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Chapter 5 – Power Plant Under Attack; A Spark Filled Showdown

Time: Unknown, Undisclosed Location

"GONE!? What do you mean he's gone!?" yells one Albert Wily. Finding out that ShadowMan went AWOL didn't really sit well with him.

But this isn't sitting well with him at all. Glyde however is shocked mostly due to Wily's yelling. He sees him moving about, trying to piece together what went down. Glyde stays silent. He's worried that what he'll say will only piss him off even more. It's a shame because Wily's pissed off anyway. It's bad that he only has four Robot Masters left. To make it worse, BreakMan hasn't been delivering what Wily wants. All of this is giving him problem after problem. No solution is in sight for this guy. He's going to end up blowing his top if it keeps up.

"Well then, what are you waiting for?" Wily asks in his usual angry manner, "I demand answers! Why has ShadowMan went off like he did?!"

Nervous from all the yelling, Glyde replies, "I-I'm not sure Doctor. I was unable to determine the cause of ShadowMan's increased insanity. It's as if Mega Man had done something."

"Really? Like what?!"

"I believe the fighting that occurred between the two is a probable cause. But I'm not sure. ShadowMan is a robot that is not like the others."

"Not like the others you say?! He is like every other robot I have built. They are my weapons, weapons of war against that fool Mega Man and anyone who opposes me. Do you mean to tell me that someone I created isn't from my own two hands?"

"I mean no disrespect but it's a fact. ShadowMan is in fact very different. I'm unable to acquire any information about him and even if I could, the data given about him is ambiguous. I wish to ask… how did you find him in the first place?"

Hearing this has Wily thinking, reminiscing about the time he first encountered Wily. His anger subsides replacing it with a calm demeanor. At least he's enjoying some tea. That's enough to keep his soul at ease. Letting off a sigh, he tries to piece together what happened. Upon seeing him be calm, Glyde also sighs. To be fair, he shouldn't be letting his guard down especially not at Wily. Anyway after a bit, Wily remembers what transpired on the day he found ShadowMan.

"I could never forget the day we did find it. You remember do you not?" Wily questions.

Glyde answers, "Yes I do. I haven't forgotten."

"Wise that you haven't," Why do I have the feeling that Wily says it just to act like the jerk he is? Maybe it's cause of how he is.

"This happened during my little plan of revenge against that fool Mega Man," Oh boy. We haven't had these in a while so I figure why not.

Flashback… three months ago, time and location unknown

Okay folks, time for exposition. During Wily's little revenge with his second line of Robot Masters, he was hard at work building up his forces in hopes that his plans for world domination can come to fruition. The traditional "build up evil army so he can take over the world easily" gag. In this case, he's on the move. He got word that an asteroid was heading towards Earth. Details weren't given out due to fear that if Wily were to ever find out, he would do anything to have it. With help from Glyde, he was able to determine the meteorite's impact point.

"Glyde, are you certain that you have discovered where the meteorite will land?" said Wily.

"I have doctor," He replied, "And fortunately it's away from any attention."

"Good. We need to ensure that it is in our hands before these fools do. How long before we reach the impact point?"

"Not long."


From the monitors on Wily's shuttlecraft, they spot the asteroid entering the planet's atmosphere. He smiles seeing it approach. With just so much as a simple flick of his fingers, Glyde operates the craft to the asteroid's determined destination. Wily presses a button on his chair's controls. The screen up front transforms into a radar display. He spots a gold dot moving right.

"Hurry Glyde, head to the estimated impact site. We must reach it before they do," He ordered.

"It shouldn't take us long," Glyde pressed some buttons, getting a lock on the space rock's movements, "We should get there in less than a minute."

They see it hit the ground on an isolated outskirt of the American desert. It left a crater that was almost 30 feet wide. Glyde landed the craft outside of the impact zone. The two get a look and spot an asteroid that was big and it came in a silver shine. If that isn't enough, it's letting out a strange aura. Glyde notices it and started moving away.

Wily gets a look and said, "What are you doing? The meteorite won't hurt you. Come on!"

Glyde doesn't say a word. He followed Wily to the meteorite itself. All the guy can ever do is let off a sigh, angry that his own "lackey" is a complete wimp. This is before he decided to grow a backbone people.

"Doctor, the meteorite is a lot larger than we thought," explained Glyde.

"I know that," Wily replied, then grabbed a communicator from his coat pocket, "Attention my robots. Recover the asteroid at once."

The sound of a Birdbot getting the call was music to his ears, "We're ready to assist Doctor."

The two turned and saw a group move out of the shuttle. They take the meteorite with little difficulty. But then they heard the sound of police blaring through the daytime skies. It's enough to make Glyde worried. Wily on the other hand doesn't show a sliver of concern. In fact, he's not amused.

"Hurry up! We must get this asteroid out of here and I don't want to be here when they decide to show up and intrude on my plans!" barked Wily.

He then turned to Glyde who skedaddled the minute he looked at him. Wily, once inside, powers on his shuttle ordering it to fly off back to his fortress. By the time law enforcement arrived it was too late. Wily basically sticks out his tongue and teased them because he was one step ahead of them. But upon seeing the meteorite yet again, Glyde began wondering what his master would do with it.

"Um Dr. Wily," He said, "What do you plan on doing with the asteroid we recovered? We haven't even did a diagnostic and see what it is."

Scoffing at Glyde's words, Wily replied, "Do not worry yourself. When we return to the fortress, we will see if this thing can be of any use to us."

"Haven't you said that the asteroid contained some kind of rare metal that would help us create indestructible robots?"

"I did say that Glyde. The asteroid we recovered today contains that very metal. Our problem is how to extract it so we can be able to build them."

"Don't you have something that can help us extract the metal?"

"Unfortunately, I don't. I may have forgotten to attain something for this situation."

"I see. If that is the case, then something should be done."

Wily said nothing more. He's satisfied with what he attained, an asteroid that may house something powerful. When they reached the fortress, he tried numerous ways to extract material. All of them end in disappointing results. The outer exterior was hard as diamond. Not even the strongest kind of explosive can shatter it. It was simply unbreakable. After about two days, Wily was at wit's end. No matter what he did, nothing worked. That asteroid was like a god damn almond. Hard to break and even harder to figure out. Ultimately he gave up. After I took out HeatMan, he was ready to call it quits. That asteroid he had became nothing more than wasted space.

Upon noticing Wily ready to chug the asteroid out, Glyde said, "So you've given up on this giant rock doctor?"

"I have!" He replied, yelling like he's at wit's end, "Nothing… nothing I've done works. This hunk of junk was a waste of an effort!"

"I wouldn't be sure about that."

"What is to be sure!?" Wily interrupts, "It's a piece of junk and I order it gone! Help me get this out of here!"

Glyde said nothing. He helps Wily take the meteor out of the fortress. But suddenly he lost his balance. The asteroid struck the ground with a loud bang. Wily's face gets more pissed as a result of his lackey's incompetence. But before he could say anything, something happened. They noticed lines emerging around the giant rock. What happens next was probably going to make Wily regret doing what he had done. The upper portion opened. Inside it laid some kind of inactive robot. It looked like a ninja but was offline. To make it worse, it was in very bad shape. Hell if I didn't know any better I'd say this bot just came from a serious beating and escaped with only an inch of its life. Wily got a look and his face just screamed amazement. He'd never seen a robot quite like this before. So different, so unique and with something like it, the world would already be his.

"So, that rock we found isn't just any rock. It was a shuttle," said Wily. Honestly, I'm surprised it took him this long to notice.

Agreeing, Glyde replied, "Yes but where did this come from? It's unlike any of the robots you've created."

"That's the beauty of it. Think about it. We're in possession of something that is beyond what we humans can do. From a world that is beyond our own. No one knows what it is or where it came from. That will be our advantage. Our advantage against all of them especially Mega Man."

Wily started chuckling and before long, it goes into full-blown evil laughter. Earlier he wanted to get rid of it because he didn't know what to do with it, but after discovering this, he had in possession something that may help him succeed. But a whole slew of problems came about putting his supposed plans on hold. The worst was being defeated by yours truly and ultimately went to jail. He would have remained there had it not been for the fact that he would be held on bail. And of course you guys know where that went. Now a few days after joining Project: Gamma, Wily was assigned to design robot masters that can help assist. Since he would be the one in charge of handling everything, it gave him the perfect excuse to use the robot that he found in the shuttle. Giving it upgrades that would make it a lethal force in battle, it ultimately became the robot known as ShadowMan. Along with him, seven other Robot Masters were created to "assist" in Project: Gamma. All of them had orders to carry out. But now with them causing havoc and hindering Gamma's production, it left me to corral them before they would cause more trouble. But is all of this part of Wily's plan? Who knows?

End flashback…

"Doctor, if I may, we have four robot masters remaining. I recommend we move on to the next phase," suggests Glyde.

"Unlikely," disagrees Wily, "We don't need to take any chances. Besides, it is not time yet."

"Then what should we do?"

"For now we wait. I already gave you orders not to intervene and you have done well. However I do believe I have some work that you would probably be interested in."

Glyde notices this and says, "I'm listening."

"What I have here is a list of things that we'll need for our plan. I want you to recover them by whatever means possible," explains Wily but then his words take a twist, "Of course, you understand well what I meant."

He hands Glyde the paper, containing a list of items. One look and boy, the guy cracks a smile. The two don't say anything else to one another. With so much as a nod, he gets himself going. Whatever he ordered Glyde to do, it can be major trouble. Of course this is where things start becoming unexpected. The sound of BreakMan approaching shatters the quiet Wily has had. His face suddenly changes from a smile to full on anger. He isn't happy that's for sure.

"What brings yourself here? You've failed me yet again!" shouts Wily, angry over yet another failure.

"Forgive me," BreakMan struggles to reply, "But I—"

"Silence! You will not speak any more of this! You failed in defeating Mega Man… not once but twice! To make it worse, you weren't able to defeat his sister Roll. His own sister!"

BreakMan doesn't say a word as Wily banters on, "I find you to be an embarrassment! A complete embarrassment!"

Hearing Wily's rant is enough to drive him to the breaking point, despite being damaged.

"Angry are you?" He says, "You should be because I am fed up with your failures! I'm fed up completely!"

"I didn't come to deal with your bantering. If you want something done right, you should do it yourself."

"Really now? You dare tell me that I should destroy Mega Man? I will have my chance soon enough but for now, you will remain here! You are prohibited from ever leaving the premises until I give the order. I recommend that you use that time to be repaired and if you dare disobey me, I will make sure that you suffer a fate that is far worse. Do you understand me?"

Wily hears nothing from him. That's when he decides to amp things up, "I said, do you understand me… Blues?"

Hearing Wily call him by his real name was the final straw. BreakMan wastes little time and grabs him by his shirt. Wily doesn't show any ounce of fear. He knows that he suffered serious injuries due to my battle against him. Even if the bot was in tiptop shape, he can't do a thing. But then the extent of his injuries is too much. He lets Wily go, trying to conserve what little energy he has left.

Wily scoffs off BreakMan's threat and says, "Do you think you can hurt me in the way you are now? You are such a fool."

BreakMan doesn't say anything as he sees Wily walk out of the room. Deep within that body, he feels as if he wanted to explode in anger. Losing against me, then losing to my sister and now being humiliated by the very person who gave him an opportunity. It's now driving him to insanity. Sadly though his energy levels flicker out and soon powers down. If there's any rest for someone like him, this is probably it. As for Wily, he continues walking into some unknown location. But then he notices someone familiar up ahead. It isn't Glyde since he's off doing who knows what. However the look he has is not of good, but more into disgust.

"So, you decide to return here after you ran off!?" Guess it's not the best of introductions.

Bass simply doesn't respond. He's still angry over Wily choosing BreakMan over him. This is already making him angrier.

"Are you going to answer? Huh?! Or do you think I still favor BreakMan over you?!" Wily's voice increases in tone.

Bass gives a nod and responds, "What else? You chose the newbie over me despite the fact that I was almost killed by him!"

"I have some news for you then… BreakMan has failed in destroying MegaMan and his sister."

Bass' face suddenly cracks a smile, "Guess he's not as tough as I thought."

"What? Y-You knew? You knew that BreakMan would fail?!"

"Oh but I did."

If finding out that ShadowMan went off is bad, discovering this is worse. Wily's face fills with anger. His eyes squint, his teeth moving like as if they're about to crack down and Bass simply stands there. He stands as if he doesn't give a dang. I only hope the guy better head for cover because Wily is going to seriously blow his top. He does so and after a few seconds looks at Bass with a violent stare. It's in fact the same stare that he gave BreakMan earlier. Something has to give. What would he do? Would he yell at him? Berate him? Tell him off? Or would he do all the above? Bass continues to see Wily stare him down. He waits for him to do something, anything.

"What? Aren't ya going to say something?" He asks.

Wily doesn't hesitate one bit, "As a matter of fact… I AM! You pathetic little gnat! Do you have any idea how much of an interference you are becoming to my plans!? Oh I know of what you've done with HardMan! Did you think I've forgotten? Of course I've haven't! If anything, you are just as in the same predicament as BreakMan!"

But Bass just shrugs it off and has a reason for it, "Unfortunately for you, I'm going to do what BreakMan can't do. I will destroy them both."

"I like to see you try Bastian. Show me. Show me that you can do a better job than that failure."

"You want to see me do a better job? Don't say I didn't warn you."

"Oh I am warning you Bastian!" It's surprising that Wily is calling him by his real name and Bass ain't getting angry, "You better not screw this up. If you do, then I will see to it personally that you will suffer even worse than what BreakMan would ever do if he were to betray me. Do you understand?"

Bass turns to him and gives him a blunt response, "Yeah sure… whatever you say."

Wily sees him walk off, hoping to fulfill his agenda and do the job that BreakMan couldn't do. Something really isn't right. Yeah we know that Bass intervened during Roll's battle with HardMan. Yet he knew all about BreakMan failing not once, not twice but three times. I can tell for certain that it isn't favoring Wily at all and as if he doesn't have any more problems than he has so far. Oh wait I know, ShadowMan going AWOL last chapter? That's one. Now this. Wily only hopes that his plans don't blow up in his face.

Surrounded by failures! First my robot masters then BreakMan and now my own grandson! He dares to disobey me yet again! He lets out another sigh as he continues walking.

Shaking his head only makes the matters worse, "At least I have someone who won't fail me."

New Light Labs – Around the same time

I arrive not long after leaving Tokyo. News outlets all over are telling people about my recent success. It happens all the time whenever I do a good thing. My greatest accomplishment was convincing someone that suicide isn't the answer. That to me is something I consider to be a success in my eyes because to be honest, I value life more than anything. I want to see everyone enjoy life to the fullest and even when they're down, there will always be something that will help them get up and go at it again. Last I've heard, the guy is doing a lot better than before. Before I went to Tokyo, I went to check on Cameron. He has a new job, a place to stay and a new lease on life. Many say that if it wasn't for me, who knows where he would end up. He always keeps thanking me though I feel that he does it a bit too much. It doesn't bother me much because as long as he keeps on living and enjoying life, that is all that matters.

Anyway upon arriving back, my body experiences the aftermath of all I went through. My energy levels hit an all-time low. Some scientists assist in getting me to a recharge station. That gets put on hold when I see Tron, Roll and Gramps. My guess they want answers as to what happened. Unfortunately it isn't that. It's actually something else.

"Robert, I'm afraid Project: Gamma has hit into yet another delay," Again? Come on!

"What is it this time?" As if having to deal with two robot masters in another country isn't enough.

"Do you know that I'm at the brink of exhaustion? I don't know if I can handle any more!"

Gramps lets out a sigh, as usual, "I apologize but this is a serious matter."

Now it's my turn to deliver a sigh, "Okay Gramps. Start talking."

"We've been receiving word that several plants have suffered a power shortage. Normally it would be a minor issue but the problem is that large amounts of electricity are siphoned."

"Siphoned? You mean someone's jacking up on power for something?"

"That seems to be the case. However I'm unable to determine who's behind it."

That's when I realized something, "I think it's one of Wily's rogue robots that's causing it."


"It's only a theory. I was going to tell Albert that ShadowMan's gone. I was unable to recover him."

"A shame… he seems to have already known this would happen."

"You're right."

"Gramps, I don't think I can go for another round. I'm at the brink of exhaustion and my body is about to give way. Plus my armor is in need of serious repairs."

"I've already noticed. In this case, I recommend you rest so you can get yourself back on your feet."

"And risk having whoever it is continuing this? No way."

But then hope come by someone I never expect, "I can do it."

"Out of the question Roll. Your responsibility is here with Project: Gamma," He replies, going at it again.

"Again? Not this time. She did her best against HardMan and brought him back. I'd say she's ready for another shot," I stand by her because I have to admit, she did well despite some mess-ups.

"You overestimate her and that can cost us dearly. She doesn't understand anything about combat, unlike you."

"Gramps, this isn't the time to argue. Project: Gamma has been having too many delays and this isn't fitting well not just for us but also for everyone. Personally if I were in charge of it, I would have everyone do whatever possible. I'm doing all I can to get the robots back and all you're doing is holding my sister back."

Gramps becomes silent after I tell him this. Sure, he's a father figure to the both of us but the problem is that he's a bit overprotective. It's to the point where he has to constantly monitor her activities. I classify that as stalker-level stuff but like I said, it's ridiculous. Since Roll's victory over HardMan, he's been observing her. He thinks that it's for her safety but upon hearing him say that she knows little about combat, it's easy to see why. To make matters worse, Project: Gamma is experiencing delays due to this energy-guzzling thief. Whoever it is just made today harder than it already is and I'm in no position to even doing anything. That's the really sucky part of it all I mean that.

I turn my attention to Roll who isn't saying a thing, "You've heard everything haven't you sis?"

She responds with a nod. I continue talking, "Guess you know that I'm out of action and you're the only one who can get the job done. So here's the deal. You need to head to the closest power plant and stop whoever it is from siphoning electricity."

"Don't worry about me big brother. I'll make sure to find out who it is and put an end to them," My sis has that confident look on her face. Gramps then worries if something will happen to her like last time.


I see her turn around, not saying anything. At least she has my attention this time.

"You nearly got killed against HardMan. I recommend you don't be careless."

"But big brother, I wasn't careless. I took down both BreakMan and HardMan without much difficulty."

"The damage your armor received tells otherwise. I recommend that if you are going on the offensive, plan your moves well."

"Plan? What does that have to do with battling against robot masters?"

Guess it tells me that my sister still has much to learn, "It's simple. Battling is like chess. You need to think smart if you are to survive. A careless attack without so much as thinking will get you killed. You don't want that to happen right?"

I see her give me a nod. That tells me she's paying attention. I then give her hand a gentle touch. Data starts flowing inside. Special weapons, map data and other information all become integrated into her memory. I give her one more look. It's one of seriousness. Roll simply says nothing. I didn't want to do anything unexpected. Besides, Gramps is watching and we don't want him to know. She suits up in her battle mode and teleports off. The silence then shatters. Gramps and I turn to Tron who seems to be a bit on edge. Why? Even I don't know.

"Something bugging you Tron?" I wonder.

"Yeah, there is," She then shows me an article. Inside it is a picture of yours truly with some of the GG females.

"Uh why are you showing me this?"

"What the heck were you doing with these girls?"

"Nothing Tron. All we did was take a photo after we saved the city," If I know Tron, she thinks I'm lying. She doesn't know what happened when I was there.

"You're lying. Tell me. I want to know. What really happened in Tokyo? Why were you with all these girls?" Her persistence is something I appreciate. Once she gets to work on something, nothing will stop her.

"Come on Tron. We didn't do anything bad. Honest."

"I don't want to bring out the lie detector test to see that you are."

"Do you really have a tendency to do this? I mean come on," I realize that if I keep it up, she'll catch me.

"Okay fine, you want to know what happened? After saving the city of Tokyo, we all had a photo together and it ended with all the girls giving me kisses. I mean come on, what's wrong with getting something like that? I mean seriously."

"All that just because a few girls kissed you? I thought the girls would have you in some kind of amazon like ritual from some cartoon."

"Don't tell me you actually thought it was some kind of snu-snu or something?"

"That's exactly what I thought but at least a small kiss is just as fine. I'm onto you Robert Light."

"Tron, I don't have time for this. Sheesh."

"I think you should lighten up Tron," Gramps responds, "Robert should at least be rewarded for a job well done."

"I agree. But right now all of this fighting has made me drained. I need to recharge."

"You just want to rub that mushiness out of your mouth. I swear it, if you dare break my heart, you'll regret it. You promised me Robert. You promised that you wouldn't do this," This girl is already now at my wit's end.

I didn't waste any time and went into a recharge station. Tron keeps on yapping over and over saying that I'll end up regretting what I did. Seriously. It's just a few kisses from these GG girls. It's not like I took them to a love hotel and you get the idea. Tron should know that I'll always be loyal to her. My heart belongs to her. You guys know that she's my girlfriend and I think of her like a mom. The problem that I have with her is that she nags, a lot. If I'm like doing something she doesn't know about it, she's the first to ask. Even as I'm resting inside that recharge station, I can hear her constantly nagging and telling me what else I did with these girls. It's better she doesn't know anything else. Besides having a picture of me, and getting kisses from the girls is enough of a reward for me. Now all I want to do now is rest, recharge and relax. I sure hope Roll can get the job done.

Ginna Nuclear Generating Station – 8:25 PM

You always know the stories that back in the 20th century or so, power stations as well as power plants generate electricity and provide it to many cities all over the United States. The strange thing is that some burn fossil fuels such as coal and oil in order to produce it. Do you think I'm kidding? I'm not! It's true. Nowadays we don't do that since we rely on other cleaner sources to generate it such as wind, hydroelectric and solar power. We value the environment a lot and if our planet were to suffer something bad, it'll affect us in a very big way. But now isn't the time to be talking about stuff like it. It's time to focus on the mission at hand. While I was off at Tokyo having a jet set romp, there have been reports of a thief going around stealing electricity from multiple power plants all over the United States. The thief would go in and drain the power plant of all its electricity. Once that's done, it heads off for another plant and does the same thing. Some people say that the thief looked like a large orange sparkplug. Hearing it makes you know right off the bat that it has to do with one of Wily's rogue robots. Like I already said, I'm in need of recovery so it's up to Roll to go in there, find the bot and bring him back before it causes any more trouble.

Arriving in a pink light, Roll reaches the Ginna Nuclear Generating Station in Ontario. I know what you're thinking. Why of all places Canada? Because according to a report, someone spotted the thief inside the plant. To make matters worse, the entire place has been fortified with robots patrolling the place. This is terrific. This is going to make Roll's little trek through the place harder. It doesn't matter though. She'll need the experience if she is to get as good as I am. Looking around, she spots several robots patrolling. She heads to a nearby crate hoping to avoid them. All of this is giving her concern. Getting another look sees more robots moving about. They pack a lot of punch as she sees one robot fire off an electric discharge.

"Had no idea this place would be barricaded but why would they be in a place like this?" She wonders.

Wondering won't solve a thing. Roll has to get on the move now. She does so as she gets out of her hiding spot. Taking aim, she fires a shot from her Roll Buster. It attracts their attention and personally, I think it isn't a good idea. Some bots show up firing blasts of electricity. Roll hides once again but it doesn't last. Her hiding spot becomes blasted in a few hits. With no place to hide, she has no choice but to fight. Roll attacks, firing shots while evading everything else. Then a large group of Elec'n bots shows up. Gathering electricity from both their arms unleash a blast that strikes all over the price. Roll avoids and delivers a blast that reduces it to rubble. Several others appear attacking as well. She ducks through their attacks but a careless trip has her feeling a shock blast. It hurts like hell but does it stop her? No. It doesn't and she continues her attack. She takes down two more Elec'n robots and then enters inside.

"Oh boy," Oh boy is right Roll. More robots are there and they're just waiting to deliver pain.

They attack and Roll doesn't have a single second to react. Luckily she's able to barely avoid the onslaught. I wonder if these robots were expecting me to show up. Maybe not but hey Roll can sure use that exercise.

"If you dumb bots want a fight, you got it. Battlechip, double AirHockey!" Roll summons two large hockey pucks onto the area.

She then presses a button on her buster arm turning it into her utility mode. Although I know household chores ain't her thing but at least having this is useful for something. Another button pressed and out come a hockey stick. Her smile tells the whole tale. She's ready to play a little game. With a fierce offense, she smacks both of the pucks sending them into a criss cross frenzy. Robots left and right get reduced to piles of rubble. They never see it coming. Next thing they knew, they end up feeling the fury of a hockey puck flying past 100 miles an hour.

"That should take care of them," But upon turning around, Roll discovers a few robots coming in and attacking, "Nuts. Knew I should have taken care of them."

She didn't waste time. She moves forward, now having to deal with the insides of the power plant itself. Upon reaching a door up ahead, she notices a set of spheres fire an arc of electricity. It blocks the only way forward and to make it worse, they constantly move around. Did I forget to mention that they emit flashes before unleashing the blasts? Talk about a struggle. But Roll notices that they do it at certain intervals. She puts two and two together and heads forward. Just in time too, because these things fired an electric blast. She lets off a sigh and continues on.

"Okay so far so good," She says, "Those bots weren't as tough as I thought they'd be. But I got to find that thief before this power plant gets drained dry."

Roll heads up a floor and notices a large gap ahead. She didn't need to look down and know. But a few platforms did catch her attention.

"I'd better not mess this up," That's something I'd say right now.

She jumps on the first platform and that's where the troubles begin. She starts going up and it isn't her fault really. Up ahead is a spiky ceiling. Not wanting to experience a one-hit KO, she gets off and lands on another. Except this one isn't going up, it's going down to a black abyss. With another jump she hits the next platform and everything repeats. Roll keeps on hopping platform after platform. Her emotions heighten with every jump, the fear of falling and the fear of getting smashed. She doesn't want to experience any of that. Fortunately she reaches the other side as the last platform sinks into the abyss below. Racing faster than normal, Roll continues her trek but spots more robots in her path. They attack without wasting a single bit of time. Roll moves away and counters with shots of her own. None of the enemies get taken down but she knows her time here isn't going to be a pleasant one.

"Dammit, more of these robots. Will it ever end?" Sorry but it's never going to end.

But then Roll decides to try the same tactic as before. She summons another set of AirHockey pucks and launches them. Although her aim is precise, the enemy's assault sent them toward her instead. She avoids the two flying pucks as they go into the abyss below.

With one plan down the shitter, Roll decides to try another approach, "Guess they're not up for hockey huh? Okay let's try this! Battlechip, TankCannon!"

Roll's arm suddenly transforms into a long-range cannon. Due to the high weight, she's unable to hold her balance and ends up on the floor. It isn't making things any easier. These bots continue to attack Roll without provocation. She takes aim with what strength she has and fires. The bullet hits delivering a wide blast decimating the enemy's offense. However several more bots move forward and continued their attack. She knows that this probably won't end well so with another shot, she takes down the remaining forces. All she sees after that shot is a mountain of debris. At least now this is one less trial out of the way.

"Man if I have to deal with another one like this, I'm out. I may not be like my big brother but this is crazy," And yet you wonder why the heck I'm the one for the job. Ah well.

Powering off her TankCannon, she continues on. Before she can press any further, her eyes spot the attention of a guy I know all too well. He's a bot that I clashed with many times in the past. He even took on my sister and lost badly although his biggest defeat was against a guy in red. And now he's here to make my sister's mission a lot harder. We all know where this is going folks. If you have been reading everything so far, then I don't need to say anything else. Roll spots Bass and he's ready to ensure that she doesn't go any further.

"You. Out of my way!" She shouts, not wasting time.

Bass refuses and replies, "Sorry but I can't let you pass. You and I have a score to settle right here!"

"Right here? After I beat your butt last time, you want to fight me? As if."

"You really are feisty for an inexperienced girl. I heard BreakMan took you on and you nearly beat him despite getting your butt kicked. I'm not like him and I haven't forgotten what he did to me!"

"You're not like him at all. In fact, I'd say you're less of a jerk and more of an annoyance."

"Really? That's not a nice thing to say to someone who saved your life or don't you remember!"

Roll stops for a bit and remembers when he did save her from that robber. It's enough for Bass to slowly move forward, hoping that taking her out wouldn't prove much trouble.

"I… I do remember. I thanked you for saving me. I took you out to see the city but then you knew that I was Robert's little sister. You felt angered by it," It's as if Roll feels kind of bad for when she ran away.

"I did but I didn't care. As long as you were out of harm's way, to me it's all that matters," Bass replies.

"And then you attacked my brother. You almost killed him!"

"He's the one who gave me this scar," He then shows Roll what he meant, "Do you see this! This scar!"

Roll doesn't hesitate with replying, "I saw it. I remember him telling me about it. Did you forget that he saved your life?"

"I remember. What's your point?"

"My point is that this is getting to be meaningless. Why are you so determined to destroy us?"

"What else. To be the strongest there is and I'm not letting anything stop me. Not your brother and not you."

Roll shakes his head in disappointment. I would do the exact same thing. It's enough to make Bass have his face filled with anger. His mind flashes back to the moments when I did take him on and how every single battle lead to defeat. Made worse is that my sister and even BreakMan took him down without much effort. Something inside him starts to burn. It starts as a small fire, blazing ever silently. But as the defeats start piling up, it blossoms into something else…. something much more dangerous and violent. Like an inferno it never stops. It continues to blaze and before long, it turns into madness.

"So are you gonna get out of my way or what? I really don't want to have to do this the hard way," She says, telling him once again.

But the flame has burned brightly. He's had enough. Without so much as a single word, Bass rushes toward Roll. She was too slow to even counter and in just a split second, gets smacked in the face. His assault becomes relentless. Roll fails to defend against Bass' attacks. One blow after another, he unleashes his fury. His eyes fueled by rage, his body and his actions motivated by constant defeats and ultimately, his mind ends up consumed. In a sense, he's like what I was before the hate in me was purged. He goes at it with another punch. Roll this time avoids the attack and responds with a punch herself. Despite getting hit in the face, it isn't stopping him. It simply makes him angrier. Roll jumps away but Bass rapidly follows. She activates a WideSword. Bass activates his dark blade and quickly prevents Roll from even delivering a hit. This has her fear heightening greatly.

"What's with you?" She says, "You're really starting to freak me out here."

Bass yells in response, "Maybe because I'm sick of having to suffer defeat whether it be you, your stupid idiot brother or even BreakMan!"

"I guess you still haven't learned anything. Maybe that's because you're nothing more than a bully that likes to push people around."

"Shut up! I've heard enough!"

Bass goes at it with another strike from his sword. Roll repels the hit, countering with one from her blade. The two continue their clash despite the fact one is pissed off and yearning to break the other down.

Bass is getting tough. I swear, this isn't going to be like the first time I took him down. He really wants to make me regret it. You're probably right about that sis.

Roll deactivates her WideSword and then uses her Roll Buster. She fires some shots but Bass quickly eludes them. He delivers a tackle following it up with a dark slash. The hit leaves a serious bruise on her armor but he doesn't stop there. He performs another set of attacks and it's already putting my sister in a serious bind.

"Fall… fall before me! I will never be defeated again!" At the way things are going, Bass may actually beat her.

Roll moves away from him, hoping to catch her breath. She has never seen him act like this before. Sure she did get a lucky break a few months back after taking him on, but now her opponent is someone who's consumed with a simple goal: destroying her and of course me. Her eyes constantly dart across the area hoping to see if there's anything she can use to fight back. Bad news is that Bass continues his brutal offense. Lucky for her though his blind rage is starting to make him careless. Spotting his lunge, she dodges out of the way and delivers a spin kick to the face. He ends up hitting the ground. Bass then gets back up and attacks again. The result ends up being the same, with Roll delivering a hit anytime she spots an opening in his attacks. Her third strike causes Bass to careen off balance. Instead of hitting the floor he stops, turns around and gets ready for another attack.

"You're getting better. I like that," says Bass, smiling at his opponent's persistence.

Roll looks at him with utter confusion, "You're starting to scare me."

"Scare you? Oh I'll do more than scare you. I will drive fear into your memory core!"

He powers off his blade and then starts channeling energy into each of his hands. A few seconds in, he summons two giant purple saw blades. Now I don't know what else this guy can bring out but this here is going to make his fight interesting. He lobs one of them at her. She avoids the saw blade only for it to end up hitting the wall behind her. Bass lobs the other. Despite her skill in avoiding that sharp wheel, she ends up getting hit regardless. Oh no her armor is just fine. Something else gets struck by it… her hair. Upon noticing that her hair becoming shorter, Roll becomes fuming mad.

"I may have not hurt you but at least I gave you a much deserved haircut ya brat!" taunts Bass. Although to be fair, he should know better not to piss off my sis.

In response, Roll shouts, "You're gonna pay for that! Nobody gives me a bad haircut!"

"Look at it this way. I find ya rather cute with short hair."

"As if. Battlechip, MegaCannon!" Her Buster arm transforms into a red cannon launcher.

She fires a blast. Bass evades the shot responding with another pair of these spiky saw blade wheels. Roll fires another MegaCannon shot destroying one of the blades. The other however does damage to her outer armor. She ends up getting sent flying into a wall as a result. He gears up two more blades, launching them without delay. They were smaller than the normal blades he used earlier but their effect instead has Roll trapped. She tries her best to break free but to no avail. With Roll trapped and unable to escape, Bass casually heads closer towards her. He can almost taste it. His opportunity in finally achieving a victory is in his sights. Nothing can ruin this moment, not even me since I'm offline and in repairs. Roll's look of fear has already heightened. She's scared that her life may come to an end here and she doesn't want that to happen. Bass however has something much worse in mind for her.

"Let me go you jerk!" She shouts, struggling her hardest.

"Don't bother. You're going to be stuck there for a long time," He replies, his face becoming devilish with glee.

"When my brother gets here, he'll make sure you regret it!"

Bass shuts her up by having his blade aimed at her face, "If you value even a sliver of your life, keep your mouth shut."

"Good. I get tired of your yapping," Bass uses his other hand to gently caress through Roll's face.

Roll doesn't say anything. She simply watches him touch her face and all the while, it's enough to sicken her inside and out.

"A shame it has to end. Funny because I thought it would last longer than it should have," says Bass, always being the narrative kind of guy.

"You're right. It should have lasted longer," answers Roll.


I wonder if Roll has any idea what she's doing. Using some kind of hidden strength, she's able to yank out the blade that trapped her arm. She does the same for the other arm finally breaking free. Bass' face changes from twisted to surprise. He sees a pissed off Roll ready to enact her revenge. She gives Bass a punch to the face but since her wrist has the blade lodged in, her punch becomes brutal. Bass moves away as a result. His hand covers most of his face, blood starts spewing out and his eyes already aimed at her.

"You… stupid… little… insignificant… bitch!" Damn, Bass is fuming mad now.

Bass rushes toward Roll hoping to make her suffer but in his violent stupor, he's unaware that she still has the blades latched on her wrists. Seeing him rush like it shows carelessness. Roll dodges his punch and then delivers a hit to his chest courtesy of the saw blade. Bass starts moving all over the place until he swerves onto the floor hard. Roll removes the saw blades from her wrists and throws them aside. Upon noticing Bass reeling from his injuries, she holds her ground. She doesn't want him trying anything funny but by the way he is, he probably won't do a thing.

"A shame… a damn shame that you waste your time trying to destroy me and my brother," He has been doing it for quite some time.

"I am Bass... I will not… be pushed aside by some… stupid… little…" Roll doesn't let him say anything else.

She activates a blade and has it gently touching his face. Guess now he's on the receiving end of this mess, "Watch your mouth. If anything, I'll make sure that you're in for a spanking."

"You spanking me? As if."

"Don't say I didn't warn you."

And Bass should have listened because he uses the blade to smack him below the belt, or in this case, on his black robotic butt. Where do we categorize this level of embarrassment? Answer's simple at level nine folks.

"You little brat! I swear it. I'm making sure that next we meet, I'll have your head on a platter!" Roll doesn't seem impressed by Bass' threat.

"Good luck with that because I doubt you'll do any of that to me." But what she does next may have me question what the hell is she thinking.

Bass sees her come closer. Before he can react, Roll plants a soft kiss on his cheek. Now I don't know if this is a means to taunt the guy but all of it is simply bad. She walks off, giving a wink to the angered black robot. Bass couldn't do anything yet after experiencing that kiss, his feelings seem to have changed. But he's still pissed that he lost to Roll and hey, we can tell where this is going to lead right? I guess not.

What was I thinking? Bass is such a jerk! I should have never kissed him. Yuck! Well it's too late now sis. You may as well keep on going.

Roll continues her way but notices the lights beginning to dim. Looks like she's getting close. But then the lights flicker violently and to make it worse, they went from a dark hue to a violent brightness. One of the light bulbs explodes due to an overdose of electricity. She has her Roll Buster ready in case any robot decides to sneak up on her. A few minutes in and she hasn't encountered any other robots.

It's too quiet… what's going on? She moves at a slow pace. The only sounds that she hears are own feet.

Her hearing then spots sounds of power being consumed along with someone yapping constantly. This has Roll on edge. She continues moving slowly, not attracting any attention. Upon reaching a good hiding spot, she notices a robot fiddling with the power plant's central regulation systems. For those that don't know, all the energy that's accumulated in the plant is stored in chambers. The chambers can house massive amounts of energy and can be directed to various kinds of necessities people need such as heat and electricity. It's interesting with technology continuing to advance. Roll keeps her eye on the robot, gobbling up everything that is in the central regulator. She knows that if the robot keeps it up, he'll drain the power plant dry of its energy. I did tell her to find the robot responsible and bring him back right?

Well Roll remembers well so she steps out and with her weapon drawn says, "Hands off the generator you leech!"

The robot gets her attention and once it turns around it responds in its usual manner, "What and miss out on my dinner? I need my juice dammit!"

"I said hands off!" She fires a shot making good on her word. Unfortunately it only makes the robot angry.

"I've already had enough people telling me that I shouldn't be doing this and you're no exception. I thought I'd be expecting that mega jerk to show up but instead I get a whiny, annoying little skank."

"Hey, that's disrespectful! I already had Bass calling me something I shouldn't say and now you. I swear you robots got serious issues in your nerve circuits."

"That's easy for you to say. Look at me!" He shouts, showing Roll what he looks like. She unfortunately isn't amused.

"You look like a giant sparkplug that has two electrodes. Am I supposed to be impressed?" Even I'm not impressed with how he looks Roll.

"You skank! I should have you fried to a crisp!" Wow, this guy's got a potty mouth.

"Good luck with that. The last guy who tried ended up getting their ass kicked."

"Maybe I should quit with the chatting and get to the blasting. The name's SparkMan ya brat and I'm at your disservice!"

SparkMan builds up electricity from its electrode arms and unleashes an electric blast. Roll avoids it, responding with a barrage of shots from her arm cannon. Her shots get easily deflected. It doesn't stop her though as she tries again. But like her previous efforts, they end up in vain. All of it gets Roll a little upset. I know her way too well and if there's anything I know about her, it's that she's someone that refuses to give in to anyone.

"How come my blaster isn't working?" She wonders.

"Oops… guess the little wench forgot that I have a neat little party trick. I've gobbled up so much electricity that my body is almost invincible! Nothing can harm me but I can harm you!" He powers up another charge.

Roll tries to avoid SparkMan's attack but unfortunately, she ends up taking the brunt of the blast. His laughs echo all over the room. It's enough to piss her off. She never faced someone who has that big of an advantage before but she can always at least try.

"What's wrong you little wimp? Can't handle someone who's almost invincible? All that power I absorbed makes me invincible," gloats SparkMan.

"As if I know the first time you said it ya dumbass!" She responds back.

"Well, guess the little brat has some bark. Come on sweetheart, it's time to fight!"

"I warn you though. I'm not like my brother but I am just as strong!"

"We'll see. Prepare to experience some cold steel!" SparkMan backs away from the station and gears up for battle.

"BattleChip, LongSword! CustomSword!" Each of her arms transform in an instant. One becomes a sharp, long blade while the other turns into a long, wide blade having little to no color.

She rushes in for a frontal attack. SparkMan keeps his guard up and blocks her strike. He responds by using one of his electrode arms to attack. Before long the two go at it in full-fledged close-range combat. Both of them didn't let up. When one spots an opening, the other is sure not to let them get a chance at it. And as if that isn't enough both of them even use physical force to hopefully get the advantage. Whether it is SparkMan literally spewing out sparks of electricity or Roll using her hair to inflict prehensile pain, it is a fierce battle. Hell it rivals my battles against the robot masters. For better or worse I'd say that the fight is an intense one. Roll attacks using her CustomSword and fortunately, she gets a clean hit. This forces SparkMan away but Roll isn't letting him get a chance to retreat. She jumps over him and with both blades prevent him from leaving.

"Not this time! I'm not letting you run away. I have orders to bring you back and I'm making sure that you're coming back," Roll never lets SparkMan out of her sight.

"And lose my chance of getting me more juice? Forget it!" So much for the easy way, "I'd rather be reduced to scrap than listen to a little brat!"

Roll replies, "Have it your way then."

She attacks with her CustomSword but SparkMan moves aside. He then energizes a surge from one of his arm and smacks her with it. The blow pushes her back but she shrugs it off like its no big deal. Roll then races forward while that giant orange sparkplug unleashes another blast. Now he would expect that Roll would jump over it so he can be able to deliver a shock at close range but nope, she slides under it. It gives her enough time for not one but two strikes and she delivers, giving that big mouth a taste of pain. As a result the annoying ass hat winces. Roll tries again but her attack ends up blocked. SparkMan didn't want to suffer the same thing twice. He lets out an electric surge and it forces her to back away.

"Seems the little wimp's got a backbone. I like it," As if how he says it is creepy enough, "I thought it'd be a simple open and shut job but nope, you come in and now I get the time of my freaking life."

"Are you done ranting? You sound like a bad comedy act!" Your response sis isn't funny. It needs work.

"Okay then. Here's a little laugh that'll give ya a jolt." SparkMan lifts its arms and charges them with electricity, "Spark Shock!"

The power is unleashed in the form of a plasma blast. Roll tries repelling but it doesn't work. She gets sent flying as a result of being hit by the blast. SparkMan laughs at the sight of my sis getting her tail whipped. He unleashes another Spark Shock. This time she avoids it and goes for another strike.

"Uh-uh-uh, not this time." He activates a shield using an excess electric charge that repels her attack.

Once she's vulnerable, he fires another blast sending her flying into the ground. The resulting blast is causing her armor to darken, going from red to a dark crimson. Despite suffering some damage, Roll doesn't give up. Instead of another assault, she instead takes a different approach. Her opponent launches repeated electric blasts and she avoids them with little effort. As long as Sparkman is packing heat with both offense and defense, Roll will never be able to beat him. But she isn't letting something like him stop her. Cycling through her weapons, she notices that she still has the Special Weapons I provided. Since she took out HardMan, her buster didn't receive the updates. Before I let her out on this mission, I provided update data that helps her be prepared. Now with the new goods she may have a chance… only if she takes it and uses it to defeat him but we'll see how things turn out.

Magnet Missile won't work, Hard Knuckle's too slow and Top Spin's going to make me sick. Guess it leaves me with the Shadow Blade. I don't know if it's going to help me… but if I don't, this big mouth is going to hurt me inside and out. She deactivates her two blades and chooses the Shadow Blade.

"Run run run ya little wuss. You're not going to win against me. Never!" SparkMan laughs, unleashing another blast of Spark Shock at her.

"Just like my big brother always says to anyone that decides to put him down… NEVER say NEVER!" Roll takes aim and fires the Shadow Blade and it hits its mark striking SparkMan square in the head.

But as a result of her attack, SparkMan immediately suffers a serious drop of energy. This is more than enough to get him mad but nope, he doesn't care, even if he has a giant shuriken on his head. Roll fires another one. This time it hits one of his electrode arms. Again, SparkMan suffers another drop of energy. Not even all the juice he absorbed over the past few days is going to help him this time.

She fires a third Shadow Blade but SparkMan isn't letting that happen and responds with an attack of his own, "Time I crank it up! Spark Whip!"

His remaining arm gathers electricity, which causes it to form some kind of electrode whip. The Shadow Blade gets deflected with only a simple flick sending it onto a wall nearby. Roll tries again only for it to fail. He then attacks with the vicious electro-charged whip. Oh boy, Roll is in trouble now. She avoids as much as possible but a slip up gives SparkMan the chance to deliver pain. His Spark Whip latches onto her leg causing her to hit the floor. If that isn't enough, she experiences over half a million volts going through her body from head to toe. Her screams, her yells… in that demented sparkplug's mind, it satisfies. He then lobs her onto a wall and then slams her onto another wall on the other side. With each hit, her energy begins to decrease to the point where she may not be able to stand and fight.

"I have to say… you put up a tougher fight than I thought." He flicks his Spark Whip sending Roll to the floor. "I could open my mouth and say obscenities and all that junk but I think me seeing you like a little dog is enough."

He delivers a kick to her face sending her rolling onto the ground even more. Even after taking a beating, SparkMan still has plenty of fight left.

"The game's over you little brat. There are no continues, no second chances, no nothing. You only have one life and I'm going to end it!" He says, spotting Roll looking at him.

She tries to speak but can't due to all the pain she was in. "Here's what will happen. Once I'm done finishing you off, I'm going to drain you dry of your energy. Then after that I'll make sure to feed on every power station on this planet. All the humans of this planet will have nothing! No heat, no water, no power and I'll be the one who can set this right only if they follow my terms!"

His arm flicks out a hint of electricity, ready to syphon whatever energy Roll has left. She struggles to move but can't. Her eyes still watch him, not letting go. He's ready to deliver the coup de grace that will finish her off and ensure that no one will stand in his way.

"It's time for you to go my little cockroach." But SparkMan decides to add one little kicker to all this. "Any last words before I strip you of all your juice?"

Before Roll can say a word, her body experiences some sort of regeneration. Her energy levels spike up to the max. Her eyes dart about wondering but then they shift to SparkMan who's ready to finish the job.

Knowing what's gonna happen, Roll looks at him with a cold stare and does this, "As a matter of fact, I do have one last thing to say?"

"Yeah. What?"

"Never kick a girl when she's down."

SparkMan didn't like what he sees. Within so much as a split second, Roll gathers a Shadow Blade and lobs it at her foe. It did damage to him all right, to the point where one of his own arms is cut off. He yells out in horror but the big question is how was Roll able to come back like that? It's enough to drive him mad like he's doing right now. Even Roll wonders how it happened but she can worry about it later. She has to contend with a robot that's ready to lash out with more than 10 million volts of electricity at her. A shock of something like that can be extremely fatal whether human or robotic.

"That smug face you have… you dare mock me?! You dare deprive me of my juice!?" He yells violently but not without adding this, "You… little… bitch!"

Upon taking SparkMan's words as an insult, she replies, "You know, you're the second person who called me that and I hate being referred to by that word."

"Trust me, I'm going to be saying it over and over when I massacre your wretched husk!'

"If my big brother heard that, you'd be dead right now."

"I'll take care of him when I'm done with you!"

"Good luck trying!"

She then sees SparkMan roaring violently as his body becomes engulfed with electricity and it's voltage that he not only accumulated from his earlier scuffles but also from the power plant he tried to syphon. This is already putting him in an overloaded state and even he doesn't know if his body can handle it once he unleashes everything. Roll already knows since she did a system check on him and it's not good.

And she's about to get even more bad news, "Roll… Roll are you there?"

"Huh?" She wonders, "Is that you big brother?"

"The very same." I didn't have time. I had to make it quick. "What's going on? I'm detecting huge energy readings within the power plant."

"It's SparkMan. He's absorbing too much electricity."

"What?!" Yeah, we're in a Worst Case Scenario guys.

"I don't know what to do big brother. I'm worried."

"You have every reason to be worried. He's absorbed too much turning him into a ticking time bomb."

"So if SparkMan blows up…"

"The damage that he'll unleash will make what I had to deal with a while back look like a small dust cloud."


"I'll put it in simple English. The resulting backlash will not only destroy this power plant but everything within a radius of 30 miles."

What I tell her next sends a serious shiver down her spine, "Nobody will survive it."

This has Roll already cowering in fear but she knows that she can't run away. In her mind, she keeps saying over and over if she should just get out of there but that would signify cowardice. I detest cowardice. If it was I in that same position, I would find a way to stop him. I would find a way to prevent total destruction. I did it before when I had to shove a fragment of Lightanium down Bass' Bassinium power core. It did save the city but if it didn't, it would have been disastrous. And now here we are. My sister is facing what I call it to be… a no-win scenario. In a situation like this, victory is impossible. There is no way to win. None. Whatsoever. Roll's experiencing it and it's up to her to snap out of it and do what needs to be done.

"Sis, wake up!" I shout, trying to wake her up from her trance.

It's enough to get her out of it, "What?"

"What are you doing? You have to do something!"

"Like what? SparkMan's overloading!"

I simply shudder at her inexperience in a situation like this and respond in a simple yell, "Why the fuck do you have to make it harder for yourself!?"

My yell seems to have made her upset, "It's not my fault I'm trying to stop a giant sparkplug from exploding. I don't see you do any better."

"Maybe I should have taken back what I told Gramps. Maybe you're not cut out for this."

"Do you think you can do something about it?"

"As a matter of fact, I have found a way to stop him but you're going to have to figure this out on your own."

"What?!" She's not happy with this. "Why!?"

"Simple. Because you still do NOT have the heart for this! If I were in your position, SparkMan would have already hit the floor. So what are you going to do? You going to stop him or are you going to watch him bring hell to this world? The choice is yours Rebecca Light. Now choose!" My shout is enough for her to make a choice.

I cut off communication because I want her to decide. I may be her big brother but I can't always rely on having to save the day for her. Sure she was lucky with HardMan courtesy of Bass but this is different. She has no one that will help her save the day. She has to deal with a robot master on a high that's so extreme the aftermath will be crazy. I didn't mean to hurt her emotionally but it's necessary if she is to become stronger. SparkMan continues gathering more electricity until he already has enough. He knows that unleashing it all will end up destroying Roll. It's all or nothing now and there's no holding back.

"It's the end of the road for you wench! Dynamo Overdrive!" With all the energy he stored up, SparkMan unleashes it all in the form of a large orb that pulsates with electricity.

Roll sees it coming closer and closer. If there's any time where she should make her choice, it's now. And fortunately she already has.

"My brother wants me to choose..." She whispers, as her voice starts to toughen up, "Then I already have. Battlechip, AntiElec!"

This is something not even SparkMan saw coming. A large anti-electrode appears in front of her. The Dynamo Overdrive hits its mark, striking Roll but she doesn't get affected. Instead the AntiElec absorbs all the energy. SparkMan may have unleashed everything but I wonder if he's prepared to get that same energy back. After absorbing enough, the AntiElec kicks in sending all that power right back at him. His whole body (or whatever's left of it) convulses violently. It didn't stop. The electricity keeps on going. He doesn't have his shield to save him either. By the time all that energy was unleashed upon him, SparkMan becomes nothing more than a burnt out electrode. With no more power left, he doesn't have anything to fight back with. The threat that I told her earlier becomes nothing more than a puff of smoke.

"Looks like you're out of juice sparky. What was it you said? Hmmm? Tell me. You said that you were going to drain me dry." Roll says, taunting her opponent.

SparkMan tries to say something but he can't. I guess all the damage all he suffered earlier did damage to his vocal systems as well.

"Now look at ya… drained, beaten down and down for the count." Roll then heads closer to SparkMan and says this, "I'm going to make you regret ever calling me by that name."

She summons a Shadow Blade and with so much as a simple flick of her hand lodges it directly onto his head, ending her battle with him once and for all. SparkMan now is nothing more than a mass of charred scrap metal. Thank goodness for that. She looks around wondering if it can be possible to get the power plant back on its feet but it'll take some time. For now she spots one of SparkMan's decapitated electrode arms. Touching it gives her the Spark Shock weapon. Now she has the same power that her opponent used but at least the damage isn't lethal.

"You made the right decision sis… I'm very proud of you." The sound of my voice gives Roll some much deserved relief. Unfortunately she's still angry over what I made her do but it's the only way.

"Th-thank you big brother." She replies but tries her best to keep herself composed.

"We got a lock on your position. We're ready to bring SparkMan in."

But I didn't hear her respond. It got me concerned. "Are you okay sis?"

"Huh?" She gets out of her trance, "Oh I'm okay. It's that… well, I don't like what you did. I don't know if I should even be talking to you right now."

"What else could I do? Battles like these are going to force you to make a choice regardless of the situation."

"Yeah but why… why do you have to be so cold to me?"

Hoping to fix this, I tell her, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I had to be harsh on you… but you still have a lot to learn."

"But I thought you said I have what it takes." A shame I have to be brutal to her right now.

"Not by what I saw today," I respond in a cold tone, "You hesitated."

Roll simply looks in silence after I tell her that. It's true that she did hesitate in a situation that proved disastrous. It may be the real thing but if I wasn't there to knock her back into reality then who knows what would have happened. This is one of the reasons why I do my job as a hero a lot better than she does. It's that I've been through stuff like this before and when I have to make a choice, I don't hesitate. I don't falter. I either take the shot or I don't. That's how I do it. I've been roughened up cause of my experiences and they taught me to make a choice… even if it's one that I end up regretting many times.

"I… I hesitated?" She says, trying hard not to shed tears.

"You did," I respond becoming harsh.

"Listen Roll and you better listen well. There will be times that you yourself cannot afford to hesitate in anything. Whether it is in pulling the trigger or making a difficult decision, you can't falter. Not even for an instant. One day you will face a decision like this one and when that moment comes, you need to decide. Do you understand?"

Roll doesn't say a word. This has me worried so I say it again, "I said do you understand?"

"Yes…" She replies quickly, "I understand."

"Good. You should head back and recharge. Use the time to cool off and maybe think about what I told you. I mean no disrespect. I'm doing this to show you that this is serious… and to prevent you from the same mistakes I made."

"I know," Roll sheds a tear due to my harsh behavior towards her but she still feels that I'm in the right, "I still love you big brother."

"Yeah, me too. I think now's the time for you to head back. I'm gearing up to head off."

"Okay. You be careful out there."

I simply chuckle for a bit. Tron would normally say the exact same thing, "You know me well sis. I always will be."

I cut off communication. Roll and the broken down SparkMan head out via teleport system. Her work is done and as for me, my work is about to begin. I already received the Spark Shock data from my sis so I'm prepared. Only three robot masters left to corral… yet I wonder to myself if all of this is just a façade. Is this entire robot hunt a wild goose chase? Or is this part of something worse? I know I shouldn't worry about these things but this hunch is one that can't go away. Maybe when all is said and done, we'll know. But what happens then? Even I don't know.


Next time on Mega Man: Reawakened

Our fair hero travels to the thick jungle but for what reason you may ask? Other than discovering a large tower situated there for some unexplained reason. Looks may be deceiving however as he's got more trouble on his plate than he thought. If that isn't enough, he not only has to contend with finding a rogue robot master but also a mysterious stalker. It ain't one of his fans but the question is should he trust him? Or hell should he believe him? All of this is going to put Mega Man to the test in the next danger-filled, venom-slithering episode, Slithering through Danger; Beware the Snake in the Grass.

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