Vanishing Act?

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What's up Trip?

Trip walked along the corridors of the Enterprise deep in thought. Malcolm Reed watched him from a distance, the worry clear on his face.
"Hey, Trip wait up!" Trip paused and waited while Malcolm ran up to him.
"Hi Malcolm." Malcolm stared at Trip, there was something different about him. He wasn't smiling Malcolm noticed with a gasp. Trip was always in a good mood. It was one of the things that bugged the hell out of people like... well like Malcolm. However as time passed and he got to know the chief engineer he had found out that the two of them got on well together and before you knew it they were friends. Which was how Malcolm knew there was something VERY wrong with his friend. The only thing which surprised him, was the fact that the captain, who was supposed to be Trip's best friend hadn't noticed.
"So Trip how's the engines? Enterprise still in tip top order?"
"She's fine." Trip replayed, no emotion on his face. Malcolm frowned this was not like Trip Tucker at all. Malcolm has practically said 'bore me to death, talk about you're true love the engines of the Enterprise' and trip and said 'fine' and left it at that. Trip stopped and looked at Malcolm. He looked back and saw... nothing, no warmth, no laughter, no Trip.
"I go this way Malcolm, I'm guessing you're going that way." with that he spun on his heel and walked off, leaving Malcolm staring after him in shock. He turned to go. A glimmer in the corner of his eye made him look down the corridor Trip had gone down. There was a bang and a piece of jagged metal came flying out of the wall and strait towards Tucker. It was the look Malcolm could see, on Trip's face that scared him. A look of utter emptiness, as if he didn't care as the metal came screaming towards him.


Okay, just for the hell of it I'm going to include a part of the next chapter if you want me to go on.

Malcolm glared at T'pol, cursing her and all the Vulcans.
"What do you mean!"
"I mean Lt. Reed, that Commander Tucker has vanished."
As she turned to go, Malcolm could have sworn he heard a 'good, I'm glad' but dismissed it.