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Chapter 10 – Bulldozing Through Trouble; Evading Wily's Traps

Wily's latest banter has got Glyde and Bass moving away from him. They enter an elevator heading down. It was quiet. One is full of fear due to the abuse Wily has given him. He knew that the dragon hadn't been tested yet Wily never took his advice seriously. The other feels that matters like these are best settled his way. What do you they have in common? Simple. They work for the madman.

"I give you credit Glyde," says Bass, startling him. "Not many can stand up to Wily. Those that do end up in the brig."

"Th-thank you. I appreciate that." He replies, trying to keep calm.

"Are you always so nervous?" Bass asks him.

"Yes," Glyde goes on to explain. "Ever since Wily has forced me to servitude, I am nervous. He reprogrammed my creations to follow his every whim. I feel trapped. I feel like I wish to be away from this!"

Bass looks at him believing every word. Ever since Lex Loath was arrested, Glyde had nowhere to go. Wily's ultimatum left him with no choice. Since then he was hard at work keeping the base up to spec. Although he's good with technology, he isn't good with handling a madman. Made worse is Bass who's unpredictable. The only thing he cares about is having me dead. It's a recurring gag believe me. Why do you think I had to handle him throughout the whole story?

"And you want to leave Wily behind so you can maybe get yourself back on track right?" Bass asks.

Glyde nods and replies, "That would be something I want more than anything. I don't care if I have to betray him."

Bass ruins the mood saying, "You know that he won't like it right?"

"It makes little difference," He replies, "I'll do whatever it takes. Anything to get me away from this monster."

"You surprise me Glyde. You really do." Bass assures him. "For now, put the little ideas on hold. We have bigger problems."

"What do you mean?" He questions.

"Simple. Mega Man. He's heading deeper into the fortress and once he finds Wily, he'll take him down. We need to stop him before that happens." Bass explains to Glyde.

"What do you have in mind?" Glyde wonders. "I'll use the Rafale to destroy him. I can make quick work out of him in seconds."

Bass then interrupts, "In a place like this? Sorry but the Rafale won't have much room to maneuver, let alone fight."

"Then do you have any better suggestions? You know what he did to the dragon? Wily's fuming mad after seeing that!" Glyde shouts.

"I got the perfect weapon to take him down." Bass remedies. "I'll show you."

The two become quiet as the elevator reaches the lowest floor. Whatever Bass has planned, I'll make sure to take it down. Dealing with a dragon is already bad enough. I know that because I went through it last chapter. This time I'm prepared for whatever he has in store. I don't care if I have to take on another one of Wily's weapons. Anything that gets in my way, I'll take 'em down. I am what Tron normally says to me: "a defender of the human race". Now then, let's find out where I'm at right now. Fortunately, I'm not that far off to where Bass and Glyde are.

If you had a map of this place, I would be heading lower into the thermal section. I don't know why but something tells me that this is what's keeping the base operational. If I take it down then I can be able to have an advantage. I'm on the move because many of Wily's robots are on the attack. Sniper Joes, Moles, Bladers, Metools, it goes on and on. Their assault is continuous. I'm able to get some cover on a nearby edge. I fire a helping of Mega Buster shots hoping I can drive them off. That didn't work. They keep on attacking and I'm forced to defend.

"I swear to god! These guys are persistent." I switch for the Metal Blade and I let them have it.

I fire blade after blade against them. Some immediately were split in half while others like Sniper Joes repel the blades. They end up taking down some Bladers up above. I now contend with the Joes who can't hesitate pulling the trigger. I'm already in trouble just trying to avoid them. If I had my old weapons like Ice Slasher, I can freeze their shields and then bash them. But I don't. I have weapons that are different. All I can do is either try to evade and counter or go head on. Do I have any other choice? Nope. I go head on attacking the Sniper Joes. One fires a shot from its blaster. I dodge and respond with a Buster shot to its face. The blast blew his head out completely. If it's because I'm angry, that's why. I concentrate on the remaining two Joes.

"Battlechip, Hammer!" My Buster arm changes into a large silver-colored hammer. I use it to smack one of the Joes.

Once it was done, I use it to take down the third and final Joe. Looking around, I see many of Wily's robots taken down. Body parts were everywhere. It looked like a mess. But I have no time to look at the damage. The only thing that's on my mind is to keep going. Turning around, I continue my trek. My eyes dart all over the place. I need to find a quick way to reach Wily and stop him. The dragon I dealt with earlier shows he has some new surprises in store. I also notice the area being different. It isn't like the first two outings I went to Wily's lab. I feel that it's changed somehow.

Wily has been quite busy changing the fortress around. Seeing that Dr. L logo earlier tells me the entrance has been barricaded. I look to see a nearby open door.

I enter it seeing a path in front of me. Where will it lead me? I don't know. I run forward to see. While I do that, Glyde and Bass have exited the elevator. Things are quiet. Glyde's still nervous but Bass is confident. The two stop in front of some vehicle. The place is dark so all they see is some kind of large black shadow.

"Um Bass," says a nervous Glyde, "Where are we?"

He turns replying, "We're here. This is what we'll use to destroy Mega Man."

Bass snaps his fingers causing the lights to go on. Glyde sees a massive tank in front of him. It had large tank threads, its body is similar to GutsMan but larger and it didn't have legs. Why need legs when you have treads like a tank. At least he doesn't have an ass. Okay that's lame I apologize. Anyway, all Glyde sees is a large GutsMan with tank treads. Nothing fancy yet Glyde is curious.

"Bass," Glyde asks, "What is this thing? It's huge!"

Bass replies, "Wily can't even find the right name for this. This is the Guts Tank. It's armed with weapons along with two large arms to dish physical damage."

"Interesting. Does it operate similar to the Rafale? If it does then I know I can handle Mega Man easily." An assured Glyde says.

"After a control check, I believe it's similar." Bass answers. "You can handle it right?"

Glyde nods. Seeing that everything's set, he walks off into another room. Now all by himself and the Guts Tank in front of him, Glyde knows what needs to be done. He gets inside to find a control room designed to operate the tank. It consists of a widescreen monitor designed to view it's targets, handles for turning the tank and an onboard computer for weapon systems. He's amazed seeing it. Since it's completely different than the Rafale, he wonders if it'll be just as effective.

It's operational. Could Wily be able to build something like this? Amazing. He sits down and spots a nearby manual. Guess I'll have to learn how this works if I am to defeat him.

While Glyde studies up on the Guts Tank, I meanwhile made my way further. I avoided a whole load of trouble because Wily's robots went for an ambush attack. With the help of Metal Blade, they got scrapped. Now I reach a part of the place where all I see is a ladder far away. Down below is a huge pit of spikes. If it was a video game, I fall down there and I die. But since there are no other enemies here, I take the time to check.

Got to see if the Jet Sled is still functional after earlier. I look at my Mega Buster accessing the weapon options.

I see the Jet Sled (Item-2) and see it operational but slightly. What happened earlier put the thing in worse shape. I only hope that it has some energy left because if it doesn't, there's no way I can be able to get through. I look at the Jet Sled and I find it's still damaged. Looks like I'm going to need something else to get there.

"If my Jet Sled's down, I'll just use this. Battlechip, Dash Condor!" A yellow Fishy appears before me.

I get on top and it propelled me forward. I have my Buster ready incase enemies come in to attack. I see the ladder in front of me. But I end up seeing another ladder. I had no time to make a choice. With the proper boost, I grab a nearby ladder and climb my way up. No way I want to feel the sting of an instant death. This isn't a video game. It's real. After climbing, I see a wall not too far away. Switching to the Crash Bomber, I fired one blasting it. I then use another to blast the next wall. Heading down, I spot some stuff ahead of me. I thought Wily planned some kind of trap. It wasn't. Someone must have left these here. I grabbed the E-Tank and placed it in my leg compartment for storage. I use the Weapon capsules to recharge my weapons. It also sped up the repair for the Jet Sled. Once that was finished, I saw a note nearby. I pick it up and to my surprise knew who it was that left this here.

To Mega Man:

I knew you'd arrive. You better hope that when I fight you, you'll be at your best. I left you something that can help but one warning. Do not betray my expectations. The scar tells me that you won't.


"That son of a bitch." It's all I can say for now. I check my weapons and I'm restocked though I wonder why Metal Blade took so little to max out.

With me back at full strength, I continue on. I keep heading downward attacking when needed. A shame I'm on the move because enemies are trying to strike me but they're not. I dodge a few enemies but had to blast the rest. I reach another area and then, I see a large Sniper Armor shows up. I have my Buster aimed at him. It retaliates with a barrage of laser blasts. It began quickly and I know it'll end the same way. I switch for the Air Shooter and fired a trio of tornadoes. They decimated the walker but I now had to deal with the Joe. You can probably guess where this is going.

"Sorry Joe but you got to go down." The Joe fires, I evade and counter with a blast of my own.

The shot I fire blasts the Joe completely at point-blank range. Talk about being wiped out. I then continue onward into the next room. I arrive to find things are quiet. There were no enemies present yet I felt something amiss. Something wasn't right. I can feel it. Suddenly, I hear something coming from the left. It looked like a purple block. If that isn't enough, another purple block appears from the right. The two combine turning into some kind of robot with a camera. It then races at me. I dodge it but I wonder what the hell's going on.

What is that? I couldn't get an answer seeing that. From the looks of this, it's some kind of attack robot.

It goes at it again but right now, I'm ready to strike. Switching for my Mega Buster, I fire a shot. The blast did nothing. It didn't work and now I'm going to feel his attack. The robot tackles me with an attack that sends me to the floor. I felt an unbelievable amount of pain from the attack. I see it go at me again. I try again though this time I'm prepared. I aim my Mega Buster but instead of using a regular shot, I pull off a charge shot that obliterates it. I think to myself if that's the only one but boy, was I wrong… very wrong. I see two blocks come in two different directions. This tells me that I have to go on the offense

I evade the bot's attack responding with a few shots. They hit blasting the second bot. More are coming and I needed to pick up the pace. I then see one, two, no, six, up to above twelve more of these floating bots. If I'm going to survive, I have to figure out how to beat them and fast. They engage. I dodge and counter with what I can do. Glyde meanwhile watches me battle against the bots from inside the tank. He's waiting for his chance to attack me. Truth is though he's bored.

"This is getting boring. How long must I wait for this?" Glyde says dejectedly. He lets off a sigh filled with disappointment.

"You will have your time with him soon enough Glyde. Right now the brat is having a little fun with the Pico-Pico Bots." Bass replies over an intercom.

"I only hope that he's still standing when he's done with all of this," Glyde retorts, seeing me go on the offensive against these small robots.

"He will be. I promise you that." Bass answers.

"What about Wily? Does he even know what's going on right now?" He keeps on questioning. Now he decides to question on what Wily does?!

"He's of little concern right now. Wily's having time off while you and I have to deal with the blue brat." Bass retorts.

"And the robot masters?" Glyde asks once more.

"They're almost fully repaired. If anything we have what we need to take him on and blast him to pieces. Any other questions?" A shouting Bass answers.

"N-No. No other questions." Glyde quiets down.

"Good. Just sit back and enjoy. Mega will be nice and ready for you to take out. Just don't fail." Bass warns, cutting off communication.

"Then in that case, I'll wait and be ready. The boy will feel my wrath soon enough." Glyde speaks.

He continues watching me attack the Pico bots. By this point, I've taken out six of them. Only six remain and they are now starting to move at a faster pace. Two attacked but I dodge and strike. I fire two shots meant for them but one blocked both blasts causing it to be destroyed. Only five left. Now things get hard as heck. Their speed is now a lot faster than before. I'm able to keep up with some but not all of them. They're moving way too fast.

Their speed is off the scale. I can't keep up with them. Three of these bots attack me from behind.

I get sent to the floor so I turn to aim but they were gone. I realize that my sight isn't going to do this. So instead, I decide to try something different. I close my eyes letting my hearing take over instead of my sight. The sounds of the Pico-Pico bots were clear as a bell. It felt quiet yet hearing them gives me an idea of what to expect. They move to attack but I was fast. I respond with a charge shot, enough to blast three of them at once. The last two then charged and I give them the same treatment, a charge shot taking them down.

"That takes care of these bots." I open my eyes. My sight then sees nothing but excess junk.

Knew that it was a good idea wasn't it? Glyde however, isn't pleased but he knows that it's now an opportunity for him to fight against me. He gets the Guts Tank started up. The noise got my attention though I hear it very slightly. I head forward slowly. Like before, I rely on my hearing rather than my sight. My buster is primed but the threat could be anywhere. Suddenly, I hear a noise straight ahead. It was louder than before. I decide to follow it hoping that it would lead me to something good.

"I know you're here! Show yourself!" I shout. There was no answer.

But then the lights turn on. I see my enemy in front of me. It's a large tank that looks exactly like GutsMan. Now I know what you're thinking. Expecting something really funny? Sorry, not here. This tank doesn't have what you'd expect. Anyway, the tank starts treading forward. Guess I'm going to be in for quite a fight isn't it? I then hear a voice that's all too familiar.

"That's far enough blue boy." Glyde speaks, over the Guts Tank loudspeaker.

"If it isn't Glyde. Tell me, how have things been since we last met back at the warehouse?" I ask sarcastically.

"If you refer to being forced into servitude by a madman, that's your answer. Unfortunately I have no time for these things. I have orders to prevent you from reaching Wily. With this weapon I have here, I will see to it that you don't!" Glyde says, getting the Guts Tank on the move.

We'll see. I see it move forward preparing for attack. I see that it's got a variety of weapons up its sleeves.

It's chest open up revealing some machine gun turrets. They fire and I'm forced to be on the move. I reach a wall but I know that it won't stop Glyde from taking me out. The tank rotates allowing it to attack in different directions. I keep moving. The tank did the same and now I know that it can do this, I was in trouble. So I activate my Mega Buster and fired a charge shot. But something happened. One of the Guts Tank's arms blocked the shot.

"So this thing can not only fire with its weapons, it also can block my attacks too?" I ask myself.

"It does but you haven't seen what I really have in store." He replies, pressing a button nearby.

It activates something on it's back. I look to see a large mortar cannon and I can guess it's aimed for me. It fires a group of 2 mortars. When they hit the floor, they split into a total of 8 shells (4 each). Two were heading straight for me so I take aim and fire. A bad idea because the resulting explosion that followed sends me flying to the floor. I was in pain and now vulnerable to the tank's next attack.

"I take it you felt the fury of the Guts Tank's Mortar Cannons weren't you?" He asks me.

"Yeah," I reply, "They really… do pack a punch."

"Oh I assure you these are just the first of many that I have in store. This here is the pinnacle of design made by a genius like Dr. Wily." A pleased Glyde explains. But I'm wondering if this idiot is starting to kiss Wily's ass.

"Is it me or are you being a suck up to the madman?" I question.

Glyde takes offense to it and replies, "You dare mock the power that is Dr. Albert Wily?"

Now I'm really concerned. "Glyde, stop being a suck up and start being a man! I swear, if Teisel was here he'd be whacking your ass right now."

I look seeing if he says something. He didn't. Guess this guy knows that I'm on to him. I decide to continue the fight against him and the Guts Tank. I start attacking with repeated use of Mega Buster. It didn't do damage but forces Glyde to activate the tank's mortar cannons. Several mortars were launched aiming straight for me. I dodge but not fire. The reason being is due to the aftermath that occurs if I do fire. My Mega Buster takes aim and I fire a volley of shots at the cannons. I was able to do some damage to them but its only just one weapon. One out of many that this tank has in store.

"Damn it!" Glyde shouts. "The Mortar Cannons have been damaged!"

"What's wrong? Running out of firepower?" I ask him.

"I'm not finished yet Mega Man! I have plenty of tricks in this tank. Allow me to show you." He then presses some buttons activating the Vulcan turret guns.

"Seriously? That's all you got?" I wonder. He doesn't reply but the Guts Tank does so in a manner most appropriate.

It's Vulcan guns fire straight at me. I dodge and try countering with a Mega Buster shot but one of the tank's arms block the attack. I then see it use its other arm to attack. I dodge it but instead of attacking, I head straight for him. The Vulcan guns keep firing but I didn't care. Reaching closer, I jump and with my buster charged up, I fire a charge shot blasting the Guts Tank's turret. Now this thing got two less weapons to use against me. Glyde however isn't pretty happy.

Mortar cannons offline. Vulcan guns offline. Does this thing have anything else for me to use? Glyde struggles hard to move the tank.

But then he realizes that he does have another weapon up his sleeves. Taking two nearby levers, he moves them about causing the large arms to move as well. Next to not only dealing with the tank's weaponry, I now have two long arms that plan on giving me a smash. It doesn't matter because that tank's going down. I race forward attacking with my Mega Buster. The tank's fists blocked my shots but it didn't stop me.

"You still fight even without any weapons? You really are hard-headed." I speak smiling at my opponent.'

"I have more than enough at my disposal to get rid of you. Make it easy on yourself and surrender! Don't make me be forced to use the tank's ultimate weapon!" He orders, threatening me in the process.

"Your threats are lame. Your fighting is lame and you being Wily's bitch is also lame!" I've been known that since the huge robot master brawl.

Glyde takes offense to this and replies, "Show some respect you insipid worm! Don't make me activate the ultimate weapon!"

But then Bass appears on the screen. "What are you doing?! That weapon hasn't been tested yet! Stop wasting time and take him down!"

Is it I or is Glyde now experiencing some karma? "Is that so? When I told Wily that the dragon hasn't been tested yet, he scolds me! I know my knowledge of things and I say he should have never summoned the dragon at all!"

"This is the reason why the ultimate weapon should never be used! I'm saying it now! Do not use it!" Bass orders him.

"Like I told Wily not to use the dragon, he used it anyway. And since I will destroy him, I will use the ultimate weapon!" Glyde shouts, cutting off the communication.

He continues his fight against me using the Guts Tank's Guts arms. It's like fighting GutsMan all over again. But the difference now is that this GutsMan is bigger and packs more punch. Not to mention he has no legs because if he did, we expect some sort of running gag correct? Anyway, the Guts Tank blocks my attacks so I'm forced to take drastic measures. I don't have anything that can pierce it per se, but I know I have something that can.

"What's wrong Mega Man? Unable to defeat me now that I have these to put you down?!" He shouts at me.

"Dude, all you have are those fists? Seriously you need to know that I can handle any situation." I go forward for an attack.

I see one of the arms ready to attack but I dodge and using the Quick Boomerang fire a few shots striking the head. The result did some damage but I was unprepared for the other arm. It smacks me and I get sent 30 feet to a wall. It really hurt but I was determined. Glyde is a different case however. The damage from my attack is causing the mouth to open.

"No! The mouth opened up revealing the weapon!" He worries.

"It seems that I warned you didn't I? The rail gun hasn't been properly used. If you use it here, it can cause serious damage to the fortress!" Bass follows suit.

Glyde didn't care. "If it means to destroy Mega Man, I'll take any risk! Whatever it takes!"

"Do as you like," Bass then gives Glyde one warning, "Don't come complaining that I didn't tell you otherwise."

The communication ended and now Glyde is on its own. With the rail gun at its disposal, he knows that victory is assured. I get a look at it and a weapon like that is going to literally bring trouble. Glyde sees me with target locked on. In his mind, victory was assured. Too bad he's as stubborn as Wily when victory is in his grasp. Hell, he's as stubborn as I am. We won't go through explaining that. Believe me. Anyway, he fires the rail gun. The blast comes so quick that I have at least three or so seconds to dodge before I end up with serious damage. Good thing too because that has a long charge time. It's more than enough for me to go in there and finish him off.

"No! The Rail Gun must recharge to fire again. Why wasn't I told of this?!" He complains.

I insult him by saing, "Guess you aren't useful in the ways of technology Glyde. Let me show you how it's done."

I race for the Guts Tank dodging both their arms. I was able to touch one of them along the way copying GutsMan's Super Arm. For some reason, the Tank still had his weapon data. Anyway with Super Arm in tow, I reach the rail gun. Normally it would be hard because I need to yank it out with just my hands. No, I'm serious. They wire that thing real good. But I have the Super Arm aka GutsMan's weapon. With it, I yank the rail gun from Glyde's Guts Tank. Glyde actually takes it well.

"He yanked the rail gun from the tank!" He shouts in anger. He turns to see the Guts Arm strengths severely weakened. "He must have copied GutsMan's weapon from the arm!"

"Now with this in tow, time to see what it can do." I look and see the rail gun is fully charged. "Guess that charge time is short huh?"

I aim it at the Guts Tank in front of me. A hit like that at point blank range can literally cripple anything that gets in its way. I press some buttons powering up the rail gun. Glyde is now already worried. He looks around to find somewhere he can escape. I know if he doesn't get out of there, he'll be consumed in the resulting explosion. He finds a door in the back and doesn't waste any time. With a full charge, the rail gun fires shooting straight through the Guts Tank. I see a huge hole cut through. The tank starts to break down due to the impact of the blast. Guts Tank's arms start to fall apart, the weight of its head begins caving the whole thing in. Glyde's able to get out safely getting a look at the tank implodes into a major heap. I let out a sigh of relief signaling my victory.

"Wow." I take a stretch dropping the rail gun. "So much for the tank. Now for you."

Glyde turns to see me and right away, he tries to run only for him to faceplant. I swear there must be a wheel nearby that made him hit the floor. I didn't bother getting my Buster geared for him. I just walk as he struggles to get out.

"You going to run away?" I wondered, "I thought you said you wanted to defeat me by whatever means?"

"I did say that but you've beaten me." He replies. He tries to run but my presence scares him making him fall again. "So what are you waiting for?"

"I'm waiting for you to move out of the way so I can move on," I also have one more thing to say to him. "And also, you need to get yourself a new occupation. Being the bitch to an evil mastermind is bad for your health and your sanity."

Glyde says nothing as I walk off. I can't believe I have to tolerate dealing with him. At least his pride's hurt though I swear I should have brought Teisel along. He could at least give him a serious beating. I can't say the same for the bad guys. Bass is angry that I beat the Guts Tank even going as far as using the Rail Gun to destroy it. Wily appears looking quite chipper. Something isn't right.

"So Mega Man has defeated Glyde and his Guts Tank did he?" Wily questions Bass. I only hope Bass' sanity doesn't slip like Wily's.

"He did," But he then adds, "Only because of the fact that he used the Rail Gun. We haven't even tested that weapon yet we use it despite that!"

Wily pours salt on the wound by saying, "This is what happens when you both decide to disobey my orders!"

Bass didn't like what Wily said. Truth is, he and Glyde have no one to blame but themselves. Hey, you got to take fault for what happened. If only Wily can do that and accept his failures but NO, he can't. However the concern isn't the fact that the Guts Tank got wiped. It's something else.

"Your failure makes little difference." He says.

"What does that supposed to mean?" Bass responds.

"It means that not even the both of you can defeat him. But that will soon change." Bass sees Wily go into a closet taking out some kind of large gun.

The weapon looks like a spiffed-up fire hose nozzle that's wrapped in tape, outfitted with a bottom handle and connected to a large rectangular backpack by a hose. Bass looks in shock wondering what's he up to. Too bad I'm not there to even find out about it.

"What the hell are you doing with that Wily? You're going to take on the blue wimp what that thing?!" He asks, shouting along with it.

"No!" He retorts. "This here is all I need to bring the Robot Masters back to life. Mega Man has done considerate damage to all of them!"

The two head to a room where the Robot Masters were seen. Each of them is repaired and fit for battle. Only thing though is that they're inactive. Wily did it for a reason. Whatever it is, I don't know and I quite frankly don't care.

"Okay we got the Robot Masters repaired. Big deal. Shouldn't we just turn them on and sic 'em on Mega Man? He's already heading higher into the fortress!" Bass yells wondering if what he's doing is a good idea.

Wily turns to him and hisses, "I am aware of that you imbecile!"

He then sees the inactive Robot Masters and with a demented smile, "Now then, let's go practice medicine!"

Wily turns on the device on his backpack activating it. Aiming at one of his robots, he fires a red beam that seems to be healing it. He gave it everything bringing life back to the Robot Masters. One by one, they come to life. They turn to see their master revitalizing them, with newfound purpose. Bass sees his master fully revitalize every Robot Master with that weird contraption. Glyde shows up still beat after that Guts Tank fight. He doesn't say anything because he's watching Wily go all Medic for this.

"Now my robot masters rise!" All 8 Robot Masters look at their master. "I bring you life anew!"

He is crazy… crazy as all hell. Bass thinks.

"Look at you all. You've been beaten, thrashed and destroyed. Who brought this upon you?" He asks them.

The eight all shout in unison. "Mega Man!"

He then asks, "And now that I bring you back with my power, what is the first thing you plan to do?"

"Destroy him!" They yell out.

Wily smiles evilly and speaks, "Good answer." He then begins laughing uncontrollably like he always does.

The eight Robot Masters cheer for their master. They're going to get their chance, their opportunity to take me out. Glyde and Bass see a motivation never seen before. They failed their job in defeating me. Well Glyde did but that's beside the point. The point is now that I have a new obstacle to deal with and that's the Robot Masters. Will I be able to conquer through them as I did the dragon and Guts Tank? We'll have to find out and see.

Marmalade Residence – 12:32 PM

"Come on Denise, open up. We're going to be late." Says Teisel.

He sees the door open up to find Liz who seems to be a bit agitated. She sees Teisel looking really suave. Teisel's got a light green dress shirt with black pants and black shoes. Liz smiles being impressed with his outfit. Guess that's points for being good with what you wear.

"Hey Teisel. Nice outfit you got there. You really are looking suave." She says, complimenting him.

"Th-thanks. I mean that. It wasn't easy trying to find the right clothes for this." He replies. Liz sees him act a little nervous.

"Teisel, you need to relax a bit more. I know this is your first date but you need to be a bit loose. It's not like you're going to be punished or something. You're just going to have fun with my sis." She advises.

Teisel takes a deep breath releasing his stress. "You're right Liz. I need to be happy. I want to do what is best for your sister after all."

Liz hugs him and replies, "Very good. Remember that okay?"

"Sure." Teisel comes inside and gets a good look at Denise.

I can imagine his heart beating just by looking at her. She wore a dress that was teal blue. If her uniform were next to her, it would match real well. She also was wearing blue dress shoes. Is it I or do I feel that she has a big obsession with the color blue? Maybe but I'm thinking too much.

"Denise…" Teisel tries to speak.

"Like what I'm wearing Teisel?" Denise asks him, wondering.

He nods and replies, "Yes. Yes you do. You look really beautiful."

Hearing that made her blush. She kisses Teisel's cheek as a way of saying thank you making him blush. My, oh my Teisel, you certainly are outdoing yourself.

"I think you two are going to be just fine. I got to be off. I'm on duty again. See you two later." Liz says, hugging her sister.

"Take care of yourself sis." The two end their hug and Liz heads off.

"Okay then Denise. Shall we be off?" He asks Denise. She nods and the two leave.

After Liz left, the two soon follow heading for New Light Mall. It isn't far from Denise's apartment since it's like say a 5-10 minute bus ride. The Bonnes and I live in the suburbs, which is basically 30 minutes away from the city. New Light Mall is part of the Shopping District, a section of New Light City where people can spend and have fun. The Mall is comprised of several floors each containing many stores. A movie theater is at the 3rd floor while the 2nd is home to a huge video arcade. Yeah, arcades aren't doing well but this arcade is one that I've visited many times throughout my youth.

"This place is huge. We could spend hours here checking every store. Do you think we have any money to cover everything?" She worries.

"I don't think we'll need much. I was thinking maybe I could take you out to get a new outfit, buy some food at a restaurant, watch a movie and play at the arcade. What do you say?" He suggests providing some ideas.

"Awesome. Though I've never tried an arcade game before." Denise confesses.

"Don't worry, I'll help you out. Let's go!" He says. Teisel first takes her to a nearby clothing store.

They get a look inside seeing people moving about whether it was trying clothes or heck, buying them. It's how New Light City runs I guess. The two look around seeing various outfits. Some outfits appear interesting but others like an early 50s outfit makes the two wonder what the heck's wrong with our society.

"Hey Teisel, what about this? You think this would fit me?" She asks him, showing a very interesting outfit.

"Definitely. Why don't you try it out?" Teisel queries.

She nods and heads into a changing room. Teisel meanwhile, sits in a nearby chair and takes a deep breath. Although he's happy that he's enjoying this date, he feels nervous. He has butterflies in his stomach. All his worst fears being realized. But remembering Liz's advice, he takes it one step at a time. Denise comes out of the room wearing what she shown him earlier. It was a schoolgirl outfit but the color's different. It consists of a white long-sleeved button shirt with green top, dark green bowtie and green blouse.

Denise winks at him and says, "So what do you think? You like it?"

Teisel didn't say anthing. His mouth's open wide, his eyes were swooning, his body was still like a statue. Denise goes closer to him wondering what's up. She snaps her fingers a few times to snap her out of it.

"Teisel," She says, "Teisel. Teisel!" Her shout gets him back to reality.

"Huh? What?" He wonders.

"You just stood there. You okay?" She asks.

"Yes," He answers, "I'm fine. Sorry if I acted like that."

"It's okay. But still what do you think of me wearing this Teisel?" She asks him once again.

"I like it. It matches you really well." He compliments her.

"More like it completes us." She replies, shocking Teisel. "I really mean it. It matches us both."

She plants a kiss on his lips making him feel swoony once again. If Teisel never had a girlfriend then I vote this as pretty much his first experience with girls. He needs to get out more. After changing, Denise and Teisel head for the cashier and pay for the new outfit. She has her arm encircled around Teisel's as they walk off. Her smile is definitely a no brainer because she's happy. Teisel's happy too.

"Thank you Teisel. Thank you so much." She says with jubilee.

"It's the least I can do right? You need at least a change of pace in what you wear." He replies but feels not so comfy.

"Yeah." But then she asks, "Is something wrong?"

Teisel quickly blurbs, "No, nothing's wrong. Everything's all right. You want to get something to eat?"

"Sure. I'm hungry. I know a good restaurant that sells some really good food. Come on!" Denise suggests, going to the second floor with Teisel in tow.

New Light Mall is comprised of four floors and they each contain several places of business where people can do whatever they please, except for stealing because that's wrong. The first floor is the shopping district where people can buy clothes, shoes and even jewelry. Second floor's the food court. Restaurants, fast food joints, candy stores, buffets, the possibilities are endless. I heard a few years back some guy spent half a million dollars cleaning out a buffet. The place didn't go out of business but it was so successful that they were able to have multiple shops all over town.

Third floor is the Electronics district. People there get their hands on anything electronic whether be mp3 players, video games, computers, etc. There's also an arcade and people can play games to score tickets so they can buy stuff at the reception shop. I also forgot that there's a movie theater too. So not only does this place have electronic shops and a video arcade, there's also a movie theater. No wonder this place has been around for so long. Fourth floor or the roof is the penthouse. It's more or less a place where shoppers can relax and enjoy looking at the city ahead of them. And for a city to have a place like this, I like it.

"Hey, let's go to that buffet!" She says. Teisel simply nods following her.

They enter inside and get greeted by one of the waiters. He guided them to their seat and then explains that up ahead is the buffet where they can get whatever they want at a low price. He then walks off leaving the two alone.

"This place is so great, I always remember like it's yesterday." An excited Denise says. But then she notices Teisel being a bit glum. "Teisel, is something the matter?"

"Nothing Denise. It's nothing." He answers. Denise doesn't buy it.

"Come on Teisel, I know something's up with you. So please. Tell me. Is something wrong?" She worries.

Teisel takes a deep breath and decides to confess. "I really don't want to let your family down ya know?"

He continues explaining, "I mean, I'm happy that you're back to normal but I swear, you went through so much! It's enough to make me fill with worry. Heck, Tron was worried, your sister was worried and even your parents. The only thing that's on my mind now is… what if it happens again? What if you dealt with something much worse?"

Teisel's worry kicks in leading to him feeling really bad. In fact it made him cry. I would say something about this but since I'm a man, I decide against it. Denise comforts him hoping for the tears to end. He looks at her but she has a smile on her face. It's a look that shows she's ready to overcome her problems.

"Denise…" He speaks, wiping the tears from his face.

"Listen Teisel. I'm really happy that you worry for me. I really am but listen. I'm doing a lot better now and I have everyone I know to thank: You, your sister, my family and even Robert too. You all helped me so much. So right now, loosen up and have fun. Isn't that what your sister told ya?" She explains.

Teisel nods and responds, "You're right. Let's go! Besides, I'm hungry anyway."

She giggles and the two head for the buffet table. The amount of food they see is just simply incredible. Since this is a buffet, it's all you can eat. Though my question is if they can eat all that in one plate? I rather not answer that. A few minutes pass and the both of them return to their tables with at least three full plates of food, a full plate of dessert and an extra plate of food. At least the waiters serve their drinks. It really helps especially with what they'll eat.

"Wow Teisel, that's a lot of food! I didn't know you were this hungry." She wonders.

"This is what happens when I don't get out much. Only time I do get out is when I really need to." Teisel explains.

"Oh come on Teisel, loosen up. You're with me so let's have fun. Besides, I need to eat anyway." Denise assures him as the two eat.

Knowing how much they'll eat, it's going to take a while. Denise notices Teisel enjoying himself. She then takes a deep breath and eats as well. Their time in the buffet restaurant lasted half an hour and by then, these two are probably full. Teisel paid the bill, as any gentleman probably would when it comes to dates. They then head now for the third floor aka the electronic district. To Teisel, it's a major wet dream since he has a major knack for games, anime, manga, etc. He's an otaku. We all know that.

"I would spend hours here checking out all the newest stuff here. Dad would always ask me why I took so long. It's because I love being here. It's just so awesome." Explains a confident Teisel.

She replies, "Tron always tells me that you would spend every day after school here. What's your favorite store?"

"My favorite store?" He wonders. "Denise, I love all of these stores. There isn't just one favorite. I have a lot of favorite stores. Come on, I'll show you!"

Teisel takes Denise to show every single electronic store there is. Up first is an electronic shack where an old timer who has a knack for liking technology runs it. There were all sorts of stuff on sale such as TVs, cameras, DVD Players and a variety of other techno goodies. He's friendly and knowledgeable when it comes to technology. Hell I think he has what it takes to work for New Light Labs if given the chance.

"Oy Teisel, here to check out the usuals today?" says the owner.

"Not today Mr. Hayagi. I'm just here to show my friend this place. Is that okay?" He replies.

"Oh, it's okay. You're my go-to guy." But then Mr. Hayagi asks, "Why don't you work here? I know your father. Very good man."

Denise looks at Mr. Hayagi and replies, "You know Teisel's dad?"

"Yes. Yes. I know Mr. Bonne well. Always brought Teisel along. He'd spend hours checking out all stuff in my store." He explains making Teisel blush.

"I'm always so curious about what's in this place and what he has. That alone is my motivation and my reason for getting into technology." Teisel responds, feeling nostalgic along with it.

"I had no idea. Come on Teisel, why not work for him?" She suggests.

"I don't know. I know that I have to take care of my siblings. You know my parents aren't around anymore right?" Teisel wonders.

"I know, I know. A shame." This guy is persistent. "But don't worry. I know you make a good employee. You'll make your dad proud."

"I'll think about it." Teisel answers. "But for now, we have to be going. A pleasure to meet you Mr. Hayagi."

"Take care. It was nice meeting you." Says Denise.

"Pleasure to meet you both. You're welcome anytime." He replies as the two leave the store.

"I got to say Teisel. Had no idea someone liked having ya around." Denise compliments.

"I always hang out with Mr. Hayagi at times when my parents are busy at times. I'll never forget it. So what else you want to check out Denise? Want to see a movie?" Teisel advises.

"Sure! Let's go!" replies an excited Denise.

They head to the movie theater hoping to catch the latest flick. Fortunately, Teisel has a movie in mind for this date. Reaching the admissions desk, he gets to work.

"Two tickets for The Avengers please." He orders.

"Certainly sir." The lady presses some buttons causing two tickets to come out in a nearby print out. "That'll be $18.50 sir."

Teisel hands her a $20, which is more than enough to pay for both. The ticket lady hands them the tickets. They then head to the main lobby hoping to find the theater for where The Avengers is airing. The movie theater in New Light City has a total of 17 theaters. Each theater can house a different flick giving people a choice of what they want after they paid for their ticket.

"So the movie is showing at number 8 right?" Teisel asks.

"Yep. Hey, you want something to eat?" Denise asks right back.

Teisel nods and replies, "After what we ate in the buffet, no thanks."

"Why not have a snack like some candy. I'm getting me some jellybeans." She speaks, heading for the confession stand.

"Wait!" He yelps. "Think you can get me some chocolate candy?"

"Sure." She replies. "I'll go on ahead and buy snacks. We'll meet in the theater."

He nods and heads on his way into the theater. Denise meanwhile goes for the concession stand. Yeah, the snacks in there cost a lot and that's going to put a major hurt on anyone's wallet. So anyway after buying what she needs, she then meets with Teisel in the theater. What happens between the two is something I ain't going to get involved in. It's their date, their fun. As for me, let's recap. I've dealt with annoying robots, dodgy obstacles, a much-needed refresher and a large Tank that packs a rail gun. Too bad it's pilot can't learn how to use it for shit. Now I have another obstacle to contend with… or should I say eight obstacles. Yep. It's the robot masters. If I'm to reach Wily and get out of that fortress, I'll have to take down his team. Fair enough Dr. Wily. Fair enough.


On the next Mega Man: Reawakened

Mega's trek through Wily Fortress is almost at a close but he now must deal with a huge roadblock. Wily's Robot Masters are back in full force ready to get revenge. This time it's on the madman's turf so he not only must deal with them but also Wily and Bass. As he takes them on, Teisel and Denise end their date with something nice and quiet. Is there more in store for our blue green couple? Can Mega Man be able to deal with Wily's Team Fortress or will they get their revenge? And what about Dr. Light? Will his actions toward his grandson be something that he now regrets? These and many other questions will be exposed in the next double battling, double dating, double shocking episode: Second Encounters; Wily Gets His Rematch.

A hero isn't born, it is created.

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