Loser-Otaku presents:

Welcome to the Sequel: A Welcome to The NHK fanfiction.

Original story and characters by Takimoto Tatsuhiko.

Chapter 2: Welcome to the date!

My name is Tatsuhiro Satou. And I'm so friggin' tired! Gahhhhhh... Thankfully,

today was a lazy Sunday morning, my only day off from work. If it was a weekday, then

I might've called off work, due to a made up illness, or just plain laziness. Maybe both.

Well? What does a former hikikomori/contributing member to society do on his day off?

Usually nothing. I rolled up out of my shoddy futon and looked at the clock. Looks like I

slept until 12:30. I must be a real heavy sleeper. Then again, yesterday was a rough day

at work. What to do on my day off? I squirmed up and turned the tv on with my remote.

Same crap. Just game shows. News. Gameshows. Baseball game. More news. Hey! That

one anime Yamazaki told me about, isn't that- crap, rerun. That one movie with Deniro,

what was it called, New York or something? Aw, who cares. Guess I'll watch the news

then, just to see the weather. But then again, I don't feel like going outside. About half an

hour later, I looked out my window and saw Misaki-chan's house on the hill. I rather

would just sleep in some more, and laze around on my lazy carcass watching TV.

So tired... Ah, what the hell, why not, maybe a quick date wouldn't hurt. As I was about

to reach for the phone to make the call, it suddenly rang. Looks like Misaki-chan had the

same thing on her mind. I picked it up and answered.


"Ah, Satou-kun, perfect timing!" replied the other voice on the phone.

"Looks like you beat me to the punch this time." I mumbled.

"Huh, what do you mean?"

"I was just gonna call, but you beat me right to it."

"Hmm, what a coincidence. Perhaps it is the working of the fates?"

"Who cares? What do you want anyways?" I replied in an annoyed tone.

"Satou-kun, weren't you gonna call first? I should be the one asking your question."

A dumbfounded look was etched onto my face. She had a point actually.

"Ach! Uh, well, it's a Sunday today..."


"Well, I was wondering if- if- uhhh.."

I was starting to get pretty nervous.


"Well, maybe I was wondering since today is Sunday, maybe we could, uhh.."

"You mean a date?" she answered without hesitation.

I wish I had her calm demeanor however.

"Y-Yes, a date! Date's! You know, those kind of fruits! I was thinking of

maybe shopping for those in the grocery today! Wanna help? Heh heh..."

What the hell is wrong with you, you idiot! Get a hold of yourself Tatsuhiro, you were

going to ask that girl out on a date, right!

"You're a terrible liar, Satou-kun." Said Misaki-chan in an annoyed tone.

"Ach! That's not what I meant! I wanted to call for another reason, actually..."

"And that is?"

"Well, about the, y'know, the, -sigh- Yes, I'm asking you out on a date. Do you

accept or not?" I answered in a defeated and embarrassed manner.

"Of course! I'll be getting ready in an hour and be waiting for you outside!"

"Do you have any idea what we should do?"

"Yes! Improvise!"


"I don't know, we'll think of something. Well, I'll see you later!"

"Kay, later."

So, a date with Misaki-chan! Looks like I should get ready too. I got up and tried to get

ready to be more presentable. I looked in the mirror first. I haven't shaved in a while, and

the fatigue from working late last night was still present on my face. I should shave this

beard off. Hold on. On the other hand, don't most women look for an attractive beard on

a man? Gah! No! Misaki-chan is not that kind of girl. The shadow's got to go. I shaved

myself, took a quick shower, and then put on a fresh change of clothes. And that's it. I

don't know why Misaki-chan has to take so long to get ready. Hmm, maybe it's a girl

thing? Who knows, who cares. I got time extra time left to kill. I turned on the tv again,

and mindlessly surfed channels. That one anime again. I thought it was a rerun.

Aghhh! It's not a re-run, it's new, it's- Aghh! 90 minute special? Ahh well,

Misaki-chan should be ready in about an hour, so it's alright. I got all the time in the


Eventually, I got so sucked into the dramatic finale of the show that I completely forgot about

something. Oh yeah, that's right! I was supposed to go to the grocery store looking for dates! Ah

well, this is much more important anyways.. OH CRAP! My date with Misaki-chan! To remind

me once again, my cell phone rang.

"Misaki-chan! I'm sorry, but something just came up, so I had to-"

"What are you doing Satou-kun?"

"Ummm, I just remembered, I had to do some more paperwork for my job, so I

thought at the last minute I'd-"

Before I could finish my lie, the door busted open, and my jaw dropped in sheer terror.

There was Misaki-chan, in a white dress-skirt with phone in hand. She looked pretty


"You're the worst liar in the world, Satou-kun."

I was caught red handed. Now I would have to face her wrath. After picking up my jaw

off the floor, we then went outside. Misaki-chan gave me a soul searching stare like

before, but it looked like she was about to interrogate me.

"Why do you keep on lying?"

"Huh? Well, uhhh, how do I say it, impulse, I guess?"

"Didn't you want to go on a date?"

"Yes, but, -sigh- Sorry Misaki- chan, I just got distracted again."

"How rude. A man should never keep his lady waiting."

"No! It's just that this anime was on, and I thought I could watch it while you got

ready and all, but I just got so sucked in and absorbed and.. It was amazing.."

"Satou-kun, you might have a particular disorder."

"Besides being a former hikikomori?"


What is she talking about this time?

"ADHD?" I asked.

"Yes, Attention deficit hyperactive disorder."

"Huh? Is that bad? What are the symptoms?"

"One who is inflicted with ADHD might not pay attention to certain things. A

prime example of this is when schoolchildren don't pay attention in class or fall

asleep. While this mostly affects children, it affects adults as well."

"Huh? No way, seriously?"

"Yes. ADHD in adults can lead to several cases and side effects such as substance

abuse, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, and chronic depression."

"Huh! But I just get distracted by small things, can it really be that bad?"

"It could, but thankfully there are several cures to this."

"Really? Like what?"

"Well, for starters, there is a medication known as ritalin that helps combat this disorder, but thankfully I have my own method.."

"What's that?"

"A good old smack upside the head!"

As she said this, Misaki-chan raised her arm, and I recoiled in terror. But instead of a

sharp smack upside the head, it was just a light love-tap. Misaki-chan then gave a

playful smile.

"BAKA. I'll forgive you this time, Satou-kun."

"Thanks. I might've needed that anyways. That might've just woke me up. Thank you, professor."

As I said this in a sarcastic,yet witty tone, Misaki-chan in response gave a quick laugh.

"C'mon, Satou-kun, that was only a joke, you don't have to keep calling

me that."

"Yeah yeah. I got it. So, what's our plan? Dinner and a movie?"

"Hmm, too early for that. How bout we do something else till then?"

We walked to the train station together. As I walked next to her, I could see why she took

a while to get ready. Misaki-chan looked beautiful! (More than usual.) She was in a

white dress skirt, which blown along with the wind. I knew better than to sneak a peek

though. Misaki-chan had the eyes of a hawk. Also, despite my manly urges, it just didn't

feel right for some reason. We then got on the train together, and rode it downtown. This

was similar. This almost felt like the time when I made Misaki-chan my fake girlfriend

to impress my mother. Pretty ironic. This was eerily similar, except this isn't fake! Ok,

what to do.. According to Yamazaki, I just gotta play this right, like a dating sim! Just

say the right things on screen, get the girl to like you, get the happy ending, and then-

Wait! Why the hell am I thinking about this! Just use common sense Tatsuhiro, real life

girls are different from the two-dimensional ones!

"Doesn't this seem similar?" said Misaki-chan as she read my mind.

"Huh? Yeah, I was thinking the same thing."

"Yeah! Remember when I helped you be your fake girlfriend to impress your mother?"

"Uhh, don't remind me.." I groaned.

"But then it kind of turned from a fake date into a real one, right?"

"Once again, don't remind me." I groaned once again.

For a second, I had felt pretty unsure and uneasy. Though I'm no longer a hikikomori, I

still feel very out of place in public and society. Am I truly ready to get my life back?

Am I ready to redeem myself, and reclaim those many wasted hours and years of

watching late night anime, lazing around on a futon, and blaming all my problems and

failures on a fictional organization that doesn't exist? Misaki-chan seemed to notice what

I was thinking.

"Still afraid?" she asked.

"Afraid? Afraid of what?"

"Of being ridiculed." she answered.

This was very similar to what happened, but I changed since then. We both did. I held

her hand this time and reassured her this time.

"I'll be with you, so I've got nothing to be afraid of, right?"

"Right." she answered with her serene smile.

As I held her hand, all my unease and doubt slowly drained away.

The train came to a stop, and we reached downtown. Together we walked down the

crowded street. Suddenly, Misaki-chan put her arm over mine. Agh! An arm triangle!

"Hey! What are you doing!"

"This date is real, right?"

She was acting like it was no big deal.

"Please quit it already! It's so embarrassing.."

"We are an official couple now, isn't this what everyone does?"

"Well yeah, but still.." I muttered embarrassingly.

"Besides, you shouldn't be complaining since you're spending your day off with a

beautiful girl like me, right?"

"N-no..." I answered with a blush.

"Good! Then let's go."

"What if people throw rocks at us?"

"Why would they?"

"Don't some people get angry at happy lovey-dovey couples? It looks disgusting..."

"If you think that we'll engage in P.D.A., then rest assured that we won't." assured Misaki-chan.

"P.D.A.?" I once again asked.

"Public display of Affection. It's when-"

I then suddenly realized what she really meant, and I interrupted her.

"I know, I know! Again with the acronyms, sheesh.."

"You can let go now if you want to.." she said with an unsatisfied and disappointed look.

At first I thought it was just too embarrassing. But then, I realized that it felt good.

"Nah, I change my mind. This is fine.."

"I knew you'd say that.."

At first I thought it would be embarrassing, but as long as I'm with her, I don't care what

everyone thinks. Not long ago I was a recluse loser who never left his house. Now I'm

walking around downtown with a beautiful girl around my arm. Times sure have

changed. First, to kill some time, I ran into that same anime store Yamazaki introduced

me to.

"Where are we going, Satou-kun?"

"Just seeing what they have real quick. It won't take long, I promise."

Yamazaki told me about this one doujin they had on sale. I wonder if it's any good! I

walked into the store with an excited idiotic grin on my face. However, when I entered

the store, I was greeted with jeers, glares, and frowns from the other people in the store.

I then suddenly remembered something..

"Satou-kun. It looks like you were right."

"Huh? What do you mean? Agh!"

I forgot to let go of Misaki-chan's arm! Aghh! This is so embarrassing. What I said

earlier was right. Nearly every otaku in the aisles were giving evil glare's and frowns. I

didn't want to look like a jerk in front of everyone. Misaki-chan then started to blush

embarrassingly too.

"M-maybe it would be a good idea to-"


We let go of our arm triangle. This is so embarrassing and humiliating. I can picture

those evil little NHK agents snickering at us right now! I had to make this purchase

quick and get the hell out of this store.

"I'm gonna make this quick Misaki-chan. We'll be out of here soon."


Now then.. where was this doujinshi Yamazaki was talking about? Let's see those

genre's.. Ero-game, Zettai-Ryoukai, Immouto, Cat-girls.. Aha, there it is!

I picked up the doujinshi with an excited grin on my face. However, whenever I saw the

perverted cover, I was quite shocked. I then peeked inside the contents..

"Whoah.. Holy crap! Is this stuff even legal?"

"Whatcha reading Satou kun?"

Misaki-chan looked over my shoulder at the perverted material I was reading. I let out a

terrified shriek. Not only at the surprise of Misaki-chan sneaking up on me, but also

because- Oh god, please no!

"Satou-kun, do you still read this stuff?"

My whole entire face was pale. I tried to let out another shriek, but I couldn't. Misaki-

chan then walked up and started lecturing me.

"What would your mother think if she saw you reading this?"

An imaginary arrow- no, spear, hit me through the head.

"Why does this stuff need all those tentacles? Is this what guys are really into?"

Another spear hit me!

"The girls in this don't look to be eighteen. Is this even legal?"

A third spear! That's it! I can't take it!


I ran out the store screaming like a maniac. I left Misaki-chan behind. I should- wait!

This is all her fault! That little- calm down, Tatsuhiro.. Outside the store I was so

embarrassed and mentally crushed. I haven't had a nervous breakdown like this in a

while. To calm myself down, I reached for my smokes. Misaki-chan then went outside

and saw my pathetic form, almost sitting in a fetal like position, quivering, shaking.

"Satou-kun, why do you read these perverted things?" she asked.

"You- you- you wouldn't understand..." I answered as I kept shuddering

"Let me guess.. If I'm correct, this is a "guy-thing", right?"


Misaki-chan then sat next to me.

"It's ok, Satou-kun. It's normal."

"What the hell do you know?"

"Hmm.. Well, if I recall, your good friend Yamazaki had a collection of those

things, right?"

"Yeah. That's right he did.. Although it really wasn't normal..."

Yamazaki's collection was borderline insane.

"I understand, Satou-kun."

"Huh? Understand what?"

She then stood up.

"I understand that I can never understand something like that. Because it's a "guy

thing". Right?"

Grrr! The nerve of that girl! Who does she think she is? Ah well, no need to get riled up over a stupid thing. I stood up again.

"Right. Just leave it alone."

"Ok. Well then, let's go, Satou-kun."


We started walking again. While Misaki-chan had a bright excited smile on her face, I

still had that miserable embarrassed frown. That girl just reached down into my soul and

crushed it. Aw well, that's what make's Misaki-chan, right? To kill some more time

before the movie, we headed to the nearby arcade. Misaki-chan unexpectedly had her

eyes on a certain game.

"Wow! Is this sidewalk fighter! I haven't played this in a while!"

I had a dumb mystified look on my face. I didn't think Misaki-chan was into video-

Wait! Girls don't play videogames! Do they? I have to ask Yamazaki about that...

"Wait. You mean you played this game before?"

"Yeah! When my older cousin visited from America, he taught me how to play

this game. He taught me all the special moves and combos too! Although, I haven't

played this game since I was 9 years old.. It's been a while."

Misaki-chan then had a forlorn gloomy look on her face. I don't remember much, but if I

recall what her uncle told me, she had a very unhappy and traumatic childhood. Then

just like that, her happy expression returned.

"Let's play, Satou-kun!"


We sat on the chairs in front of the game. Hey! They have ashtrays next to the arcade

machine! I decided to have a smoke while I played. Hey. I just realized, I haven't played

this game in a while either. Hope my skills aren't too rusty. I picked the one Chinese girl

with the long legs. Misaki-chan then picked the American guy.


I tried to rush in with my fighter, but Misaki-chan blocked all my attacks. She then

followed up with a counter-attack into a super combo, annihilating my fighter in one fell

swoop. Holy crap! She's good!

"Hey, I remember how to do the moves!" she excitedly exclaimed.

In round 2, I tried to repeatedly jump kick her, but again she countered-attack with her

super, and chipped away the rest of my health. Dammit!

"Huh, looks like I won. Care for a rematch Satou-kun? Satou-kun?"

Now I was really pissed off. With a maniacal leer I angrily accepted her rematch.



The 2nd fight went exactly the same. Again, she kicked my ass with that same super- combo. Goddammit! The 3rd fight I lost again! Then the next 5 times, I got slaughtered.

How the hell is she good at this game! She then had that smug evil grin on her face.

"You give up? Or are you thirsty for more?"

I then again accepted her challenge, and got so angry that a volcano exploded in the

background for some odd reason.


I couldn't back up my manly claim however. Again and again, I kept losing, and became

more frustrated. I then realized something. The only way to win: I have to cheat! I was

getting so pissed off and frustrated, I didn't care about playing fair anymore, I just had to

beat her once! At the start of the next fight, I did a real life special move with my



I blew a puff of smoke in Misaki-chan's face and temporarily blinded her.

"Hey! Satou-kun, you jerk!"

I then mercilessly beat her character into the ground, and finally won! Man, that was so


"Hah! How do you like that?"

"So that's how you want to play..."


I could've sworn I heard Misaki-chan mutter something. The next fight started. Before I

could launch my special move, something happened.

"Hey, Satou-kun..."


She then looked into my eyes and grabbed my hand, and stared me really close in the

face. (Too close.) My breath was caught in my throat, and my heart was beating fast.

"Do you think- we should- maybe- share our love?"

"Wh- What!"

"Satou-kun.. I want you..."

My heart was then beating faster. She then leaned in closer, closer, closer! And then-


It was a trick! I was so shocked at what was happening, I wasn't paying attention to the

game! She massacred my character and got her revenge! My jaw dropped on the arcade

machine. I was shocked beyond all belief.

"Now that makes us even!"

"Y-you damn cheater!"

"You're one to talk."

Misaki-chan cheated too! Although, her method of psychological warfare was a little bit more extreme.

"Th-that was going too far, Misaki-chan!"

"I had to distract you somehow."

"But it's only a game!"

"Oh? And what about your so-called smoke attack?"

"Just forget it. Let's go see that movie now, alright?"

"If you insist."

We then both got up and headed to the theater. Misaki-chan was acting all smug and

mean-spirited now. Maybe it's my fault for being a cheating jerk? Then again, she

cheated too. But then again, I kind of deserved it. I should apologize.

"Misaki-chan. I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For- for cheating."


"For, being kind of a jerk." I added.

"Anything else?"

"Oh c'mon, what else do you want me to say?"

"You don't really mean that, you're just saying that because you're supposed to." she said

with a mean smug.

"What else am I supposed to do!"

"Say it like you really mean it, Satou-kun."

She was right. I really only was saying it because I had to. To show her what I really

meant, I grabbed her hand and looked her right in the eye.

"I'm really really sorry Misaki-chan. I didn't mean that! Please forgive me!"

I made her blush with that remark. I don't know whether it was because I held her hand

or because of my heartfelt apology. Or is it was just plain stupid. Either way, she

became happy again.

"You're forgiven."

Her serene smile made me blush too. I then tried to let go of her hand, but she still held on.

We then both smiled and walked to the theater. We didn't know what movie to decide on though.

"How about that scary one with the ring?" she recommended.

"No way, that sounds stupid."

"Is that fear I detect in your voice, Satou-kun?"

"O-of course not! Who the hell do you think I am!"

I couldn't back up my manly lie though. I really was scared. About two hours later when

we walked out of the theater, I was as pale as a ghost. Misaki-chan still had that excited

smile though.

"That was so much fun! I can't wait for the sequel, that cliffhanger was so terrifying! What did you think Satou-Kun? Satou-kun?"

I couldn't reply back. I was a walking zombie, who just kept uttering the same message of doom repeatedly.

"Seven days. Seven days. Seven days. Seven days..."

"It's not real, it's just a movie." she assured me.

"But it said it was based on a true story..."

"That's so only they can dupe you by making it sound interesting and selling more tickets. Besides, if it really was true, would an evil demon girl try and drag you down a well?"

"No, but, at first they made it seem really convincing..."

"And besides, you broke the traditional rules of watching a movie when dating!"

"There are rules now?" I asked.

"Of course! For example, during the scary scenes, the guy is supposed to protect his girlfriend. You just kept screaming like a wimp and curled up into a fetal position!"

"What the hell else was I supposed to do!"

"You just don't get it do you? Besides, didn't you so proudly exclaim that you weren't scared?"

"I wasn't! I was -sigh- you're right, I was lying."

"Again. You are such a terrible liar."

Just then, my cell phone rang. I wonder who it was- Agh! It's my mom! By reflex I answered it. I had to finish this quick!

"Hello mom."

"Ah, Tatsuhiro! How have you been doing?"

"Well, you know, just a lazy Sunday."

"Have you been enjoying your job?"

"Well, no, not really. But it pays very well, so I can't complain really."

"Who is it Satou-kun?"

"Ahh, oh my, is that Misaki-chan! Put her on now!"

"-sigh- it's my mom, she want's to talk to you." I regrettably handed her my phone.


"Misaki-chan! How are you?"

"Umm, fine."

"Are you two on a date right now?"

We both blushed. This is so embarassing!


"Well, I don't want to interrupt any further! You two have a great time. And Misaki-chan, please take care of my idiot son. I know he might lie at times, but he's truly

a wonderful man."

"Th-thank you, I will."

"Oh, that's right! Are you two still getting married soon by any chance?"

"WHAT!" we both simultaneously shouted.

What the hell is she saying! I snatched the phone.

"Talk to ya later mom, bye!"

"Wait a minute, Tatsuhiro!" I hung up.

This was probably by far the most embarrassing moment of the day so far! My god, I'm just going on a simple date, where the hell did she get the idea that-

"Satou-kun? Did your mother just said-"

"No! We're just going on a date, THAT IS ALL!" I embarrassingly shouted.

I know that talking to my mom once in a while is awkward and uncomfortable, but that

was just way too personal. We were both extremely embarrassed and red in the face. I tried to diffuse the uncomfortable silence.

"H-hey, let's go get some dinner now."


As we walked down the street to the restaurant, the mood was still awkward. We didn't

say a word, and whenever we looked at each other we looked the other way. Why did

my mom had to pester me like that? On the other hand... she did have a point. Misaki-

chan for a while now has been the only friend and acquaintance I've had. Yamazaki went

back to work on his farm, Senpai got married and started a family, and I've just stayed

behind this whole time. I know I've got a job now, and planning to get back into college.

But what will happen until then? Will Misaki-chan get on with her life too? Will we

both go our separate ways? Will we both get on with our lives? I don't want to think

about it. I don't want to think about this uncertain future..

We eventually got to the restaurant and got a table pretty quick. As we waited for our food, we tried to talk. Usually it's me who tries to break the uncomfortable silence, but

this time Misaki-chan beat me right to the punch.

"I think I know why your mother asked that embarrassing question."

"You do?"

"Well, the last time we saw her we were a fake couple, and you told her that we

would get married eventually."

"But I thought she saw through our lie."

"She did. Except, well, it might not be a lie anymore.."


"Satou-kun, think about it. Do you have any other friends left besides me?"


"Don't lie." she exclaimed.

"No, I don't." I answered with a sigh.

"Then maybe that's why. The lie became the truth. Our charade evolved into the real thing."

"You mean the marriage!"

"No, No! Our- our friendship..." she answered with a blush.

As embarrassing as this seems, she's right. Back then, it was all a big act. It's pretty

ironic now that it's real. I was too embarrassed to reply out loud, but I had to admit she

was right. Yamazaki doesn't live next to me anymore, and everyone else has moved on

with their lives. Although I do have a job now and am no longer a hikikomori, Misaki-

chan is still my only contact with the outside world.

"Uhh, Misaki-chan?"


"...Never mind.."

Once again, it was back to awkward. We both ate our dinner with rarely a word. We both

paid the tab and left. Eventually, we reached the train station and rode the train home.

As we both walked under the night sky, we saw a sparkling lake near the bridge. The

water reflected the stars in the night sky.

"It's so beautiful."

"Hmph." I pulled out a smoke.

"Satou-kun, you haven't said anything in a while now."

"Neither have you."

"It's what I said back then, wasn't it? I'm sorry, it was so embarrassing."

"No, you're right."

"Right about it being embarrassing or my point?" she asked.

"Uhhhm, kind of both actually. Heh heh heh!" I answered with a sigh.

Man this stuff is so embarrassing to talk about!

"But, you're right though. You're the only friend I've got left." I said.

"You still have your other acquaintances." she claimed.

"No! I mean, recently, you've been, my, uhhm, only contact with the outside world.." I answered with a slight embarrassed blush.

"Even though you're no longer a hikikomori?"

"Y-yeah.. I mean, I got a job now, but, it's not very social."

"That's normal though. Being a crossing guard isn't a social job where you talk to

a lot of people."

"Yeah, I guess that's true.. Hey, listen, I'm sorry about my mom calling."

"That's ok. It was unexpected, and not in your control. You couldn't prevent it." she said.

"Yeah, I could if I hung up or didn't answer though!"

I let out a little laugh, and so did Misaki-chan. The mood seemed to have gotten better.

"That was so embarrassing though." I said.

"Even more embarrassing than your perverted reading materials?"

"Ach! You little-"

Misaki-chan then let out another little laugh.

"Let's go home." she said as she started to walk on the trail.


As we walked along the trail alongside the shining lake, I was thinking. Do I really

"like" Misaki-chan? I know we've been good friends and all, but am I really ready to go

the next level? I don't think I would be very reliable in a serious relationship, and would

only be a burden and nuisance. Plus, she sometimes really gets on my nerves and pisses

me off with her psychology and know it all attitude. But she's also kind, caring, smart,

and thoughtful. So many contradictions.

I walked on the dirt trail and Misaki-chan playfully roped walk on the railing. She then

suddenly slipped off!

"Hey, watch out!"

As she slipped off and fell, I caught her in my arms. I carried one arm under her back and the other under her legs. It looked like I saved a princess or something. Ach!

Why am I doing this! This is like a really bad fanfiction!

We both blushed really hard at this. For a while we said nothing as I held her and we looked at each other.

"Th-thanks Satou-kun, you can put me down now."

I know, but, but, it feels so good, I kind of don't want to!


"Uhh, yeah, Sorry!"

Regrettably I put her down. That was on accident, but then again it was the best accident

ever. We walked home and eventually reached the curved road. This is where we would

part ways.

"Well, that was an enjoyable evening." she said.

"Yeah, it was fun."

For a while we both tried to say our final parting words, but we couldn't come up with

anything good.

"Well, good luck at work tomorrow." said Misaki-chan.

"Yeah. And good luck with school." I said back.

"Satou-kun... I- I- -blushes-"


"I'll see you soon, take care!"

"Yeah, G'night, Misaki-chan."

Once again she gave a quick but strong hug, and ran up the hill excitedly to her house.

As I walked back to my apartment, I thought about what Misaki-chan was trying to say.

I knew she was going to say something else, but it looked like she changed her words.

As I opened the door and fell asleep on my bed, I tried to fall asleep, but couldn't get

Misaki-chan out of my head. The "trick" she played on me at the arcade, the moment I

begged for forgiveness, the way she felt as I caught her in my arms, and that smile.

It's official, I think I'm in l-

BAM! All of a sudden, chaos was everywhere. My door was broken down! I fell out of my bed. The room was full of screaming and shouting, and the rumbling of feet. Men in uniforms brandished guns and rifles. I had no idea what the hell was going on.

"Get on the ground! Freeze! On the ground or I'll shoot!" I then heard one

of the men address me, but I couldn't understand him. English!

"Tatsuhiro Satou, you're under arrest for the attempted murder of a police officer!"

What! What the hell is going on! What is he saying! I was on the ground, crying and screaming. I was completely terrified. I then glimpsed a look at three white letters on one of the men's backs: It wasn't NHK, but rather,




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