This was…I dunno. I felt like writing something disturbing. And here it is!


There was a price to the power he had. This awesome power that would make most jealous. This power to manipulate things as he wished. It came at a price.

This power had claimed what was left of his life. He had not been 'alive' in a very long time. He remembered the last time he opened and closed his eyes in the living world. His soul was now hanging by a thread to his mind and body. The only thing that could knit them together temporarily was consuming the lives of others.

He remembered the first night he killed someone. He was in a berserker rage, his eyes consumed by the inky blackness as he tore into his victim. He remembered the scream that turned into a gurgle as he tore into the flesh of the neck of his victim. Rip, tear, the smell of blood, the taste of sheer life fading fast. The sheer sexual satisfaction of it all, he could feel it flowing through his body, it aroused him. He lapped up the leftover drops, consumed by his lust, ripping off the clothes of his dead victim and taking what was now rightfully his. Their soul was now his!

He felt horrified after he was done. He felt so sick, he went and vomited in a nearby bush. The pool of blood at his knees only made him angry, the rage at himself, and the disgust. He remembered ripping at his own fur and skin, once pristine now stained with blood. Dead blood, blood that was and was not his own. His howl echoed in the still, navy sky. He was dead, but he wished he was truly dead. Not able to feel, not wanting this crazed bloodlust. Not having this power of manipulation.

Another power, controlled. He could sense it. His eyes closed, his memory fading from his mind as it now wove a new one in this moment. "What do you want, Shadow?"

"Last I remember, you don't cry, Silver." the ebony hedgehog walked over, standing before the other hedgehog. "You feel torn again, I can sense it."

"I hate this, Shadow, I hate it! I just wish I could jump off a bridge or have a SWAT team shoot me to bits! But I can't…" Silver's fists tightened. "I never will…"

"It's the price we pay for being monsters. I recommend not thinking about it."

"How could I not, Shadow! My mind turns off, and when I come to, no matter who it is, they're drained and violated! I can't stand this! I CAN'T!" He clutched at his head, his yellow eyes flashing light blue. He was losing control again. He mind was soothed by the Shadow's power as the hands came under his chin, making the ivory hedgehog look at him. "I told you to stop thinking about it. It will do you no good to do so."

"But I can't just forget-"

"YOU WILL!" There was the power silencing him. Silver could not fight his sire, he never could. Not then, and not now.

"Now." Shadow said, a smirk coming to his face. "Come to bed with me."

It wasn't a question, and it wasn't a seductive statement. The tears stung at Silver's eyes. They stung even more when he cried out in pain, the elder hedgehog pounding into him mercilessly. He felt himself bleeding in a place where he should not be, and he felt the orgasm when he should not have.

This was no loving relationship, this was his conditioning. Conditioning to be as much of a monster as his sire. It was working, as the blackouts were becoming more frequent, Silver's mind shutting down little by little as he took to raping his own victims as savagely as Shadow raped him on a repeated basis. Their cries of pain soon became music to his ears, and their fruitless struggles became a small game for him to get amusement from. Emotions…what were they? There was only one that remained: Rage.

Silver became angry at everything, at life, the Earth, at Shadow, at his victims. He wanted to rip everything to shreds, or fuck them until they were pools of blood. His conditiong was now complete.

Machine and monster. He didn't know who he was anymore. Silver?

Who was he?