black and I was riding off in a green, silver and black rainbow on a snake with my Drakie…

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