"In honor of Dobby, the bravest of us, and the first of us to embrace freedom, I have invited the wizard who did more than any other to secure our freedom at last. My former master, and Dobby's friend, The Great Harry Potter." Kreacher said as he stepped of the podium. The cheers of hundreds of elves filled the hall as they applauded one of the only wizards that helped them gain their freedom.

Harry Potter, The-Man-Who-Won, stepped up next to the podium.

"I'd stand on the podium, but I'm afraid my head is not that low" he said with a lopsided grin.

The assembled elves laughed at the joke, and then settled down to listen to what he had to say.

"Five years ago, on this very day, I buried a dear friend of mine, who died saving my life." Harry began with emotion filling his voice.

A number of the elves looked down in grief, ears drooping.

"On that day, I made a pledge to his grave, never to stop until his death was avenged. It was avenged, but not by me, and so I dedicated my life to working for the betterment of his people, more so than even my own."

The elves were nodding now; they knew this part of the story, they had heard it many times. They had seen the scorn heaped upon him by the wizard press and the wizards themselves. The wizards even went so far as to ban him from the Ministry of Magic and Diagon Ally, simply to try and stop him. They failed.

"And so, five years to the day, after Dobby's death, his dream has come to be reality." Harry continued "A free and independent Elvin Nation has come into being, in honor of his dream."

With tears streaming from many of their eyes the elves rose and placed their right fists over their hearts in an Elvin salute.

"You know," Harry continued solemnly, "Elves have something that most humans lack, an inherent goodness."

Kreacher gave a grin at that, and Harry smiled in response.

"Not to say you can't be maddeningly vicious when you are attacked, or fighting for something you believe in." Here Harry sent a mock glare at Kreacher who blushed, remembering his fanatical charge during the last battle of Hogwarts in the name of Regulas.

"But ultimately," Harry continued in a more serious voice, "your people are filled with goodness. You are generous, forgiving, far more than I would be after thousands of years, but more than that, you work for the betterment of everyone, regardless of race, creed, color, ethnicity, species, nationality, magical capability, or any other factor I could name."

The Elves remained standing, and their chests filled with pride at the praise being given out by the most powerful wizard of the age.

"I ask you for only one thing my friends" Harry said finally. "I ask that you remain as you are this day, and make Dobby proud of his Nation."

The Elves cheered Harry Potter out of the room as Kreacher retook the podium to dedicate the first building of the Elvin Ministry to Dobby, first of the Free Elves.