While struggling through writer's block a few months ago, I asked a few friends to challenge me by giving me scenarios to write in. I was challenged to write a moment from the future of this story, so I did. I forgot to put it on this site, but here it is at last! :P

Fai silently pushed the door open, a smirk already forming on his face. He knew Kurogane was home, because he always put Syaoran in the backyard when he was out and Fai didn't see the dog. So he was probably at his desk, attempting to wrestle blueprints into submission. Fai was going to sneak into the room, weave a little spell of arousal, and jump his bones just when Kurogane reached down to take care of himself. Two weeks was a long time and he was desperate.

As soon as he entered the house, he went still and held his breath. A soft smile bloomed on his face, and he felt himself blushing at his own sappiness. He couldn't help it. This was just so cute.

Kurogane was stretched out, sleeping on the couch. His head was tilted back, exposing the long line of his throat and making his adam's apple bulge as he softly snored. His arm hung over the edge, to where Syaoran was napping on the floor beside him, with his hand resting in the fur on the dog's neck. He'd fallen asleep while petting him. And Sakura was lazily watching him, curled up on Kurogane's stomach. Her green eyes blinked, and her mouth opened in a wide pink yawn.

. . . love I love you I love all of you love this house love life love being alive I can't believe I love you so damn much you stupid gigantic thug . . .

Forget spells, forget sneaking, forget all of it. Fai picked up his cat, said "sorry, Sakura-chan," and placed her on top of the dog. All Syaoran did was sigh and roll to the side so she'd have more of him to lay on. The noise roused his lover, but the man had barely blinked his eyes open before Fai was crawling onto the sofa, sliding his legs around him, putting one hand on the back of the sofa and the other on the arm so he could hover over him.

"Hello there sleepyhead," he purred.

Groggy, Kurogane took in the sight of him with befuddled eyes. "Mmmph. When'd'you get home?" he grunted, his hand rising up and landing unerringly on Fai's butt.

"Just now," he whispered, leaning down to kiss the lips that smacked sleepily. "Ugh. What did you eat for lunch?"

"Tuna," he muttered, running a regretful tongue over his teeth.

Fai moved his kiss down to that throat he'd been admiring a minute ago. "I'll just avoid your mouth, then."

Kurogane's hands slid up to his hips, slipping under his shirt and tickling deliciously at his skin. "Nnngh. No. Wait."

"Wait?" Fai repeated in dismay. "I've been waiting for thirteen days, three hours, and twenty-eight minutes. I can't wait anymore."

Kurogane rolled his eyes. "You can wait long enough to tell me how it went."

Despite himself, Fai grinned. "Perfect. It was perfect."

"Nobody got upset about your magic?"

"I wasn't acting, I was just directing and doing a little bit of effects work. I told you it would be okay this time."

"No you didn't, you moron," Kurogane growled, wriggling underneath him and scooting himself backward to sit up— and oh that's nice why are we waiting I want you so bad stop talking you bastard— "I told you. You got all morose and said they'd run you out of town. I told you it would be fine."

"Details," Fai said dismissively. "Not important right now." To emphasize what was important, he took his hand off the back of the sofa and wriggled it inside of Kurogane's shirt, skating up his stomach and making him shiver. He scowled, clearly determined to stay on topic.

"So you're happy with how it turned out? Does that theatre want you to come back? I told you, I don't mind moving if they're gonna offer you a job, and that way I can design a house for us—"

If he kept talking like that, Fai was going to come before they even got started. Kurogane wanted to design a house for them, just for the two of them, and he kept pushing Fai to get back into theatre and you love me too so much that it hurts you stupid man you love me even though you think you're too tough to say it and you're so fucking hot right now and would you just SHUT UP

Fai shut him up by putting his tongue into Kurogane's mouth. It tasted unpleasantly like tuna, but seemed necessary.

"Nmph, you— ungh," Kurogane gave up, his hands clutching at the waistband of Fai's pants and dragging him forward so he wouldn't have to crane his neck so awkwardly. Their mouths tangled together, and it became hard to sort out which hands belonged to which man. Fai ground his hips down and whimpered with need. Kurogane bucked his hips upward in response.

"Oh." Fai pulled his head back, his breath coming short. "They want you, too," he said. "I forgot to tell you. They saw that stage you helped me build. They told me to talk you into working for them."

"Oh god shut up," Kurogane groaned, straining upward to nip Fai's neck.

"You can do most of your job long-distance, can't you?" Fai gasped as Kurogane's teeth tugged at his sensitive skin. "We could—ah!— we could travel with—nngh, yes—with the show when they move around, and you could still do most of your projects, and I could have a career again instead of that stupid gig at the—guhhh—"

"Stop talking dammit," Kurogane muttered, both sucking on his ear and fiddling with the hem of his pants.

"Mmnn," Fai agreed breathlessly. Then a cold, wet sensation landed on his side, and he froze. "Kuro-tan . . ."

"Shut up," Kurogane panted, humping upward rather desperately.

"Kuro-horny, stop," he mumbled, looking Syaoran right in the eyes and feeling completely ashamed of himself. The dog's tongue lolled out and he happily wagged his tail. Sakura had been dumped off to the side, but she just curled up against the dog's side for warmth and gazed up at them peacefully.

"Dear god, what?"

"I can't do it in front of the kids."

Kurogane froze, his face nuzzled down into Fai's open-collared shirt trying to get at his nipple. "I hate you," he sighed.

"You don't want to do this with the kids watching . . ."

"I didn't care until you called them kids," Kurogane sighed, his hands dropping away from unbuttoning Fai's pants.

"Come on," Fai said urgently. "Bedroom. Now."

As soon as Kurogane stood up, his phone started ringing.

"Don't answer that," Fai growled, but it kept ringing all the way down the hall—the long long hall, with walls that made very satisfying hollow clunking noises when you banged into them repeatedly because you were shoving each other into them to desperately hump because the bedroom was just so far away—and so finally Kurogane just answered it.

" 'Lo," he barked out, his free hand wriggling into the waistband of Fai's underwear.

"Kurogane," Tomoyo's voice rang out tinnily. "I fixed your computer. You didn't crash the design program, you just—"

"Oh god not now," Kurogane groaned.

"You don't want me to bring it back? I could show you what you did wrong so you don't do it again. I really like the design you had open, for this addition to the high school—"

"Tomoyo. Not. Now." Kurogane probably meant to sound commanding, but failed. Fai had shoved him into the bedroom, slammed the door, and dropped to his knees. Fai grinned up at him while undoing his pants. He blew a soft puff of air onto Kurogane's raging erection. "Mmm," he whimpered, sliding his back down the wall as his knees slipped.

"Oh." Fai could hear Tomoyo's giggling. "That kind of not now. Fai, I didn't know you were home."

"Hi, love!" he called out.

"You boys have fun," Tomoyo laughed. "Call me tomorrow."

She hung up before they were forced to respond. Kurogane squinted down at Fai with a skeptical expression.

"Really? No sex in two weeks—"

"Thirteen days, three hours, and roughly forty-five minutes," Fai muttered, his fingers feverishly tangled in Kurogane's clothing as he attempted to take it off.

"—and you just want to give me a blowjob?"

"No 'just' here, Captain Simplicity. We've got all afternoon. You're mine."

"Nnn, yeah," Kurogane agreed dreamily as Fai's lips slid over him.

don't care where we go or when because all that matters is you're mine mine mine mine mine

Out in the hallway, Syaoran finished his inquisitive snuffling, and settled down in front of the bedroom to protect the door. Sakura nosed at his paws, then lifted her claws and batted his nose. He whuffled apologetically and moved his head to make room for her to curl up between his legs. They didn't mind being relegated to the hallway. Fai was home, and things were finally back to normal.