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Chapter 5 Treachery: Freeing the Soul or Chaining it?

"So what you're saying is that I could become evil from all this?" Sonic asked incredulously.

"Yes." Eggman's voice fell deafly onto Sonic's ears. It took him a couple of moments to comprehend the words, but when he did a cold realization dawned on him.

I knew that all along!

Images flashed through his mind. The time he fought Knuckles, the moment when he saw the embodiment of his inner darkness and the residing feelings of pure pleasure when he had fought and defeated Knuckles; and the desire to actually do so… The clues had been all there and he had been ignoring them for fear of the truth. He let out a half-hearted laugh and muttered, his eyes glistening with understanding, pain and pure delight, "I guess I kind of knew the danger of turning evil was there…" Sonic closed his eyes for a second, and then a sudden thought came to him. He wasn't exactly sure if this idea came from the evil lurking within him or out of the desperation of the situation he was in but he went with it anyways.

Opening his eyes, he looked at Eggman and said, "Hey Eggy, you're going to insert a new microchip into my arm, right?"

Eggman blinked, wondering why Sonic would inquire about such a thing. Confusion and suspicion evident in his voice, he answered slowly, "Yes, why do you ask?"

"Well, that theory of yours about the negative energy slowly tainting my soul if the energy is used at the wrong time; I want to test it out. Heh, I doubt this is hardly the time to use it so this is the perfect opportunity to try it out." Sonic explained a strange gleam in his eyes.

Something was off; Sonic was practically asking Eggman to turn him evil. It was…strange. What game is he playing at?Eggman wondered, trying to work out Sonic's goal. "Sonic, what are you getting at; how will you benefit from all this?"

Sonic smiled for a second, but then it turned into a frown as he said, "Look, you're going to replace it anyways, right?" Eggman was about to answer when Sonic continued, "Than why not replace it now? It makes no difference; besides you'll have a slave again much more quickly than you would have if you waited."

"Well…" Eggman hesitated for a second and looked at Sonic, whom seemed to be waiting for Eggman to answer him, "…Yes I agree but…" He hesitated again, knowing the info he was just about to say was very important to his plans, "…I have a perfectly calculated system of when I can replace it. Replacing the microchip now may have a negative, irreversible effect that even I, the genius Dr. Eggman, may be unable to negate." He explained, looking for any reaction at all from our blue hedgehog. What surprised Eggman was Sonic's reaction—err, well lackof reaction would be more precise, for Sonic's expression was blank and uninterested; as if he had already known the information given to him.

"You don't care if you become evil?" This wasn't good; if Sonic didn't care what the consequences would be and the effect that the negative energy had on him, Eggman would have a very dangerous situation in his hands. He'd probably have to fight for his life once he inserts the microchip. I may not know what he's getting at, but whatever it is it can't benefit me.

Eggman's thoughts were interrupted by Sonic's voice. "Of course I care! It's just that I have accepted the consequences and the burden that comes with them." It was clear that there was no choice in the matter; Eggman had to replace it earlier than planned. The thing is; the burden had taken on was much greater than what he realized. His decision had set off a chain of reaction that could either chain his soul to the darkness forever, or set it free.

Tails was worried sick for his blue hero. He considered him a brother and if anything happened to cause Sonic too…No, he wouldn't think about that possibility. Sonic had to be alive, he just had to be!

"Tails," He whipped his head around towards the origin of the sound and saw no one other than Amy. He felt slightly relieved; since Amy was now there, they could go rescue Sonic.

"Have you found my Sonic?" Amy inquired, a pleading look in her eyes, as if she was asking him to make Sonic appear before their eyes.

"Yeah, I've located him; he's on Eggman's ship. They seem to be going south, but where south I do not know. Though, by my calculations, they appear to be heading to the Mystic Ruins." Tails explained, taking out his laptop and typing feverishly. Soon his typing slowed, and soon stopped altogether, only to resume 30 seconds later. This process repeated for at least five minutes before Amy got impatient and snapped, "Hurry up, Tails! Every minute I just sit here waiting the further Eggman escapes with my Sonic!"

Tails looked up from the computer screen, and what seemed to be a very detailed and accurate account about the Mystic Ruins, and wasn't surprised to see Amy crying. He knew he had to comfort her, so he said, reassuringly, "Amy, d-don't cry! I'm worried to but…" Tails trailed off as a small windows appeared on the screen. The small, little window was black at first, and then a small, blue blip appeared then disappeared. It was blinking; Tails, looking worried, muttered, "Oh no…Sonic, don't."

Amy heard what he said, though the mutter had been barely audible, and became more hysterical than she already was. Tails tried to calm her down, but to no avail. Soon he had to say, "Amy, it doesn't mean Sonic's dead!"

Amy's sobs slowed as she took her face out of her hands. She whispered, "Y-You sure?" Tails, relieved, nodded. His relief, though, turned to horror as she took out her mallet and swung it towards him. Tails dodged and the hammer missed him, but his laptop wasn't as lucky. The mallet smashed into it, the screen was torn from the keypad, and both were flung off the rock Tails had set them down upon a few minutes earlier and landed in the grass a few yards away. Amy, then, proceeded into a long rant about how Tails should've told her about Sonic's condition while the young fox ran to the broken laptop to pick up the pieces. He tried to do this while ignoring Amy, but it was very hard trying to do so.

Soon Amy's anger subsided as she saw the fox's look of despair. She walked up to him and was about to comfort him when she noticed the broken laptop in Tails' hands. "Tails, is thatwhat you're so upset about; a laptop?"

Tails shook his head and let the laptop fall out his hands. "Amy…When we found Sonic after attacking Eggman's base, he seemed…Confused, or strange is a more accurate word. His eyes had a glazed look to them, and yet he seemed perfectly normal other than that. But then he said something about only being in there for an hour. The thing is, he was actually there for about four hours! I wanted to know what was wrong, so I took a sample of the chaos waves around him and saw that the negative energy waves surrounding him had increased. Ever since then, I've been keeping tabs on how high or low his negative energy waves are, but they're unstable. It's like he has no control how much negative energy he uses." Tails paused for a second, letting Amy process the information he had just given her. "That blip that had been blinking had been set to go off only if Sonic was using a dangerous level of negative energy. So we need to go now!"

Amy stared at him for a second, surprised about what Tails was saying. "Wha-? But-But Sonic wouldn't do that! He's so nice and his heart is so pure…" Amy's voice trailed off as realization dawned on her. "Sonic got sick because he used the negative energy, didn't he?"

Tails nodded solemnly. "Yeah, I also think he was responsible for Knuckles disappearance." He waited for his theory to sink in; half expecting Amy to kill him for accusing her boyfriend and her hero of turning on his friend. For doing so was almost always unforgivable in her eyes.

Instead, what happened was the complete opposite of what he expected. Amy's eyes portrayed neither anger nor spite, but understanding and acceptance. "Yeah, I agree. If your theory is right then it only makes sense." It was odd for Amy to be so calm and even agreeable when it came to this sort of thing, but Tails was just thankful that he didn't have to worry about Amy whacking him with her hammer.

"Well we really should…" Tails trailed off as he saw Amy run towards Green Hill and his workshop.

Amy stopped running a few minutes later, noticing that Tails hadn't followed her lead. "Come on! We have to save Sonic!" Tails just smiled and followed, confident they'd save the blue blur despite the situation they were in.

Something was wrong; Sonic wasn't screaming. Eggman remembered how much pain Sonic had been in during the initial placing of the microchip. But he just wasn'tin any pain! That's when Eggman knew that the worst has happened.

A grin of insanity and evil came across Sonic's face.
His eyes seemed to change from an emerald-green to a sinister jade.
Darkness engulfed him; his usual cobalt blue fur became a navy (nearly black) color.
He started to cackle madly. His voiced seemed deeper…darker...
The straps snapped as Dark Sonic broke free from the surgical table and lunged at Eggman with all his might.
Dark drew the blade he had stored in the Chaos Force and aimed at Eggman's throat while maintain his speed.
Eggman was sure he was facing certain death. If the dagger didn't take off his head, it would surely stab him in the heart.
Eggman felt the cool metal rest on his fleshy throat. This was where he was going to lose his head, he knew it! But wait…He was still alive. Why wasn't he dead? "Sonic, why are you hesitating? You have the perfect opportunity to kill me. You know I would not have hesitated if I had been in your position."

Dark cackled darkly, retracting the dagger from the mad scientist's neck, and turned around. He started walking away, though he soon paused in his stride. There was a quick flash of silver, the dagger slicked across the fat man's throat, blood gushed out of the wound (though the gash wasn't serious) and Eggman was surprised that the laceration hadn't been fatal.

Dark grinned sinisterly as he let go of the blade in mid-swing. Someone screamed, "Tails, watch out!" and he heard a thud as something hit a wall. He didn't care if it was the dagger of Tails that had hit the back wall, for he knew he had found and hit his mark. Even if he had missed a vital spot, it was on purpose, for he never missed his mark.

"Remember this: I am not above killing scum like you. On the contrary, I love killing people like you slowly…painfully. But not too slowly; for you don't deserve to live on this planet, though you do deserve the pain." He turned towards the two who had just entered a few moments earlier, walked past them and picked up the blood-soaked dagger. Dark twirled it in his fingers for a few seconds, then put it up to his mouth and licked the crimson-liquid off of the blade. His eyes gleamed as he walked around the room, his footsteps echoing around them. Soon, he ended up back next to Eggman. His nose twitched at the smell of blood once again perforated the air in front of him and entered his nostrils. He grinned. The smell of blood always exhilarated him; it is the reason why he loved torturing others, after all.

He turned back towards the fox and the hedgehog. Dark knew these two; Amy and Tails were his name if he remembered correctly. Amy, the pink hedgehog, held Tails in her arms. The fox was wounded just below his underarm, close to his heart. At first glance, Amy had first thought that this hedgehog was Sonic, but now she wasn't so sure. Dark grinned as he saw the conflicting thoughts running through her mind show through her eyes. "I am guessing you two came here to get back Sonic, didn't you?"

Tails moaned and Amy held the young fox closer in her arms, afraid of what this hedgehog might do to them and yet conflicted because he seemed so familiar. I know what Tails told me is true but even under the influence of the negative energy from the Chaos Emeralds, I doubt he would hurt Tails. I mean, they're practically brothers! But if this isn't Sonic then why did he purposely miss Tails' heart?"Yeah, we're looking for Sonic. What have you done with him? And what is your relation to him?"

The hedgehog chortled darkly; he seemed to find her question humorous for some reason. "My dear, I am Sonic! Or, at least I'm a part of him. You see, I'm his inner darkness; the part of his heart that he locked away long ago. So long ago, in fact, it was before he met you two." Dark chuckled again, "Of course; you guys are having a hard time believing me, aren't you?" He frowned, looking at Amy and Tails with such intensity not even the Grim Reaper himself could match. "I don't like it when I'm not believed," his expression became eerie, as if he was extremely angry but could not show. "Do I have to kill you two?"

Amy let out a small gasp, there seemed to be a small gust of wind in the air and then Dark appeared before her. His left hand was tangled in her quills while his other hand gently caressed her check as if he were stroking a butterfly's delicate wing. As Dark stared into Amy's grassy-green eyes (and her into his sinister-emerald eyes), she noticed that, even though his eyes were laced with cruelty, there was something else there, too; a softness to his eyes that contradicted the malice within them and just took Amy's breathe away. "No, I could never kill you like I will with that scum." His eyes flickered to Eggman for a second, but then they wandered back to look at Amy. "I'd rather kill my Ames much more slowly than him, so that I could hear your sweet screams as I spend every last minute enjoying my time with you; slowly killing and torturing you."

Her eyes widened as it finally hit him that this was Sonic; for only he called her Ames. "No way; you are Sonic and yet…You're not him. I don't understand. Tails told me that Sonic was using the negative energy more and more but I never imagined you'd appear!"

Dark shook his head, "Appear? No, no; Ames, you just don't seem to get it! I have always been a part of Sonic. From the day he was born up until now, I have always existed in his heart; though it seems like he wasn't aware of my presence until that day."He cackled, his eyes gleaming with malevolence and what seemed like sick delight; although what he was delighted about was not apparent.

"What do you mean by "that day"? No, it doesn't matter, for this can't be true!" Dark's eyes narrowed dangerously as Amy continued, "Sonic…He's too pure to be corrupted by a being such as you!"

There was a flash of navy, all Amy heard was the howl of the wind as it flew by her and the resounding crash as she slid across a table—crashing into beacons, test-tubes and microscopes along the way—and into the metal wall behind the table.

Her body hit the floor and remained there, unmoving and seemingly lifeless. Dark appeared before her once more and knelt down, brushing her pink-quills out of her eyes, revealing them to be closed. "I warned you that I don't like be disbelieved, didn't I? Well, you brought this upon yourself, so I guess this can't be helped. I guess I could end this quickly, even though it pains me to do so." He paused for a second and suppressed a smile as he stared at her. "You know, you're much prettier unconscious than fully awake." He went to lightly touch a finger to her lips, but a hand grabbed his wrist. The gesture stopped him, and he—again—had to suppress a grin. It was just like his Ames to be so stubborn. "Hmm…So you resist me?" Amy looked up at him, her eyes ablaze with anger. "How amusing but…" He frowned, yanking his hand out hers and standing up. Dark strolled to her right side as he said, "I'm not to be trifled with!" Amy cried out as Dark kicked her in the side, causing her to fly into another wall.

He started walking up to her, blood-lust clearly in his eyes. But something stopped him; a hand on his shoulder. Dark turned to see Tails, whom was shaking and clutching the wound that had been inflicted to his left side. His eyes were filled with determination as he said, "Sonic, enough. This is just senseless violence; it has to stop."

Dark stared at him, his brow raised. "Didn't you hear a word I had said to Amy? I'm not Sonic; at least, not fully. Sometimes I wonder how we're both one entity instead of two. We both have two separate personalities, and different tastes; we're barely one mind as it is. Of course for someone such as you—who does not share our connection—would have a hard time understanding my connection with him. But you do believe me…Don't you? If not, I might just have to kill you." Dark cocked his head, the eerie, nearly psychotic, expression once again back on his face.

Tails—whom had been trembling because of the effort it took him to keep standing—shivered because of the ominous feeling that Dark's expression emanated; it was almost as if what was looking at him wasn't a Mobian, but some other creature. One that lurked in the darkness of night and killed you when you least expected it. It chilled him to the bone just looking at him, but he held his ground. "Look, you say you and Sonic are barely one being as it is—and I won't say that I don't believe you—but it's just that I don't think that's completely true." Dark narrowed his eyes, a sign that told Tails that he was treading on thin ice. If he didn't phrase this right, he would surely step on the thinnest spot of ice and plummet into the abyss below, where he would meet his death. "You called Amy 'Ames' back there. You hesitated to attack her; not to mention that you missed my heart purposely. To me, that is a clear sign that you still love her and still consider me your brother. If you didn't then I think you would've killed Amy and me right away, but you didn't. In truth, I think there is a part of you that tries to rebel against this dark influence, that still remembers us as your friends. And maybe there is also another part of you that thinks the way you do, that truly believes this but…I don't think that side is dominant. No, I think you're still Sonic no matter what and that the side that still remembers us, that isn't evil, is more dominant. So please, stop this and transform back into the old Sonic so that you, Amy and I can deal with this evil side of you together."

Dark stared at him for a second, conflicted on what he should do. He wondered what was clouding his judgment, but then something was clear and he knew who knew who—no, what—was doing this. Sonic, don't interfere. This is not your fight.

Yes it is; I am

you, Dark. I hate to admit it, but I am. We are both the ones 'causing you to hesitate, because, whether you like it or not, you love Amy and you still consider Tails a brother, and nothing will change that. So just stop.

Tails waited for Dark to do something that would tell him that he had gotten through somehow-even kill him-but nothing happened. It was then that Tails notice Dark's eyes grow soft for a second, as if Sonic was finally fighting back. But then, in an instant, that softness was gone and was replaced by eyes that were as cold as ice and as hard as rock. He knew, then, that he had worded the whole speech wrong and that he was surely going to die.

Dark grabbed Tails' wrist and picked him off the floor as if he were nothing but a toy. He pulled him closer and whispered in the fox's big ear, "Wrong move." With a jerk of his arm that took almost no effort at all, Tails was sent flying. The young fox careened into the side of a table back first with enough force to cripple him. He then fell onto the ground in a heap, not moving.

With malice, and yet regret as well, in his heart, Dark walked up to the fox. But he didn't get very far, for a weight that which only a body of a young teenage girl could have came crashing down onto his lower back and warm arms wrapped tightly around his waist. The arms belonged to no one other than Amy, whom was badly hurt from the beating she took from Dark. Her whole body trembled as she tried to stay in a kneeling position. "Please stop…Y-You're hurting our friend. I know you're you, Sonic. There is no one else like you; even in this dark state of yours you managed to hurt us but not fatally harm us, and on purpose too." A tear trickled down her face and onto her lips. It tasted salty and wet, like the feelings she had about the situation she was in. "Please Sonic, I love you and I know you love me to. So please come…back…to…us."

Too him, everything happened in slow motion. Amy's arm became limp and they fell from her hero's waist. He saw her body gracefully fall to the floor but before she could hit it, Dark—no, this time it was Sonic-caught her in his arms. He laid her down gently, not wanting to cause her more harm than was what had already befallen her. Looking down on her beautiful and yet bruised and beaten face, Sonic transformed back to his original form and collapsed onto his knees. "I'm sorry Ames. I'm so sorry."

"It's alright Sonic…I'm just happy you're back." Amy whispered, smiling weakly up at her blue blur.

Sonic couldn't say anything to her; his voice left him. He wanted to voice how he felt about the whole situation; wanted to say that he was sorry-though it wasn't enough to cover what he had done-and too say that he'll never do it again. But the thing was, he couldn't. Dark was going to come back and Sonic knew it with much despair. So he did the only thing he could do; he cried. Sobs racked his whole body as heavy, dense tears fell upon Amy's face. He stayed their crying until he could not do so anymore, though his soul was still crying out for comfort and escape from the pain and the heavy burden that had descended down upon it like the night after a sunset.

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