Chapter 6


Sunday 4pm

After an uneventful weekend of relaxing and lying around my apartment watching movies on the tv and reading books, I went to get ready for my date with Edward. I took my time shaving my legs and underarms and washing myself with my favourite coconut scented body wash before rinsing and drying off. I had washed my hair the night before so it was quick and easy to style. I ran a straightener through it first and then curled a few ends. I plucked the few stray hairs from my eyebrows before slipping on my most sexiest lingerie. I was not expecting anything to happen but they call these babies power panties for a reason! I felt sexy and confident in them! Just what I needed! And if anything happen, well at least I was prepared. After applying some deoderant, diamond drop earrings and carefully doing my make up - a slight smokey eye with a deep red lipstick - I put my new dress on. It hugged my body and fit like a dream! Should I be paranoid that he knew my size of clothing? I didn't dwell on it long. A few dabs of perfume on my neck and wrists and I was ready to go! I slipped my black peep toe stillettos on and headed out of my apartment to catch a cab.


My cab pulled up at Per Se Restaurant and I slid out of my seat. Edward was waiting outside and paid the cab driver before I could get my money out or object. "You look absolutely stunning Bella. Thank you for joining me this evening" he said with a smile. I blushed deeply at his compliment. "Should we go inside?" I nodded and he held his arm out for me to take. I smiled up at him and wrapped my arm in his. We walked inside to the restaurant and were seated straight away at a private table in the back of the restaurant. Soft music was playing and the restaurant was lit with candles. It was very romantic. I had never been to a restaurant this fancy. A waiter came and poured some wine straight away and Edward ordered for me. I was a bit sceptical as we barely knew each other and he didn't even ask what I liked. Once the waiter left I looked over at Edward. He was watching me intently with a small smile on his lips. He reached a hand across and enveloped mine. "How was your weekend Bella? Do anything exciting?" I told him that I hadn't and then asked him about his business trip. We made small talk until our meals came out. The food was presented beautifully and tasted fresh and delicious. I moaned when I took my first mouthfull of the salmon. Edward's eyes darkend just a little bit and he licked his lips slightly. I felt my body tingling in response. Not much more was said as we finished our food.

After dinner Edward led me out of the restaurant and we started to walk arm in arm. "What would you like to do for the rest of the night Bella?" We walked past a gelato shop and I pulled him inside. "Dessert is a must after dinner Edward!" I smiled up at him cuddling into his arm. He smiled down at me before looking at all the different gelato flavours. "Uh. I don't know which one to get Bella, you pick." I ordered a large cup with choc hazelnut gelato and coconut gelato. I quickly handed over my money before Edward could reach for his wallet. He frowned slightly at me and I giggled. "It was my turn to pay." "On the contrary Bella, I invited you out so I should have paid. I will have to remember next time to beat you to it!" He grinned and we took our gelato and headed across to Central Park. We walked a little before sitting on a bench not far from a busking musician. Edward held one hand in mine as I fed him spoonfuls of gelato. He moaned everytime and I think my panties got a little wet. He smiled at me before returning the favour and feeding me gelato. After it was all gone Edward stood up. "May I have this dance?" I was stunned for a moment before grinning and standing up to join him. We danced slowly together to the music whilst staring into each others eyes. "Edward, this has been the best date I have ever been on. Thank you so much!" "It was my pleasure Bella. We should do this again soon." I nodded and laid my head against his chest while he spun us in circles slowly. I looked up into his eyes after a few minutes and we slowly stopped dancing. "It's getting late and I have work tomorrow." He nodded at me and took my hand. "Do you live far from here?" I shook my head. "Let me walk you home then."

After about 30 minutes we reached the bottom of my apartment complex. "Thank you again for such a wonderful evening Edward. And for the dress." "Thank you for coming. You look Beautiful and I had a wonderful night." He tucked some hair behind my ear and we both leant forward. I was about to kiss the most gorgeous, sweet and generous guy in probably the whole world! I got butterflies in my stomach and put one hand on his chest to steady myself. I started to close my eyes as he leant further in when I was jostled by some teens running past. I stumbled into Edward narrowly missing bumping our faces together. "Hey, watch where you're going next time!" Edward yelled after them. "Are you okay Bella?" I nodded but the mood was gone. I hoped I didn't look too dissapointed. "Will I see you tomorrow Edward?" "Save me a spot in the elevator" he winked. I leant forward and hugged him briefly before kissing him on the cheek. I then quickly turned around and went up the stairs of the complex. I stopped at the door and turned to look down at him. He stood there with the biggest smile on his face. "Sweet dreams beautiful" he said and waved at me. I waved back and went inside.

I slid into bed with the biggest smile on my face. That was the first night I dreamt of Edward.

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