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As we all know, Eric does have another child, one that is barely talked about in the books. Well, I am changing that today and bringing this character out from the dark and into the light to play with.

In my one other story, I have added a friend into the mix with her own character. I loved the idea of the look of this vampire woman from my story Fairytale and decided to bring her over from that story in a new plot. It is pretty much a new character and the star of this story.

So this is dedication to Fairyblood from Fangreaders. The character I made for you, Fairy, is an awesome kickass vampire and I decided to give her a new setting and plot. I think you will like this one better anyway. ;)

I hope everyone enjoys this story as I write it. It is going to be a slow process and not immediately will this new character and Eric be together. I haven't made it that far down in the story yet for me to get there. I just wanted to point that out to you all now. You will see come next chapter where everything is at this point.

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Life has meaning, life is important. It doesn't matter how you live your life, or what you are, or even how you get by. Your life may suck, but you should want to live to see tomorrow.

Sayings and quotes upon top of poems, top of rhymes, meanings, and phrases. You can search the world's archives on every meaning, definition of every word there is in existence and right now I am stuck on the word 'life.'

What does life mean? Well, one definition for life is: 'Living things and their activity'. I could laugh at that, because I am neither alive nor living. I am dead, more dead than a door nail, yet still able to walk the earth. One word…vampirism. Yeah, that's right; everyone knows what vampires are. We have recently come out of the coffin so to speak and are walking among the living, getting jobs, owning our own businesses…pretty much taking over society and changing it into something new.

Okay, I am really getting of subject. Life…that is a big one for me. Most people ask questions like, where do you come from? How old are you? Where did you grow up? What do you do in life? How did you make it to where you are today? Okay, I can work with those questions.

To start, I am originally from Paris, France…'Ville de l'amour', or whatever. I grew up there all of my life until I turned twenty two and then my life changed forever, but we will get to that part of the story in just a little bit. How old am I? This is a big one, like chin drops to the floor big. Okay, ready? I am just slightly over seven hundred years old. Yeah, I am an old one, huh?

What do I do in life? Well, I don't have an occupation per se. I travel the world mostly, sampling different traits and cultures with people of the night. Simple and vague all at the same time, that is how I roll.

The last and final question...How did you make it to where you are today? There are a lot of scars down that path, ones that are hard for me to remember, but I will give it a shot and see where it goes.

Let me take you back to when I was made into what I am today. It is the easiest way that I know of to tell you what I am and how I got here.

The streets of Paris were much different than they are today. The air was cleaner, the landscape was more vibrant and much less buildings lined the streets of the town. I was a young woman, around the age of twenty two. By that time, most of the women would be married, had a few children already under their belts, but that wasn't for me. I didn't life that lifestyle.

I didn't grow up in a family that would have pushed for me to be in a relationship with a successful man of wealth and fortune. I was an orphan child that lived on the streets for most of my life after my mother had died. I wouldn't go to an orphanage, so I had to take care of myself since a young age. I wasn't alone though. There were other children that I took care of, even though I was only a few years older than they at the time. It didn't matter. Someone had to stand up to take charge.

With that responsibly came prices that I wasn't ready to deal with. For one, the other children needed food and some form of clothes. I had to choose to do whatever I could to get them everything they needed and I did. I became a thief. Picking pockets from men that had come down the streets alone on the busiest time of day. When I didn't have money, I would simply steal the food to keep them alive. Usually I would only get so much and I would go without to make sure everyone else had things that they needed.

I did that for ten years, until I knew that I needed a change. I was much older now, a woman and I simply wasn't small enough to pick in a man's pocket, or sneak into a bakery without being seen by someone. There was one thing that I knew I could do and that was become a stripper, a prostitute, selling my body to get the children food and clothes and possibly a small place to live instead of living on the streets. I had a fairly good body, skinny because of not eating healthy, but it worked and I got a job at a local club.

Three years passed and I had gotten a home for the children and took care of them daily, but it wasn't enough for me. I was tired of the life I was living and secretly, I hated the heavy load I put on my shoulders by taking care of these children. I loved them, but it was becoming something that I hated to do and that was horrible for me to think about.

I had gotten to a point where I was not happy with the way my life was, but knowing that I couldn't change it. I wasn't smart and women back then were not ones to have jobs and go to school for special degrees. I was stuck, buried in a hole of my own making and I loathed it.

I went to work, dancing and having sex with married men for money, but I felt nothing inside of me. Of course, I felt every one of their emotions, because I have a gift like that. I can simply feel everyone's emotions, feelings around me if I concentrate hard enough. Usually these men would feel a thrill for cheating on their wives, fucking a prostitute when they were supposed to be at work. It sickened me to a point that I could hardly move on in my life, but I needed money so I kept on doing it even though I certainly thought about cutting my wrists and ending it all.

I was nearing my breaking point, fighting to stay alive for everyone but myself. I was quickly losing my resolve. That was until he came into the club. A tall man, pale as the moon at night, built like a warrior with shining blue eyes that seemed softer than his expressionless face. The one thing that drew him to me was not his looks, I have seen beautiful men and though he out beat every other man I have ever saw, that was not what kept my eyes locked onto his. It was the silence that I had gotten from him. No emotions were pooling off of him in waves like the men sitting before me, panting over my half naked body. He was absolutely free of any emotion that I could find, he was blank and it was a relief.

I usually had gotten a lot of attention because of my long fiery red, wavy hair and light blue eyes and this man was no different. He looked up to me and began walking over in my direction. His eyes seemed hungry, but it wasn't the same hunger that the other men had in their eyes. No, he was different and he was craving something more than just a good fuck.

I wanted to give him whatever he wanted, as long as he took the emotions away for a bit. Feeling everyone's emotions all the time was bothersome and I could hardly take it anymore.

This man had wealth; you could tell by his expensive suit that he wore. His long hair was pulled back into a ponytail that hung down the nape of his neck and over his left shoulder. His eyes never swayed from mine as he stalked toward my stage and sat down at the front. I dipped low and crawled over to him, moving slowly, swiftly like a tigress hunting it's pray. He seemed to enjoy that so I kept up with him, gliding against the stage until I was lying before him, our faces a few inches apart.

My eyes locked onto his and I watched a slight smirk form on the left side of his lips. It wasn't much, but that smiled moved me. It was enough to make me go with him wherever he wanted to go. I wouldn't let him pay for my services, though he said he would. It seemed different to me and I didn't want to take his money. It didn't seem right in the slightest.

For one whole month, every night he came to me. It was much more than I ever expected it to be and it started the first night when I knew he was something more. He was not human, he was a vampire. The creatures from the night that you heard in tales and myths were real and this man was one of them. I wasn't afraid of him at all, how could I be? He took away the emotions that were swarming me and gave me so much more. The best sex anyone could ever offer and all I did was give him my blood during it. I was his lover and he was mine, in every sense of the word.

He spoke to me after every night, telling me that I would not remember that he drank from me, but would remember his face and that I spent time with him. I didn't know what he was doing back then, but I know now that he was trying to glamour me. That's right, I said tried. It never worked and I still have no idea why it didn't, but I didn't tell him that it was unsuccessful. I thought he wouldn't want to be with me anymore, so I hid it and pretended for my own sake.

At the end of the month is where it all changed. He told me that he must leave at once and I had no idea why he seemed to be running. Something was coming for him; I just knew that it was. He didn't make it out of the door quick enough and my whole world seemed to spin and revolve around me in that moment. I saw my life flash before my eyes as a man that I had never seen before raise me off of the ground with nothing but his left hand. It seemed to be no effort for this new person as he looked over my half naked form in disgust.

"I was wondering where you had gotten off to." The man spoke, looking over his shoulder at the man I spent every night with.

"Let her go." My lovers voice was much softer, a pleading to this man that was holding my neck.

I couldn't breathe, my airways were cut off and I was suffocating. I knew it and I couldn't fight it. The man was strong, stronger than anything I have ever witnessed. So all I could do was wait, to either live or die. It wasn't as earth shattering as it should have been to me.

"You are parading around with a whore." The man spat the word as if he was jealous and that was truer than I could have told you. It was the reason why he did what he did next.

"Please…she has done nothing. It was me." My lover whispered again.

My eyes caught onto the man holding my neck and I watched as an evil smirk lit his features. It scared me to the core and I knew in that instance that I wasn't going to make it out alive. I was going to die tonight.

"Then you should be punished, child." The man spoke.

And that was all it took for me to go flying through the glass window from the building. I tumbled to the earth at a much quicker pace than humanly possible and it didn't faze me as I thumped against the concrete, a piece of wood from the window panel impaling my left lung. Tears sprung to my eyes, but it wasn't out of fear of death. The pain was horrible and that was the only reason I cried.

"If you want to save her then you know what to do." The man spoke deadly. It was rather funny that I could hear them talking, until I looked around to notice that they were standing just a few feet away from my broken form.

"Sire…it shouldn't be this way. Why did you do this?" My lover was stumbling over his words, but he was clearly upset.

"Think fast, she is dying." The man laughed harshly, not answering his questions. "If you want your whore then get her." His maker chuckled.

I watched as my vampire lover came to me. His blue eyes swept over my broken form deeply before he leaned over my neck and bit harshly. I could hear my heart beating heavily as it raced to its last beat. It is the most horrible feeling in the world, to know that you are about to die and you are not able to do anything about it.

He rubbed my head and whispered that he was sorry-so sorry-as the blackness engulfed me and my heart beat thumped one last time.

That is how I became what I am today. Later on, I found out that it was his maker that ended my life to start a new one and the only reason he gave him a choice to save me was for the fact that he didn't believe my lover would do it.

He did though and then he began to regret it.

My maker as he was called now was around three hundred years old when he had to turn me. It wasn't something he was trying to do in the first place. The years passed, but he was still not very happy. I could see it in his eyes every time he would look at me.

He told me that I was different than any vampire he has ever known because I kept my humanity, even after a hundred years had passed. I guess he was trying to change me as his maker did him, but I couldn't. I still had my heart and soul that told me right and wrong. The emotions that I still felt got in the way of becoming a child of the night, a monster. When I would feed, I would feel their fear if I didn't glamour them and most cases, I didn't have time to glamour. It was hard and I killed when I didn't mean to, but my heart stayed pure.

My maker felt the need to keep me, try to convince himself that I was what he was looking for in a child. I guess I didn't fit the bill the way he wanted me to. I was far too different than him, even though we were the same species. I was different from every vampire we came across. The only thing we seemed to have in common was sex and we did that a lot. I won't lie to you, it was amazing, but feelings seemed to get in the way…on my part.

I really didn't know how he felt, even when I crossed over to vampire land; I couldn't read him with my gift. The only thing I had was the maker and child bond, but when I tried to read his emotions they were always confused and finally I gave up on it. He also kept the bond we shared closed most of the time, more so during sex than anything. So I didn't know what he felt, but for myself? I grew to love him. I was devoted, in other words I was an infatuated vampire and that wasn't very common. Actually, that was pretty much unique. When you are a vampire you don't grow to love each other in that way and wish for forever because it never lasts in a vampire relationship. Children always move on in the world, leaving their maker behind. I think my maker was excited for that day to come.

But that never happened to me, the love only grew stronger. What could possibly be the down side to this? Well, my maker noticed it and began to pull away from me. The sex grew less and less and then we only were together when we desperately needed release.

I couldn't tell you what happened, but one day he couldn't take it anymore. I guess the vampire in him hit its breaking point after I slipped and told him that I loved him-in a more romantic way than I should have- and he told me to leave. He made me go into society with no promise to ever see me again.

I was heartbroken, practically felt like I meant nothing and that was what it was, and I was nothing in his eyes because I wasn't what he was looking for. I moved on though. It was on his order and I went further away from him. I hardly heard from him after that night. He would have his other child call if he needed to contact me. That wasn't a lot either.

That's right, he has another child now. A spunky one at that; much like I am today. She was perfect in every aspect, or so I believe because he has not sent her away as of yet. I would guess she is around two hundred years old, give or take twenty or thirty years. I am no good with ages anymore as you can tell.

I don't know her; I have never seen her face. Why would I? My maker didn't want me and still doesn't so there was no reason for her and I to meet. I have talked with her once or twice over one of the newer appliances of mankind-a cellphone, but that is all it ever was and usually she just called to ask if I could send her heels from the country that I was in at the time. She has a fetish for shoes; that is all that I know.

You are probably wondering if I am still alone and I can rightfully say that I am not. I am happy now as I have move on as he demanded for me to do. In the last two hundred years, I have become a maker myself. I still remember that night as if it was before me now…

I followed the scent of blood, wondering why there would be such a strong potent smell in the air and came upon a boy with knife stabs inflicted to most parts of his body. The boy didn't cry as he lay dying. His face was impassive. It reminded me of myself the night I was turned, with hardly any fear at all for what was to come, which was the unknown. I kneeled next to him and grabbed his hand, holding it until he met my gaze.

His hair was short, dark brown and his eyes were the most magnificent light green. His lips were full, but grimaced as he tried to breath. His skin was a perfect light tanned color; a clearly beautiful human, well-kept for one his age, which I found out that he was twenty.

"Do you want to die?" I found myself asking.

Rain started to pour down as I looked at him. Lightning lit up the sky, showing just how much blood the boy was losing.

"No. I don't want to die." He whispered. "But I am not afraid."

I nearly smiled, he reminded me more of myself than I would have ever thought.

"I can give you another life, as long as you want it." I whispered.

My fangs slid down and I opened my mouth slightly for him to see. He stared at my fangs in fascination for a moment before turning his head, showing me his vein. He was giving me permission. His emotions were telling me so. I leaned over him and licked his neck, testing it.

"What is your name?" I whispered before I sunk my fangs in.

"Ethan." He whispered as my fangs connected with his artery. "Y-Yours?"

He was nearly there. I could feel his heart beat slowing dramatically, but I kept drinking. When I felt his heart stop and his eyes begin to close I whispered my name.

"April." I cut into my own wrist deep and put it into his slack mouth.

So I was never alone after that and I was thankful for the distraction of teaching a baby vampire the ropes of this life. He loved it, his new life. I wouldn't change him as my maker tried to do to me. I simply wanted him to be whoever he wanted and to look at his new life as a gift rather than a curse. I felt as if my life was a curse after a while of being on my own, but Ethan wouldn't feel like that, because I would never leave him; force him away as my maker did to me.

But every child will move on their own sooner or later. Ethan wasn't like me in the sense that I never felt the need to leave my maker, I guess I was the only one that would ever feel that way because I knew I was different even if I was the same species. Ethan wanted to explore more of the world and went off a few years ago, but still remains in contact with me daily. I was thankful for it, because no matter how much I could have ever taught him, I still worried about him nonstop.

As I thought back on my life, it slowly sent me a drift to sleep. The dawn approached and my eyes fluttered closed and my musing of 'life' faded away like a cloud of smoke. And I began dreaming of a time and place that I would be happy with the one that still held my heart, even if I disliked him in a way.

Something felt off. I was nearing the time I would arise from sleep and I knew that, even though I was still under its spell. My body was tingling with an emotion that I had not felt in decades and all too soon, I woke up gasping.

Grabbing the sheets in my fists as I sat panting from the wave of emotions that came over me in a swarm. My left hand rose to grasp the material of my shirt, right above my beating heart as I sat wide eyed on my bed. I had not felt that in so long, I thought my body was playing tricks on me because there was no way that I would be feeling this, because I was never wanted before. It was all in my mind, I convinced myself, because I was musing my life right before I fell asleep.

That was all it could be because there was no way that I was ever needed. I wasn't wanted, wasn't important. I was insignificant and I knew that I was in his mind, so it was just me. It was all in my head.

I stood on shaking feet, moving through my bed chamber slowly to flick on the lights. I was nearly there to the switch, until the emotion ran over me harder. It shook my body, pushing me forward until I landed on my floor in a heap. I trembled with excitement and fear from what I was feeling as it rushed over my body stronger and more evident every time that it came to me.

After the fourth time, it was not something I could brush off anymore. Jumping to my feet, I grabbed my wallet off of the nightstand and I ran from my home, in the direction that was being asked of me because…

You cannot ignore your makers call…ever.