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Achilles broke into a run towards Hector with an exceptionally powerful swing of his sword. But Hector ducked toavoid the blow, and Achilles' momentum carried him farther than he had expected, Leaving himself temporarily unprotected.

And as soon as the Trojan prince was going to use the brief opening, a yell stopped him.

"Nooo!" A feminine voice ran through the air making most people look around, even Achilles.

But hector knew, oh he knew that voice so well. His "sister" adopted into the family by a favor of the gods. He slowly turned half way to the side, coming face to face with her. Here she stood- 5 foot four in height, golden blonde long curly hair wth electric babyblue eyes. She was dressed from head to toe with silver and white gold armor. Her face was shifted into a fearsome pissed off expression.

Hector shifted from foot to foot. She definitely had a temper that she didn't even bother to control, that and she was strong. Strong enough for him not to cross her without a really good reason. People in Troy, mostly the women, strived for her t be more lady-like. With no such luck either.

"Please," He said with cautious eyes that didn't go unnoticed by Achilles.

"No!" She said in a final voice, "He's not Achilles."

Gasps escaped from everyone's mouth and Hector's eyes went wide.

"What?" Hector looked at her in the corner of his eye and back to "Achilles".

"He's Patroclus. His cousin." She said, focusing on patroclus with a smirk on her face but her eyes spoke volumes of what she was feeling. Disappointment and Anger filled those baby blues that all Patroclus could do was watch in a trance as they became a rich royal blue.

She snapped her head toward hector, and he flinched at the royal blue color.

"Why?" She screamed at Hector, "Why this? What must you do to defend your country? When will it stop?" He just stared at her in pity and regret. Her words ringing in his and everyone elses ears.

"And you!" The seventeen year old girl turned her attention to Patroclus, eyes flaring. "Are you that stupid that you are so willing to sacrifice your life t prove yourself? What idioticy!"

He cringed for a minute,clearly thinking that she would kill him.

"No, I don't have to do or say anything..." She looked him in the eye with a smirk- royal blue met his baby blues and she said the one thing that made him want to faint, "Achilles will."

Then she turned abruptly to the king and his army, "You have arrived uninvited. Get off of our lands."

Menelus, however did not like that. He had come to troy for helen, even got Achilles on his side. Who was she to tell them- better yet- him what to do? She was a mere girl, looking like a sixteen- seventeen year old girl. A beautiful girl that gave aphrodite a run for her money with her beauty- but a child nonetherless. He had killed to many to keep track of and this girl thinks she could just tell him what to do? Yeah right. He was going to teach her manners- obiviously her parents didn't teach her how to respect her elders. Not that he would expect anything more than that, She was a trojan after all.

He charged toward her, and in the second that Hector yelled in desperation, she had drawn her sword that hung from her back. Swords kept clashing and Menelus mentally began to question how she was this good. He had taken down so many that he lost count. Men that were two times her weight and three times her weight, yet none he ever went up against was stronger, sharper, or faster than this little girl he is fighting now. He stopped himself before more questions entered his mind and glanced down, expecting to see her..but was surprised when she wasn't there.

Suddenly he felt the sharp pain that could only come from a sword, digging into his left shoulder blade, and knew he was defeated_ a mere child no less. A scream erupted from his mouth and cut though the shocked air. He knew he was going to die, but if he was going- So was she. He placed his sword from his left hand to his right, and with all his willpower and with a sharp twist cut her throat. His cried out in pain because the sword enbedded itself into his skin deeper, but it was soon cut off by his laughter. She was going to die to- this brat. Yet another dead person's blood on his hands- and he loved it. The thrill, the training knowing that you'll get stronger, and the fact that someone's life is in your hands.. To control and do with as you please. But when he looked down, he stopped.


His eyes widened in horror as he looked at it- knowing what it meant. Looking into her eyes, those cold and uncaring royal blue eyes.. He was screwed. She pulled out her sword from inside him, covered with blood, and stabbed him through the back into his heart and out the other side through his armor.

He went limb and was dead.

Menelus was dead.

The king and both armies frozen in shock. Paris grabbed helen's hand tightly and looked at her. Helen was looking between Menelus, her arranged marriage and abuser- to the teenager she had come to know. Gone was the smiley, happy girl that she used to gossip and hang out with- she was a warrior. Lethal, Dangerous,and Focused. Helen wasn't sure if she wanted to run out there and give her a big hug in thanks or flinch away in fright. If she wasn't even trying... What could she possibly do to her full potential?

Helen felt eyes on her and looked up to see paris looking at her in concern. She just smiled lightly at him, letting her know she was fine and not to worry. Then turned back to the scene in front of her. By that time she was looking at the dead Menelus that was on the ground with a victorious smirk on her face. She held her sword as she looked at the king dead in the smirk grew wider when she saw the weary look on his face. She started to walk toward to gates that were now open for the trojan's to walk threw but stopped halfway there.

Turning to Patroclus,who swallowed nervously at her smirk, she said,"Patroclus do me a favor?"

He nodded, she was powerful and he did owe her his life.

"Before you leave, tell my brother it's rude to set shore on the beaches, kill our men and not be here to talk to."With that she turned away.

Stunned silence followes her until she was at the door.

"Brother?" He felt the need to say something, anything.. He just knew he couldn't let her walk away without answers. Maybe if he came back with them, his cousin wouldn't bash his head in for being stupid.

She knew what he was doing, and was all forgiving answers, that's the reason she said it. "I'm the daughter of Thetis and Zeus. Half brother of Achilles." She turned her attention to him and smiled at his shocked expression, "I'm adopted by the royal family of troy. You see it isn't allowed, since my mother is married to Peleus- Achilles' father."

Neither noticed both armies around them, only each other- their family. She smiled again, her baby blue eyes twinkling. His gaze followed to the door when she turned around again. The trojans were already inside now except for hector.

"Nice to meet you, my dearest cousin. My name is Achilla." And with one last smile she went inside, leaving a still stunned Patroclus behind.


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