Jett and Jo made their way upstairs after breakfast. After a soft kiss on the lips, Jo excused herself to the bathroom, leaving Jett alone in their bed room. He stripped down to just his cocky grin and relaxed on the queen sized bed. His arms were crossed behind his head as he leisurely leaned back against the headboard.

Jo returned several minutes later wearing a fluffy white robe. She entered the room, locking the door behind her. As she approached the bed, she untied the belt revealing the skimpy lingerie underneath. She shrugged the robe off, allowing it to fall to the floor around her feet. After a quick twirl so Jett could view her entire outfit, she joined him in the bed.

She straddled her fiancé and peppered his face with sweet kisses. Jett smiled at the gesture and ran his hands down her sides reveling in her warm, smooth skin. Their lips met, sending an electrical charge down both of their spines. He brought his hand to her neck deepening the kiss, while the other made it's way to unhook her bra. Before things could go further, they were interrupted by someone pounding on their door loudly.

"Get out of there."

Kendall wanted to get out of the hot tub but he couldn't move. He was frozen. His brain had shut down from shock. Could he really believe what he was seeing? Was one of his best friends really dead? This couldn't be real. This had to be a sick joke, right? A firm hand on his shoulder brought him out of his thoughts.

"Kendall, get out of the hot tub. Please." Carlos's voice was full of desperation. He was a fire fighter. He dealt with tragic and horrible scenes on a daily basis. He should know what to do, but at this moment all he felt was panic. All he wanted to do was regress back to their roles as teenagers where Kendall was the leader and could handle the situation. "Kendall. Kendall, what should we do?"

The blonde nearly fell over once he was out of the water. He was weak with worry. "Uhm. W-we need to call the police. We need to f-find Logan and call the police."

Stephanie grabbed her cell phone that was lying nearby. She frowned when she looked at the screen. "I don't have a signal," she commented as she held the phone in the air and waved it around trying to gain more bars.

"I don't either," Kendall said. He turned his attention to Carlos who shook his head indicating his cell phone was also useless. "We need to find Logan. He'll know how to contact the police."

The trio dried off and went back inside the cabin to get help but Logan was no where to be found. Kendall was going to check up stairs but bumped in to Camille before he could do so. He didn't dare tell her the situation with James. She was pregnant and was in no condition to handle this sort of news, at least not with out Logan there to comfort her.

"Hey, Camille," the blonde said somewhat awkwardly.

She titled her head to the side, questioning. "Hey, Kendall. Is everything…. Okay?"

"Yeah. No. Everything's fine." His words came out rushed. "Uhm, where's Logan?"

"Logan's outside in the rose garden. We went for a walk, but I got tired so we came back a few minutes ago. He went back out there with some gardening sheers. He noticed a few bushes had some sort of fungus or something, so he went to remove some of the branches."

Kendall furrowed his brow. "I'm going to go give him a hand."

"Oh, us too!" Carlos said quickly causing Camille look at him oddly.

"Are you guys sure everything's okay?"

"Yeah, just don't go use the hot tub. It's-"

"Oh, don't worry. I have no plans of using the hot tub. Too risky during pregnancy. Logan would kill me."

The rose garden was larger than they had anticipated so the trio split up to cover more ground. They called out for Logan, his name echoing as they each took a turn shouting for the future doctor.

Carlos stopped dead in his tracks when Stephanie's call was replaced with a screech of terror. He bolted off in the direction of the distressing sound, weaving in and out of bushes, trying his best to avoid the thorns, looking for his love.

His heart sank when he saw her across the field. She had a hand to her throat and he was sure that was blood gushing from underneath her palm. They ran towards each other and she collapsed in his arms, a frail hand holding her throat and a small pair of bloody garden sheers in the other. Both hands were stained red, and the liquid ran down from her throat over her chest.

"L-l-logan," she croaked out. "It was Logan."

"Logan?" Kendall asked in disbelief, panting slightly from racing toward Stephanie when he heard her scream.

Carlos turned to see the blonde standing behind him.

Kendall's eyes were glued to Stephanie, wide with shock and horror at the bloody scene. He felt dizzy. Was it the sight of all the blood? Or the thought of his best friend being a killer? He wasn't sure. He reached out to a nearby bush to steady himself, hissing as he cut his hand on the thorns. He looked up and saw Logan in the distance just staring at them.

Carlos followed Kendall's gaze. He swore in Spanish, wanting to go after the smaller boy.

"No. Don't leave me, Carlos," Stephanie begged. He nodded and held her close to his chest.

"I'll go," Kendall said and then ran towards the brunette.

Logan saw Kendall headed in his direction and took off to towards the cabin. He may not have been as strong as the other boys in his circle of friends, but he was the fastest and soon Kendall had lost sight of him.

When Kendall reached the cabin it was seemingly deserted. It was quiet. Too quiet. He had a very bad feeling about this. After finding no one on the first floor, he crept up the stairs as silently as possible. Once at the top he saw that all the doors were closed but one, the one to Jo and Jett's room. The door stood open as if to taunt Kendall, begging him to look inside. The feeling in the pit of his stomach told him he wouldn't like what he would find.

He didn't have to enter the room far in order to know that Jo and Jett were dead. The white sheets were stained bright red and told him everything he needed to know. He backed into the hallway slowly with his hand over his mouth. Was this day really happening?

Kendall heard a thud and then someone crying from downstairs. It was a woman. Surely Logan wouldn't harm his Camille and future child? The blonde ran down the stairs to find her cowering in the corner, blood dripping from the side of her mouth. The future doctor was towering over her with a butcher's knife in his hand.

The blonde called out to his friend to distract him from Camille. Logan looked up and the two boys locked eyes from across the room. Kendall saw the crazed look in the brown eyes falter, but it was back again so quickly he wasn't sure if it really happened.

Logan stalked his way towards Kendall. The taller boy stood frozen in place. He was unsure of what to do. He was bigger and stronger than Logan, but he was unarmed; the brunette still had the butcher's knife held tightly in his hand. He could probably wrestle the weapon from his grasp, but then what? Despite what Logan had done that day, he was still Kendall's best friend. The thought of hurting him, broke his heart.

"Logie," Kendall said in a calming voice, "Put down the knife."

"I can't do that, Kendall. Not yet."

"Not yet?"

"Right. It's not over yet. But it will be soon." Logan grinned at Kendall. It was almost playful and it severely confused the blonde.


The med student continued to saunter towards him and he backed away on instinct. This continued until Kendall backed into the door frame of the living room. The impact caught him off guard and he failed to catch his balance so he tumbled to the floor, landing on his knees in front of one of the couches.

The first thing he noticed was the pair of limited edition Buster Clydes. The next thing he noticed was the body connected to the feet in the shoes. It was James.

"J-James!" Kendall yelled as he stood up. "But. What? Huh?" He was completely freaked out. His best friend, assumed dead only hours ago, was sitting on the couch, grinning like a fool at him no less.

"You act like you've seen a ghost, Kendall," James said with a teasing tone. "I mean, you didn't actually think this was my head did you?" The pretty boy held up the prop head that had been left in the hot tub.

Kendall just stood there speechless.

"I'm much better looking than this thing. I should be offended."

"Hey, that thing is pretty convincing."

Kendall turned towards the voice. "Stephanie?"

She laughed and walked over to hug the shocked blonde. "Calm down, Kendall. It was all a joke. Everything's fine."

"A j-joke?" He said breathlessly.

"Yes, a joke," Camille said sweetly before giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Kendall was still stunned. He looked around at all the people in the room. Carlos and James were seated next to each other on the couch. Jett was in a bath robe standing over in the corner with his arms crossed and an amused look on his face, Jo by his side. Stephanie had taken a seat on the arm rest of the love seat while Camille was standing next to the blonde boy.

"You were all in on it?" he whispered as if talking to himself.

"Well, not at first," James said. "Logan filled us in once we each became a victim."

"Are you mad?"

Kendall turned around to see Logan standing there with his hand behind his neck, a nervous habit he's had since he was a kid, with a soft smile.

"Am I mad? Am I mad?" His voice grew louder with each word, his eyes full of anger. Logan's smile fell and his eyes were wide open.

"Of course I'm mad! This was evil, Logan. Evil!" Kendall stopped and grabbed the bridge of his nose trying to calm himself. He took a breath and his tone was much softer. "It was evil and…. brilliant." He looked towards his small brunette friend with a smile on his face. "You are an evil genius, Logan."

"S-so you're not mad?" Logan asked nervously.

"Just mad I didn't think of it!" Kendall said slapping him on the back, "I didn't think you had it in you, Logan."

The brunette blushed. "Well, Camille helped. How do you think we got a replica of James head?" He chuckled. "She called in some favors with her special effects buddies."

"Well, then." Kendall cleared his throat and began speaking in an old styled British accent. "Hear ye. Hear ye. As reigning 'Sir High King Lord of the Pranks' I hereby surrender my title to the noble knight of prankdom, Sir Logan Mitchell."

The largest smile possible was plastered on Logan's face as he took a dramatic bow while his closest friends cheered and applauded. He stood up straight, bringing his finger to the tip of his nose saluting his fellow knights.

A/N: I hope you all enjoyed this story! I'm sure you're all glad that no one is really dead. :) I'm proud of what I wrote despite this being the shortest multi chap I've done so far. I just hope none of you were disappointed. For those interested, the movie this was inspired by is called APRIL FOOLS DAY. It's not the greatest but if you like cheesy b-movies then you may enjoy it.