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She was crying as she drove. Fat and ugly tears ran down her face. She was just driving – to get away from it all. Her heart throbbed. It felt like a knife to her chest with every sob that escaped her throat. The pain was almost too much for her to bear. Her stupid boyfriend was the reason for her agony and yet she couldn't bring herself to hate him. Angela wanted to hate him so desperately that she could taste it in her mouth. She wanted to be able to yell and scream at him and curse him to Hell a thousand times over for actually doing what he did to her to actually end their relationship. This was no way to break it to her. At the same time, she wanted him back, because as much as Angela hated hurting like this she hated missing him even more, even though she had just found out what he had done, behind her back no less.

'Even if he did cheat…' she thought bitterly, 'Even though I'll never see him again and I just can't hate him. I hate that I can't hate him!' Her entire world had revolved around him. He had helped her cold and pitiless world become something better. Her outlook on everything had changed. And now it had changed again. She had no idea exactly when her once icy cold world, turned into a tropically warm paradise. But now, it had fallen victim to an ice storm. It was all his fault and the worst things was that she knew that there was no one else to blame but herself. She should have seen the signs but she was too blinded by love to do anything else but fall so head over heels for him she saw nothing else but the good things.

It had been their one year anniversary. It was supposed to be the happiest day of the year, aside from birthdays and other seemingly meaningless holidays. She was going to surprise him by taking him out to dinner since he always took her out, granted, she had used his name to get the reservation but she was sure he wouldn't mind. He had been working on a huge project and had little to no time to see her as of late. So she thought she would treat him for once. She had gone to his mansion. His brother had let her in but she had been so caught up in her how she was going to surprise her boyfriend that she had missed the apprehensive look on the boy's face. She might have saved herself the heartache if she had just asked him what was going on and what had him so worried. She now wished that she had asked.

She had gone upstairs with a bounce in her step and a smile on her face. She traveled down the hallways with perfect ease. She traced down the halls, smiling at the pictures that hung on the walls. Her boyfriend never really was a photogenic man, or so he claimed, but she thought he looked good in pictures. She just assumed it was because he was camera shy and he disliked being chased by the paparazzi but she had to admit, when he wanted a picture taken he at least looked really good in having it taken of him or of his target. He could have been a photographer if he wanted to but he had his heart set on his company. She dimly recalled stopping outside his room, outside his door. She opened the door – never before needing a reason to knock before she entered.


Now she wished that she had reason to knock before ever entering his room. The sight before her froze her very innards. For a few moments, Angela was at a complete loss as to what to do. Her mind had shut down and she was left floundering. There was a disgusting, stinging feeling in the back of her throat, and it felt like she was going to throw up. Her heart skipped a beat. She watched as her boyfriend made out with another woman. She gasped in pain. Her hand clutched the door knob even tighter. It was going to leave an imprint on her hand for later but she couldn't even bring herself to focus on that detail. Instantly the kissing couple broke apart. The woman giggled slightly. She clung to Seto's arm despite the fact that he tried to shrug her off. She felt tears well up in her eyes as she stared at him. She didn't say a word to him.

"Angela…" he breathed, "Its not-"

"It's not what, Seto?" she asked.

She hated how her voice that suggested she was either going to suddenly burst out laughing hysterically or to start crying. What made it worse was that she wasn't sure which she was going to do. She didn't wan to do either, or at least show either of them to the CEO. He would only see it as a sign of weakness and she hated weakness just as much as he did. So she tried to back her words up she glared at him as coldly as she could manage. Angela was angry. Seto knew that all too well and yet he did nothing. She felt like the world couldn't care less about her and she was the only one who would fight for herself.


Seto stepped towards her. Angela stepped away but he kept walking closer and closer to her. In a whirlwind of suffocating emotions her mind was clouded. She drew her hand back and let her fist fly. The next thing she knew was that he was on the ground clutching his jaw. He stared at her with widen blue eyes as the girl he had been kissing screamed something about assault but Angela didn't hear a word of it. All she did was stare at Seto Kaiba without saying a single word. She simply couldn't so she wouldn't say anything out of fear of saying something that really shouldn't have been said as she normally did when she was angry.

She had given him the most important part of herself – her heart – and he had tossed it aside like yesterday's garbage. She didn't understand. He had said that he loved her, that he cared for her. She had always been there for him, just as he had always been there for her. She swallowed hard, trying to keep the lump of emotion out of her throat. Her throat burned as she struggled to swallow the bitter emotions. She didn't want him to do such a cruel thing. She frowned and tried to rein in the overwhelming emotions she felt dancing around in her heart. It was almost too much to bear. Her breaths were becoming shaky as they left her trembling lips. She was very close to hyperventilating. The last thing she wanted to have happen was to have him call a hospital for her.

She wanted an explanation. She deserved an explanation. He should have realized that his actions not only affected him but her as well. They had been together for over a year. They depended on one another. She could hardly imagine doing something without him. He should have realized that by now and yet here he stood yanking the last firm anchor out from beneath her feet. He knew she had nothing left to hold onto anymore. He was the last thing that kept her happy anymore, aside from the few friends in her college classes but even they weren't enough to provide complete and utter happiness that she felt around Seto. He had helped her through her rough patch and stopped her from taking her own life when he should have been focusing on other things, like the upcoming Dueling Tournaments and Kaiba Land openings that he had been looking forward to. He tried to act nonchalant about being around her and helping her out, though he never really helped anyone except for himself.

There were only two people in his life that others kept telling her he cared about – himself and Mokuba – no one else. Yet, he helped her heal the wounds of her heart, while she fell in love with him. He had fallen for her too, or at least that's what he kept telling her. She recalled from childhood that she used to refer to crying as being soul sick, that it was the sadness attacking the heart and making it weep and ache with pain that she hated. She tried hard not to laugh bitterly as she bit back a sob. She was not only soul sick, she was confused and sad and angry all at once in such a whirlwind of despairing fury that she thought she'd spontaneously combust. She wouldn't have minded, at least then she'd be free. She had felt like exploding. Suddenly wanting to escape this stifling nightmare of sallow walls and shadowy callous specters, Angela fled down the steps blindly. She hopped into her car the moment she left the mansion, nearly plowing down Mokuba as she ran. She wanted nothing more than to just forget everything she saw.

She hoped it was just a bad dream but she knew it was real. She knew that she was awake. Yet there were times where she wanted to drown out everything around her and became a blank slate, incapable of feeling any emotional pain, particularly at that one moment as she watched Kaiba from her rear view mirror. He stood in the doorway of his mansion, watching her drive off. A heart was a very heavy burden. Sometimes she didn't want to bear it. She was withdrawing so deeply into herself that everything melted away and it felt as if there were no other people in the world. She had been lost in thought but about what was a mystery that no one had solved yet. It seemed that no one intended to find out. She was on her own, drowning in the oceans of her misery without any sign of the shore.

She swallowed hard. The tears were almost too painful to keep back and each breath brought pain to her chest. Breathing was becoming hard. She felt like she was going to start hyperventilating at any moment. She had to get away, no matter what she had to do or where she had to go in order to do so. She couldn't stay in Domino. The need to escape was simply too much for her to deny. She simply hated the way her heart was bleeding. She felt like she was suffocating. She heard her phone go off. Numbly she reached for it, despite the fact her parents had instilled into her that talking on the phone and driving at the same time was a bad idea. She looked at the caller id. It was her best friend Jasmine. She would have smiled, had she been called under better circumstances. Slowly she raised the phone to her ear, ready to talk.


Jasmine was her best friend from middle school. They had met on the first day of classes and had been inseparable since. Granted, now that they were older they had gone to different colleges, mostly because of interests they held, Jasmine going to Domino University and Angela heading to Domino Academy of Performing Arts. But if there was ever to be one thing Angela knew would never change it would be that Jasmine was there for her when no one else was, or ever would be. It was only fitting that she call when Angela needed her most. Jasmine was always the first person Angela went to when she had a problem. Now would be no different.

Jasmine was a free spirit, someone who was not meant to be caged, even if it was for her own protection. Someone like her, withered behind bars, no matter how lavishly the cages are decorated or how loving they are erected. If Angela had to list the most noticeable trait about Jasmine she would automatically respond with her eyes. She found that whenever she looked into Jasmine's eyes she found something that seemed as if they could read the hearts of other people, inside and out, and gauge their intentions. A lot of people had a hard time even meeting her eyes because they would see something in those eyes, an ability to read people that could only come through years of experience, and an unnatural maturity that should not exist in someone so young.

"Ang?" Jasmine asked, "What's going on? Where are you?"

"I… he…"

Jasmine knew something was wrong within the instant that Angela spoke with the way that she couldn't gather words and the pure misery that just jabbed through her voice no matter how much Angela tried to hide it from her. Angela didn't need to be right next to the girl to know that her heart was going out to her. Angela bowed her head. Seto had cheated on her when he knew she had been in that position before. It hurt to know that everything she held dear, everything she thought was the truth was nothing but a lie. To know that Seto used her that way hurt her beyond anything he had ever said or done before. She wanted to sob but she held her breath so that she didn't. She didn't need to worry Jasmine any more than she had to. She thought he loved her. She had thought a lot of things, only to be proven wrong.

"Do you want me to come to you?" Jasmine asked, "Or do you want to come to my house?"

She felt herself nodding, even though Jasmine couldn't see the gesture because she was on the other side of the phone but she knew that Jasmine understood her better than anyone else in her life had, at least as far as friends went. She had been cheated on before. Granted, Seto always hid his feelings from everyone – including Mokuba. But just because he wasn't overly affectionate it didn't mean his betrayal of her trust didn't sting any less. She had cared for him with all her heart. If he had asked her to jump of a bridge she was positive she would have done it, just to see him smile. With her last break up Jasmine was the one to help walk her through it, along with their other friends. She wondered if she could take advantage of the offer, but she was more than positive that Jasmine had plans that night.


She hiccupped as she tried to steady herself but her heart was still sending her reeling. Then she started wiping away tears as she cradled the phone against her shoulder. Her other hand was kept firmly on the wheel, as not to crash as she was driving. It would put an even worse damper on her day, plus she really didn't want to end up in the hospital for crashing. Seto would never let her forget it if she had gotten into an accident right after seeing him with another woman but that would probably give her all she needed to deck him as hard as she could. She sniffed loudly. In the background of Jasmine's phone she could hear someone else talking, loudly and quickly. It was a guy. If Jasmine had a date Angela didn't want to interrupt. If she couldn't be happy then there was no reason as to why Jasmine shouldn't have been either.

"Come over, Ang. I want to help you."

Angela sniffed again. The tears hadn't stopped raining down her cheeks and she was surprised she had remained so level-headed since she was already crying but she knew she was one step from hysteria. Anything would set her off. The slightest memory could send her into a wave of broken tears and heartache. This pain would leave her broken and aching in its wake. She didn't want to sob as she drove. She licked her lips because they had gotten dry, ironic considering how wet her face felt, really. It wouldn't be safe – not for her or for the others on the road. Her hysteria would get her sued in court for crashing into someone. Her insurance was good, just not great. Her insurance wasn't like Seto's that could cover everything and then some.

"Please, Ang. I wasn't planning on going anywhere tonight."