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Important: Okay, I wanted to bring this up, because a lot of you will probably be confused. To be honest, with where this story is leading I am a bit confused on the time line myself. Okay, throw out all you know about how the SVM books progresses. This is my own time line, which is why it is an AU/OC story. Some things are happening much sooner than they do in the books. It starts in this chapter. As of right now, Sookie and Eric have been married for a while. We all know that they had a 'marriage' in book 9, Dead and Gone. It happened sooner than that in my time line. It is essential for where I want to take this. I hope it doesn't mess with your mind too much.

I am taking this one into a big consideration on where I want to lead it to, it's not going to be romance right away, as I have stated before. This is just me, using an awesome new kick ass vampire for the fun of doing it. You might not like her much at some points and you might not like other characters at some point. I have basically where I want to end it in my mind, but it still could very well change. So here we are; the second chapter.

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Seven hundred damn years old and I can't get to this place fast enough! No, I am no old lady I still look very young, but fuck the new inventions of this world. If it isn't for cars stuck in traffic jams, it is other things like planes and those damn layovers. I hated those worse than cars.

I was stuck in the airport because of a bad storm. Of course I had to go to coffin when we took to the sky; because we sat in the airport for too fucking long in my damn opinion and it took some serious time away. After the flight and a few hours of waiting for dusk, I was in a rental car. Then there was traffic. I seriously was half temped to jump out of the car and just run the rest of the way.

I might have been able to deal with that, if it wasn't for that fact that my maker had called me a million times. I had to send him emotions back telling him that I was in fact on my way there and I was doing my best to hurry the fuck up. The only time he allows me to feel his emotions and he is barking orders, is what it feels like. He better be glad that I was vacationing closer than I thought I was at the time, because whatever is happening, I might not have made it in time.

When your maker calls you, you get a direction in the back of your head where to go and I was surprised when I showed up outside of a bar. It was my maker's of course, but that wasn't the problem. There were a few Weres standing outside of the building as if guarding the people within.

One thing that I could have thanked my master for was for the fact that he taught me how to fight and defend myself; very well I might add. The thing was, back in those days Eric still used swords or his own hands. The only thing about the advancement of the world that I really enjoyed? Guns and many different styles as well. Did you know, they can put wooden bullets into them now? Crazy evolvement, but I don't need wooden here. These are Weres, which equal silver bullets, straight through the heart.

I put the car in park, brought my hand up and cracked my neck before I got out, pulling my two guns with me, that I stopped to get from a gun store not too far down the road. I also grabbed just a few more items also bought at said store, for fun if any got too close. It seemed all funny to me that Eric would be held down by Werewolves, but I was guessing he couldn't fight them; someone else was keeping an eye on the place. I guess that is what I was here for. Hardly any vampires even knew of my existence, let alone vampires in this country.

Going stealth, I crept up slowly, hoping on top if the building as I did so. I slunk down to my stomach and gazed down at the two just in front of the door. Good thing I had a mask that would hide my face, if someone was watching, well it would suck for me. It was a funny one at that, the mask. It was like a psycho clown with what looked to be bloody tears, bought it for Ethan as a gag gift in the airport. It would come in handy here. I could always buy him something else.

When the two shifted a bit more, I took that time to flip in the air and come soaring down between them both.

"Hello boys." I spoke before I brought my guns up.

I aimed close to their hearts as they turned to attack me and I shot a few times directly at their chest. They went down in a quick heap and I jumped up to the top of the building again when I heard voices right inside the door. I waited for the other to come out and I smirked when they sent a rather scrawny looking one in my direction. Flipping over, I landed right behind him when he turned back to the door, getting ready to alert the people inside of their fallen comrades. I grabbed the scruff of his neck, and kicked the front door in. I thought it was brilliant and I used him as a human shield. These Weres weren't very smart, because they had silver bullets along with wooden. I could tell because they make different sounds when shot off.

The Were had died on the second shot, but did I release him? Hell no! I was still getting shot at and I used his body to protect myself until I made it cleanly inside. When I was sure they would have to reload their guns, I grabbed the now dead Were tighter in my grasp before I threw him to his friends. They connected and some fell to the ground. I flipped on top of a table, flipping it over and started shooting off the guys one by one. One-down, two-definitely down, three-oh yeah, head shot! Then one to the chest to make sure.

There were more than I was expecting and I took the time to reload my own guns. I looked up in front of me to see that one had changed and he was staring right at me. How did I not hear him? Not really important right now, I flipped over the table, shooting off in the left direction where they all seemed to be standing. As they shot, I avoided and then connected with them. I was quick, so avoiding things wasn't too hard. I turned over another table as the Were that changed hopped over the first table and flew at me. This is where my other items would come in handy. I grabbed the throwing knife I had stashed by my boot and threw it in his direction, connecting with his right eye. The animal yelped and fell over, trying to desperately use his paw to take out the object.

As he was down, I looked around and counted four more standing. Yeah, I could do this. I looked down to my right and noticed a bottle of alcohol that was sitting by my leg. Hmm, what could I possibly do with that? I got my answer as one brave Were jumped forward. I used it to smash into his head and when he was distracted, I shot him in the chest.

I rolled over to the bar, getting hit with a silver bullet in the arm as I did so. As I hissed for a moment, I suddenly realized I was tired of this game. I was a daredevil after all, not really caring what would happen to me. I stood up swiftly, jumping over to the Weres before any of them could react and turned in a circle, firing off shots as quickly as I could. They all dropped to the floor one after another and I stood there with Were blood on my hands.

Really, it's just all in a days' work.

I let my eyes drift down to my arm where the bullet grazed to see that it was all healed. Well, at least no silver fragments were stuck in there. I closed my eyes to feel for Eric, but I felt more than just him. To be honest, I felt everything those Weres felt as they died, but I go into a state of mind where it can't bother me too much. In other words, I put up barriers, but they weren't that strong tonight. After quite a few years on my own, I realized that being what I am meant that I would get blood on my hands every once in a while. Did I like that? No, not very much, but what could I do? I had to live with everyone's emotions, their feelings, there are sometimes where I have to do what I got to do and these Weres were just something I had to kill. Simple as that, can't take it back.

I felt Eric once again and moved over to a door that obviously was where he was. There were people on the other side. I looked up to see there was a beam just above me that I could hang onto and I did that, gripping and then lifting myself up and over. I carefully shifted myself down to grab the door handle before I yanked it open and moved back swiftly. Two more Weres rushed out, obviously freaked out, I didn't need to read their emotions to know that.

I turned and shifted until I began to swing in their direction. With a powerful kick, I sent them flying backwards and down steps to hit the wall below. I jumped down and cautiously went down the stairs with my guns held high. Two more were waiting for me, of course they were. I should have given them a look of surprise to make them feel better before they died, but I didn't. When I saw them, I immediately shot their knees and waited until they fell to continue down the stairs to get a good shot at them both. It was easy and done very quickly. I turned around and shot the two that lay on the floor below me.

"The circus seems to be in town." A voice was heard behind me. A woman's voice and when I turned, I noticed she was hanging up in the air by chains. Her skin was still melted by the chains that held her suspended. I didn't dare look to the side, to notice that my maker was chained as well. "I like your mask; can you get me down now?"

I brought the gun up and shot the left chain, making her hang halfway up in the air by one arm. She growled. "The 'circus' has the gun and the 'circus' is the only one that can get your ass down. You shouldn't tempt me; I might have some other magic tricks up my sleeve, if you understand what I mean." I nodded to the guns in my hand.

"Enough!" His voice broke through the snarling woman and my conversation. "We have to get out of these chains. I did not call you here for a bitch fight, April."

"Yeah." I answered, shooting the other chain that held her suspended and she fell to the ground. I closed my eyes for just a moment.

"So why do you wear a mask? Deformed or something? Oh, it's nice to meet you by the way. We have never been formally introduced, but I must thank you for the shoes." The woman said as she moved over to unchain our maker.

I simply couldn't walk over and do it myself. Not seeing him for so many years and to know that he still had power over me sucked hardcore. His voice alone could make me go weak at the knees.

"I didn't want to be noticed if the place was being watched." I answered. "Which makes me ask, who else was here? Those Weres were definitely not strong and it had to have been a while ago that another person was here, I'm not getting too many scents that are fresh."

"Victor. He is the King's second." The woman answered.

"Pam, hurry!" Our master barked at her. He seemed on edge, I wondered why that would be.

"Relax a bit, Eric! The silver does burn my hands you know." Pam seemed on edge too.

Once Eric was free and moving about, I noticed he pulled out a cellphone. I was guessing that it was alright for me to pull off the mask now. I had to take my hair out of the bun I had put it in first and let my long red strands flow down my back. Then I pulled the mask from my face and sat it on the stairs. I listened as Eric tried to get a hold of someone called Niall. I didn't understand why he still seemed on edge, unless there was more to this than just Weres and the King of Louisiana's second here.

"Damn it." He whispered as he shut the phone.

I turned around and looked at him carefully, but it was soon forgotten when I heard Pam sigh in what seemed like a happy way. I turned my blue eyes in her direction to see that she was smiling at me. I raised an eyebrow.

"You, my dear sister, are beautiful." She licked her lips and Eric growled.

I turned my attention back to him and waited. It was so different standing before him when he was acting this way. I have never seen him like this and it did scare me a bit.

"We need to find her, but we can't leave. Victor was already told that a woman had come in killing his Weres. He is on his way back here to see what had gone wrong. We are being held against our will so we don't interfere with fairy business. That means you have to get out of here and we have to wait upstairs for Victor to come back." Eric said to me.

"Victor doesn't want to get into trouble by Felipe, the King. So, he will not tell that he was holding us hostage. The Weres won't be a problem in our case, because Victor was the one that hired them. They were as good as dead anyway. If we stay here, then there would be no reason for Victor to go to our King and say that we interfered."

"She is my wife, I could interfere." Eric shot at Pam.

"No you couldn't. No matter what, Victor would come up with another idea. It would be best if we stayed here and let Niall deal with her, get her to safety." Pam said.

"Whoa, what do you mean…wife?" I asked, turning to Eric.

His eyes wouldn't stay connected with mine. Which was odd, he was the one that ordered me away. It was odd that I wasn't having a problem with looking at him anymore. All around an odd and awkward situation.

"Oh, Eric is married now! To a human-fairy hybrid." Pam smiled.

"I see." I answered. "So I did what I needed to do, I should leave now."

"No." Eric said simply. "I need you to go with Niall, to get Sookie."

"Sookie? Your wife?" I asked hesitantly.

"Yes. No one knows who you are. Most don't even know that I have another child." Wow, that was a low blow. He continued. "That means I can use you. If Victor is working with fairies, then he will have eyes everywhere. You are strong, stronger than most. You must do this because I order you to."

I did not like being ordered. "Looks like I have no other choice." I answered stiffly. "I'll go save your wife for you then."

Just then a popping sound was heard and to the right of us stood a man with long nearly white hair. His eyes met mine and he cocked his head to the side as if he knew me somehow. I couldn't tell, I wasn't getting a read on his emotions.

"Niall, have you found the location?" Eric asked.

"I have. She hasn't been hurt too badly as of yet. She has been gone for a little over a day, any longer and the fairies will begin to torture her worse." Niall said.

"Good. April is going with you. She is a good fighter." Eric said low. Oh, look a compliment. I didn't want it at the moment.

"I'm guessing she is the one that killed all the Weres?" Niall raised an eyebrow, looking at the dead Weres on the ground.

"I did." I stepped in. "Let's go save her."

"Take my hand then and we shall go." Niall answered, holding his hand out for me to grasp. I did it hesitantly and then I felt a sensation that I have never experienced before. It felt like I was being pushed through something small.

When we came up, I blinked a few times before I looked around. For one, I didn't pick up my mask from the damn stairs, or my guns. I guess my hands would have to do.

"I've never fought fairies." I said to him as we moved through woods.

"Take this. It's iron. It will kill them."

He threw me a sword and I grabbed it quickly. We bounded through the woods to come upon a cabin like place. I did not wait, like I had time to do that. I wanted to get in, get her, and get the fuck out of this area. There was no way that I would be staying, didn't plan on that in the first place.

I kicked the door and rushed through with Niall on my heels. We turned the corner and I looked over to a table with two people standing before it.

"The froggy croaked!" A male said as he leaned over something.

It was only then that I heard the gurgling sound of pain, a whimper and it was coming from that 'something' on the table . It was Eric's wife lying there. Her emotions hit me suddenly, quickly and it hurt. It nearly speared me to the floor. Niall looked at me questionably, but I shook my head and crept in when they weren't paying attention.

I got over to them and Niall did as well. I brandished my sword and brought it up to the man's neck and slicked it clean off. Niall was slower and the female turned around toward him. I let the male drop and went for the female as she snapped her teeth at Niall. I was in close when she turned to me. I didn't have time to move out of the way and she sunk her sharp teeth into my shoulder. Immediately I knew something was wrong because I began to feel weaker. I tried to push her off, but her mouth attached to my neck and bit again. I growled and brought the sword around, pushing it against my skin over my chest to get it in between us. Of course, it cut into my own skin, but I didn't think as I used the rest of my strength to pushed it up as quickly as I could and chop her head off with it.

I laid in pain, writhing from silver poisoning that was now coursing through my blood, but I had to act. I stood up shakily and lifted the woman bleeding off of the table. Her blood smelled wonderful to me, I resisted the urge to lick the blood from her body. I needed blood, I knew I did, but I would not take hers.

Niall moved forward and grabbed my hand. Putting his other hand somewhere on Sookie -Eric's wife-he teleported us away.