Ember Shi

"Oh my God, look at her! What was she thinking?" Ember heard the whispers of two of her classmates as she exited the school. What are they thinking? I'm not deaf for crying out loud! She thought as she clenched her jaw as well as her fists. She wouldn't hit them; no, it wasn't enough punishment for all the things they've said and done to her ever since she first met them. From age five to age seventeen, they had been torturing her; and they didn't even notice it! It's been thirteen years so far since I've met Zankokuna Kirai and Shitsureina Kirai; 'The Twins'. Ember snorted as she turned down her street, adjusting the strap of her black and red messenger bag on her right shoulder. More like 'The Twins Who Should Be In A Mental Hospital.' She thought to herself before sighing. Tomorrow would be worse, she just knew it. It had to be. Ember continued walking for a few more minutes, zoning out on the lifeless grey road in front of her, before something caught her attention. Something small and black was falling from the sky. Literally falling from the freaking sky! She was running before she even made up her mind. The black book, as it turned out to be, was lying on the asphalt. It was turned over, but as far as she could see it was a plain black notebook. Okay, a notebook. That's normal. What isn't normal was that it fell from the sky. She was having a hard time grasping the concept of a notebook falling from the sky. Ember bent down, picked up the small book and turned it over, imagining another human's name on the front cover. But life is full of unexpected twists, isn't it? Instead of a name of the owner, the name of the book was printed.

'Death Note'

"What the..." Ember started, staring dumbly at the book in her hands before shaking her head. "This has got to be some sort of a joke." Still, she found her fingers had a mind of their own and opened the black book. Can't hurt to see what written in it, if there's anything at all. Ember's own thoughts didn't reassure her as she now stared down at a black page full of white writing. Flipping through the next few pages, Ember found that they were also filled with the same white writing. She turned back to the first page as she sat down on the side of the street and shrugged off her messenger bag, letting it rest beside her. Ember took a deep breath before beginning to read.

Death Note

How to use it

•The human whose name is written in this note shall die.

•This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.

•If the cause of death is written within the next 40 seconds of writing the person's name, it will happen.

•If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack.

•After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

Ember closed the book; she didn't want to read any more. This is just a sick and twisted joke. Nobody has that kind of power... Ember's mind was in a panic, but she could still piece some things together. But... If someone did have this notebook, this power... Her train of thought died as she came to a new realization. Kira! Ember opened the book again, re-reading the forth rule. If Kira has this notebook, and didn't write down the cause of death for the criminals he killed, then that would mean they'd die of a heart attack- just like they did! Then again, that would mean there was more than one of these 'Death Notes'. It's strange though, how both of these books would end up in Japan... Ember snapped the book shut once again. What am I thinking? This can't be real; no matter how much it would make sense in some ways, it's completely illogical in others! She stood up, grabbing her bag with her hand that wasn't holding the book as she did. However, her fingers refused to unwrap themselves from the strange book, further proof that they had a mind of their own. But, if I leave it here, somebody else could find it. How many other people would see it the way I do? Ember sighed. I guess it couldn't hurt to take this thing with me. She thought, walking down to the middle of the street to her house. After digging through her bag, Ember pulled out a simply silver key and put it into the key hole, turning it left and back. She grasped the handle and turned. The door didn't budge.

"Oh yeah," Ember muttered to herself. "Backwards locks." She turned the key to the right this time, before turning the handle again, removing the key from the now opened door and walking into her house. "I'm home~." Ember called out in a sarcastically cheery tone, knowing no one was home. No one ever was. Her father, Uwaki Shi, had left her mother, Sankō Shi, when he'd found out she was pregnant with Ember. And Sankō was always busy at work, trying to give her daughter the life of a normal third year high school student at Daikoku Private Academy. [A.N/ ...of a normal 12th grade student at Daikoku Private Academy (Light Yagami's school.)] Ember dropped her bag at the foot of the stairs, making a mental note to bring it up to her room later so she could hide the Death Note, before walking through the kitchen and grabbing an apple on her way. She sat down at the dining room table to eat her apple, alone with her thoughts. Ember was not looking forward to tomorrow; the time in her life that would be here in, she looked down at her watch; 4:27pm, exactly twelve hours and forty-four minutes. She stood and threw out the core of the apple, grabbed her bag and walked up the stairs, entering her room. Ember quickly changed into a pair of pyjamas and got into her bed; she wasn't hungry. She'd had to force down the apple, not really wanting to eat knowing about tomorrow. Ember sighed for what seemed like and probably was the millionth time in her life, and rolled over onto her side, trying to get comfortable. It seemed like forever before she finally fell asleep.


Ember woke to 'First Kiss' by Aah!. [A.N/ Again, sorry, but I wanted to tell you guys that it is a real song in Japanese and it's really great.] Groaning, she rolled over to face her nightstand where her cell phone lay, playing her ringtone. Ember grabbed her phone and looked at the time. 4:11am, the exact time she was born eighteen years ago. She flipped open her phone and read the new text message.


Happy birthday, sweet heart! Congratulations on being eighteen years old! I can't believe how grown up you're getting to be! I'll pick up a cake on my way home from work tomorrow, so you'll see me around 10pm or 10:30pm. See you then!



Ember groaned again. Did she have to text at the exact time I was born? Couldn't she have waited until morning? None the less, Ember replied;

'Kay, thanks mom. Love you to. See you tomorrow evening.


After flipping her cell phone shut, Ember placed it back on the nightstand before rolling onto her back, one knee bent up underneath the blanket. She was wide awake and thinking.

Fourteen years of torture and counting.