Haruko's Assistant

I brushed through my hair that had just been messed up by Haruko. I flinched every time the brush hit my raccoon ears. Yeah, I'm what you might call a "catgirl" but instead of cat ears and tail, they're raccoon ears and tail. Brushing my tail is always embarrassing, especially around Haruko. Well, back to what I was doing. After I finished brushing my hair I saw Haruko with her guitar.

"Come on Skits! I feel like going somewhere!" She said, putting her goggles on.

"I've told you before and I'll tell you again, don't call me Skits. My name is Skitsy!" I said, grabbing my bag of golf balls and putting it in my backpack.

I then put my headband on and got on the motorcycle with Haruko. 'Please say she'll be safe while driving' I thought as she started driving.

"So Haruko...Where do you wanna go?" I asked, hanging on to her as she took a sharp turn.

" I don't know, where do you wanna go?" She asked, messing up my hair again. (After I'd JUST brushed it!)

I smiled, I knew exactly where I wanted to go. I whispered something into her ear.

"Where's that?" She looked confused.

"Don't worry, I'll give you directions." I pulled a map out of my backpack.

After we arrived I saw a boy with glasses and a trench coat. He reminded me of that boy that Haruko met before she met me. Which only meant one thing, I wanted to hit him.

"Can we hit him?" I was almost bouncing.

"Fine, we can hit him." She readied her guitar.

She hit him right in the forehead. He didn't see it coming, which was the best part. There was a girl with him, with purple hair. She had a hand-held game with her, when we hit the boy her eyes got wide. When we stopped I threw a golf ball at him, it hit him in the nose.

"What was that for!" He yelled, sitting up (somehow he wasn't hurt).

"Man! I thought we killed ya for a second!" Haruko said, not answering his question. She turned to me. "And you throwing the golf ball at him didn't help!" She hit he on the head (luckily not with her guitar).

I whimpered. "You didn't have to hit me." I whined, rubbing my head (she hit me right on the ears!)

"Um...You didn't answer my question." The boy said while getting up and rubbing his head.

"Because we felt like it!" I said still rubbing my head. I turned to Haruko. "Why did you hit me on the ears? My ears are very sensitive! I can't brush them without flinching! It was mean to just hit them without thinking!" I whined at her, giving her my puppy-dog eyes.

"Ah shut up!" She hit me AGAIN on the ears. I whimpered, giving her even bigger puppy-dog eyes. (I wonder how much yuri will be made out of this).