I'm sorry this took so long I got back into Bleach and Kingdom Hearts again and before I knew it I forgot about this XD I blame my Abyss oneshot... well, that and I finally decided to rewrite some of my stories XD Especially Never Meant to Belong... (looking it over) o.O too many chapters... I think I'll hold off on that one, actually...

With that said I am unfortunately going to end this story with this farewell note so I can work on my other fics. I'm sorry about Mistle Toe, strings, and Lies... So, I bid you all adieu~ Thank you for reading, and try checking out some of my other stuff if you want :3

This may also be my last ROMY story for a while :( I do have one coming eventually but for now I'm tied up with updates and oneshots. Curse you highly addictive Kugo x Ichigo and Ggio x Soifon pairings! DX

"Cause of you, I'm lying awake at night, all I'm seeing are pictures of you.
As I close my eyes I fade my way into the loss of my dream world.

It's a place of trust, would you meet me there?
There's no time to spare, come and show me you care,
That you're believing that here we can win.

Cause' of you, my tries to not think of you, they just end up in one million thoughts.
It's way too much to mention, see what I mean when you see my creation.

All of my dreams are all I see.
Try not to wake me, can't you see?"

-"All of My Dreams", Dead by April.
(only important part of lyrics up above lol) This is the song I was listening to when I decided to write this collection, so I just named the fic after it. The song had no actual influence on the story. But you should listen to it.

-Farewell, Euregatto