Ember Shi

"Hey, Ember," Ember's body froze solid as she heard the annoyingly high pitched voice. Not as high as the speaker's sister, but still annoying. "Today's your birthday, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is." Ember managed to force out those three short and simple words as she turned around to face Shitsureina Kirai, her sister, and the rest of their group.

"Congrats! How old are you now, sixteen?" Zankokuna mocked in a voice higher than Ember had ever heard.

"Eighteen, actually. Not that I have to answer." Ember replied, unfazed and standing with her arms crossed across her chest.

"Oh, really? You don't look eighteen. Sixteen is a stretch, really." Shitsureina said calmly, before bursting out in a laughter that her sister and then the entire group joined in. Ember couldn't get in a word before the sauntered down the hall, still laughing and causing a scene. Her blood boiled beneath her slightly tanned skin, uncontrolled anger racing around in her mind. And because of that; Ember did something she never thought she'd do in her life.

She pulled the Death Note out of her bag, along with a pen.

If it doesn't work; oh well. There's no better time to test this thing than now. Ember thought, pulling the cap off the ballpoint pen with her teeth and keeping there. Putting the tip of the pen to the lined white paper of the black book, she began to write.

トクニカトナスイニミチ ノニスチニ

Shitsureina Kirai

She imagined Shitsureina's face. Blonde hair, green eyes, pink lips, and fair skin. Ember didn't write the cause of death; if she was just testing the Death Note, there was no point to writing more for nothing. She looked down to check her watch. 9:08 . 21, 22, 23. Ember looked up and closed her eyes, continuing the counting in her head. 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30… With the stream of numbers in her head, the clock on the wall across from her was ticking along, creating a simple rhythm. Ember's eyes snapped open nine seconds later, at 9:09.

"One," She said aloud. Nothing happened. Ember laughed softly. "I knew it. This piece of junk is just a fake." Those words were logical, until she heard a scream ring through the halls. Ember froze, much like she had when Shitsureina first talked to her this morning. It couldn't be… it's impossible…. She thought, but she was still running to the source of the scream. When she turned the corner, it felt like all the blood drained from her body. There, on floor, lay Shitsureina Kirai. The girls were wide open it what seemed like fear, as was her mouth. Green eyes were staring lifelessly ahead, glossy pink lips parted in a silent scream. Zankokuna screamed again, her body shaking like a private earthquake had struck her. The mix of blondes, brunettes, and raven haired girls stood frozen in shock as they watched their friend fall to her knees beside her sister's body. Zankokuna was crying steadily now, and it wasn't long until a teacher rushed into the hall, stepping into the scene.

"What happened here?" Mr. Otaku, the mathematics teacher, asked after taking one look at Shitsureina.

"I-I don't know," Zankokuna chocked out. "All of the sudden, she just… she just froze a-and dropped to the ground!" The blonde girl began to cry harder.

"Ember," Mr. Otaku said, catching the said girls' attention. "Give me your phone and take Zankokuna to the nurse."

"Of course," Ember replied, handing him her cell phone from my bag, careful not to move the Death Note that was hidden. "Come one, Zankokuna." She grasped the crying girl's hand, pulling her to her feet. Since Zankokuna couldn't stand on her own, Ember pulled the girl's arm over her shoulders, letting Zankokuna lean heavily on her.


"Good gracious!" The startled nurse cried once she saw the state that Zankokuna was in. "What happened to her?"

"Her sister, Shitsureina, dropped to the floor when they were walking to class." Ember answered the nurse, before covering the crying and shaking girls' ears. "I don't think that Mr. Otaku found a pulse." She finished in a whisper.

"Oh, poor thing. Thank you, Ember, for taking her here. I'll give her some medicine. You're free to leave now." I nurse told Ember, taken Zankokuna's hand out of Ember's and removing her arm from around the red-head's shoulders. [A.N/ In case you didn't get it, Ember has red-orange hair.] Ember did as she was suggested to do, before walking back to the scene of the 'crime'. Mr. Otaku was still there, talking with The Twins friends, who were now crying.

"Mr. Otaku, what's going on? Will Shitsureina be okay?" Ember asked, or lied, seeing as she knew what happened. The Death Note was real. There was no mistaking it now.

"Well, as I was telling these girls, Shitsureina's body had no pulse." Mr. Otaku took a deep breath before continuing. "I'm afraid she has passed onto the afterlife." Ember rolled her eyes mentally. 'Afterlife'. Yeah right! There's no such thing as Heaven or Hell.

"O-oh," Ember forced a stutter, making tears come to her eyes. She had gotten pretty good at holding in her tears, so when she needing them, they always came. "R-really?" Mr. Otaku just nodded, before handing Ember her phone back.

"I've called the police. I was going to call an ambulance, but I saw no point. It's strange how she just dropped," He cut off, looking to The Twin's group of friends. "Dead."

"Yes, it's quite unusual." Ember said calmly, as she stopped her eyes from widening. He called the police, great. I'm so dead! She thought. But, wait. I didn't touch her; the Death Note caused her death. I just wrote her name. The Death Note is the only evidence the police will have to say that I killed her. As long as they don't find the notebook, I'm safe.

"Classes are cancelled for today, Miss Shi. You should go home for the day and rest." Mr. Otaku told Ember, before walking down the hallway to the office to; no doubt, make an announcement about the cancelled classes.

Ember turned around and walked out the school doors, setting off for her house.