The Eden Hall JV Ducks piled into their
bus, preparing for their hockey game against
the Blake Bears. Coach Orien picked that
moment to take the attendence.







Coach rattled down the list.


There came no reply.


Russ Tyler poked Dwayne in the
side with his hockey stick.

"But mama, I don't wanna rope any
piggies today."

The whole bus laughed.

Eventually, the bus started on its way.
Everyone was goofing around and having
fun. Until that fateful moment happened.

The bus driver suddenly disapeared.
Everybody was in panic. He'd just disapeared.
With no trace. No sign of him at all.

Coach Orien volunteered himself to go get some
help. Which was pretty futile, as they were
lost in the middle of nowhere.

As soon as Coach disembarked from the bus,
the door suddenly slammed and locked them

Then, Dwayne pointed out, "Hey ya'll, we're locked

"NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!" the rest of the team yelled
at him.

Dean Portman started to freak out. He was shaking,
even crying, one might say. Fulton was patting his

"Dean, what's wrong," Julie asked.

"I wanted to bash the Blake Bears!"

As one, the team sighed. Nothing would ever change

All of a sudden, Adam Banks had a brain freeze. He'd
brought a Slushie onto the bus, and had drunk it much
too quickly. Of course, nobody else had noticed this.

"AAH!" he screamed.

"What's wrong, homie?" Russ inquired.

Adam's eyes were strangely out of focus as he answered
"Brain freeze."

"Dude, how'd you get a brain freeze?"

Goldberg turned around in his seat to face Adam, and
said, sniffing the air, "He had a medium blue raspberry

** **
What will happen to our beloved hockey team?
** **
A/N: I just hadda take a break from Save and the Mighty Cattle.
Somethin' funny, but about the Ducks. So I wrote this. It will,
eventually, be continued.

The Mighty Ducks do not belong to me.