Hello, and welcome to Draco's Infinite Playlist. I don't have much now, but I'm calling it infinite so I can keep adding to it when I find new songs.

Basically, I have a Draco playlist on my iPod for no apparent reason, and it's got a bunch of songs that describe him or make me think of him (and some that make me think of Draluna, because I love Draluna). Naturally, when I listen to it, I get a lot of ides for drabbles, so I decided to write a few down. I hope you like them! :)

There's also gonna be some Draluna drabbles in here (but I'm trying to center on Draco), so if you don't like the pairing, feel free to skip them.

I do not own HP. I might cry about that later. Nor do I own any of the songs.

1: Going Under-Evanesence

He had always done anything and everything his father asked of him. He believed in things Lucius believed in, acted the way Lucius acted. Everything. And even after all that, Lucius would ignore him should he ever, even once, speak his own mind.

Ever since childhood, his mind had been filled with the belief that anything other than a pureblood was bad. His thoughts were constantly confused and he was breaking slowly.

Draco knew that now, after the Battle, was the time to be a man; his own man. His father's ways had failed, and his own vision was clearer than ever. He felt like he was drowning here. He couldn't be this hateful man anymore; this spiteful, hateful… thing he'd become. And so he made his choice.

He would drown his father from his thoughts; from his life. He would be who he wanted to be. He would find himself, so to speak, and he would do it on his own. If Lucius disowned him, so be it. but mark his words; Draco Lucius Malfoy wasn't letting his father drag him under anymore.

PS; I don't have internet right now (I'm using my friend's computer) and I don't know when I'll have it again, so I'm just posting all the drabbles I have right now. Reviews are appreciated!