Chapter 1

There was not a single ray of light, it was just black. Where am I? This was the only question in my mind before a tidal wave of memories flooded everything. I felt myself jerk as the knowledge hit me; there was so much to take in.

I let my eyes flutter open; I now knew how to. I was sitting on a bed, a golden bed. I was surrounded by a sea of gold, the colour of pixie dust. "Pixies", I spit the word out with pure hatred. Those disgusting creatures, there was no better word for what they were. They were monsters, murderers. If I could, I would kill them all with a smile of pure glee.

As I thought of the golden demons another part of my mind, my fighters instinct, decided that it was time for me to move. It was when I tried to move my arms that I realized the position they were in. They were bound behind my back; ropes cutting into my flesh when I pulled strongly.

It was easy to break out of cages, but pulling apart strings, that was a whole different story. I failed it in my training, reckoning I would never need it since they would never find me. Of course, I was wrong. I really hate it when I'm wrong, that was known. Being wrong always makes me feel so incredibly helplessness. This was what would really piss me of.

With all this anger boiling inside of me you'd think that I would be able to pull the rope to shreds, but sadly, that theory usually doesn't work. The only things that could pull these ropes apart would be a pixie, and they would do it with ease. They had it all: strength, speed and most of all power. Yes, they had power, and they knew how to use it. This is probably what made it so easy for them to dominate us, to force us into hiding but also control us completely. The moment they had decided they were tired of hiding, mankind was officially doomed.

I had managed to run for little over 2 years. I lived in fear of loosing a battle, of being taken. I would do anything to stay free, to not be a slave to this monstrous species. I made this my mission; a reason of existence. I failed. I had always known that the day would come, but I used to be able to hope. Now it was time for me to face the truth.

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