She loved to dance, contrary to popular belief.

She just preferred to dance when no one was around. Her room was the only place she could be alone—sometimes she would dance in the shower—sometimes she would dance when she was feeling depressed—sometimes she would dance because she just had that overwhelming urge. Dancing was the only form of expression she could think of that was quick, wordless, not so vibrant like a picture.

One time she wasn't thinking straight and broke out in a dance during Beast's birthday party, shocking everyone. After that, she denied that the event ever happened. She had danced once by absorbing Kitty's thoughts, but those moves weren't her own.

This time, though, when Shadow Cat wasn't there and she was alone, she started her stereo to her favorite song and twirled. She spun and flexed until her head began to twist and her thoughts began to spiral into a tangled mass. Still she danced, lifting her arms in a symphonic swiftness with the waves of the music. Her muscles lead, her heart drumming against the cage of her chest.

She pretended that she wasn't a mutant, but a normal girl who could touch and kiss and smile without a worry. She ignored the lyric as it dulled its ending and jump started into a new, much slower song. She felt her lungs heave and her eyes swell, but she bit her lip and danced faster. Just keep moving, moving, moving, rhythmically to the sound.

He was watching her from the balcony. All he wanted to do was visit her, tell her he wished to see how she was doing... but he was hypnotized by this strange side of her he had never seen before.

She was a natural, but he read her movements like an open book. She was sad, lonely, in pain. Something was bothering her, her emotions about to spill out like a waterfall. Her chest looked like it was going to explode from so much being locked away for so long.

He swung the door open silently, but she didn't notice him. She kept spinning, so much desolation, so much anguish, so much pent up antipathy. He clapped, applauding her and startling her, but she said nothing... only blushed. If she hadn't given him that embarrassed look he wouldn't have moved to her and brushed off his coat, wouldn't have taken her hand in his and slipped his arm around her waist.

You're sad, chère. Let me dance with you.

He wouldn't have noticed her crying, whispering soothing words to calm her tears. He wouldn't have started to shift, encouraging her into a slow dance with him. If she hadn't been so upset, he wouldn't have hummed to the familiar song, wouldn't have let her sob into his chest, wouldn't have kissed the top of her head, careful to avoid her skin so she wouldn't absorb him.

If she hadn't been so damn beautiful he wouldn't have come at all.

He wouldn't have convinced her to show him what she could do when she didn't dance alone.

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