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Last but not least, Arc 5 is where we see more involvement with the rest of the main cast, particularly Denise and Liz. They only have a minor role in this arc since well, Denise is still recovering from her depression and she's doing a lot better. Liz, meanwhile continues her duty as a member of the NLPD but she always has time to check up on her sister. Roll is also going to have a more active role in Arc 5. Whatever for is up to me to decide. Either way, this is just a small preview of what Arc 5 will be about.

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UPDATE: I want to make an important update regarding this. I want to apologize to MegaBauer because I realize that I made a nod to his story by having Quentin Cochran in my story. I've decided to change things up by having him be completely different. Yeah, he's the leader behind the Neo Emerald Spears and everything but I only am doing it because I don't want to mess up all the hard work he's done. This guy is now named Quentin Emerald, leader of the very terrorist group.

Chapter 2 – Mega Man is Missing; Rush and Bon's Excellent Adventure

One week later…

A week has passed since Rush and Roll joined our family. Despite this relative time of peace, everyone here is hard at work doing whatever possible for the good of our city. My gramps at the moment is getting things ready for an upcoming robotics convention that's happening in a few days. He has been giving us all the details but we won't get anything new until some updates come around. Everyone else is just having some downtime though my sister has been a bit feisty. So I suggest to her that she should do some training outside at the backyard. The catch is that I end up being her sparring partner. I have been getting rusty ever since Bass tried to kick my butt so I thought why not. After all I need to get my body back into shape because I'm quite a slouch.

"You better not hold back big brother. I'm giving it my all in there you hear?" She tells me, having her Roll Arrow ready for long-range combat.

"Don't worry. I will," I respond, gearing my Mega Buster.

We both go into a shootout using our long-range weapons though we made sure that no one would get hurt. Last time this happened, Tron nagged me for almost a week. This time I'm taking precautions so before the training, I installed a perimeter force field to prevent plasma discharge from exiting the area. It helps when you are training and relying on more than just plasma energy. I fire shots from my Mega Buster. Roll evades and counters with shots of her own. Like her, I evade and pull a counter.

"Take this!" I fire a well-timed shot striking Roll's chest armor.

She didn't seem pleased by that so she responds by firing a trio of Roll Arrows. I dodge the first with ease. The second I miss barely but the third strikes my right arm stunning it.

"Gotcha," She chuckles.

"That won't stop me from winning. Battlechip, TriNeedle!" My buster arm transforms into a crossbow armed with three needles.

"Hey, that's not fair!" Roll complains, "You can use stuff like that?"

I counter, "You have a variety of tools at your disposal Roll. Who said in battle I'd be playing fair?"

"That's cheating," No it's not, "Now you really make me mad!"

"I like to see you try sis," I taunt, goading her.

She uses her Roll Arrow to fire a stream of arrows at me. I evade them taking careful aim with mine. But I notice that she's out of arrows. It's the opportunity I've been looking for. I fire the TriNeedle shooting three metal harpoon arrows at her. Roll dodges one of them but the other two strike her good. The second hits her left knee while the third hit her chest. But even with a disadvantage, she's still determined to win. It pleases me yet at the same time I worry. I worry because of the fact that she'll end up like me and that's something I don't want.

I still remember what I've done to everyone two months ago. Simply put I have brought hate among my family mostly because my grandpa had been in the dark regarding his work. I would find out eventually but back then, I hated him for doing that. It's funny because he would show the same hate toward me. It tore me up inside and I end up hurting my family more. I don't want what I went through to happen to her. All I want is ensuring that she lives her life and enjoys what it offers. That's all that matters.

"Had enough? Want to go another round?" I offer.

"Yeah, let's go! I won't rest until I kick your butt brother," She responds, having the same attitude I had when I started.

"Alright. I warn you though because this can really put a strain on you if you don't take a break afterwards," I explain.

I then get into a fighting stance. My sister does the same only now that she races at me to attack. I evade quickly and counter with a punch to the face. Roll ducks it then strikes at me with a somersault kick. She then follows up with a shot from her buster at close range. The blast hits me but Roll continues on with a barrage of plasma shots. Her attacks are fierce and I can feel her fury. Her aim's precise and to the point. If she didn't have a desire to win, she would be just as strong as me. Sadly she has and that is going to cost her. She powers up her buster for a charge shot as sparks of pink energy began forming within. Either she wants to finish this or she's desperate to win the fight. She reminds me of myself in a lot of ways.

Going for the old Desperation Move huh? Sorry sis but it won't work this time. I look at her already up in the air and taking aim.

Roll shouts, "You're going down! I'm going to win!"

"We'll see. Battlechip, VariableSword!" My Buster arm transforms into a blade looking like a falling star but colored white and gold.

"You're a good opponent sis but sadly, I'm afraid you have the same fault I had when I started out," I tell her.

She wonders, "Really? And what's that?"

"You are careless," With my answer, I follow it up with a slash that unleashes a Sonic Boom.

Roll sees her attack get wiped by the sonic wave. Due to using too much energy, she's unable to dodge taking the full brunt of the attack. Fortunately it isn't that serious since my sis and I are sparring. The force field disappears so I went to check on my sis. If anything, the only thing that's damaged is Roll's pride. I give my sister credit. She's a hell of a fighter. I help Roll get up off the ground and we both head inside.

"Big brother?" She asks, "What did you mean by that? Why am I careless?"

I become silent for a few seconds. Roll asks me again the same question and this now starts eating me inside. Like I said, this is reminding me of what I've done to my family two months ago. I know that if I don't explain it to her, she'll end up making the same mistakes I made.

After shaking my head, I turn to my sister (after taking a deep breath) and say this, "Roll… the reason why I say this is because you're making the same judgments I've done."

"What do you mean?" She wonders, worried.

"It's simple. You're starting to be like me, the old me," I answer.

Roll simply laughs it off like it's some kind of joke. Sad to say, I'm in no mood for laughs. She seems me with a serious look.

"I'm being serious sis," I clarify, "I don't want you making the same mistakes I made when I took on Wily. Do you think that being what I used to be is fun?"

We both become silent after I asked her this. Roll looks at me, angry because I try to tell her something and she simply thinks it's funny. I have a responsibility as a big brother to Roll. I don't want the actions that I made be repeated.

I take a deep breath and say, "I apologize. I just only want what's best for you."

Roll replies, "No, don't. It's okay."

She comforts me and I simply say nothing. I hug her, as things get quiet for a bit. Hopefully I will have the chance to talk to her properly but only when things are different than they are. I then see Rush coming into the backyard. Being the active dog he is, he licks my cheek.

"Hey Rush, someone came in?" I ask him. Rush responds that someone did and it was Gramps, "Awesome. Guess he's got something planned for us huh? Let's go."

Rush and Roll agree and the three of us went inside. We see Gramps coming in and he seems rather bushed. Having to contend with not only his work in the lab but also the robotics convention happening in a few days can really be a major toll. I can't blame him, like I always say.

"You okay Dr. Light?" wonders Roll.

"I'm fine," He says, "Today has been pretty hectic."

"Hectic eh? So tell us, what's been going on?" I ask him.

"Things fortunately are going better but unfortunately we're faced with a little problem," He explains, "You see, I have my presentation all set for the convention but the assistant called in sick today. He won't be able to make it."

Rush looks, as I complain, "No What now?"

"I was wondering if you could take his place. The presentation won't be long since it'll be involving your faithful dog Rush," He explains, getting Rush's attention.

"Really now? Then count me in. Rush, you head downstairs for a bit. I'm going to talk with Gramps okay?" I order.

Rush nods and races off. Roll meanwhile decides to head to the living room to read something. Downstairs in the basement lab, Bon is having fun with several Servbots. To let everyone know, Bon Bonne was a project that Tron and I did years ago. It's a robot that has the mind of a baby but at least we understand what it tells us. What I can say is that the kid needs at least someone to play with. Rush notices Bon playing and asks if it can join.

"Baabu? Babu baa-ba-bu (Play? Of course you can play)," Bon says. Rush happily joins in with Bon and the Servbots.

Rush asks Bon for his name. Bon responds, "Ba babu. Ba-ba-bu-babu. (Bon Bonne. But you can call me Bon)."

Bon hears him like the new name and is pleased. Rush licks his robot face and barks happily. His friend meanwhile is happy he has a new playmate. Bon grabs a nearby soccer ball and uses it to play catch. Rush gets it and passes it back to him. If there's a lot more space like in a park then these two would love to have fun playing catch. Sadly they're in the basement lab and what they're doing is going to attract a lot of noise. They see Gramps and I head downstairs noticing the noise. We see the two playing but notice Bon using a ball to play with Rush.

"Hey you two, if you want to play, you may want to do it in the backyard. You guys don't have enough space," I explain. Rush barks asking if he and Bon can play outside.

"I think Bon needs a little exercise so why not. Robert, if you can, could you take the two to the backyard?" He requests.

I nod and answer, "Sure, I'll do that. Hey gramps why not add Bon to the presentation too?"

"Bon?" wonders Dr. Light, "I'm not sure. Wasn't it the project you all did for a science fair two years ago?"

I nod once again and explain, "Yeah. We did it for the sake of keeping Tron and Teisel's baby brother alive."

"I had no idea that he can be at times so helpful yet innocent too," I speak, turning my attention to Bon.

"Baabu babu ba ba babu. Babu! (Yep that's right. Babu!)" Bon replies.

"Then why not. This would prove to be very helpful for my presentation. Did you know that Dr. Regal is a guest of the convention?" Gramps asks me.

"Doctor Regal?" I wonder, in shock.

"Babu baa-babu? (The one-eye science guy?)" Bon follows up. Rush wonders as well.

"What Bon said," I speak again, "I haven't seen him since the Science Fair."

"Neither have I but I have been in touch with him and he said that he will be joining us in the robotics convention," He explains.

But then I say, "I also found out that an old friend of yours is joining too."

"Y-yes, I know," He replies, trying to get some strange feeling out of him.

"Anyway, I'm going to take Rush and Bon to the backyard so they can play. We'll discuss about the presentation during dinner," I speak.

I then went to Bon and pressed a button on his back. You see, Tron and I have been working on some upgrades to our friend/science project. One of them is portable travel. Sure the thing's a large robot and all but you wonder what if he wants to join us on a trip? Thanks to the upgrade, we can do that. After I press the button, Bon's arms and legs transform into a sort of suitcase. It weighs a ton (Thank you Tron) but I can manage. Rush follows suit and we all head to the backyard to enjoy some fun. Mostly it's Bon and his new friend who want it. I press the button again returning Bon to normal.

"Alright you two," I take out a soccer ball and say, "Have fun."

I throw the ball at them then take a seat to see Rush play with Bon for a bit. Bon throws the ball at him and he happily catches it and throws it back. Rush notices him being more happy than normal. The only problem is that he isn't moving about and it's because I set his power to low instead of high. If I did set it at high then gramps would demand that I buy a new gate and that would be really bad.

Rush asks Bon if it's enjoying the outside environment. He responds, "Bab. Bab bababu babu bu babubabu (Yes. I never thought being outside feels so good. It's great.)."

Bon also says, "Babababu babuuu ba baabu babububabu! (I also look forward to being with Robert in that big place thing. I'm so excited!)"

Rush responds saying that it's really fun and being with his master (which is me) he gets to enjoy a lot of it. Bon looks at Rush and feels quite happy with it. But when you think about it, he spends most of the time in the basement lab, he hardly ever gets a chance to be outside. That personally is a problem and I feel that Tron and I are to blame. But that'll change. As they continue playing, I went inside to check up with gramps. Rush and Bon keep on playing until the sun went down. Eventually, I brought Bon back into the lab so he can recharge. Rush meanwhile is with the rest of us eating dinner. Since he's a robot dog, I say he can enjoy some battery biscuits to keep himself online.

"Looks like everything's ready for the convention huh Gramps?" I ask.

"Indeed," He answers, "I've already got all the necessary preparations. I believe everything is going to go quite well."

Tron then wonders, "Will we be involved in doing anything?"

"I don't believe so though I am involving Bon Bonne into the presentation," Dr. Light follows up, surprising Tron and Teisel.

"What?" shocks Teisel.

"Bon Bonne was Robert and Tron's project at the Science Fair years ago. I remember the day he was activated for the first time. Your parents were proud of them and happy now that they have new family," He replies, remembering the first time Bon was activated.

Rush continues to listen in on the conversation as he eats. He hears Dr. Light explains how Bon Bonne was made and how he contributed to the project (for the short version, read Arc 2).

Three years ago, Tron insisted that we took part in the New Light Science Fair. I accepted (after some persuasion) and we began working on some ideas. None of them worked mostly due to various reasons but eventually we agreed on one that would prove to be a challenge: a prototype mech suit named the "Kresiel". Tron's dad was the one who suggested it and it made sense. We spent an entire year creating it starting from the basic sketches to designing the dang thing. It was a lot of work with major problems and difficulties. Some of them related to mysterious readings. We made numerous assumptions into finding out what's up but it led us nowhere. Despite this we continued working. For some reason, one of the designs we had looked like a Mettaur with large arms and legs. Fortunately our design was similar but with a few changes. The day before the Science Fair was when we activated Bon Bonne. All our hard work paid off big. Everyone was impressed though Teisel seemed rather upset because we named it after Bartholomew N. Bonne (Bon for short). I can never understand Teisel. I really can't. But anyway, the day of the science fair came and things were going well. But then things took a turn for the worse and I had to demonstrate Bon's compatibilities. We did win but we declined the prize. The reason why was due to interference. Tron and I both made the right decision, in our minds. I will never forget it believe me.

Rush listens in and finally gets a good idea on how Bon came about. I notice his bowl empty so I take care of cleaning up. I see him head down to the lab basement where Bon is. Bon currently is powered down so he can recharge for another day. Like Dr. Light says earlier, he's going to be part of the presentation and we need him at full strength. Rush touches Bon's face for a bit. Bon's systems immediately kick in and notice his friend.

"Babu? Ba babu babu? (Rush? What are you doing here?)" He asks. Rush explains that he heard how Bon was created.

"Ba? Ba ba babu. Ba babu bababu babububabu. Babu babu, (What? That's great. Robert and Tron made me who I am and I can't thank them enough. I'm happy for that.)" Bon replies, feeling very pleased.

Rush shows his appreciation by licking Bon's face. It makes Bon rather happy responding in the only was possible. He keeps it up and the two end up making a lot of commotion. It gets my attention so I go to check. I see Rush and Bon play for a while. I simply watch because I didn't want to involve myself. For all I know, things are going to be quite interesting when the robotics convention comes around. I head upstairs leaving the two alone. Bon continues playing with Rush though by this point, he's low in energy.

He asks Bon what's going on and how come he's being a little sluggish. Bon replies, "Babu-bu. Babu bu babu ba? Ba bu babu, (I'm tired. Think we can play tomorrow? I promise we will.)

Rush nods and barks saying that tomorrow the two will have fun. He then hears me calling out to him. Looking at his new friend, Rush tells Bon that he'll be waiting. He sees Rush head upstairs and before long, his body powers down. What else? Bon needs to get himself back on his feet. Rush meanwhile, races upstairs to see me.

"Time to rest up Rush. Tomorrow's a new day and we also need to get to work on some upgrades for ya," I order, telling him some good news.

Rush barks and I see him head upstairs. I quickly follow, feeling drained after a long day and so did Tron. We all were quite frankly exhausted and drained. It was a heck of a day and I know tomorrow will be just as big, especially with the robotics convention coming in a few days. But I know for sure that days like these will have room for trouble up ahead. Not just for me, not just for my family but everyone living in the city. In my bed, I look at the wall above me. I couldn't sleep. I feel like my mind was in a trance. I just don't know why. Tron notices this and starts to worry.

"What's wrong Robert?" She wonders.

"Just thinking. Ever since Wily's locked up and awaiting trial, I feel kind of bummed. Bummed that I'm not out helping people," I then look at her, "Basically I feel like my talents are wasted. I don't know why but that's how I feel right now."

"Don't worry Robert. At least you're going to be doing some good soon with Dr. Light. I know it for sure," assures Tron.

"Maybe you're right. I need to get my mind off all this fighting," My body starts shutting down so I can at least sleep.

Tron does the same. Yeah, I confess. Since I've beaten Wily for the 2nd time, I've been kind of bummed. It's mostly because I ain't doing what I usually do. Why do you think Bass whipped my ass a week ago? I need to get myself focused. I need to get back into tip-top shape and once the convention is over and done with, I'll do that. I drift off into sleep hoping to get my mind out of what happened today. Rush is in the room as well sleeping on the rug I provided for him. But something starts getting his attention. Rush looks at the window to see someone watching us sleep. His instinct kicks in and starts barking at it. The person doesn't say anything. He keeps going soon getting my attention. So much for getting any sleep tonight.

"Huh? What's up Rush?" I ask. Rush barks telling me that someone is watching us.

I turn to see but no one's there. I'm only hoping that Rush isn't pulling any tricks with me. He barks saying that he saw someone watching us. I don't know if he's lying, but I take his word. If someone is watching us then the security system would notice and take action. For now, I assure Rush that there's no need to worry. We then went back to sleep hoping that tomorrow there can be a little less of this than today. Rush still has his circuits checked hoping if what he saw appears again. It didn't. Mostly because of the fact that if he did try again, I would know by now. But whoever it was that's doing it, I will find out eventually. I can't say the same for that very person who was watching. Finding out that someone was onto him has the guy thinking 'screw it'. He walks off not saying a word but after a bit, he teleports off into the night sky. Guess today wasn't his day either, not that I really blame him.

A week later… World Robotics Convention

The sound of huge loudspeakers are heard saying this, "Welcome one and all to the 10th annual World Robotics Convention and Trade Show. This year we have lots of special guests from long-time guest Dr. Regal to New Light City's hero himself, Mega Man."

Conventions, no matter how big or small they are, always occur in one of New Light City's biggest attractions, the NLCC or New Light Convention Center. It's a big building known to house multiple conventions per month ranging from traditional anime/manga to the big business kind. There are some exceptions with several conventions focusing on children's shows (like Technicolor horses) but that's nothing here or there. This time here, the whole building is used for the 10th annual World Robotics Convention. It's a reason why this place is one of the biggest. Dr. Light leads us inside and we get a look at how big this is going to be.

Many scientists I see have tables set up and are preparing their exhibits. I get a look at one of them and the person notices me immediately.

"Excuse me sir, are you interested in seeing my presentation?" The scientist asks me.

I nod and respond, "Of course. I'd be happy to. What have you got here?"

I notice Rush next to me, also excited at what the guy's presentation is. The science guy, who is named Dr. Victor Gogby, shows us his creation. It looks like any normal robot except it's smaller. He presses a button to get it working but I notice that something is wrong.

"Forgive me, sir. It's this robot I just developed yesterday. I thought I had all the kinks working last night but," He presses buttons over and over but to no avail.

This becomes a very serious problem. Rush hides under the table, afraid of what that scientist's robot will do. Normally a robot like this when it goes nuts wouldn't do any major damage. But there's a problem. You see, right now, the guy's bot is going nuts at a convention and there are lots of other robots as well. Imagine what will happen when all of them go cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Won't be good. Rush keeps whimpering, telling that he doesn't like this.

"Allow me," I insist, taking out a special device used for doing internal repairs on robots.

I fiddle with it for a bit but the bot is a persistent one. It tries hitting me but I dodge all it's attacks. I insert the device into the robot's central circuitry and it shuts down. Dr. Gogby is relieved though I can't say the same for Rush. I look under the title and he's still cowering. Somehow the rogue robot really had him on edge.

"It's okay Rush, look. The robot won't scare you anymore," I show Rush the powered-down bot and he hides again.

"I'm sorry. I had no idea my robot scared you. If there's anything I can do, I'll be happy to make it up to you," He apologizes but I nod telling him no need.

"It's fine. I think you're a bit too much into this. I know you want to make a difference and this robot is a start but you're doing it for all the wrong reasons," I explain, but I notice him acting down. He seems ashamed.

"I really want to make a difference just like many others have done. Had no idea designing robots would be so hard," He replies.

"It isn't if you know what you're doing," But then I suggest, " Say you know Dr. Light has a presentation coming in a few hours right? Maybe you can go there and ask how a robot should be created."

"Really? Asking the great Dr. Thomas Light? That's really cool. I'll be there! You have my word," Dr. Gogby replies, shaking my hand.

"Th-thank you. I mean that. I have to be going now. Come on Rush, let's go!" I command. Rush comes out under the table and follows.

The scientist sees the powered down robot and lets out a sigh. He feels ashamed. His robot that he spent a short time building turns out to be a bust. I did tell him that Gramps has a demonstration coming in a couple of hours so that should at least ease his worries. Rush looks at me feeling a lot better than before. After the scare with Dr. Gogby's robot, I thought he'd be pretty much on edge. At least Bon is doing quite fine. He's in amazement seeing all the different robots there. It gets him excited. Fortunately, we modified Bon so he wouldn't cause any problems.

"Babu, ba babu babu. Ba babu bababu, (Wow, this is amazing. So many robots.)" Bon says, reacting in awe.

Rush spots Bon and races for him. I tell Rush to hold on but don't listen. Tron notices this. A shame that her reaction time is not as great as mine. Rush tackles her and her face is in for a licking.

"Okay Rush, quit it," Tron pleads to Rush, giggling and trying to keep him back.

"Rush!" I shout, "You're not supposed to do that." He whimpers, saying that he didn't meet to.

"It's okay. I guess he wanted to be with Bon huh?" She says, showing Bon who is in his portable form.

Rush barks happily seeing his friends again. He licks Bon's face for a bit but I try my hardest holding him back. I assure Rush that he'll have time to play with Bon. Tron at the moment gets Bon to his normal form. Pressing a button on his forehead activates it. Pieces of his body start appearing. First come the legs that help keep the body in place followed by the arms.

"Babu (Thank you)," He thanks, "Bab babu! Babu ba ba babu babu bubu bu bu bab babu (Hey Rush! This place is so amazing! I never thought we see so many robots here.)

Rush replies saying that he's amazed as well. I suggest to Tron that we show Rush and Bon some of the robots that are exhibiting here. Some were cool while others give the two a scare. Not my fault some of the robots look scary. One example is a robot that looks like a normal standard policeman. His function is simply to protect and serve like any average human cop. The only turn off is how it looked: its legs look like tank treads, a silver torso, vacuum tube arms and it's head has flashlight bulbs for eyes and the mouth has a small radio speaker. I don't know if this robot looks like from the 80s or what because this one is something I don't want to be near with. Ever. Rush agrees with me as he growls looking at this thing.

"Rush, I think it's better we move on. This thing's scary," I suggest to him, but he doesn't move.

Bon replies, "Babu, ba babu (Rush, let's go)!"

Eventually Rush does that and follows Bon and I. Thank goodness too because whoever that guy who made this should be out of a job. Anyway, we continue on looking at more robots. One immediately catches my eye. It isn't the robot that interested me, but the person. He was a guy wearing a two-piece business suit, having long black hair reaching his shoulders, facial hair in three sections of his lower jaw and some sort of purple eyepatch thing. We stare at each other for a while. Why? I have no idea.

Finally someone speaks, "Have we met?"

Rush looks as I reply, "Yes, we have. I remember you from the Science Fair three years ago."

"Really?" He wonders, "I do remember your creation right there?"

"Babu? Ba? (What? Me?)" Bon says.

"A real masterpiece. A shame you should have took the prize but by then, everyone respected your decision," He exclaims.

"I know. I had no choice," I then say this, "It's good to see you again… Dr. Regal."

"Same to you," We both shake hands. The doctor then notices Rush who seems a bit worried. He then asks, "Who's this? Your new friend?"

"Yeah, he is. His name is Rush, my canine partner. Say hi Rush," I command. Rush does so by barking at him.

"Babu babu (Good to see you)," Bon says.

"I'm pleased to see you all. I'm looking for your grandfather Dr. Light. I need to discuss with him about a few things," Dr. Regal wonders.

"I haven't seen him though I know he's at the moment at work gearing up the presentation but I can see if he's available," I assure him.

"That would really help. I'll be in the meantime prepping up my exhibition. I hope to see you there. Oh, I have some things to show you," He replies, showing us two robots behind him.

Both robots were tall having different noticeable appearances. The first robot was all in black and his back has a horseshoe shaped device. I notice blue lines seen all over his outfit and in some parts such as the joints, head and device. His head looks similar to a science fiction monster but at least it's better than the previous crap we saw earlier. Also he has no mouth, which is good. His chest has an Emblem that shows all seven colors of the rainbow. My guess judging by this, his job is manipulating light. The second is a robot that has a blue head, blue armor that covers his chest, shoulders, arms and legs and the rest of his body is white. Beside his shoulders are two long tubes that look like rockets. I don't know what they're for but they may be useful for something. His emblem shows some lines that are blue and white. I can tell it's different from the other bot.

"You know about your grandfather's DLN Robot Master Series right?" He asks me. I nod as he continues, "Well these are my personal robots. You can refer them as the first RWN series of robots."

Now I ask him, "What are their names? They look so different from the robots I've dealt with."

"You're right. They are quite different from Wily's robots. The one on the left is LaserMan. His function is the research and manipulation of light. A good point is that he's optimistic but a bad point for him is that he can be a bit colorblind," Regal explains although I feel that for some reason, he's trying to joke his way around.

"Hence why his emblem is of the rainbow," I reply. I imagine that some sort of Technicolor equine whose hair is of the rainbow would meet this robot. I just know it.

"Yes, of course," I'm surprised… not, "Anyway to my right is PrismMan. PrismMan is a combat robot that serves as my personal guard. These tubes on each of his shoulders serve not only as long-range weapons but also they combine into a large lance for close combat."

"Does he have anything else?" I wonder. Rush and Bon also look, agreeing.

"He also can conjure up a prism orb when combine with a blast from his cannon creates a shower of attacks that can damage anything in the vicinity." Wow, that's very surprising.

I then ask one more question, "Any positives and negatives?"

"A good point would possibly be that he's precise and his bad point representing his arrogance," At least that is good for me.

"That's good. I will make sure to find Dr. Light so you can reach him," I assure him but there would be no need.

"Reach me for what?" someone replies. We turn to see Dr. Light who for some reason was on the move. I don't know why but something seems off.

"Gramps, I thought you were getting the presentation ready?" I wonder.

"I am. I'm looking for you because we need to get moving. Our presentation begins in one hour," He says.

Dr. Regal responds, "Dr. Light, am I intruding?"

He nods and answers, "No. It is good to see you again."

The two shake hands and a conversation spurs between both scientists. Rush and Bon see the two talk though it's more or less some banter. I look at the two and tell them that we need to head to meet up with Tron and the others.

"Babu, ba ba babu bu babu bab babu? (Rush, think we'll get to meet other robots like those two?)" Bon asks. Rush wonders as well.

We see Tron again checking out robots relating to geological excavation. Roll is with her too. I heard from Gramps that she's assisting as well. Teisel wanted to show up but he's been hard at work on something that has him under wraps. As for the Marmalade sisters, they're busy too. Denise is working overtime after one of her employees called in sick at the pawnshop while Liz is out doing her daily patrols around the city. Higsby is with us too except I haven't seen him in all day.

"Oh Robert, you saw Dr. Light? He was looking for you," She says.

I nod and reply, "Yeah. He saw me all right. I also got to meet with Dr. Regal again."

"Really? I haven't seen him since the Science Fair," It has been three years Tron.

"Well I got to see two robots he has and they look really cool," But my attention was focused on something else, "What's this robot here?"

Rush and Bon look around seeing if anything interests them. The two spot someone carrying around some kind of bag. Rush's nose detects something off. He heads to check but this has the person agitated. I step in because if Rush causes any trouble, I'll be the one that's going to get the boot.

"Down boy down!" I command, "It's okay. I'll handle Rush."

The guy simply nods and walks off. I know that if I didn't get involved, Rush would literally turn this into a major problem. I take Rush back to the others but he still has that look on his face. He knows that what he saw is suspicious.

"What just happened?" Tron wonders.

I reply, "I don't know. Rush just went after someone without even telling me."

"Don't you think you should be heading to where Dr. Light is? He's been looking for you," She states.

I agree and I take Bon and Rush to the assembly but we went to the back. We meet Dr. Light who finished talking with Dr. Regal. The two notice me heading off. Why? Well it's mostly because I need to use the restroom. Rush looks at Bon wondering if he'll come back.

Bon responds, "Babu ba bu. Bu babu bababu bubabu (He will Rush. Let's just go and help Dr. Light)."

The two then turn to see Dr. Light. On the other side, Tron is sitting down along with Roll. Roll joined alongside us when we entered but she got a look into one of Dr. Light's presentations regarding domestic robots. Yeah, we know she's built for housework but I believe she's a lot more than that. Why do you think Bass got a major case of whiplash? Anyway let's continue. Roll shows Tron what she got her hands out and is pretty impressed. More people start entering and taking their seats. Tron looks to see if I entered already but Roll assures her that I did. She's at least relieved. Lights start aiming at the curtains.

Everyone in the audience then hear someone speak, "Ladies and gentlemen. We hope that you're enjoying today exhibits in our Convention & Trade Show. Now it's time for the main presentation so let's give a big round of applause to our very own Dr. Thomas Light!"

Dr. Light's arrival sparked a wild amount of praise. People are clapping for him, things are going great and even Roll and Tron are into it. It couldn't get better. Behind the curtain, Rush and Bon see Dr. Light enter. They're waiting for Dr. Light when he presents them. Rush though seems to be a bit iffy for some reason. He knew the person he tried to stop had something and it was bad. His senses never lie. Bon looks at Rush who growls. He tries saying something but to no avail. The crowd quiets down. My gramps takes out some papers placing them on the podium. Heading to the microphone, he begins.

"Thank you, I thank you all for attending this event. It couldn't be possible without all of you here and we're going strong on our 10th year!" Everyone cheers after he speaks.

"And now this year's presentation will be very special. Let me ask you here this question. Do you believe robots to be like family? Like everyday people such as us?" He asks, "Or do you believe that robots should be nothing more as weapons that fight our battles for us?"

"I disagree. I believe that robots are so much more but I believe if they had something like my grandson has, it can lead to consequences. One year ago, my old friend Dr. Wily and I worked on creating the first humanoid robot. It was to be the start of a new age for robotics but all is not as I intended. Due to complications, it ended in failure and I was forced to start over. Since then I started over focusing instead on a new path. A new directive that would hopefully revolutionize robots and today, I have with me proof."

The curtain opens up revealing Rush and Bon Bonne. But there's simply one problem. I'm not here. Dr. Light looks and finds me missing. Tron and Roll have the same look. To be frank though, the three have a look of dull surprise. Dr. Light tries to find out what's going on. He asks one of the assistants but gets no response. Dr. Light is furious. I'm supposed to show up and help with the presentation but I went for a bathroom break. I would be back in a few minutes but these lead to at least an hour. Tron and Roll get up and head for Dr. Light. Rush and Bon, in the confusion look to see what's happening. But then the lights fade to black. Excitement is soon replaced with fear. Panic reaches an all-time high. People are screaming and moving about. It's insane, made worse when people wearing black garb start coming in.

These guys wear the traditional stuff of wearing all black from head to toe. In the darkness, it makes them like kick ass ninjas except that these guys are packing some heavy-duty firepower. Weapons are drawn and the people start cowering in fear. Security robots start entering to assist. They don't last long because the guys use their weapons to blast them into oblivion. One of them uses movement to order the others. Tron and Roll see some of the audience getting rounded up by them. Rush and Bon see Roll attack one of them only for her to get captured too. This is bad, very bad.

"What's happening here? Who are you?" asks Dr. Light.

"It's not who we are that you should worry," responds a voice coming from above them, "It's what we do."

Dr. Light turns to see someone who has his arms crossed. Like the others, he too is wearing all black. From head to toe, it's like you can't see him except for his eyes. His eyes are green like an emerald as he sees his group at work. Dr. Light looks at him walking closer. He sees the guy take the microphone and starts speaking. All my gramps can do is look in worry.

"People of this pathetic city, we're taking over your little sideshow. You all don't need to worry. If you don't try anything stupid like our little interruption did, you'll get to leave with your lives," The guy says over the microphone.

"Who are you? Why have you decided to attack this place?" Dr. Light asks once again.

The guy turns around to look at him. Gramps looks at the jerk with anger. I really can't blame him. He had a presentation ready but then a lot of things happened such as this and then me not showing up. He sees him take off his mask revealing a guy with orange hair and the same emerald green eyes. Rush and Bon also get a look but then they hear the jerk talk.

"Because you all hinder our objective: the destruction of all robotics! They are a plague, a hindrance to humanity and our continued evolution. You sir create robots like these two and I can't allow you to spread your garbage onto the planet!" He shouts, grabbing my grandpa by the shirt.

Rush growls ready to attack. Bon intervenes telling him not to engage. He's angry too but knows that stuff like that will get them in danger. Rush then asks what they can do.

Bon suggests, "Babu baba ba bubu. Babu ba babu ba bu bubu babu babu ba bu. Bu bubabu bu babu (We need to find Robert. He can help us take out these evil humans and save Dr. Light. We got to hurry Rush)."

Rush nods agreeing. They see the guy still holding Dr. Light by his lab shirt. It's enough to get him angry, as if he wanted to sink his teeth into that jerk's ass. Both of them head to a nearby door and enter. Rush goes on ahead using his nose to sniff and scan. Bon looks around activating something in his eyes. His colors change from the normal black to blue. This signals that he's in x-ray mode. It's a reason why Tron and I gave Bon some improvements.

Rush keeps moving and all the while, the head of these bands of assholes explains, "Let us make this easy Dr. Light. You don't want to have thousands of people piling on your conscience."

"What you're doing is no different than what any other evil mind would. No different than Dr. Wily," Gramps replies.

"Don't compare me to him. You understand?! I'm not like Wily in the slightest! We don't need robots to complete our goals. Do you have any idea who we are!?" He shouts.

Gramps predicts, "I know what you are... terrorists, criminals that wish to rid our world of technology. You are Emerald Spears!"

"Correction," The leader interrupts, "Was. We are the Neo… Neo Emerald Spears. 30 years ago, the head of the old group made his point across by attacking a national landmark. He claimed that it went against what he believed: humanity is the dominant species, not robots."

Rush turns and wonders about it. He then heard Dr. Light follow up with, "I remember it all too well. A building that stood the test of time was destroyed. More than thousands of lives perished in that horrific attack. They were monsters for putting innocent lives in danger and deserved every bit of punishment they got when they were apprehended!"

"Even the courts were robot-embracing lovers! They sentenced the man who fought in the name of human supremacy to death. To death!" The man shouts.

Dr. Light doesn't say a word. He continues on, "I'll never forget the day it happened. I'll never forget it. Why? Because they took my father away from me!"

In shock, Dr. Light questions, "Y-your father? Patrick Emerald?"

"Yeah! I'm his son, Quentin Emerald! Those bastards took my father away from me. From my family because he fought believing that robots will one day dominate us. They won't dominate anyone anymore!" He yells, shedding tears.

Dr. Light reasons with him but it's all on deaf ears. Hearing this make Rush and Bon not only terrified but angry. These guys are low, the worst of the worst. I read all about the many terrorist attacks that happened in our world years ago. Some had been prevented but others weren't and many people lost their lives. Thirty years ago, a group called the Emerald Spears attacked and destroyed a national landmark: a building that many called it the Empire State Building. Tens of thousands of lives were lost in that attack. It was one of the worst attacks in the country's history.

Patrick F. Emerald and a few of his followers were apprehended a few weeks after the attacks. They were charged with destruction of property, murder and acts of terrorism. It only took the jury a half hour to reach a verdict. For all of them, it was the same: Guilty. Benjamin was guilty on all counts and was sentenced to death in of all things, by a firing squad. The rest were given life terms without parole and even now, they rot their years away in prison. All of them got what they deserved but now, everyone here in the convention is now dealing with a vengeful moron that's making the same mistakes his dad made. I only wish he doesn't do anything really stupid.

"I know you're going to try to plead with me that it isn't worth taking lives but I'll be lenient and allow these weaklings to escape. All I'm after right now are the robots that are going to be shown off in this dump as well as the scientists that are presenting them," Quentin points his finger at Dr. Light and retorts, "You're one of them. Where's the other?"

"What other?" Dr. Light replies, faking a lie, "It says that I would be having my presentation and the theme behind it is if robots should be treated like ordinary humans."

"Robots? Treated like humans? Ha!" Quentin insults, "That's just another excuse for them to be like us so when the moment comes, they'll usurp us and we be their slaves!"

"Nonsense! Robots are our partners, our friends. They are meant to help us, not hurt us," He counters, "Has robots ever brought upon you harm? Did they ever bring ruin to the people you love? Tell me. There's no reason for you to put us in danger."

Quentin then spits in anger, "Shut up! I don't believe you for an instant!"

Dr. Light continues pleading to the N.E.S leader but to no avail. Rush's nose meanwhile detects something inside a room. The two check it out and spot something beeping. Rush heads closer and finds out to be a bomb. They both look in shock seeing an actual bomb. Rush goes behind Bon in fear but the lovable yellow robot grabs Rush and orders him to find a way to stop it.

"Bababu bu babu, ba bu. Bu babu bu babu bu bubababu (Don't be a wimp, Rush. Find a way to make it stop beeping.)," He says.

Rush looks at the bomb and tries to find a way to stop it. He tries everything whether it be pulling it off the wall with his teeth or scratching it. Nothing works and it makes Bon a little angry. This makes Bon want to punch it but Rush gets in the way telling him that doing that is going to put everyone in danger. A bit trigger-happy aren't you Bon? But the two notice that they aren't alone. They see someone tied up to a chair and gagged. To their surprise, it's me who somehow gets caught in the whole N.E.S bullshit.

"Babu!? Babu ba bu babu bu bababu? Babu, ba bububabu (Robert!? What's he doing here? Rush, let's help him.)," Bon says.

The two are able to untie me and I went to work disabling the bomb. Yeah. One bomb down and only twenty-seven to go. After I disable the bomb, I praise the two for finding and rescuing me. Congratulating would have to wait. We have a job to do. I hear my grandpa talking with Quentin thanks to the speakers that are placed all over the convention area. Quentin keeps yapping his ass saying that robots are only going to bring the end of humanity. How about no because it'll never happen! The three of us then see Dr. Regal with his robots, LaserMan and PrismMan.

"Dr. Regal? What's going on?" I ask the doctor.

He replies, "Terrorists. Neo Emerald Spears has taken the convention hostage and are threatening innocent lives."

"I already know what they're planning," I show the doctor a bomb that I defused (thanks to some liquid nitrogen). He's in a state of shock.

"All of them are fools," Thanks for stating the obvious doc, "We don't have much time."

"I know that. I'm going after the big-mouthed jackass. Think you can help get the people out of here?" I suggest.

"I'll see what I can do," He turns to his robots and says, "LaserMan, PrismMan. You two must gather these detonators and dispose of them. We can't let them put innocent lives at risk."

"By your command, Dr. Regal," replies LaserMan.

"I will do what I can to assist sir," PrismMan follows.

"I got bots of my own that'll help out as well. They're on their way now to help defuse them," I say, referring to IceMan and TimeMan.

We see Regal and his robots head off to stop the N.E.S and their evil plans. Before that though, I turned to him hoping to get something off my chest.

"Dr. Regal, can I ask you something?" I wonder.

He turns to me, and replies, "Yes. What is it?"

"I want to know something. I've read through some of your research regarding Bassinium but I want to know… was it due to creating Bass?" I ask him.

Dr. Regal becomes silent for a bit. I know that he along with Dr. Wily (who's his dad) were responsible for not only developing Bass but also the creation of the element Bassinium. I read a lot about how the element itself functions. Like Lightanium (which my dad created), it has several functions. One example is a power source. Many years ago, the guy showcased the power of Bassinium by using a simple shard. One shard was all it took to get at most twelve robots online. Many were amazed but Regal was criticized because of the fact that this element came as a result of a freak accident, a freak accident that had to involve saving his own son's life. I really can't blame him or his kid but I wonder if he heard that Bass was responsible for giving me a new life.

We see Dr. Regal nod at us. He then answers, "Yes, it was because of that. I can never forget it. I wanted to save my son. He didn't deserve to die the way he did."

"Yet you know that it was your son that took my life," I answer. Bon and Rush simply watch as we converse.

"I was aware of what happened to you and I apologize. I didn't believe Albert would actually do it," I don't know if Regal is legit with this.

"At least now he's in jail. He's going to pay for what he did to not just me but to my family and the world. It's bad enough I have to be the one that ends up saving the world and bringing him to justice, twice no less," I reply, feeling angry over this responsibility.

"I commend you for your determination in stopping him. I really do. Father was never a sane man. Even he had problems of his own," Been known that bub.

"We can discuss about this after we save everyone from these terrorists," We then see IceMan and TimeMan appearing before us.

"Babu! Babu, ba babu bu babu? Ba babu bu babu bubu (IceMan! TimeMan, what are you doing here? You two helping out as well)?" asks Bon.

IceMan nods while TimeMan replies, "I only hope we're not too late. My sensors are detecting multiple signals. They must be the bombs you told us."

Rush nods telling them that they need to hurry because once they go boom, we're all dead. The DRN and RWN robot masters share a stare before heading off to stop the bombs. I meanwhile, go with Rush and Bon to save everyone. We head and see Dr. Light talking with the de-facto leader of the N.E.S and it looks like things aren't going so well.

"I've heard enough from you Dr. Light. You say that we build robots to help us yet people like Wily use them to subjugate us! Contradictory if you ask me," says Quentin, "I've heard enough from you. You and ever other scientist in this dump make me sick. Luckily once I do away with you all, it'll be one step closer to a robot-free future!"

"A robot free future?" I ask out loud, "As if jackass."

Quentin turns to see me already in my battle form. Rush and Bon are there too ready to kick butt. Everyone starts cheering for me. They know I'm here to save the day but I'm not going to be the only one who's going to do it. These two are too.

"You! How did you escape?!" He then notices Rush and Bon who are there too. He really is a dumbass.

"Thank them. They helped me get out and how I found out about your little plan. You think that bombing this place will prove your point? Afraid not!" I shout.

"You think you can stop me? You're not even a robot yet why the hell you have them with ya?" He asks.

"Because these two are more than just robots. They're my friends, my partners, my family," I answer, "And I won't let you hurt anyone here!"

"Go ahead and try robot-lover. You do know I have this and I can detonate this whole place 1-2-3!" He threatens, showing the device that's meant to set off the bombs.

"Even your creativity sucks pal. Threatening people by blowing this place up is no different than what Wily would do," But then I realize, "On the contrary, Wily wouldn't stoop that low. At least he's sane, unlike you!"

"That's it! Now you really pissed me off!" Quentin spits in anger, "You asked for it! You all are going to die and you have no one to blame but this guy! Say goodnight!"

He presses the button on his device but nothing's wrong. Everyone simply looks at him press it over and over. I do give him credit because he now bores me. I see him look at me wondering if I did something.

"What happened? Why won't these things explode?!" He complains, going into a rant.

"You really are a terrorist, just like your old man. No wonder your family hit the shitter after your dad died," I reply.

Quentin gets insulted by that and shouts, "Shut up! You don't talk about my father like that! He was a man who fought for the good of humanity!"

"More like he was a crazy fool!" I counter, "Like father, like son, you were doomed to fail the instant you decided to follow his footsteps."

"Shut up!" He yells, again, "At least I always come prepared!"

He then takes out another device and presses the button. I then see a large mechanized robot appear behind him. For a guy who believes that robots are evil and a plague to humanity, he really seems to contradict his life choices. The bot we see is big with large arms and legs. The chest isn't that big but it's enough to hold a person inside. It even comes complete with controls so he can move it around. Quentin gets in the mech robot he brought in and gets it operational. With something like that, he can tear apart the place in minutes.

"See this?! This is the power of what we're all about! We will show the world that robots are not needed here!" shouts Quentin, speaking from inside the mech.

But I know the obvious and reply, "Isn't this quite contradictory? You're using a machine to prove your point that robots are evil? I'm sorry but you sir as part of a terrorist organization that wants to wipe out robots fail. You fail in every sense of the word pal."

Pissed by my response, the mech attacks me but I quickly evade. I respond with my Mega Buster but the shots get repelled easily. He attacks again but like before, I simply move out of the way. Bon and Rush join in the fight but their attacks don't do much. I look at them seeing their determination to save everyone. They were able to free me from the N.E.S's captivity. But you're probably wondering how the hell I got in this mess right? Okay, I'll tell you since I know you're reading this and don't want to feel left out. Remember when Rush tried to attack someone carrying a suitcase? Well it turns out that I had a hunch. I went to follow the guy only to discover that he wasn't alone. He was part of the Neo Emerald Spears or N.E.S. Forgive me if I keep on doing this but points to anyone who can figure that out.

Anyway I tried to stop them but I end up getting caught. This explains why my supposed "bathroom break" took longer than it normally did. I just hope that something like this happens again. Back to the fight, I continue battling against the N.E.S-piloted mech. Rush tries distracting it so I can attack but like before, it didn't work. I realize that we need some added firepower.

"Babu! Ba babu ba bu! Bubabu bu (Robert! We need to combine! Let's do it!)!" Bon suggests.

"Why not. We need the added firepower for this," I turn to Bon and command, "Bon, Re-Arm!"

Bon nods activating something in his circuits. I touch his head and he starts breaking apart. Pieces of his armor start integrating with mine. The legs are first giving me needed support. Next come the arms changing into large fists. These things are a no-brainer when it comes to stuff like this. Bon's head splits right down the side with the front connecting my chest and you already know the rest. My armor's color changes from blue to yellow. Rush approaches me but a look tells him that this fight isn't going to be pretty. He backs off leaving me (in Bon Armor form) ready to take on the N.E.S powered mech.

"Tell me something. Would a human be able to combine with a robot? Huh?" I question him.

"Save it! You think you're some kind of super fighting robot or something? You don't scare me!" Quentin replies, thinking my question was a threat.

"Dude… I am a super-fighting robot and as for you, I'm taking your ass down!" I shout, going on the attack.

I race for his mech smacking it with a few good fist attacks. Each blow I give to him pushes his mech back. Quentin blocks one of my attacks and responds with his own. Fortunately my systems are quick enough to repel it. However the force of his fist pushed me back. Now he goes and attacks me delivering a punch that sends me further. His assault is fierce but I make sure not to let up. I dodge two of his strikes and counter by hitting his side. For good measure, I make sure to hit him again.

"What's wrong Quentinny? Is your little robot not helping you win this? I thought you say that you don't need robots," I taunt, goading him into attacking.

"Shut up! I've heard enough!" He shouts, "All of you make me sick! Robot-caring fools! You all will see the error of your ways!"

"Dude, you're not even doing a good job trying to convince people. All you are is a little brat who thinks robots are bad. I can't even take you seriously," I reply.

Fed up by my constant taunting, his mech punches me square in the face. I hit the floor feeling major pain. Bon blabs that we got smacked but this guy keeps at it. I couldn't evade his next strike fast enough. He whacks me left and right dealing damage. Before long, his next strike has us land on the ground, again. I hear his laughter within that robotic contraption.

"That fool Doctor Light thinks that we should think of robots like family. Like equals. Like us! Do you think you take me for a fool? You think you take my father for a fool!? He believed robots are the start of humanity's end!" Quentin rants. I'm at this point fed up with his bullshit, "When he attacked the Empire State Building thirty years ago, he did it for the sake of showing humanity their error in judgment!"

"All he had done was murder innocent lives all for his incessant beliefs!" I turn to see Dr. Regal. LaserMan, PrismMan, IceMan and TimeMan are with him too.

"What about you?! Weren't you the one who built that robot that serves Wily?" Quentin asks. Regal says nothing although we know it's true.

"Does it matter? Your father was much worse than mine has. He's still alive awaiting justice while yours was sent to die," Regal continues, adding good measure to his word.

"Don't you dare talk about my father, you monster! He was a great man! He died believing his cause to the end!" Still blind to the end ain't ya Quentin.

Bon and I then see Rush appear distracting Quentin and giving me a chance to get up. But then his mech does something that gets me fired up. He grabs my dog and throws him into a wall knocking him out. This didn't just get me mad but it also gets Rush's best friend Bon angry.

"See that fool! All robots don't deserve to be partners. You call this thing your friend? He's nothing but junk as I'll do to you!" We see him head toward us.

Something inside us starts blazing like an uncontrollable flame. My sight didn't let up. My fist, no, our fist clenches tightly. I then run toward that mech, that monster, that freak of nature. I never forgot how my anger always fuels my strength. It's a habit that I've had before I became whole. When it happens, nothing stops me. I simply want nothing more than to massacre whatever's in front. But when that happens, my mind becomes corroded in a haze leaving me vulnerable to whatever's outside. He attacks but I dodge giving him a right hook. I then deliver a few more hits to his chest. A punch from him pushes me back but it isn't stopping me. I go at it again and so does he. The only thing is that I simply stand there.

"Okay Bon, time to activate our little surprise!" I shout.

"Babu! (You got it!)" He replies. I start charging up and my fist glows brightly in a yellow light.

We take aim with that jackass' little toy in our sights. I would normally take the shot but if I miss, we're done for. All the while, Quentin yells out that once he's done with us, he'll go after everyone in the convention. He wants to make sure that they all will see the error of their ways in his own sick little way. Once he's in sight, I fire launching Bon's own large fist at him. It hit, causing him to get majorly disoriented. To make matters worse, he loses his balance and we see him hit the floor landing on his face. That really isn't faring well for this guy since now his little toy is out of action. Although judging by how he landed, I can assume it has that same feeling whenever GutsMan landed like that. Yeah, GutsMan's ass right? We hear everyone in the convention cheering for us. I disconnected with Bon returning him to normal. He went to check on Rush. I went to see on Quentin who has already abandoned his mech.

"Babu! Babu, ba bu babu (Rush! Rush, are you alright)?" wonders Bon. He tries his best checking to see if he's fine.

Rush took a heavy hit due to that guy. His eyes are shut, his systems aren't functioning and it's getting everyone worried. Dr. Light then shows up and hopes to see if he can help. He opens up Rush's side and checks on him.

"Babu… babu ba babu (Rush… please be alright)," Bon whispers.

Everyone sees Dr. Light try his best to repair him. Unfortunately, things aren't going quite well. The damage he suffered internally is too much. Bon continues watching and hoping. But then he sees Dr. Light look at him. He doesn't say a word.

Bon asks him, "Babu bubabu. Babu ba babu babu (Dr. Light. Is Rush going to be okay)?"

Dr. Light doesn't say a word. He simply sighs but then notices someone appearing beside him. It's Dr. Victor Gogby, the same guy we meet when we enter. However he seems different than before.

"I'll help you Doctor Light. I don't want to see a robot like that suffer," He says.

Bon then notices other people wanting to contribute. Various inventors, scientists and even convention goers help out. They helped providing Dr. Light what he needed to help repair Rush. Even Tron and Roll help out because to them, Rush's part of our family.

"Babu. Ba babu ba bubu bu babububabu. Bu babu bu! (Amazing. Everyone here wants to help Rush. This is awesome!)" He says, excited in seeing this.

Meanwhile, I have a talk with the leader of the Neo Emerald Spears. His men were already rounded up thanks to the NLPD and his plans got crushed. But something isn't right. I decided to talk hoping to get some answers.

"What are you here for? Shouldn't you be worried about your lame-brained mutt?" He asks me. He goes as far as spitting at me.

Defiant till the end, yet blind at the same time. I almost feel bad for this guy but now is no time for that.

"Alright pal, we need to talk," I speak, "Your plans have been foiled, your little toy is heading for the junk pile and you're going straight to jail. I need to ask you something."

"Yeah? What's that?" He replies.

I then ask him, "Who set you up to this? Tell me!"

"What? What are you talking about?" He answers.

"I said, who set you up to this? I want to know. You wouldn't be attacking this place if there was a reason for it," I ask again, "So tell me, now! Who set you up to this!"

He doesn't say a word. This alone gets me mad so I decided to try a different approach. I grab him by the shirt and even that doesn't convince him to talk. This makes things really problematic.

"If you won't answer to me, I'll make sure you anger to the judge," I assure him, "You always wanted to be like your father? You got it. I hope that you live with yourself my friend."

I walk off to see Dr. Light and the others getting Rush repaired. By the time I wanted to contribute, they were finished. We see Dr. Light power him up and he's as happy as he should be. He starts licking my face telling me that we saved the day. Truth be told, Bon and I gave the jerk a beat down but I have to give credit where credit is due. NLPD officers (led by Denise's older sister Liz) come in and start arresting some of the N.E.S members. Many of them managed to get into the convention disguised as security personnel or convention staff. This explains how they were able to get in and disrupt the place. Better security measures are what we're going to need in the future, I assure you.

"Alright, now the presentation can truly begin thanks to New Light City's hero, Mega Man," says Dr. Light.

Everyone cheers but things quiet down and respond, "Actually, if anyone deserves the credit, it's these two."

Rush and Bon look at me wondering what I mean by that. I go to explain, "I'm serious. These two saved me after I got captured and if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be able to stop the N.E.S. from hurting innocent people. So like I said, these two here are the true heroes who saved the day."

Their focus shifts to Rush and Bon and almost immediately everyone cheers for them. I give the two some much need hugs. Rush responds like before licking my face for a bit. Bon hugs us both telling me thanks and Rush goes to lick his face too. Dr. Regal then shows up and all three of us look wondering what he has up his sleeve. PrismMan and LaserMan are there too. They along with IceMan and TimeMan give praise to the two.

"I'm proud of you both," praises Dr. Regal, "I believe it proves Dr. Light's theory alright. Robots can be thought of like family, like equals but unfortunately, not everyone seems to agree."

We all see Quentin Cochran escorted out of the convention. His head's down though remains defiant. Rush notices me still staring at the guy for quite a while. Why am I doing it? It's simple because he reminds me of myself. He had some hardships like losing his father when he was sentenced to death. It made him believe that the world was against him and his family. He grew up vengeful and started showing hate for anything technology. To make it worse, he got involved in crime leading him to clashes with the law and after a stint in jail he realized his goal. He followed his father's footsteps in reforming the Emerald Spears gathering many followers. Their goal was to rid the world of robotics and technology attacking numerous places around the world. Many governments didn't take them seriously but over time, they notice the attacks the N.E.S had done became brutal. Eventually they become the most wanted group in the world reaching the F.B.I's Top 10 Most Wanted. And now they have fallen thanks to not only just me but also a robotic canine and his baby buddy. How things have changed.

Our attention then turns to Dr. Regal as he continues, "But regardless of this, I am proud of you both. Bon Bonne, I should have given this to you years ago but now is better than nothing."

"Ahem, Bon Bonne… I hereby award you first prize in the annual New Light Science Fair," Dr. Regal gives Bon a blue ribbon and puts it on his head. Bon seems pretty happy with this.

Tron goes up to me and asks, "Isn't that the same blue ribbon that we were supposed to win three years ago?"

I nod and reply, "The very same. He knew we made the right choice in not accepting it but now, there's a reason we are. These two are heroes."

Everyone starts clapping and cheering for Bon and Rush, the two bots that helped saved the day. Although today went okay, we experienced some interruptions like the Neo Emerald Spears. But the good thing about it is that we all worked together to help save Rush. It shows that we care for the robots that help us and vice versa when Bon and I gave Quentin's little toy the smack down of a lifetime. Now Bon and Rush are now heroes with one getting the blue ribbon that should have been gotten years ago. As for Rush, he got his hands on a large golden bone courtesy of a fellow scientist. I can tell he'll be enjoying that for a while… a very long while.

A few hours later…

Due to the Neo Emerald Spears attacking, the convention had to end sooner than we hoped. But regardless, we all enjoyed it for what it is. Dr. Regal dropped by an hour or so ago to have a chat with Dr. Light. My guess is to catch up on old times though I am conflicted regarding his involvement in creating Bass and the problems that followed. I'm spending my time sparring with LaserMan and PrismMan. Let me tell ya, these two are giving it their all out there. The Servbots come to watch the fight. I don't mind having an audience but meh, whatever. Downstairs though, Bon and Rush were playing at the basement lab.

"Babu, ba babu bubu ba babu bu babu bu. Bu babu bubabu bu babubu (Rush, today was just so absolutely super awesome. We became heroes and saved the day)!" says Bon. Rush replies that it was great and he feels a lot better than before.

Regarding Rush, after the convention we went to work improving Rush's outer frame. His armor when Dr. Light first built him wasn't as strong as we thought so we decided to replace it with new armor. This one is better and more durable. At least with this, Rush can withstand a bit more punishment than before. What he went through was just hell. I mean that but anyway, Rush is moving around all over the place and saying that he never felt this happy.

Bon responds, "Babu bu. Bu babu bu babu ba bababu bu babu (Of course. They made sure you are better than before)."

Rush barks saying that they owe us a lot, a huge debt at most. But their discussion gets cut short as they see Tron and Teisel head downstairs. They hear them talk about the aftermath of the convention. I forgot to mention that it was the talk of the town. All news outlets were talking about how the N.E.S. attacked the convention and almost put everyone in danger. Fortunately the group is no more and their leader is in jail, awaiting trial. But then they hear something that catches their eye.

"Tron, there's also something else you need to know and it's regarding the blue boy," explains Teisel.

"What about it Teisel?" She asks him.

"His birthday. His birthday is coming up in a few days and we haven't even started preparing for his party… if he ever wants one," He explains.

"What? His birthday is in a few days and no one planned anything for him?!" She gasps, in shock.

"Here's the thing. The last birthday party he had been about three years ago. He hasn't had one since his dad passed and I feel that if we do throw one, he won't like it," Teisel gets bummed after saying that. It's mostly due to me.

But Tron has a look in her eyes that says otherwise, "I disagree. I think we can give Robert the biggest birthday party ever. I know we can!"

"But Tron, are you sure about this? I mean, we both know he can be a bit bummed at times and," Teisel struggles to respond but his sister interrupts.

"No buts Teisel. Robert's a different man now and I say that we make sure that this year is the best one ever," Tron replies but then notices Rush and Bon listening in.

"So you two overheard us huh?" Teisel asks them. Nodding, Rush responds that he had no idea my birthday was coming. How could he?

Bon responds, "Babu bu babu, bubabu. Bababu bubabu bubababu (Neither did I, guys. Is there anything we can do to help)?"

"In fact, there is. I need everyone for this and I want to make this work," She suggests, going closer to Bon and Rush and whispering at them.

Before she continues, Tron turns to her brother and asks, "I'm getting an emergency meeting ready tonight. You get Denise, Roll, Higsby and Liz and tell them to meet me there."

"Uh sure sis," He answers, though he hopes to get a chance to whack Higsby again.

"One other thing," Tron says, stopping him in his tracks, "Don't lay a hand on Higsby."

"What?! Why not?" He complains.

"If you do, I promise you that the next thing you'll be seeing is Denise putting you in line," She replies, threatening him.

Teisel gets scared though if you're wondering why, here's the deal. Since Denise and him became a couple, Tron told her about his usual habits especially with the fact that whenever he sees Higsby, he would do his usual banter and whack him. When she found out, Denise made sure that he wouldn't do anything like that again. But if he does, she'll make sure that he'll regret it.

"Uh sure, whatever you say sis… I guess," He answers, heading off.

Tron continues on talking with Rush and Bon about her upcoming plans. Whatever she has up her sleeves, she knows it's going to be good. But even if it isn't, I know I'll be the guy that will experience this. But regardless, today has been hectic. Tomorrow won't be any different. If only something made it much more interesting. I swear. But I won't worry about it because Rush and Bon will always be there for me to help, no matter what. They're family.


Next time on Mega Man: Reawakened

Today is the big day. That's right! It's Robert Light's birthday, except there's one little problem. He seems a bit bummed and it's mostly due to his previous experiences. That's about to change as Tron decides to take him out for a day of fun. While that goes on, all his friends and family are gathering together to give our blue boy the biggest birthday party ever. Will it be enough to get him in a happy mood? Will she succeed in doing so or will it all fall apart and turn into a major disaster? Get your party hats ready cause this calls for a celebration in the next party-prepping, super surprising, birthday celebrating episode, Bonne Party Planning; Happy Birthday Mega Man.

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