It wasn't even a week later when she saw Kaiba once again. This time he was without his other girlfriend in the streets, as if they weren't even together to being with. Their year long relationship meant nothing apparently. Tears prickled in her eyes. Kaiba kissed the woman on the cheek before allowing her to step into a limo that had pulled up. Angela recognized Roland in the front of the limo. She swallowed thickly as she caught sight of the boy. Mokuba was sitting in the back of the limo, judging by the music that she could hear wafting through a cracked window. Angela tried to walk away as quickly as she could but as fate would have it, she did not get far without getting caught. Kaiba barely noticed that he bumped right into her until she looked up at him, trying her best not to start crying again. He had to be so cruel, didn't he?

"Oh… Angela…" he muttered.

"Can… Can we talk?"

Kaiba nodded. He took her by her forearm and led her to a small coffee shop. He ordered her favorite from that particular shop, knowing what she preferred and what she didn't. At least he could get something right. She looked out the window. The limo wasn't pulling away without Kaiba. Angela looked up at him. He hadn't intended on a very long conversation with her. The fact he wasn't going to talk for long made her feel like scum. She wasn't even worth his time of the day. He wanted to cut her out of his life as quickly as he could. She felt a stabbing ache in her chest. Her hand gripped the cup that Kaiba had given her tightly. If she squeezed any tighter she would make the cup burst and the hot coffee would slop all over the table, creating a much undesired mess. Angela wouldn't want to deal with the mess, nor the burns her hand would receive. Kaiba probably already thought that she was over thinking it and that she should just let go already.

"You weren't supposed to find out about this… I was going to break it off."

Angela cringed. That was Kaiba, short, swift and to the point, no matter how painful it was for her. And honestly what did she expect from the practically emotionally detached CEO? Some flowery apology or denial about what she had seen, 'I would never do that? I care only about you? I'm the only one for you? You are the only one for me? You are everything to me? You mean the world? You are my life?' She gripped her cup almost to the point of making the Styrofoam crack. Jasmine was not one to cave into using such meaningful words easily but those words could easily win Angela back over again because they were precisely what she wanted to hear. People took those words highly for granted these days, and Jasmine loathed that fact with a passion. Why ever say 'forever' when people could abandon you for someone else just because of something silly? They had no idea how long an 'eternity' was and while Angela admitted that she still ached.

"So this is it, then?" she asked.

Kaiba got to his feet. She stared at him with watery eyes. Honestly, she was doing her best not to cry again. But this was painful. It honestly felt like he had taken a knife to her heart and gouged it out and was currently squeezing it for all his worth because truly it felt like there was a vice over her pounding heart. He paused for a moment, considering whether or not to wipe the forming tears away or to give her a napkin or something to at least cry into so that she could hide her face but then that would be a form of still caring for her. He was leaving her for a reason. He was in love with someone else. She just wasn't the right one for him but he just didn't get to tell her before she found out about it. He sighed deeply. This is why Mokuba thought he was 'emotionally retarded' and mentioned it almost daily.

"That's all you have to say?" she demanded.

"This is all I need to say."

Anger flashed on her face. She was gripping the cup tightly in her hands. The cup was going to break if she wasn't careful but she didn't care. She was just so livid that she wanted to just beat his face in and keep going until he was practically unable to move. However, that would put out a warrant for her arrest and as good of a friend that Jasmine was, Angela doubted that she would pay bail for her assault charges against a multimillionaire, no matter how much he deserved being beaten. Sure, Jasmine might have done something underhanded and mean to the man but her sorts of 'attacks' were the psychological warfare kind, the kind that left no marks aside from the person's change in personality after she was done. She couldn't get in trouble for that. Jasmine had once shoved a man into a pool for breaking up with her and then claiming to have gotten together with one of Angela's other friends the next day, saying he was glad the two were no longer dating.

"No it isn't!" she growled.

"I realize that I wronged you-"

"Wronged me?" Angela asked, brokenly, "You think you merely 'wronged me?'"

Kaiba could see the fire burning in her eyes and it made him shift anxiously in his seat. He had seen that anger on her several times before but never directed at him. It was normally reserved only for people who had hurt her and broken all trust she had or would ever have in them. It made him feel like scum. The distain and the anger were hard to hide in her burning, smoldering gaze. He was reminded of his other girlfriend and for a moment as he gazed at her he could almost see his girlfriend standing behind her, yelling those words as well, moving and gesturing as she did, mirroring his former girlfriend. He could see the similarities the two shared but they were two different people. In the end he had fallen for the other woman. He was just a coward and didn't tell Angela. She was better than that, she deserved better than that after everything they had been through. Guilt plucked at him but being the stoic business man he was he was able to bury the emotion deeply so that no one would ever find how he felt.

"One year!" she screamed, "One year I wasted on you! Not a day went by when I didn't do something for you!"

Kaiba couldn't meet her gaze. She glowered at him before sighing. She released her hold on her cup. It had cracked slightly. Coffee was leaking out of the tiny slit and onto the table. Wearily she grabbed a napkin and dabbed at it, staining the white surface of the napkin almost instantly. She sighed, as if she were in the middle of a frustrating conversation with a child, a tone he had noticed that she took quite often when she was talking with him. Sure, sometimes he did things differently from other people however that was no reason to constantly tell him he was wrong. However, she was kind, patient, and affectionate. She was the same way to Mokuba. But no matter how he looks at it, he never truly loved her. She was more like a sister, he never had or a good friend. Now he went and blew it.

"Why? Why would you do something like this?" Angela asked, hurt, "I loved you…"

Angela was now shaking as she looked at Kaiba. He could tell herself restraint was waning and that she longed to punch him as hard as she could muster. He knew she had not held herself back in the past. Once she had punched Bandit Keith but that was because the man was trying to get her drunk enough to tell him the weakness to Kaiba's deck, as if she knew in the first place, but she had still had a little to drink when she did hit him. She stepped back away from him so she didn't do that, regaining some sort of self-control. She ran a hand through her hair, trying to keep herself from crying once more. She had shed enough tears in the past few days to last her a lifetime. She was tired of shedding tears for the man who obviously didn't care whether she cried for him or not. She was tired of him and she was tired of being tired. Given time, one day she might just grow to forgive him but it would take a lot of time for her. She was head over heels for him.

"Couldn't you have told m-?"


He started to walk away from her, as if their conversation were over. She didn't say it was over just yet. Anger boiled under her skin at being snuffed by the aloof man. There were moments in time where a woman lost her temper. It didn't matter how sweet she may be, how kind, polite, loving, and patient, it was going to happen. It was just the way the world worked. And unfortunately, many of these times were caused by a man, typically one without any intent to do so. This was one of those moments. Angela was past the point of no return. Kaiba had pushed her to that point and naturally, because he had caused the anger, he would have to deal with the anger one way or another and whether he wanted to or not. He should have known that she was at her limit. He had seen her get angry enough over the year they were together.


Kaiba froze in his tracks. To her relief she had kept her voice as flat and steady as she could manage. There was no anger. There was no hate. They would only overwhelm him and leave her standing on the edge of what she truly felt: betrayed, frightened, despairing and alone. He turned around. She got to her feet and walked up to him. Before he could react she punched him in the face. The coffee shop fell silent as he fell to the floor but Angela felt like a weight had been removed from her chest. However, the anger still lingered as she marched sharply out of the shop. Let Kaiba press charges if he felt like it. The double-crossing jerk would just have to deal with the media because he got beaten up by a woman. That would really insult his manhood. The media would never let him live it down, plus, men would make several jokes about him. She knew. She had seen the tabloids absolutely destroy people before. She never thought anyone deserved that kind of treatment but in Kaiba's case she would throw him to the dogs if he tried to mess with her. She had enough dirt on him from dating to make the tabloids very happy.

In her rage she stomped around town, scaring many a good person out of her way. People had taken to avoiding her like the plague, fearing that she would lash out at them and tear them limb-from-limb. However, someone started to call her name. She huffed and spun around, prepared to hit them too, but she froze. It as the blond – the one at one of Jasmine's movie nights – the same man who sat with her on the couch and made her eat and drink despite the fact she felt like she was going to be sick, but honestly the food and drink did her good that night. It helped clear her mind just a little bit. It made sure she didn't go and do something stupid. Not that Jasmine would have let her do anything stupid but the thought still remained. Through her junk food, movie watching stupor she slowly started to realize it wasn't her fault that Kaiba was a heartless dirty cheat. She wasn't the one who cheated.

"I saw dat you punched, moneybags," a blond said, "Dat was one hell of a breakup and an even better left hook!"

"A word of advice, forget relationships, they're nothing but a waste of time and tears."

"Ya shouldn't deny your heart like dis," Joey countered.

Angela snorted in contempt. Joey gave her a saddened look. He wouldn't have been the least bit surprised if she cried herself to sleep at nights when there was no one around to see the liquid pain and utter remorse running down her face. He was tempted to take her hand and hug her, the way his mom used to before his parents divorced. It always helped Serenity when she was depressed. He just wanted to tell her that it wouldn't always be so bad. But she was heartbroken, a shattered remnant of whom she used to be because her mind was clouded with just how low it was that Kaiba cheated. He might have actually have liked to have met that girl before she was locked away in the deep recesses of Angela's heart but now all that remained was the standoffish and angry girl before him. She glowered at him as he just stood there. He just wouldn't leave her alone no matter how much she glared at him.

"Back off!"

Something about the way she'd said that, with the acidic hatred in her voice, left Joey without a reply. He swallowed. He shifted in his spot on the street, just three feet away from her. He even rubbed the back of his neck and yet he still didn't leave. Angela bowed her head, trying to keep the tears out of her eyes. She didn't want Joey to see her cry. Joey frowned. She was standing up, but she was recoiling because something he had said hurt her. Her expression was unreadable. Joey couldn't tell what she was thinking. Emotions kept flickering through her eyes so fast that he couldn't tell where which one started and where another ended. He swallowed nervously and tried to think of something to say to her to make it alright but all words escaped his thoughts. He didn't really know what to say to her and nothing would have made it okay. It was just the way things were. Nothing was okay but nothing was wrong either.

"Ya can't be so practical about everythin', Ang," Joey commented.

"Just watch me," Angela snarled.

Joey just smiled at her. She inhaled shakily as she tried to maintain her composure but she hadn't felt this frustrated in her entire life. He lifted her head so that he could look at her once she had her nerve back but her lack of nerve seemed to pass her almost laughing, in fact, it probably waved to her as it passed by in a mocking gesture that just screamed 'fuck you'. Angela looked away from his eyes. She felt a little uncomfortable under Joey's gaze. His eyes seemed to bore into her and she felt like he could see right into her two-faced soul. He could see the quite real Angela that wanted nothing more than to be with those that she loved but she was too afraid to let others in out of fear that they would get hurt. He could also see the distanced and emotionally detached front that she put up to keep others out. She knew that he could definitely tell the difference between the two women, the one she was and the one she pretended to be. That, for some reason, scared her to death. She wanted to make him look away from her.

"You let me call ya Ang…" he said, happily.

Angela sneered at him. She wanted to clock him. But she had already punched one person too many. In fact, she wouldn't be surprised if Kaiba's hit wasn't in the papers tomorrow. She would have fan girls coming after her to seek a bloody vengeance. She shook her head to clear the thoughts away. To her, Joey was the most complex minds she had ever had the pleasure, or displeasure, to have met. Unpredictable, sometimes unreliable and irrational - but Lord, if he was dedicated to a cause, then he would fight for it. He disliked depending on others too much but he also hated people who tried to do everything on their own, and by everything he meant everything. They had to realize that they weren't superman or some other super hero and they couldn't do everything they put their mind to just because they believed they could do it.

"A brat like you really gets on my nerves! You're totally clueless!" Angela screamed, "You have no idea…"

Angela bowed her head, trying to keep the tears out of her eyes. She didn't want Joey to see her cry. He could see his Angela's turmoil, her pain, sorrow, and regret, but it was all pushed behind a stoic mask of uncaring. But he wanted a reaction, a sign that Angela was still Angela. He wanted to see some of his friend's friend back. The girl hadn't been anything like the person Jasmine told them about at all. In fact, Angela was acting like Kaiba of all people. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He just met her, yes. She was kind of pretty. She was a good friend of Yugi's friend. But she just got out of a relationship with Kaiba no less. But she was also someone who had her heart crushed completely by someone that she thought she could trust. It had to be very hard, Joey realized as he watched her. She was unable to keep away the sting of her tears, the trembling, and unable to preventing the lump inside her throat that formed no matter how much she swallowed to make it dissolve.

"You have no idea…" she repeated but then even softer she said, "What is truly precious…"

"Then show me!" Joey insisted.

She blinked, staring at him owlishly. This statement had visibly caught Angela off-guard. She let her hand drop to her sides, though she had no idea what she was reaching for in the first place. She stepped back, narrowly missing collision with a passing mother with her children. Angela's mouth curved into the shape of an 'o' and she attempted a reply, but found she had no words as Joey smiled at her. Angela twitched at the way he had said it, in a way so definite, so genuine, that it sounded as if he had decided that he could just order her around right then and there, simply because he could. She felt her face grow hot at the sudden and unthinking words he just spluttered out. She didn't even know what to say to him. Her mind was still trying to process how they had even gotten there in the first place. Took a walk. Check. Ran into Kaiba. Check. Spoke with Kaiba. Check. Punched Kaiba. Check. Ran into Joey. Check. Started to talk to Joey. Check.


She looked over to the right, trying to cover her embarrassment. Her hair made a good veil for her burning pink face. Joey's smile gained a mischievous edge. It was then that she noticed something about him. He always seemed to speak with the slightest tremble in his voice—perhaps from excitement or nervousness. Perhaps simply with the pent-up energy of youth that he never seemed to be rid of. Joey was just happy all the time it seemed, even when she was yelling at him he had yet to lose that stupid obnoxious smile of his. She was bitter about what happened to her and she was letting it affect the rest of her life. She had to snap out of it. Kaiba was most certainly not worth ruining her life over and if he moved on so should she. She was worth more than what Kaiba had given her. She was a better person than how he treated her. But it wasn't the first time she had thought this, however it was driven home by Joey's happy-go-lucky persona.

"Show me what is truly precious then…" Joey ordered, "We can go to this burger joint I know…"

"Are you asking me out?" Angela asked.

Joey frowned, considering it. She stood there, waiting for his response. She knew that going out with someone new – as friends alone – would be good for her. She wasn't ready for a relationship, but who knew? Things always had a strange way of happening for a reason. Perhaps it was better that she and Kaiba didn't work out. Who cares if she spent time with another person after she just broke up? It wasn't her problem anymore. She didn't have to care about the media haunting her every step anymore. They wouldn't care about her until Kaiba reported that he was seeing someone else or they caught him with the other girl. She was free from having to look perfect, act perfectly, speak, dress, eat, or do anything with the word perfect. The idea hit her as quickly as a train, so she just stood there, waiting with Joey as the crowds pushed by them, never once getting in their way or stepping between theme.

"Are you going to hurt me?" Joey asked.

She wondered why she would but then she remembered how she hit Kaiba. He had deserved that though. Joey was annoying but he hadn't done anything that deserved being hit for. However, Joey had seen her hit him. A lot of people probably saw her hit Kaiba. It was going to be in the paper tomorrow, but then the media would leave her alone. Honestly, she didn't care. Scandals were what sold papers, not good charity, sweet acts of kindness. People loved hearing how in the news they would say 'good morning/afternoon/evening' and then saying why it wasn't because it meant that at least they weren't suffering like the person in the news, they could say at least 'I'm better off than that guy' is or even was in the case of murders. But it only spread darkness and corruption in the hearts of men.


"Then yes," Joey confirmed, "I'm definitely asking you out. But only as friends…"

She nodded. She could deal with that.

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