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Elevator attraction

Chapter 1



I was running as fast as I could which was really hard to do in heels. It was my first day at my new office job and I did not want to be late. I was the new receptionist for Hale and Hale Lawyers located on level 45 in a high rise building situated across from Central Park. "Wait, hold the lift! Please!" I yelled as I careened round the corner and attempted to get to very full lift which doors had just closed. "Ugh! I can't believe this!" I closed my eyes for a second trying to catch my breath before pushing the Up button on the wall and hoping another lift would open up soon. My day hadn't started out so good. My alarm failed to go off this morning, I had burnt my mouth on a cup of coffee and I was going to be late on my first day. I watched the numbers on another elevator slowly come down from level 50. I swear it was going slower than a snail. It finally reached ground and a large group of people including myself got in. I pushed the button for my floor and waited while everyone else did the same and then moved to the back of the lift. I stayed near the front because it is easier for me to get out since I'm small and no one really notices me. The doors had just started closing when someone else started yelling to hold the lift. I felt sorry for the guy and I know what it's like to miss the elevator after having missed it myself a few minutes prior so I quickly pressed the open doors button to a few groans. A tall man with what looked like sexy bed hair barrelled into the elevator. "Thanks so much." He puffed as he turned to look at me. He was gorgeous! with piercing green eyes, reddish brown hair and a smile that makes you weak in the knees. I gave him a small smile and looked away blushing. The ride up to my floor was pretty quiet as everyone ignored one another and soon enough it was just me and the gorgeous stranger inside the elevator. We didn't talk but I caught him peeking a few times at me out the corner of my eye but didn't say anything. I think he might have known I knew he was looking because I would not stop blushing. Ding! The doors opened at my floor and I quickly stepped out and gave the elevator one last glance. The handsome guy waved with a smirk on his face and the doors closed again.

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