Loser-Otaku presents:

Welcome to the Sequel: A Welcome to The NHK fanfiction.

Original story and characters by Takimoto Tatsuhiko.

Chapter 1: Welcome to the prologue!

My name is Tatsuhiro Satou. This might be hard to believe right now, but I used to be

a hikikomori, a total shut in cut off from society. An isolated recluse. A parasite leeching

off my parent's allowance in order to continue living in my apartment. A college dropout

not because of academic failure, but due to my fear of being ridiculed in society. For

nearly three years I've lived as a hikikomori. For nearly three years I've wallowed in my

despair and sorrow. For nearly three years, I wasted my life completely. At that point in

time, I thought it was all over. No life. No future. No education. No hope. That is, until

she first showed up. Until she entered into my life. Misaki Nakahara. My guardian

angel. The one who I love most. It was a demented point at my life at first. I thought her

to be an agent of the NHK, a fictional evil organization made from my delusional

psychotic fantasies who were responsible for all the misfortunes of my life. But

eventually, my life took a wild turn thanks to her. After meeting her, it turns out I had it

easy as a hikikomori. Misaki-chan turned out to be even more messed up than I was.

Though it was a great ordeal, thanks to her I've conquered my inner demons. And in turn

she conquered her's as well. We both became stronger in mind and spirit after that fateful

day. The day when we both tried to throw our lives away. Despite us being misfits, it

turned out all along we really needed each other. Ever since then, I finally got a job as a

crossing guard. Though the hours and work are often demanding, the pay is good

enough, so I have no room to complain. Plus, after all that, every night Misaki-chan and

I would always see each other in the same park. Lately, we promised to help each other

reach our goals. I've been tutoring her to help her re-enter high school, and also raising

enough money through my job so we could eventually go to college together. It's hard to

believe now. Not long ago I was a complete failure of a human being, merely surviving

on instant noodles and trashy adult magazines. Now today, I have a purpose. To help the

girl I love. To help each other in our lives. To-



"The question."

"Huh? Which one is it again?"

As I snapped back into reality, I fumbled through the book to find what question she was talking about.

"Can you go on to the next question please?"

"Oh, right, sorry Misaki-chan, just dosing off again! Ok, let's see here. Advanced physics... Huh!"

As I turned the next page, I was greeted by extremely complex questions that I had no hope of

even comprehending. It looks like the alphabet and numeric system vomited everywhere all

over the page.

"Umm, Misaki-chan?"


"What is all this?"

"Didn't you say this was advanced physics?"

I had a puzzled look etched onto my face. "Well, uh, yeah, but.."

"But what?"

"Isn't this just a little bit overkill?" I said as I looked at the impossible equations.

"It is absolutely necessary Satou-kun! As an aspiring student, I must constantly strive for perfection!" she said with a confident look.

"Yeah, but isn't this stuff too advanced? I mean, you're just trying to get back into high school though, right?"

"Satou-kun, remember, nothing ventured is nothing gained!" Once again, she had that confident look in her eye.

I let out a long sigh as I reached for a cigarette.

"Baka. Stop pushing yourself too hard. At the rate we've been going, you'll get back into school in no time at all."

"Yes, but after that is the next stage."

" Next stage?"

"Yes, university!"

She seems to be pretty motivated. Wish I felt the same way about my education.

"Hey, that won't be until a while now."

"But it's better to go in with advanced knowledge that you've gained ahead of time, right?"

"Yeah, but still.."

Misaki-chan is very smart. I just hope she doesn't push herself too hard.

"Satou-kun. The next question please."

"Let's take a break instead."

"Nonsense! We are making progress in this cram session. We will progress further until-"

We were both interrupted by the growl of our stomachs. She then crossed her arms in defeat as she lowered her head onto the table.

"Ok, you win.. let's eat dinner now.."

Misaki-chan then took our meal out of the bag she bought next to her chair. It was omelet rice and curry, one of my favorites! Just like mom used to make. As we ate our meal, we had our usual discussions. Discussions about normal stuff couples usually talk about. Just normal, boring stuff.

"So, Satou-kun, how was work today?"

"Well, work is work, right?" I answered with a lazy grin.

"Do you enjoy your job as a crossing guard?"

"Nope. But hey, it pays well, so I can't complain. Besides, I'm doing this all for you, right,

so that definitely makes it all worthwhile."

"You've advanced considerably, Satou-kun." she said in a fascinated tone.

"I have?"

At first I didn't know what she was talking about, but then I remembered how far I came.

"Oh, that's right, I have!"

"Yes! Just a few months ago, you were a hikikomori, a parasitic leech, a walking compound of trash and refuse, a total failure of a human being, A-"

"Uhh, Misaki-chan?"

"A smelly loser who never left his home, a socially perverted phenomena that-"

"Misaki-chan! Enough! I get it already!" I shouted.

"Oh! Sorry, Satou kun, did I get carried away again?" She was blushing and had an embarrassed look.


"Well, no matter, that's all in the past now, right?" she said as she sank her head toward the


"You weren't so great yourself either."

"That's all in the past now.." Her head sank further down.

For a while, there was an awkward silence. We ate our food in the next couple of minutes in silence. But then soon it turned into a different kind of silence. For about a minute Misaki-chan and I stared each other right in the eyes. It was like we were peeking into each other's souls. After that, the mood then started to turn sour. I then broke the silence.



"You're right, that's all in the past now. Let's just move on together now, kay?"

Misaki's grim expression then turned into an expression of hope. A peaceful smile ran across her


"Yes. It's all in the past. Let's move on." she replied.

The same peaceful smile then ran across my face too. Today this is unimaginable. Not long ago

I would despise this girl for toying with me, making me her psychological science experiment.

Now today I would give anything in order to see that same smile on her face once again. Give

anything to feel the way that I do now.

"So, when you get to college, what do you plan to major in?" I curiously asked.

"That's easy: Psychology!" she enthusiastically answered.

"Hey, you're not going to make your patients sign any one million yen contracts, right?"

"Of course not! Besides, I have other methods as well to cure my patients."

"Like what?" I asked once again curiously.


"It's in that secret notes book, right?" I said with a dumbfounded look.

"Like I said, TOP SECRET!"

"Riiightt... So why a psychologist anyway?"

"Well, I've succeeded with you Satou-kun, so I figure after that, I can succeed with anyone."

said Misaki-chan.

"Huh. That's pretty ambitious. You aiming for a Nobel prize or something?"

"Do you really think I can do it, Satou-kun?" she had that eager look back.

"Definitely! In fact, our story together could make one hell of a case study."

"Hmm, what would I call it? The Tatsuhiro Satou story?"

"How bout the NHK case study?" I recommended.

"Hmm, that works too!"

I just then remembered something.

"So, wanna get back to studying now?"

"Hmm, maybe you're right. I shouldn't push myself too hard. Besides, it's getting late now. Let's call it a night." she said as she packed the books off the desk.


We then both got up from the desk and walked towards the road away from the park. Just when

I was about to say goodnight, Misaki-chan then pulled out the contract from her coat.

"Satou-kun, new rule!"


"From now on, according to this new rule, you must refer to me now as "Professor Nakahara Misaki, Nobel Prize winner, savior of justice in the universe, and guardian angel! Ok?"

"Wha? Screw that! I can't memorize all that crap!"

"If you don't do it, then you must pay the one million yen penalty. It's a legal document

you signed, you must follow it or else!"

"Why you little-"

"Hah, just kidding!"

That's such a ridiculous rule! There's no way I'm following it! Ah well, anything for Misaki- chan, right?

"Well then, goodnight, professor."

The professor then ran up to me and gave me a quick but strong hug.

"Goodnight, Satou-Kun!"

She then ran back to her house up the hill enthusiastically. She then waved to me at the top of the hill, smiling. I waved back and smiled as well, and walked home to my apartment.

When I fell asleep late at night, I had a dream about falling into a black pit. However, before I fell in, a shadowy figure grabbed my hand. The figure was a beautiful dark haired girl, with angel wings sprouting from her back. She looked very similar. When I saw the face, I woke up like it was a nightmare, with cold sweat pouring all over me. I then realized what I was really dreaming about.

"Yeah, a guardian angel..."

Welcome to the prologue end!