Family ties

The blonde strong warrior came out of his tent with a smirk, one didn't have to guess what happened since a woman was also in there, but the smirk disappeared when he saw that the Myrmidons coming back from battle. None of them met his eyes in shame as he stared at them with a frown of confusion.. until one of them did. He was surprised to see the still stunned look on the man's face.

"You violated my command." He said as he runs his right hand though the back of his blonde hair, sighing in disappointment.

"No, my lord. It was a mistake."

"I ordered the Myrmidons to stand down." He started to walk to him threateningly as he continued on dangerously, "You lead them into combat."

The familiar man kneeled in front of Achilles, fearful of his rath, "I didn't lead them, my lord ... We thought you did."

Understanding dawned on him. His eyes filled with fear and worry. His posture stiffened up as the marble statues of a worshiping temble. Rock. Just thinking about it mask broke from a strong and unbreakable warrior to an emotional, vulnerable cousin.

He looked around trying to make out one with blonde hair that was his cousin, "Where's Patroclus?"

"He's not dead, My lord." Achilles' posture loosened alittle bit but didn't relax entirely, for he could hear the 'He almost did, though.' in the sentence.

He gestured for the man next to him to explain, "He went in your place. Fought Hector of Troy, fought just like you. So much, that we thought he was you." He went on, trying to ignore the fire in Achilles' eyes as he looked at Troy's great and proud walls. He hurried up explaining, "He almost did die, but he was saved by an adopted extraordinary teenager of the family. She was strong, and unbelievable fast."

"Adopted child?" Achilles questioned in cautiousness. He didn't know that they adopted a child? His cousin was saved ... by a girl? Why? Who was she? Not that he wasn't grateful for the teenager for saving his cousin from his own stupidity, but why would she, a mere girl raised bu Trojans, save Patroclus? What did she have to gain by it? People didn't do anything without a general purpose, so what was hers?

Then he remembered what the last thing his mother had said to him.

I know you will go to Troy, wanting fame and glory.. His mother had started out, Even though I wish you didn't. Understand this my son, and please heed my words. The trojans have raised and brought up something special for me, as I was unable to. Longing to be free but has nowhere to go, trapped even with a high status. More than one life will be spared by her, please Achilles, if you leave on your boat with nothing else... I want you to bring her.

He thought his mother had gone mad, crazy, but had agreed anyway at the time. Now he was just confused. Who was this girl?

Raised and brought up something special for me, as I was unable to.

Did his mother have another child? Did he have a little sister?

"Where's Patroclus?" Achilles repeated his question after a deep breath, and followed the man to Patroclus's tent. He opened it and saw his cousin sitting on the bed, looking down in thought not noticing his presence, alive. His cousin was alive. Relief and gratefulness flooded inside him, but disappeared just as easily and the anger and disappointment he was feeling made his blood boil, his heart pound in his ears and his body was feeling as if it was on fire.

"Leave us." He said quietly in anger yet it echoed throughout the room, he didn't look away from his cousjn's terrified eyes though he did hear the scuffing of footsteps leaving.

"Ach-" Patroclus started but was cut off.

"No." Achilles spat out angrily, "There is no justifying what you did. You couls have been killed. Do you want to prove yourself that much that you would just run into battle without regarding your own life?"

"You do." Patroclus stated befoe he could pull it back into his mouth.

The anger in Achilles eyes amplified to the point where when Patroclus looked at them he thought the fire in them would burn him. Achilles was standing over him before Patroclus could register him there and his jaw was tight in Achilles grip as he was forced to stare in his steel hard eyes, "You think I just run into battle, EVER, without a plan? I have killed and seen men that were killed, that were just like you. That were both innocent or guilty by any standard, that were much like you, too excited to to fight. Do you think I don't think about them? Do you think I wouldn't care if you died just because you wanted to be like them? I was going out of my mind like a worried parent, seeing the Myrmidons come back from battle, you leading them, fighting Hector of Troy and almost dieing. Do you have any idea what I was thinking? What I was feeling?"

"I - I'm s~"

"No. We will talk about this later." Anger still in his voice, and Patroclus gulped as Achilles went on, "Who was this teenage Girl?"

"H-her name is Achilla. Daughter of Aunt Thetis and Zeus. Adopted by the royal family of Troy. Your half sister." Patroclus looked away at the beginning when he said the girl that was only a few years younger than him, missing the shock look on Achilles' face, "Achilles, she was like a Female, younger version of you ... She also sent a message, told me to pass onto you, about how rude it was to come onto shore and not be there to talk.."

Achilles stood up abruptly, making Patroclus's head snap up to look at his leaving form.

"Where are you going, Achilles?"

Achilles stopped by the door and looked back at Patroclus with a passive look on his face that only meant he was still in serious trouble and Achilles wouldn't be forgetting it anytime soon, "To go meet your ... Savior." And walked out, leaving Patroclus to feel Guilty.

As he started to the gates and the giant door on the protective walls of Troy, he was deep in thought.



Daughter of Aunt Thetis and Zeus.

Aunt Thetis..


His mother was one of the Nereids. It was common knowledge that Zeus desired her, but she rejected his advances. The goddess Themis then revealed that Thetis was fated to bear a son who was mightier than his father; fearing for his dominion, Zeus gave Thetis as bride to a mortal, Peleus ~ Achilles' own father, and all the gods attended the wedding.

Adopted by the royal family of Troy.

Your half sister.

Your half sister..


Achilles, she was like a Female, younger version of you..

Female, younger version of you.

"Took you long enough." A smug female voice said from up above the wall.

Achilles looked up and his breath was caught in his throat. She was a female, younger version of him. He noted that she had Electric baby blue eyes and Golden blonde curly long hair like him and his, no their, cousin. She had on armor of white gold and silver, he noted with awe, making it stand out on her olive, naturally tanned skin.

"Thought you wouldn't be coming." Achilla said with a knowing look, "Our dear cousin was very ... reckless today."

Achilles snorted, "That's putting it lightly."

She smirked and went to say something else, but was cut off by a scream.

"No!" Hector grabbed her arm tightly and tried to sound firm, but Achilles, with great amusement, could tell that the man was scared of the younger girl, "You will not be talking to him."

"Excuse Me?" Achilla screamed back, more firm than him, "How do you think you are?"

Achilles had to agree, first going after Patroclus then Manhandling his little sister. He was lucky that he was all the way up there, safe.. or maybe not. She surprised Achilles by using the grip Hector had on her arm to flip him over the high wall with her. Hector of Troy fell in a heep as he landing on his stomach while she landed in a crouched position, looking deadly.

Seems Patroclus isn't the only reckless one.

"I'm only adopted by your family, Hector. And you made it no secret that you never did like me. I have been waiting for a chance to leave this place, and it has come." Gesturing to Achilles, who finally took note of a bag of things on her back, as she went on, "So, being that we were never on sibling terms, you have no objection to me leaving?" She looked unfazed at Hector's glare, and answered, "Thought so, your silence had just answered for you. I would say that I would miss you, but I've never been one to lie."

Hours later Achilles, Patroclus, Achilla, and Briseis (who loved Achilles and who always got along with Achilla and treated her like a sister or daughter) were on Achilles' ship with the Myrmidons. Achilles stared at how Achilla's eyes were lightened in delight at where the horizon and the sun met.

"You're excited about leaving?" Though Achilles knew the answer, he asked anyway to make conversation.

Achilla looked at Achilles with a small smile then back at the horizon, "Yes, I always wanted to."

"You will get the chance now," Achilles said lightly, making Achilla look at him, "Dont worry about that."

Achilla smiled excitedly at him, he could feel his mother, the sea goddess herself, feeling proud of him.

More than one life will be spared by her,

Patroclus and many other people on their side could have died ... Heck, Achilles himself could have died when the battle was all said and done. Being that his mother tried and failed to make him immortal as an infant. Having dipped him child in the river Styx

holding him by the heel; all the parts that the river touched became invulnerable, but the heel remained dry. This was his only weak spot.

Please Achilles, if you leave on you boat with nothing else .. I want you to being her.

Achilles smiled lightly as well.

Just like Achilla wasn't one to lie; Achilles wasn't one to break a promise.

In speaking of ...

"Patroclus," his cousin looked at him in confusion after all, he didn't talk to him after finding out about his stupid stunt, "Fair warning, when we get back. I am going to train you long hours Every. Single. Day until you do not think about recklessly running into anything, let alone battle. We will practice, until you cannot move your feet without hurting."

He watched amused as Patroclus looked at everyone for help, but finding none.

"You want it, you got it. Not thinking is stupidity, and stupidity gets you killed. As you may have noticed."

He turned back it the sunset, looking at the yellow, pink, and orange in the sky that met the sea with one straight divided line.

He heard Briseis and Achilla snickering at his misfortune, Patroclus groaning, and the Myrmidons did not dare say anything.

If the boy wants to fight so badly, lets see how long he can last..

Just the thought of all the complaining he would be doing was making Achilles' light smile widen. Tough luck kid.

And when Achilles smiled, when he was pissed that is, they would do what Patroclus is doing in his seat now..

Staring up to the sky, hopeing and praying that he would spare him.

Though they could all do that all they wanted, he never did.

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