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A young eight year old rushed around the kitchen, going from the dinner table to the counter, placing utensils and plates on the table. A screech was heard and Petunia Dursley walked into the kitchen, a scowl on her face.

"Freak! Are you done yet?" She screeched, popping her hip and crossing her arms in displeasure. "My Dudley-kins is wasting away!" Harry nodded his head obediently.

"Yes Aunt Petunia." She nodded her head and picked up one of the rolls from the basket on the table and handed it to him.

"There. Don't say I never did anything for you." She said as she turned and called Vernon and Dudley for dinner. Harry quickly went into the kitchen and began to eat his roll. If his uncle caught him with it, his Aunt Petunia would deny giving it to him. Speak of the devil, Vernon Dursley walked into the kitchen just as Harry had taken a bite out of the hot dinner roll.

"Freak! Who told you that you could have that?" His uncle yelled angrily, his face turning an ugly red color. Harry shivered in fear at what he knew would be coming. He didn't try to say anything. All that would do was make his uncle angrier. A punch was delivered to the side of his head and he slammed against the wall. Like in the wild, the smartest thing to do was go limp and not move. In other words, play dead. His uncle huffed.

"Useless freak." He mumbled before grabbing the young boy's arm and pulling him down the hall and throwing him into the cupboard under the stairs. It was also known as the 'Freak's bedroom'. Harry lied down in the dim light. Bringing a hand up, he gently felt the bump on the side of his head. He winced when pain shot through his head. His eyes widened when the pain faded away. Rolling up his baggy, hand-me-down shirt from his cousin, he looked at his stomach where he knew he had a bruise from his cousin. His stomach was unblemished. Not even a scar was found. Confused, he pulled up his thumb to his mouth and nipped it, drawing blood. Right before his eyes, the wound closed.

"What am I?"


The ten year old Harry Potter stood to the side as his relatives ate dinner. He really hoped he would be able to eat today. It had been a few days since he had eaten anything. His stomach growled as he stared at all the food his cousin was shoving down his throat.

"Freak! Stop staring. Its making me feel sick." Vernon grumbled through a mouth full of food. "Go into the kitchen and wait until we're done eating."

"Yes Uncle Vernon" Harry said bowing slightly like he was taught to do, and walking into the kitchen. He leaned against the counter and sighed. It had been two days since he had anything but tap water. His stomach growled painfully again, reminding him of that fact. He glanced over at the pots and pans in the sink. His relatives wouldn't notice if he licked the sides. Stepping over to the sink quietly, Harry ran his hand over the leftover mix from the corn bread. Placing the coated finger in his mouth, he almost moaned at the taste. It was a bit soapy, but still very delicious.

"Boy! What are you doing in here?" Vernon yelled angrily. Harry jumped back from the sink like he had been burned.

"J-just waiting, Sir." Harry stuttered nervously, looking down at the floor. He has it beaten in him never to look them in the eye.

"Yeah right Freak!" Vernon grumbled. He couldn't stand when the freak lied. It actually thought it was smarter than him? Vernon Dursley? The nerve of him!

Grabbing a handful of black hair, Vernon slung his nephew to the ground, making him knock into the pile of clean dishes, making them scatter everywhere. Vernon's face turned an ugly redish purple color.

"You damn freak! Look what…"Vernon stopped as he stared down at his nephew. On its way down, a glass had shattered, cutting a large gash in Harry's arm. Right before Vernon's eyes, it healed itself. "FREAK! What did you just do?" Vernon yelled furious. He believed the boy was doing freakish things.

"I…I didn't mean to…"Harry stuttered fearfully. "My body does it on its own."

"I will not have your freakishness in my house any longer!" Vernon yelled grabbing Harry's arm and pilling him up. Grabbing his keys in his other hand, Vernon pulled Harry to his car and threw him in the back. The car tipped dangerously to the side as he climbed into the driver's seat and drove away.

Harry put himself to sleep crying. He was being thrown away. He didn't know where they were going, but he knew it would be bad. He woke up to his Uncle pulling him out of the car.

"Now don't both my family again!" The fat man sneered as he pushed the boy into the alley and speeded off, hoping no one saw. Harry sighed as he moved behind one of the many trashcans. He guessed he was on his own from now on.

Harry had been living on the streets for three months now. He had gone into a bakery one day, to see if he could grab any food left from others on the tables or in the trashcan. When a young could had left, leaving a half-eaten muffin, he jumped up from his seat and grabbed it. About to leave, his should was grabbed by one of the workers. It had turned out to be the owner, Anita Harris. She had given him the left over food of what hadn't been able to sale. To say the least, he didn't go hungry. He would drop by homeless shelters and churches for safe places to sleep, sometimes having to sleep in alleys. More then once he would have to out run the cops. They probably wanted to take him to an orphanage or something, but he didn't want to risk being sent back to his relatives. Walking down the street one day, looking for lost coins, Harry couldn't help but feel he was being watched. Glancing around, he didn't notice anything or anyone suspicious, so he chalked it up to nerves. But just to be sure…He took off in a full blown sprint. Hearing running feet behind him, he knew he had been right. But why would someone follow him? Running faster, Harry spotted an alley up ahead. This would shake them up. Taking the quick right, he has halfway through the alley when he felt something sharp stab into the back of his neck. He stumbled forward, his vision becoming blurry. Before he blacked out, he saw a man in a white doctor's trench coat, smirking at him.

The doctor smirked at his new test monkey. They had been following this one for a few months. It was very tricky to catch. They are finally caught the little beast when he was rummaging through alleyways. Stupid little creature it was.

"Grab him and throw him into the van." The other two men in black pants and matching dark blue shirts nodded in understanding, grabbing the little boy collapsed on the ground. The man smiled viciously as he watched a few cuts on the boy's boy slowly heal itself until there was no trace of it. 'Yes. He will be a fun little experiment.'

When Harry woke up, he was in a metal room, with metal walls, ceiling, floor and door. Looking around, he spotted someone in the corner.

"Hello? Can you tell me where we are?" Harry asked quietly, afraid what would happen if he was too loud. The person in the corner looked up slowly. It seemed to be a boy. He was wearing a plain grey shirt with matching pants. He has thinning brown hair, and haunting hazel eyes.

"This is the lab." He whispered quietly."They do experiments here on mutants.

Harry looked confused. "Mutants?" The boy nodded.

"Yeah, Mutants." He continued at Harry's confused look. "People with powers other normal people don't have." Harry nodded in understanding. There was silence for a second.

"My name is Harry." At the silence and blank look he received, he continued. "What's your name?" The boy seemed to be evaluating him, seeing if he was a threat or not.

"My name is Stephan" Harry nodded smiling.

"Nice to meet you." This seemed to be the wrong this to say as the boy shook his head sadly.

"This place isn't nice" He mumbled. "No, not nice at all. He'll see."

An hour or so later, a group of men in black matching uniforms with dart guns came to the room.

"New boy! Get up!" One yelled, referring to Harry. He quickly stood up, not liking the similarities the man had with his uncle. Following them out the door when signaled, he was led to a strange room with a white bed in the center and all kinds of machines around it. He was then pushed down on it, his hands and legs being strapped down with restraints. They left and a few minutes later, an elderly man in a white lab coat walked in, reading a clip chart.

"Hmm… power of healing? Interesting." The man mumbled to himself. Harry fidgeted nervously. The man then proceeded to do all sorts of test. He took blood, hooked him up to different machines and even took a urine sample. Snapping his fingers, the men from before came back in. "I want you guards to take this one back to its cage and get me the other one for testing. Dr. Louis will want it in lab three." The man said, writing down something on his clipboard. Just before they left the room, he seemed to remember something.

"And remember." He paused. "He bites." The guards nodded before leading Harry back to his cage. They grabbed Stephan just as his teeth lengthened, snapping at them. He was kicking and screaming, begging them to leave him alone. After that night, he never saw Stephan again.

Harry was seventeen. He had been at the lab for seven years now. He had gotten a few other cage-mates, but none of them stayed for more then a month or two. Some would be scared, others angry, and others just plain confused. But Harry always made sure to fill them in on what happened there and what to and what not to do. He had learned out the hard way to never look anyone in the eyes or to yell out when being beaten by the guards.

Through the many experiments done there, he had found out he could not only heal himself quickly, but also change his shape into any animal he tried so far, though, they all looked the same. They all had black fur with emerald eyes. Sighing when he heard the locks on the door shift, Harry knew it was time for more experiments. Climbing to his feet, he waited patiently.

"Get back into the corner!" The guard yelled. Harry raised an eyebrow. 'A new mutant?' he thought surprised. It had been a while since he had gotten a new cage-mate. Stepping back into the corner like he was told, Harry waited. A young man was thrown into the room and the door was slammed shut. Looking over to the man, he couldn't help but blush. He was a very specimen. He was shirtless, showing off his firm muscles and tight jeans. It seemed he hadn't been changed into the normal grey uniform yet. Walking over to him, he shook his should gently. Before he could blink, he was being slashed at by the man's three metal claws coming out of each hand. Harry dodged as he was slashed at, hissing in pain as his arm was slashed open. It healed right after but it still didn't mean it didn't freakin' hurt!

"Hey! Hey! Calm down!" Harry said quickly, still dodging attacks. "I'm not going to hurt you!"

The other stopped, but still glared at him suspiciously. Taking this chance, Harry looked over the man. Now that he could see his face clearly, Harry could guess the other was about twenty-five or twenty-six.

"Who are you? Where the hell am I?" He said in a husky voice that made a shiver run down his spine. Smiling lightly, he introduced himself.

"My names Harry" The other finally put away his claws. "This is the lab. They do experiments on mutants." The other nodded.

"Names Logan" The other mutant, now known as Logan said gruffly. "You can call me Wolverine though"

Harry giggled quietly. "That's cute" Logan growled threatening.

"What is?" His tone of voice dared him to say something insulting. Harry knew he could just heal himself if Logan decided to attack.

"Your name. Wolverine. It's because of the claws, right?" Harry smiled as Logan blushed lightly. Right about when he was going to answer, the door opened. Harry moved into the corner like he was suppose to, and quickly grabbed Logan's arm to pill him back as well.

"What the hell, bub?" Logan said loudly as he was pulled back. Harry shushed him quickly as the guards walked into the room fully.

"Come on freak. Dr. Fitzgerald wants to see you" The guards said smiling sinisterly as the others with him chuckled in amusement. Harry's eyes dulled to a dark green. Dr. Fitzgerald was one of the worst doctors in the whole lab. All his experiments were incredibly painful. Harry nodded his head with a slight mumbled of "Yes Sir" and followed the guards out the door, leaving Wolverine alone to think.

Harry's visit with Dr. Fitzgerald wasn't a fun one. He was shot with multiple needles in his arms and took quite a few blood samples. He had also did some strange thing that Harry didn't know his body could do. He had rubbed his lower half until this white stuff shot out. It felt weird. Not bad exactly, but strange. Being locked up in the lab for so long had made Harry a bit naïve to things a regular seventeen year old should have known. After taking samples of that, they took a skin sample. It hurt like a beast, but healed a few seconds later. Harry was then made to run on a big treadmill at a fast speed while changing animals as instructed as he ran. They did about three to four hours of this before Harry felt like he would pass out. He sighed in relief as the treadmill slowed down to a complete halt. He fell down to his knees panting after changing back to his original, human form.

"That's all for today." Dr. Fitzgerald said in his monotone voice. "Take the freak away." He wrinkled his nose in disgust. "And dunk it ion some water or something. It smells horrid." The guards nodded as they grabbed Harry, taking him to the shower room. They stripped him of his clothes before throwing him under the spray of the large shower. Harry had a minute to wash himself off under the old water before it turned off and he was thrown a towel. He only got a minute or so of drying off before he was ordered to change himself into the clean pair of clothes they had for him. After that he was thrown back into his cage.

Harry sighed in relief as he rubbed the cold metal against his cheek. He was utterly exhausted. He was just about to fall asleep when he felt something poke his shoulder.

"Hey kid, you okay?" He heard Logan ask, his tone revealing his worry. Harry opened his eyes and sat up.

"Yeah, I'm just tired." He whispered. It came out more like a slur because of how sleepy he was.

"Why the hell you whispering? It not like there is anyone else here." Logan asked loudly. It seemed a bit too loudly, as the lock on the door clicked open.

"So as to not attract attention from the guards" Harry whispered, stumbling to his feet and pulling Logan to the corner with him. "Don't fight back or the punishment is worse. Trust me" Harry whispered into Logan's ear just as four guards came in.

"Are you two having a party in here?" one guard asked, glaring slightly with a sadistic smirk on his ugly face.

"No sir" Harry said loud enough for them to hear. They just chuckled.

"I don't think so." He walked over closer to them, leering at Harry. "So, which one has the loud mouth?"

"I do sir" Harry said quietly, looking down at his feet. He made it a habit to stick up for the new guy the first couple of times. He felt bad because they couldn't heal themselves like he could. Though, because he could heal himself, his punishment was far worse, and much longer then the others.

"Ha! I knew it! You always get loud when a new freak comes in." One of the others said, grabbing his arm roughly, pulling him toward the door. Before anyone could say anything else, they were gone, leaving Logan there in shocked silence. No one had really stood up and taken the blame like that for him.

Harry was thrown back into the cage, blood covering his body. He was taken to the 'Play Lab'. This lab consisted of everything from chain whips to knives and it was all used to punish the freaks. After so many wounds his healing tended to get a little slow. Logan rushed to his side after the guards were gone, chuckling sadistically at their handy work.

"Why the hell did you do that for kid? It was my fault." Logan said quickly, but this time, a lot quieter. He wiped the blood off of Harry's face gently.

"That's why we whisper" Harry said, smiling slightly. He was almost done healing. "I always make sure the new guy learns all the rules first. If you talk too loud again, I won't cover for you." Harry sat up slowly, cracking his neck. It always got a bit stiff when it was broken once or twice within a few minutes of each break.

"Don't get up." Logan said, trying to push him back down. Harry chuckled quietly.

"Don't worry. I'm fine, most of my wounds are healed, see?" Harry lifted up his shirt to show his chest. Though it was covered in blood, it was not cut open. Logan just nodded. He took out his claws, slicing his hand open. Harry watched in amazement as it healed before his eyes. He smiled.

"You're like me." He whispered, and then he got a haunted look in his green eyes. He leaned forward so his mouth was right by Logan's ear before whispering. "Don't let anyone else fine out or punishments will be even worse."


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