9: You Make Me Sick—P!nk (Draluna)

Draco hated that it was impossible to ignore her. He tried, believe him, but she would always find a way to worm herself into his mind. A simple smile in the hallway; an accidental touch in the hall; a question regarding an assignment he had already done the year before. Anything and everything she did drove him insane in the best way.

He hated her so much… no, that was a lie. He loved her. That was what he hated. It made him sick, the way he wanted her; a blood traitor on Potter's side. So many times he had to resist the urge to drag her into a classroom and ravage her, all because of the way her hair flowed behind her, or the way she so cutely spoke of Nargles and the like.

Get a gripe, Drake, he told himself time and time again. And for a while, he would. But then, she would walk past him, hair trailing behind her and the scent of her vanilla body spray lingering in his nose, and he was caught all over again.

She made him sick.

This is the end for now. But I'm leaving this set as an incomplete fic so it'll be open to add more to later. Hope you enjoyed! Reviews are beautiful things!